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Forbidden Lovers - Part 3.

Tags: cheating
Lexia, Kate and Harry. Will Kate ever know?
Day 3.

My body was hot as Harry’s eyes fucked me over breakfast. His green orbs rolled carelessly over my face as he ran his wet tongue along his bottom lip, etching the corner of his mouth upwards. I raised my eyebrows at him as he stretched his neck to one side, bringing attention to his cutting jaw and the outside edge of his collar bone. Harry’s eyes widened as I leant over the table to reach for the juice; my loose top revealing my bare breasts I returned to my seat with a smug look on my face; Harry looking seemingly flushed. Kate was sat next to him unaware of the mind games he and I were indulging in; unaware of his foot brushing up and down my leg underneath the table.
“What’re you smiling at?” Kate asked curiously in my direction.
I flitted my eyes at Harry as he edged his foot further up my thigh, trying not to give anything away.
“It’s just such a nice day” I lied, closing my legs as Harry attempted to ascend.
“Yeah it is, isn’t it?” Harry winked at me as he put an arm around Kate; pulling her in. 
The aching feeling that I had been unable to place yesterday had subsided; I was far too preoccupied succumbing to my burning desires for Harry. Everything about him was so fucking magnetic; and I’d become weak attending to my needs that only he could fulfil.

We decided to go into the main town for the day. Of course, the bustling streets were optimum conditions for the urges that Harry and I were having. Every now and then I’d feel his large hands grab me by the waist and drag me into an unsuspecting side street; forcing me up the wall as he would grind his body into mine. The thrill was exhilarating; knowing that everyone else was only a few meters ahead of our wandering hands and hungry tongues. 
We cooled in the shade with a bottle of wine over lunch. As the heat penetrated my body, I felt the alcohol unmercifully flood around my body, giving that familiar warm fuzzy rush. I glanced over at Harry who was stretching his arms above his head, exposing a tanned band of skin around his stomach. My tipsy eyes lingered as I surveyed the skin; shifting them slightly lower as my libido took over. Harry caught me staring and purposefully leaned back even further, subtly lifting his crotch. I hurriedly took a swig from my glass of wine, managing to glug down the remainder.
My mind was swimming with alcohol-induced thoughts. I couldn’t stop looking at Harry. Am I falling for him? Surely this isn’t more than just sex… I mean, we barely know each other. I sucked on my bottom lip as I tried to figure these thoughts out, eagerly pouring myself another glass to suppress the possibility.

I was drunk. I giggled as Kate and I made our way to the bathroom. Turning around, I flashed Harry a cheeky wink when no one was looking. He grinned at me as his eyes ran over my stumbling body.
“I’m worried” Kate blurted out unexpectedly.
“Oh?” I turned to her, intrigued.
“Well, we’ve been here for 3 days now, and… well…” she paused, furrowing her brow.
“Go on…” I prompted. 
“Harry and I haven’t exactly been intimate.” She emphasised the word ‘intimate’, whilst chewing nervously on her lip. “And this hasn’t been a problem… ever.”
My heart sank. 
“Maybe he’s just tired” I quickly suggested, trying to prevent the heat in my cheeks from presenting itself upon my skin.
“Or maybe he’s going off of me.” 
Or maybe he’s fucking your best friend.
“Don’t be ridiculous, what reason would he have for going off you?!” I tried to sound as convincing as possible. Could it actually be that he was going off her? My thoughts were interrupted suddenly.
“Or he’s fucking someone else.” She said bluntly.
Shit. I froze. I kept my eyes ahead of us and focused on the mirror, surveying my face for anything that might give the past couple of days away. I put my hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, forcing a smile in her direction. 
“Well for one, I doubt that. You’re beautiful, and he would have no reason to look elsewhere!”
My voice faltered as the word spilled from my mouth.
“And secondly, even if he were sleeping with someone else; it just shows that he’s not good enough for you.”
I choked the last words out; my repressed guilt began to show itself physically; even more difficult to hide as the alcohol surged through my body.
She looked up at me and stuck out her bottom lip, contemplating what I’d just said.
“I guess so…” she sounded somewhat reassured. 
“You know I’m right” I smiled, playfully hitting her arm. 
But I wasn’t right. I was the reason for her doubts. Me, myself and my irrepressible lusting for her boyfriend.
She smiled at me and I grabbed her hand, pulling her back to the bar where we ordered a couple more bottles of wine. We sat back down with the others; I found it almost impossible to even look in Harry’s direction after what had just happened. I could feel his eyes trying to draw mine to him; he could tell something was wrong.

