Fun Day At School *The End*

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Part 2

{Mr. Atkins POV}

As I watched Britani walk out of the locker rooms, I had to fight myself to keep from bringing her back in here and fucking her so hard, so fast, until I filled her completely with my cum and when I pull out of her, she'll clean me up and I'll eat my juices out of her. "I can't wait until tomorrow," I whispered to myself.

{Britani's POV}

When I laid down on my bed I had a huge grin on my face. I gave a sigh and got up and went into the bathroom. As I stripped, I couldn't help but think about Jacob Atkins and his sexy ass body with his huge dick. I giggled as I stepped into the steaming hot shower. I could still feel his dick pounding into me, his hands grasping my body. As I was soaping up my body, I couldn't help but wish it was him who was rubbing his hands over me. I dried off and fell asleep with him running through my mind.

Next Day

{Britani's POV}

As I was getting ready for school, I made sure to leave a bra out of my wardrobe. I grabbed a royal blue g-string, the shortest navy blue skirt I had, which barely passed my ass, and a bright blue, skin tight tank top that showed a lot of cleavage. My hair bouncing as I walked into school. I heard many whistles, saw some glares, and even had a few girls asking for my number. Almost all of the teachers yelled at me for my riske outfit.... after they recovered from shock. I went through the day listening and turning down offers. But when I walked into the locker rooms to change, I decided to stay as I was and walked into the gym and went to sit on the top of the bleachers. When he walked into the gym and started talking I decided to give him a show. I spread my legs just enough for him to see up my skirt, but not too much. When he starting taking roll call, he quietly said mine and his eyes wandered up to me, when he saw me his eyes grew and his pants grew a tad bit tighter. I decided to quit playing it safe and started rubbing myself through the scantily clad material. I could almost imagine the groan working its way through his throat and to his sexy lips. When he told us to start running he stopped me, "Go get dressed Britani." 

I put on a playful smirk, "I forgot them at my house." 

He looked at me knowingly, "Both you and I know that's not true, but since I want to see that nice ass jiggling as I imagine smacking it as I ram my dick so far into your tight pussy, I'll let it pass. Just this one time." As he said that last word, he winked.

I swear if I was some giddy little girl I would've squealed and fainted, but since I'm not, I smiled invitingly and started running, my skirt hiking up a few inches. I could feel the glares and the stares. 

As class ended, I walked into a stall and soaped up my body. Since I was turned away from the door with soap running down my face, I didn't know anyone was there until I felt rough hands grabbing my waist. I stifled a scream as I was being dragged against a hard naked body. Feeling a huge hard on, I rinsed my face off as quickly as possible so I could see who it was. 

When I turned around I saw the school playboy, Beau Johnson. "Stop it, asshole," I exclaimed to him.

"Oh come on, baby. You know you want it."

"Sure. I might want it but one thing I don't want is syphilis.... which I'm sure you have."

"You little bitch! I was going easy on you, but now you're getting fucked whether I have to hold you down and make you swallow me whole or you take it like you want it."

I screamed as he pushed me hard against the shower wall. Mr. Atkins ran in, grabbed Beau and punched him hard in the face multiple times until he was on the ground, unconscious.

"Thank you, Mr. Atkins."

I hugged him oblivious to my wet, naked state.

"Ummmmmm... I think you should at least dry off if you're not going to get dressed," he said, smiling.

I smiled and grabbed the towel out of his extended hand. I started with my legs, looking at him the whole time. He walked behind me, hands on my waist as he kissed my neck and shoulders. He playfully nipped at me. I ground into him as he massaged my waist. I moaned as he roughly turned me around and lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me into his office. I ripped open his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans as soon as he set me down, working them down his hips and long legs. As I did this his dick sprang up in front of me . I licked the head of his delicious dick. I sucked on it, gently grazing my teeth against it, playing with his balls. He moaned my name loudly, encouraging me to go further. I swallowed as much of his dick as I could.

"Oh fuck, yesssss!," he growled out, grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. He stopped instantly, dragging me up and laying me on his desk, instantly going to work on my soaking wet pussy, murmuring into me, making me squeal in delightful pleasure, screaming his name at my release. I pulled him up, climbing on top of him and riding him fast and hard, screaming his name, him grunting out mine. He rolled over and lifted my legs to his shoulders, slamming into me relentlessly. As he did this, he began hitting my g spot, making me squirm and cum. He groaned as I tightened around him, pounding faster into me, searching for release. I leaned up and started nibbling on his lips and sucking on his sweet spot. After a little while of that, he came in me hard. When he pulled out, he started started eating me out, sucking up his cum and when he was finished he kissed me, giving me his cum. I dropped to my knees and started licking his cum off of him and nibbling on his balls. When I stood up, I turned around and saw......

Part 3

{Britani's POV}

Mr. Wilson, the school principal. He had a look full of lust. He was a 32 year old black man. I secretly had a crush on him.

"That was the sexiest fucking thing I have seen in a fucking while, shit!" he said as I giggled.

He walked up and started kissing me. Mr. Atkins lifted my leg up onto his shoulder and slammed into me. Mr. Wilson came up after stripping and put some lube on my ass. He then gently started putting his fat dick into my ass. Inch by inch, deeper it went. They started fucking me hard and fast, building up a rhythm. Mr. Atkins was the first to cum. They filled me up until I was like a shower of cum.

The End