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Forbidden Lovers - Part 2.

Tags: cheating
The adventures of Lexia and Harry continue, but will Kate find out?
Day 2.
“Hi!” Kate shouted across to me as I made my way to the pool. It was 11 am and heaving at the poolside. I scanned the area for somewhere to put my things. I caught Harry’s eye during my scanning of the area but he quickly darted his away, returning his gaze to the pool in front of him. I didn’t expect any less.

Dropping my towel to the wooden sunbed in front, I pulled my top over my head and began applying oil generously to my arms and legs. A few of the other guests were in the pool; it was just me, Kate and Harry on the side

“Kate could you do my back please?” I stretched the bottle out to her.

“Pft, I'm not moving from here; too comfortable” she laughed, waving her hand towards Harry. “Harry can do it.”

Harry’s eyes shot up to mine in an acute glare. I sucked on my bottom lip nervously as he dragged his body from his bed.

“Turn round then.” He spoke abruptly.

I kept silent, letting his rough hands glide over my exposed back. My inhalations were deep, as my skin became sensitive to his touch. I could feel his laboured breath on my neck as his fingers prolonged their touch to my skin. Digging the pads of his fingers into my back, he came close to my ear.

“Control yourself” he hissed, quickly removing himself from my presence and back to his bed.

“Sorted?” Kate asked, as Harry placed a damp kiss on her neck.

“Harry! Not now” she giggled.

He glanced over to me, making sure I’d seen. I turned my head briskly as an uneasy knot formed in my stomach. Guilt? Jealousy? I couldn’t quite place the unpleasant aching within me.

I remained silent the rest of the day, and this of course didn’t go unnoticed. It’s pretty impossible to keep to yourself when you’re in such close proximity with one another. ‘Tired’ and ‘Headache’ were my standard answers for the day; too preoccupied with the happenings of last night to give a decent one.

I decided that I was going to go for a walk along the beach to clear my head. Putting a pink floral playsuit that I’d packed in my bag and some brown leather sandals on, I left the rest of them at the pool.

Turkey really was beautiful. I took in the warm air as I walked along the shore; the soft waves lapping at my feet. For a moment I forgot everything; no people, no guilt, no Harry. The sun was ripe and beat down unmercifully upon my shoulders; I was soon forced to seek shelter from one of the palm trees that I spotted up the sand. I dropped to the inviting floor, watching people intently as they walked past; wondering what secrets they were keeping. 

You don’t like Harry. It was just a moment of weakness, surely… My thoughts battled each other as I tried to figure out what this dull feeling that had refused to leave the pit of my stomach since yesterday was. He’s with Kate. Kate’s happy. You can’t ruin this for her just because of some lustful urges. You’ve controlled yourself this far, so why give in to such temptations now?

I arrived back to the hotel as the sun began to fall from the sky, now burning a rusty orange. Harry was lying there; his bronzed torso stretched out upon the bed; his curls casting light shadows upon his face. His trunks rested tightly across his crotch, inviting me to remember what had given me so much pleasure the night before. Fuck I needed him. The rational thoughts I’d collected earlier suddenly made no sense.

“C’mon guys” Kate urged. “Let’s go get ready to go out and partaaay!”

I snapped out of my thoughts, following suit. The clothes and towels that were sprawled across the poolside were soon scooped up into various bags as we retreated back to our rooms. The rest of them ran ahead, catching the lift before I had a chance to get in.

“Laters sucker!" Kate poked her tongue out at me as I jokily protested.

I turned to my right and made my way to the other lift which had just opened its doors to me. Stepping in, I was suddenly taken aback by Harry’s arm preventing the door from closing as he snaked his body through the closing gap. Oh great.

Harry drew his aviators from his face, looking at me intently. We stood there in silence as the lift started; the tight enclosure filled with no more than the warmth of our bodies and soft breathing.

Without warning Harry slammed his hand on the emergency button, bringing the lift to an abrupt halt.

“What the fuck, Harry? What are you playing at?!”

“More like what are you playing at?”

I looked over at him, confused.

“You’ve practically ignored me all day; spending most of the day by yourself. I’m not being funny, but do you want people to suspect something?”

I furrowed my brow, not really knowing how to respond to his outburst.

“There’s nothing much to say, Harry.” I shot back bluntly. “You’re with Kate. What happened last night was-“

“Incredible.” He finished my sentence- although that wasn’t exactly the word I was going to use. I felt my face begin to flush as memories of the other night came flooding back to me. It really was incredible. But we couldn’t.