After finishing our drinks, we decided to take things back to the hotel bar.
“Anyone want anything from the shops?” I asked as I began to make my way down the road before the hotel.
“I do. I’ll come.” Harry’s deep voice brought goose bumps to my skin. I swallowed nervously as the rest continued to the hotel bar, leaving Harry and I alone.
“So are you going to tell me what’s up?” he kept his voice quiet.
I paused, before snapping back at him.
“THIS. This whole situation. It’s… I just don’t know.” 
He screwed his face up for a moment as he tried to decode what I meant.
“Do you want to stop?”
“No. I mean yes, we should. But –“
My drunken ramblings were cut off by Harry’s mouth pressing softly against mine. My lips were numb from the alcohol, but they were perfectly receptive to his drunken tongue that strayed so clumsily along them.
“Cause we can, if you really want to.” He murmured into my lips.
Why was he doing this? He knew I didn’t want to stop. Making sure we were out of view, I pulled him into me up against the wall; tugging violently at his t-shirt. He ran his rough hands through my hair as he bit on my bottom lip; my hands roamed up his back, tracing his defined shoulders. We signed breathlessly into each other as the hunger of the kiss resided, leaving just our lips gently touching.
He pulled away, staring intently into my blurred eyes.
“C’mon, what did you need from the shop anyway?” 
“I can’t even remember now” I laughed as I clung onto his now very-loose t-shirt, removing myself from the wall and giddily making my way around his body. I beckoned to him as I walked towards the shop to buy something, to make it look that we hadn't...fooled around.

I walked in, and a very hot cashier stood there, texting on his phone. I made eye contact with him, gave him a warm but seductive smile. Anything to make Harry jealous. I walked over to the medicine corner, and picked up a box of Panadol, along with some eye drops. I remembered that I needed chocolate, so boom, there went a chocolate bar into my hands. I decided that was enough to not arouse suspicion, so I strutted over to the counter, where I put everything down, and the 'very hot cashier' turned around, whose name turned out to be 'Lewis'. He gave me a cheeky wink, before putting all my stuff into a bag, and as I reached out to hand the money over to him, I bended over, giving him a good view. I knew he was staring, and I knew Harry was too. I thanked him, and walked slowly out of the shop, knowing that Lewis was watching. 

Harry was standing outside, looking pissed off. As soon as he saw me, he walked over to me, and growled in my ear. 'What the fuck where you doing with that cashier?'. He was jealous, 'Nothing, just buying stuff' I innocently replied. 'You looked like you were doing more than just buying things. Like I said before, you can't tease me like that, bitch' he said, and we set off, back to the hotel. There was a cool breeze outside, and I was enjoying it. The streets were lit pretty well, but enough to offer some privacy. Harry then pushed me against a wall, hungrily kissing me as he pushed the straps off my top down, revealing my bare breasts. He kneaded my nipples roughly, as I moaned into his mouth. I could tell that he was really hard, I could feel his cock against my thigh, standing out. I unzipped his jeans, and whipped his cock out, stroking it while I continued to kiss Harry. Without any hesitation, Harry pushed my thong to this side, and shoved himself inside of me, inch by inch of his cock going in. He pushed in and out for a while, and started to pound me roughly, as I tried to silence my screams, as we saw people walking at a distance from us, and they would hear me if I screamed. I groaned and contained my screams inside. Harry pounded me even faster, while he brought his mouth to me ear and whispered in his husky voice 'You like that, don't you, you dirty little whore'. I was near my orgasm, and then, I exploded, I moaned his name loudly, and I was shaking. Before I could get over my own orgasm, Harry exploded inside me, wave after wave of hot cum going deep inside my pussy. I was on birth control, so we didn't have to worry. He gave a few more lazy thrusts before pulling out of me, the tip of his cock drizzled with white cum. I squatted down and licked his cock clean, while I fingered myself and dipped my fingers into my warm pussy, before bringing it to my mouth and licking all his cum off, keeping eye contact with Harry. I stood up again, and redressed myself, and adjusted my shirt and thong. He winked at me, before lightly tapping my ass.

“Last one there…” I began running, struggling to think of a childish empty threat to finish my sentence with. Harry’s footsteps soon caught up with me, and he slid his hand across my lower back; massaging my skin. Something about this felt so right . I reluctantly removed myself from Harry’s warmth as we neared the hotel and made sure I was a few paces ahead of him. Approaching the bar, Harry pulled me into his body behind the wall. Our hormones took control of us again, as the wind made my nipples stand out against my top, and I could feel my pussy getting wet once more. Our impulses were thriving drunkenly upon the risk of being caught, and Harry’s warm lips caressed mine gently, in contrast to his hands that were fervently clawing at the skin beneath my t-shirt.
“That should keep us going for another… 20 minutes or so?” he grinned at me, as he began making his way around the corner to where the others were sitting. Once again, I had been unable to control myself; my natural instincts were crushing any morality that I would usually adhere to. Keeping a few paces behind Harry, we walked back to Kate at the bar, who was talking to some other hotel guests.
“Shots all round!” Harry cheered, carelessly placing his money down on the bar.
Faces screwed as we shot back the tequila, racing to slam it on to the bar first.
The rest of the night was definitely going to be one not to remember.

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