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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

What happens when a slut goes looking for a church going man.
Its 10:20 AM and I'm sitting in my car in the parking lot of church. Trying to remember why I thought this was a good idea. I pull down the visor and look in the mirror checking to make sure my makeup is exactly how I want it. My big blue eyes and pink lips look great and if I could get my forever blushing cheeks to stop my face would be perfect. My wavy red hair is hanging down my back pinned back a bit on one side with a bow, furthering my innocent young girl image I want people to believe. My 36D chest is barley hiding in the tightest sweater I own. I push my hands down to flatten out my black pencil skirt that hugs my hips and thighs tightly. At 5'7 I don't need to wear heels but If I'm doing this, I am going all out, black pumps included.

I flex my fingers around the steering wheel deciding if I could go through with this. Then I see him walk by. I want his brown eyes to wonder all over my body. I want to wrap my arms around his sexy neck and broad shoulders and rake my nails down his back. I look down and realize I've been rubbing my thighs and my breathing has gotten heavier. I take a deep breath and control myself as I watch him hold the door open for his wife and their two kids. I know I should feel guilty but ever since I laid eyes on him two weeks ago I knew I had to have him, his family aside I need to know how he feels inside me.

I walk in and stand at the back of the church looking for him. I look around and see him in the middle off to the side. His wife on the end, their kids in between them and he is in the middle with a few chairs in between him and another older couple. I should thank God that this service is full and that I can squeeze in next to him without looking desperate but I don't think God will be happy with my reasons. I walk down the isle feeling how excited I am hoping that not wearing panties pans out for me. I get to his row and squeezed past the older couple and leaned into him making sure my chest was visible.

"Is this seat taken?" I ask him as I pat the chair next to him.

"No, please sit," he smiles at me and extends his hand. " I'm Victor"

" Alison, but call me Allie, nice to meet you Victor."

I shake his hand smiling and blushing that we are officially meeting.

He introduces me to his son and daughter telling me about there activities in the church and in high school and introduces me to his wife. She leans over the kids to shake my hand and I lean over Victor as I extend one hand to shake his wife's I let my other hand slide on to his inner thigh gently squeezing him as I shake his wife's hand. I lean back and sit in my seat looking him in the eye as I slowly drag my hand away.

He looks at me with his mouth slightly parted and I wink letting him know that it wasn't just an accident.

I look straight ahead and see out of the corner of my eye that he's checking me out. I take a quick peek at him as I slowly run my hands down my chest and over my breasts, down my flat stomach and over the top of my skirt to my knees before slowly dragging them back up to sit on top of my thighs. I look over at Victor seeing his eyes glued to my hands before they drag back up my body to my eyes. I lick my bottom lip before biting it willing him to understand how badly I want him.

He turns his head to the front of the church where the pastor is starting the service and I see him trying to adjust the bulge forming in the front of his nice dress pants. I keep my eyes on them thinking of all the things I want to do to that bulge when he catches me staring. I turn away blushing and licking my lips feeling my breath quicken and my thighs are very slick. The pastor asks us to turn to our neighbors and say good morning. When I see Victor's wife say good morning to the people behind her I take my chance and put my hand right on his growing erection and lean into him.

"I'm really hoping this turns out to be a good morning, Victor."

His breathing picks up and I feel him get harder under my fingers.

"Meet me by the Sunday school bathrooms if you'd really like to get to know me."

I stand up and walk out of the row of chairs and back down the isle to the exit doors. As they shut I quickly round the corner and go down the hall past the Sunday school rooms which are now shut and full of children. I go to the end of the halls to the bathroom I realize almost no one uses during service and lean against the wall waiting again with the urge to pray that this works.

Its been almost 10 minutes and I start to doubt this was going to happen as I see those brown eyes starring at me and getting closer. I instantly look around making sure no one sees us and as he gets closer he grabs my hand and pulls me into the womans bathroom. I shut the door and push a trash can against it and he quickly pulls me to the wall without saying a word he pushes me up against it and takes my lips against his. Our tongues franticly searching each others mouth both of us full of lust.

His hands go up over my chest rubbing my nipples threw my sweater. I moan into his mouth when he quickly pulls down both my sweater and bra cups to let my breast fall free. As he drags his mouth down my neck and chest to suck a nipple into his mouth I reach down and undo his belt, button and zipper.

Once his pants are completely undone I feel his hard 8 inch cock spring out and I wrap my hand around him stroking it as I lean into his ear.

"Mm Vic, seems I'm not the only one who came to church commando."

As quickly as it came out of my mouth he let go of my breast and bent down on his knees. He quickly pulled my skirt up letting it gather at my hips to reveal my completely shaved, dripping wet pussy.

"Oh God Allie, I'm going to devour you."

He pulled my left leg up and over his shoulder as his hands gripped my hips and his mouth cupped around my pussy. I bit my lip to hide the sounds that wanted to escape my mouth. I felt his tongue flick across my clit down in between my lips and into me then back up, over and over. I leaned against the wall and put my hands on the back of his head never wanting him to stop. I feel his lips wrap around my clit seconds before he gently bites it and I scream out in pleasure. He chuckles into my pussy before standing back up.

He takes his hard dick into his hand as he rubs it between my pussy lips before slamming it into me. He pulls my legs up around his hips and I lock them behind his back. He slams my body back into the wall and thrusts deep and hard into me. I scream out again never dreaming this would actually happen today.

"Is this what you wanted, you little church slut?" he grunts into my ear with each thrust

"Oh yes, YES!" I almost scream out.

I run my hands under his shirt and scratch my nails down his back feeling him fuck me harder then I thought possible.

"Get on your knees now, you wanted this cock now your going to suck the cum out of it," he says as he pulls out of me.

I quickly do as I'm told and right as I get down into position he pushes his cock into my mouth. As my lips wrap around him I taste both of us as he pushes down into my throat. I reach down and push two fingers into my cunt and pump them in and out quickly needing the release. His hips quickly move back and fourth pushing his cock in and out of my mouth.

I feel his balls tightening up against my chin right before I feel his hot cum spray the back of my throat. I look up into those brown eyes as I swallow every drip he gives me. When he lets out his last grunt I moan feeling myself squirt all over my hand and dripping onto the floor. Knowing I should feel ashamed for what I've just done I cant help but to smile as he pulls out of my mouth and zips back up his pants looking as good as he did when he first came in here.

He puts his fingers under my chin and smiles down at me.

"Looks like you have a mess to clean up, so I'll leave you to it."

He turns pulling the trash can away from the door and before he walks out he turns his head back in my direction, "I'll see you next Sunday Allie, make sure you leave your panties at home again."

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