“A MISTAKE” I corrected him reluctantly, slightly more harshly than I had intended.
Harry’s eyes widened at the nature of my response.

“Now can you get this lift moving again, please?” I was becoming impatient as the air around us filled with the heat of our lustful bodies, begging me to submit.

Harry surveyed my face for a while, shuffling his feet; making the air around us even more tense. I avoided his gaze; this was hard enough to resist and I knew his compelling eyes would be my weakness. Out of nowhere Harry took a rash step towards me, reaching his hand out in front of him and tugging viciously at my top button.

“Whoops” He rolled his eyes and grinned as the button travelled across the floor, soon resting his eyes back upon my exposed breasts.

“Harry!” I instinctively brought my hands to my chest, trying to pull the panels back together.
“That was new!” I couldn’t help but laugh at how bold he’d been, slowly giving up any efforts to cover myself.

My clenched features began to soften as the cheeky glint in his eyes penetrated into me. I didn’t like this new hold that he had over me; I didn’t like how weak I had become. Soon enough, I found myself being drawn into him; his body inviting, and so fucking hot. His hands shifted around my waist to my back, pulling me in close. I sighed into his chest, running my hands around the band of his jeans; heightening the sensitivity of his bare skin. I looked up at him, his neck craning over my needing body. I knew what was about to commence; he knew too. He pursed his lips together as if giving it a second thought, before unexpectedly running his hand up the loose leg of my playsuit.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about yesterday,” he purred into my ear, jerking the crotch of my underwear to one side. I sharply sucked in breath as his fingers began their clumsy exploration between my legs. I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it either. The way his hands took control; the way our bodies writhed against each other so hungrily; the way he fucked me. Something about it felt so natural, but at the same time neither of us could deny that it was wrong.

“Harry we can’t keep doing this” I moaned, shuddering uncontrollably under his firm touch. I released him from his confines; his erection pressing firmly against my hip.

“I know”, he sighed as he flicked his hot tongue across the skin behind my ear. I traced my fingers up and down his length, allowing his tongue to continue working around my neck.
“But I can’t help it” he continued, bucking his hips deeper into my grip.

I slowed my pace, working my hand skilfully at the head of his penis; circling my thumb around the tip. I couldn’t help it either; something inside of me cravedhim.

“God that feels so fucking good” he groaned, flinging his head back against the wall.

He responded by intensifying the movement of his fingers against my clit, my open mouth pressing hungrily against his. Our fingers intertwined as we adhered to each other’s weakness, frantically attempting to get as much of each other as physically possible. Harry’s middle fingers toyed roughly between my legs and I knew I was close. My whole body began to tighten as Harry brought me to the edge.

“Fuck” I screamed as my legs gave way beneath me.

Harry’s free hand caught me beneath my arm as I desperately clung on to his shoulder.

“Woah” Harry laughed, now supporting the whole weight of my useless body. “Are you okay?”

I nodded and let out a strangled sigh as my body continued to shake, pushing intense waves of pleasure through me that reached even the tips of my toes. I composed myself as Harry brought his hand from between my legs and joined both of them behind my waist, massaging the small of my back with his fingertips.

“Oh my God,” I exhaled.

“Not quite,” he teased, winking at me. His smugness frustrated me; he knew how so overwhelmingly amazing he made me feel.

It wasn’t until I’d completely calmed down that I returned to Harry’s needs. I licked my lip as I looked at him, resting my palm upon his shaft and snaking my body down his and to my knees. I watched Harry curiously as he slid his hand along the wall of the lift and hit the emergency button again; an uneasy feeling rising in my stomach as gravity began to take us up.

“60 second challenge GO” Harry smirked down at me.

I grinned confidently, eagerly taking the entirety of his penis in my mouth. I ran my hands up the backs of Harry’s legs and pulled him in towards my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat. The initial gag subsided once I accustomed myself, and I soon picked up a steady rhythm. Harry’s hands worked their way through my hair, pushing it from my face. His breathing was shallow and deep groans spilled from his throat uncontrollably.

“20 seconds” he teased at me through laboured breaths, massaging his fingers around my scalp.

Swirling my tongue around the tip, I grabbed his shaft firmly and began moving my hand back and forth in an acute rhythm. I concentrated my mouth on the head, pressing the warm surface of my tongue upon him. He thrust himself towards me instinctively as he began to spill the hot liquid into my mouth, hissing profanities alongside my name. I quickly swallowed and brought myself back to my feet, bringing his trousers back up with me, just in time before the bell of the lift rang to signal our floor.

“Easy,” I smirked at him, leaving him in the lift as I made my way down the hall, like nothing had happened.

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