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Getting Physical

A new doctor is just what Craig needs to unwind
“Oh come on, Mom. Why do I have to do this?” I said defiantly. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my mom’s sedan as we darted down the highway.

“You get one every year, Craig. A physical isn't going to do you any harm! I don’t see the big deal,” said my mother. I could see she was fed up with my behavior and complaining was going to do me no good.

I always hated getting physicals. I mean really, some dude gets paid to check me out and see how I’m growing. I don't need a PhD for that, I can do it myself and it would be just as good. But no, my mom drags me here every year to get the same routine done.

As we pulled up I saw the mostly empty parking lot with a just a few scattered cars and the gleaming side of the window-covered office building. “McAllister Family Practices” read the sign on the lawn of the building. I realized that the name had changed.

“Mom, wasn’t this named something else last time?” I asked her.

“Oh, um, yeah it was. Used to be called Donaldson Pediatrics,” she replied. “Since the change of hands I was thinking of switching to a new doctor. It's just that this is far more convenient.”

I kept thinking to myself about this new doctor. I’d had the same one for as long as I could remember and was feeling nervous.

“What’s his name, Mom?” I asked, as my heart beat faster.

“She. Your new doctor is a woman. Her name’s Dr. Paula McAllister,” she said bluntly.

At that moment I felt my heart just stop and my face turned a ghostly white. I couldn’t let my mom know that I was nervous, it was just that no woman had ever seen me in the nude before. I was a virgin.

My palms started to sweat and my hands shook inside the pockets of my jacket. My mom parked and then proceeded to get out of the car. I opened the door of the car, and looked slowly up at the building and swallowed hard.

“Let's go, Craig, we’re early this time and I want to make a good impression,” she said impatiently.

I began to pick up the pace to keep up with my mom who was walking briskly ahead of me. I opened the door, and although the layout of the building was what I was used to, the decorations inside seemed a lot less… childish. The walls were now a desaturated purple color and they'd changed the carpet to be a dark blue checker pattern. Instead of little “kiddy” posters there were just signs about health and whatnot. No toys thrown about, no bright colors. It seemed more mature than any doctor's office I had seen before.

I took a seat in the chair and took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I felt like I was melting in the chair. I then closed my eyes and just tried to imagine what I was going to do once I got back home. “Video games, or go to a friends?” I thought, when suddenly I heard a voice.

“Day? Do we have a Craig Day here?” said the nurse, looking straight at me.

“Um, yeah that’s me,” I said as I could feel my blood pressure rising again.

“Follow me, doctor will see you in just a minute, ” she said, motioning for me to come along. I followed her down the hallway into a room. It was literally the last room in the office building, at the far end of the hallway. As I stepped inside, the nurse went into the cabinet and pulled out a gown.

“What’s that for?” I asked in what I could only assume was a whisper.

“You have to get into your undies and put this on, silly!” she said as she giggled. She was obviously amused at this. I'd never had to do this for the old doctor, I had no idea why this was necessary. “Just put that on, and put the rest of your clothes in that box in the corner, and Dr. McAllister should be here any minute to do your exam,” she said as she left the room and closed the door behind her.

I proceeded to put the gown on, stripping down into just my boxer briefs. I felt so odd wearing only this and what was basically a thin paper sheet over top. I tied it up hastily in the back and then sat down on the exam table. Looking around the room I noticed that it was a dark red color and that the lights were dim. Compared to other exam tables I’d sat on, this one was a lot longer and much more cushioned.

As I sat, Doctor McAllister came in with a smile. She was a bit taller than I was, with long brown hair, and she had a nice frame for a woman in her forties. Her bright red lipstick matched well with the walls of the room.

“So to start the exam, I’m going to have to ask a few questions, that OK?” she said, smiling.

“Yeah, sure,” I said nervously.

“What is your name, age, grade, and eye color?” she asked.

“Well my name is Craig Day, I’m 16 years old, I'm a junior in high-school, and I have blue eyes,” I said

“Okay, perfect. I can obviously see that you’re blonde, unless of course your hair is bleached,” she said with a chuckle.

“Haha, no it’s not,” I said as I laughed with her.

