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For the Weekend pt3 - A Final Fuck

Tags: toys, in-law, mall, anal, sex
John gives Kenny a great last day.

Kenny is the first to wake the following morning. She turns on the TV while she waits for John and Lacy to wake up. As she flips though the channels, the bedroom door opens and John walks out, closing the door behind him.

"Good morning," he says to her as he passes on his way to the kitchen, "You ready for a good day?" He says with a wink and a smile as Lacy exits the bedroom to join John in the kitchen, giving him a small kiss.

"Sleep well baby?" Lacy asks John as she pours herself a cup of coffee.

John shrugs. "I slept fine I guess, nothing special." He says as he remembers the previous night’s adventure.

"That’s good." She says as she turns to Kenny with a smile. "Go get dressed Ken, we're going to the mall after breakfast." She says as her and John begin cooking.

Kenny gets up, grabbing her duffle bag and going into the bathroom to change. She opens the bag and removes everything she will need for the day. On the counter she lays out a lacy bra, blue tank top, black shorts, some make-up, and the toys that John had given her the previous night. Taking a deep breath, she grabs the butt plug and spits on it a little. She places it on the edge of the tub and straddles over it, slowly lowering her body down on it. Slowly she pushes it inside, closing her eyes as it invades her clenched hole.

Once it’s fully inside, she stands, adjusting it a little, and grabs the vibrating panties. They are different than anything she has ever seen. In the crotch of the panties, there was a small vibrator attached; about three inches in length. She pulls them up, ensuring the small vibrator slides inside her pussy and then finishes getting dressed. She applies a little make-up and plays with her hair a little before turning off the light and returning to the dining room where a plate of pancakes and a glass of orange juice awaits her.

All three of them sit down and begin to eat, engaging in pointless small talk between bites. After a few minutes, Kenny notices John reach down into his pocket. A second later, she is taken by surprise as she feels a slight vibration in her lap. Johns hand returns to his fork and he continues eating with a hint of a grin on his face.

Kenny tries to focus on the conversations but is often distracted by small waves of pleasure. She can't hear the vibrator but she sure can feel its strength as pleasure slowly builds inside her.

As she finishes her breakfast, Kenny stands rather quickly. "I’m going to use the restroom before we go." she says as she scampers away.

John picks up the dishes as he imagines what Kenny must be doing. He washes the dishes as he fantasizes.

Once inside the bathroom again, Kenny franticly closes the door behind her and instantly slides her hand up her shirt and under her bra. She pinches at her nipples, moaning lightly and leaning against the wall. Her stray hand finds its way under the panties in no time and she starts to rub her swollen clit. As she grows closer to an orgasm, she feels the vibrator pick up speed. She lets out a long gasp and her knees go weak. She makes her way over to the edge of the tub and sits down. She continues to rub her clit and leans back, pushing the plug deeper inside her. Her muscles contract on the toy as she reaches a strong orgasm. Her body shakes and she tries to muffle her moans as they try to escape her body. She shakes a little due to the vibrator still humming away, but manages to regain her composure and exits the bathroom.

As John hears the door open, he reaches into his pocket and turns off the vibrator, giving Kenny a break for now. She joins John and Lacy in the dining room once again.

"Ready to go?" Lacy asks her as she finished putting the dishes away.

"Yep!" Kenny says cheerfully. Lacy’s back is to Kenny. She smiles at John

Fuck you. She mouths to him. Without warning, John turns the vibrator on high for a split second. Kenny’s' knees buckle as she bites her lip.

I’m in control. John mouths back to her as he puts the last dishes away.

The three of them pile into Lacy's car as they head off to the mall. They wonder the mall, doing typical things. They stop as a few stores, grab some lunch, and then go to a few more stores. All the while, John occasionally turns on the vibrator for a few minutes, torturing Kenny all afternoon. Near the end of their day, they wonder through isles of clothes in a store.

"Kenny, pick out a few outfits for you, I feel like spoiling my little sister." she says with a smile as she helps Kenny look through the racks.

Once they have a large stack of potential buys, Kenny does into a changing room to try them all on. John and Lacy wait outside the changing room for Kenny to finish. When Lacy isn’t paying attention, John reaches into his pocket and turns the vibrator onto the highest setting.

The vibrations invade Kenny as she is forced to stop trying clothes on and braces herself against the wall. Ecstasy fills her body as the vibrations flow over her.

Back outside, all is normal. John and Lacy talk about work and unrelated things when Lacys' phone starts to ring. She hops up.

"I got to take this baby. It’s my boss so it's going to be a few minutes, will you and Kenny just meet me out in the car when she’s finished?" she asks him. He nods and gives her a kiss as she rushes away, answering her phone.

Once she is out of sight, John stands. He looks around and then quickly enters the changing room with Kenny. He finds Kenny against the wall, wearing nothing but the panties. Her eyes are full of lust as she approaches him and pulls his pants and boxers down. She takes his semi-flaccid cock in her hand and begins licking around his balls.

Soon after, his cock is fully erect and Kenny's head is bobbing up and down on him. He watches her engulf his cock as her fingers work furiously on her clit, making her moan on him. This continues on for a few minutes until John can’t control himself anymore. He pulls her off his cock and removes the panties.

"Turn around." He says to her softly. She does and John bends her over, pulling her hips to him. He gives her ass a light smack as he pushes his member inside her ready pussy. Kenny lets out a grunt as he slides in with easy. She reaches out with one hand to brace herself against the wall while John pushes in deeper. He pushes in as far as he can and his pelvis pushes on the plug still lodged inside Kenny's ass.

Slowly, John begins to fuck her deep and slow. Her body quivers in pleasure as he starts to pick up his pace. Kenny's free hand eventually finds its way to her aching clit and begins to rub wildly. In not time, Kenny bites her lip as her body spasms on Johns cock. She holds back her moans as she cums hard.

John slows his pace once more, giving Kenny a chance to catch her breath. Slowly, John pulls out of her. She starts to stand but John stops her.

"You think we are done?" He says to her as he grasps the plug and begins to slowly pull it out.

Kenny moans at his comment and the feeling of the toy sliding out. Once it’s out, John wastes no time replacing it with his cock, which slides in with ease now. He pumps in and out of her loose ass, grunting as he does. Her body tingles as pleasure, once again, fills her. She pulls her cheeks apart, allowing John in deeper than ever before. She fights to contain her gasps as she grows closer and closer to another mind numbing orgasm.

Feeling her body contract on him, John picks up his pace, grunting more and more as his cock fills with cum. He thrusts hard inside her, holding back his load till the perfect moment.

Kenny looks back at him and whispers, "Fill me up John, I’m going to cum so hard with you in my ass."

Without saying another word, John gives a huge thrust and feels his cock pump her with semen. He grabs a handful of Kenny's hair and pulls it lightly as he continues to thrust inside her, soon pushing her over the edge.

The pleasure build inside Kenny until she lets out a loud gasp. John covers her mouth as she cums violently, her body shaking more than ever. Slowly, they return to reality and gather their things from the changing room.

They purchase a few items and head out to the car where Lacy is waiting. Kenny stops every few feet, having to wipe the mixture of cum from her legs as it oozes out of her.

Soon, Kenny finds herself standing in her driveway, waving by to John and Lacy. She goes into her room and lies down, exhausted from the pleasure-filled weekend she just had.

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