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Gentle Mike Takes Care of the Needy Nurse

The one time gentle man is no longer...
(Though this story can stand on its own it is actually a second installment to The Needy Nurse Takes the New Patient. In this part the story is written by Mike instead of the nurse. I hope you enjoy it!)

The second time I swing at her is much, much harder, almost blistering her ass. She is in complete shock. You can tell no one has ever spanked this woman before...ever! I can feel the juices from her pussy streaming down her thighs and a powerful orgasm building inside her body and I haven’t even touched her yet!


I’ve always been the docile husband, Mr. Nice Guy but not today, not with this stranger. Today I am taking control.

I continue to hammer her ass with the smooth leather as I tell her to ‘play with her clit.’ As soon as she touches her pussy her body begins to quake and shudder. It is one amazingly long and powerful come. I absolutely love it when a woman comes. I quickly move from behind her and plant my feet so I am standing near her head.

“Keep diddling yourself babe, we’re just getting started!” I say as I grab her by the hair, raising her head above the height of the table. My wife hates any form of aggression and I have pulled her hair but once. The fallout was far less pleasurable than the act itself. However, I find it to be quite exciting and intense in this context, playing illicitly with my naughty nurse. As soon as I have a firm grip of her hair her mouth opens big and wide. That’s exactly what I’m looking for as feed my hard cock right inside of it. I don’t say a fucking thing, I just begin to ram the back of her throat with my mushroomed tip. In spite of the occasional gagging it’s obvious she loves it and would suck this thing all day long if she could!

As her third come approaches I’m seriously fucking her face, grunting loudly enough for the neighbors to know that someone is getting pounded in here and pounded good. Just before we’re both about to come, however, I pull out of her mouth and move again, this time standing right behind her. Her lovely body is still bent over the table and her beautiful, round ass is on display as I grab her hips forcefully and yank her backwards. Hot damn! I spear her cunt in one quick thrust and her lovely groaning response is priceless. Now I’m relentlessly fucking her other end.

I’m pounding her so hard that the table is inching closer and closer to the wall with every thrust until it finally hits it. She lifts her head just in time to avoid hitting it. She places her arms on the wall, steadying herself as I drill her pussy with all my might. The table is banging rhythmically against the wall. I’m sure no one has a clue she’s getting fucked silly right now. Yeah right! Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they can hear. I need this more than I’ve needed food and water today. I’ve wanted to play the part of the Dom for longer than I can remember. All those years of pent up frustration have taken over. I’ve never fucked anyone like this in all my life and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. Both hands take leave of her hips and grab hold of her hair as I feel her body shake and her pussy clench my rod. I’m about to come.

“Pull out, pull out!” she screams through her body wrenching orgasm. “I’m not on the pill; I can’t get pregnant! Pull out, damn it! Oh fuck!!!!!!”

“No honey, you’re going to take every last drop up that velvety hole of yours!” I hiss and pound her even harder just as the first of many ropes begin to fill her spasming slit.

“And just so you know, I hope it’s a boy!” I yell at the height of our passion. She immediately resigns herself to just letting go as she lowers her head and just enjoys the reactions from her body. She even forces herself backwards to meet me. I can feel her fingers still frigging away at her clit and the force in which they are pushing against her nub makes her already very snug pussy just that much tighter. They must be exhausted from all that rubbing.

As our heart rates begin to come back down to normal she is still riding the high of her elongated come.

“Damn...that was hot! Holy fuck!” she gasps. “Those were three of the most powerful comes I’ve ever had. Damn!”

Just then the door flies open and without warning in walks the receptionist. She doesn’t take the time to comb the landscape. Instead she begins to let us have it as the decibels rise.

“Do you two have any idea what that sounds like out there?” she spits out while pointing to the door leading to the waiting room. “It sounds like there is some gawd-forsaken orgy going on in here.” It isn’t until she says the word orgy that her mind begins to process the scene before her. I have just backed out of the steamy pussy in front of me and my still semi-hard cock is dripping onto the tile floor. The nurse’s pussy is visible and the gaping hole is dribbling my seed from the pink crevice. It too is dripping its juices onto the floor. She looks shell shocked.

“So, it sounds like an orgy does it?” I tease as I look for her name badge and I walk around the table. “But doesn’t it take at minimum of three people to be considered on orgy...Stacy?” She is watching me intently just as I am watching her. Her nipples have obviously hardened beneath the thin material of her blouse. I also detect that her breathing has grown a bit heavy. I like what I’m seeing.

“Lock the door and unzip your skirt,” I command her as I slide my cock into the nurse’s mouth yet one more time. She groans her approval.

“I’ll get this good and clean before I bend you over the table and fuck you! How does that sound?” I ask as I aggressively grab a fistful of nurse’s hair and hear her moan again in pleasure.

You’d swear Stacy was in a trance as she removes her blouse, skirt and panties.

“Your bra too,” I instruct and off it comes. I pull my cock out of the nurse’s mouth and lean down, whispering in her ear to lie on her back. She flips over on the table and soon her hands are on her nipples as if magnets to metal. I walk around the table to the beautiful Stacy. As I stand in front of her I lean in as if I’m going to kiss her lips but stop just before and instead slide two fingers between her pussy lips. She is soaking wet.

“Oh my... fucking you over this table sounds good then? Nice! I hope you like doggy,” I say as I spin her to face the table and push her, bending her over towards her superior the nurse. With my right hand wrapped around her waist I shove my cock between her steamy folds and she gasps loudly at the intrusion.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I say playfully as my hard cock pounds away inside her tight little cunt. Stacy is moaning now and I can hear the nurse too. I look over Stacy’s shoulders and my lovely friend’s face is contorted as her fingers are working on her fourth come. It is so fucking hot. I lean over and grab the nurse’s feet and her body easily slides across the table toward us. Soon her spread legs are primed just beneath Stacy as she’s getting reamed.

“Now I’m wondering how you feel about pussy?” I ask, this time not so playfully. With my left hand wrapped around her waist holding her in place, my right hand wills her downward until she is lip to lip with the nurse’s cunny. She tried to resist this, placing both hands on the edge of the table and pushing back on me, but her strength can’t match mine.

“Be a good kitty and lap up my milk baby!” I demand as I grind her face deeper into the nurse’s core. Seconds later the erotic sound of girl on girl licking fills the room and the nurse begins to pant and moan wildly, her thrashing body flailing all over the table as she floods Stacy’s mouth with more of her cum.

“Yeah, that’s it ladies. Now we have an orgy going! Play with your clit Stac, I want to hear you come as I flood your pussy with my jizz.”

I can feel her flicking away at her thimble while she continues to suck on her boss’ hot box. In a matter of minutes she and I just lose it, coming together in blissful satisfaction. It’s another tremendous come as my legs begin to give out a little. I must admit I am utterly exhausted. When my shriveled dick finally falls from her body I turn her around and push her to her knees. She eagerly complies as I feed it into her mouth.

“Clean me up please,” is the gentlemanly order. As she works me in and out of her mouth I look into the nurse’s sexy eyes and smile. She smiles back and takes a really big breath and slowly exhales.

“Now,” I ask with an exaggerated pause, “What time will the two of you be ready for me tomorrow?”

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