She then took my weight (120 pounds), and my height (5’7”) as well as checked my reflexes and eyes. After all of that she stopped, went to her clipboard and began to write things down. I had no idea what she was writing, so I just sat back and let her do her thing.

After sitting there a few minutes, she turned over and looked at me as she pulled gloves out of her scrub pocket and said in a soothing voice, “Just to let you know, I have to do a more… physical exam now.”

The way she said that made me flustered. What was up with her tone? I began to feel uneasy once more. I couldn’t speak, all I could manage to do was nod my head “yes”.

She walked over to me and knelt down. I came over to her with my face as red as her lipstick.

“I just have to check your penis, so hold still and lift up your gown,” she said, without taking her eyes off of my crotch. I lifted up my gown as she instructed, revealing my boxers.

I couldn’t help but get aroused at the fact that a woman as attractive as her would be the first one to ever see “down there”. I started to get hard, and the bulge became almost instantly noticeable, yet she didn’t say a word. She pulled the briefs down and my cock shot upwards. I could see her head move back in surprise. She looked up at me, and my eyes met hers. She smiled and licked her lips, and then asked me:

“Are you ready to start the exam?”

From that point I only got more erect and my sex drive started going crazy. I was breathing heavy and nodded my head "yes" as my eyes widened from the anticipation.

She looked back down at my cock and smiled. “You’re big for your age, let me just check and see something,” she said, getting up and walking over to the cabinet. She reached in and pulled out a tape measure and came back over to measure my erection. She pulled it out and laid the tape on top of my pulsating erection, and then I saw her eyes get wide with excitement. “Oh my!” she said, looking eager. “That there’s a good eight and a half inches!”

“Is that… small?” I asked, feeling ashamed.

“Why absolutely not, honey, that's big even for most adults. The average is around five inches,” she said impressed.

My cock at this point was twitching with excitement. She kneeled down in front of me again and put her lips around the head.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she licked in an “O” shape with her wet tongue rubbing up against my penis. She started pushing her head down, slowly but surely getting faster and more passionate. As she sucked, she unbuttoned her scrub and revealed her beautiful breasts encased in a white and red bra that looked straight out of a Victoria’s Secret commercial. She undid her bra and let it fall gracefully to the floor.

He breasts were so nice and perky for someone her age. Her nipples were a rosy red and pointing straight out. I slowly started reaching my hand over to touch them when she grabbed my hand and forced them there herself. She moved my hand up, down, and around, kneading her soft squishy breasts.

“36DD, all natural. D you like them?” she said, taking her mouth off my cock.

I nodded my head up and down as I was engulfed in the feeling of her saliva on my cock and the feeling of her warm tits. I was throbbing hard and I felt like I was ready to blow. As my left hand played with her breast, her hand was using mine, and her other was inside her lace, almost see-through panties. She was fingering herself, biting her bottom lip with her head tilted back when I felt the cum start to build up in my shaft.

I quickly grabbed my hard cock with my right hand and pulled on my cock furiously. As she opened her eyes and realized I was about to cum, she fingered harder and scooted herself closer to me. I let loose my cum with six spurts. It felt so good as it shot across her pretty face and into her open mouth. She moaned and whimpered as she licked it off her lips with a seductive smile.

She stood up and put her bra back on. She threw away the scrubs, and got new ones of the same color out of one of the drawers. My cock was blood red, with her spit glistening off of it. I pulled my briefs back up, with the bulge still evidently showing inside. I took off my scrubs and got back into my pants and shirt.

“You seem like a very healthy young man, but I will have to have you coming back every month to check on that ‘slight’ curve on your spine,” she said with a wink.

I smiled at her and then walked over to her as I pulled the shirt over my head. “That was amazing, doctor. I can’t wait until next month.”

“Maybe next time you can give me an exam,” she said as she reached her hand back into her panties to tease me.

I walked back out into the waiting room where my mom was sitting on one of the chairs.

“How was it, Craig?” she asked in her usual impatient face that was almost a pout.

“It was fine, Mom, but Dr. McAllister wants to talk to you about a small curve in my spine,” I said as my mind thought about and imagined all that we did, and all that we would do next time.

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