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Getting Ready to Visit My Wife

Two surprises in one trip to the day spa.
This is a true story.

I've been to visit an esthetician several times to deal with the annoying problem of back hair. Not that my wife complains, she likes me the way she found me, back hair and all. Sometimes I just want to surprise her - and this was one of those times.

For the past several months, as a result of the bad economy I have had to work out of state because that was the only place I could find a job that didn't require a significant step down in pay or a prolonged round of unemployment.

As a result of this arrangement I only get to make it home to see my family every few months.

While this is a taxing arrangement, it does afford for some very interesting and hot encounters when we are together.

So with hot encounters in mind, and a desire to surprise my wife, I looked in the local yellow pages and found a nearby day spa that offered Brazilian waxing for men. I called the store and set up the appointment with a delightful sounding woman named Tammy, and at the end of the week I would show up in her office for the appointment.

Her office and the rest of the day spa was in a fairly non-descript building, in the Arts District, bordering just on the beginning of residential housing and a cozy little uptown area. When I arrived the parking lot was empty but for a single green Mazda Miata, which I guessed belonged to Tammy.

It turned out that Tammy was waiting for me in her car. My appointment was technically after hours for the day spa, so she was waiting to go inside with me to avoid missing me if she were working in back or something.

When Tammy stepped from her car I was struck by two things - her age, and how cute she was. She was easily 50 years old, if not older, but she was dressed in clothing that belied her age and she pulled the look off well. Obviously she understood fashion and she had a good sense of what worked for her. She was wearing a low-cut v-neck t-shirt that accentuated her breasts very well, yoga pants, fashionable and comfortable shoes, and both of her wrists had charm bracelets. Between her breasts a gold peace sign dangled from a necklace enticingly.

I'm a natural flirt, which my wife will readily admit to anyone she talks to should the subject come up, so I began flirting with Tammy almost before we were even inside the front door.

She was a very petite woman, maybe 98 pounds if she was lucky, with medium length red hair, obviously augmented D-cup breasts, a nicely toned ass was visible through her yoga pants, and a beautiful winning smile.

As we made our way back to her office our banter continued as she and I discussed what I wanted done.

"I think I'd like to surprise my wife with a Brazilian wax."

"Really? Is this your first time getting waxed?" She asked.

"Well, I've had my back and shoulders done a few times, but I've never been brave enough to get the male Brazilian before." I replied.

"You might want to reconsider whether or not you have the balls this time. It's not an easy thing for most guys the first time around."

Courage steeled against the possibility of the pain, I told Tammy that I was willing to try just about anything once - even this.

Turning to her wax pots and other tools of the trade Tammy said, "Alright, take your pants and underwear off and get on the chair here. Lean back and get comfortable." So while she prepared her tools, I proceeded to get ready for her worst.

Within minutes her waxing equipment was ready and she turned around to get a closer look at what she was working with. While she was readying her equipment, I got into the chair, which resembled a dentists chair, without the arms.

Now, I'm not like a lot of guys on this site, and others. I'm not going to tell tall tales about how she was shocked by the sight of my nine inch cock. I don't have nine inches. I have an average length cock that is fairly thick, as well as uncircumcised.

She began pulling on my cock and balls in different directions, getting an idea of the extent of the hair growth. She decided that before she would start waxing she was going to make some adjustments. With that decision made, she grabbed a pair of scissors and began trimming my pubic hair to make the next step in the process easier.

Now, some people might get a huge erection from the treatment, having their cock moved here and there while a good looking woman is essentially fondling you, but in this case, not me. I was so concerned about scissors in close proximity to my cock that if anything I retreated in size. Hiding under the possibility of a mis-snip with those scissors.

I was so relieved when she finally finished with the trim job that I was ready for the wax.

Tammy's touches became very soft at this point, her attention going into the proper spreading of the wax, and warning me - a moment too late - that she was about to pull a strip of wax. This continued, very intentionally as she pulled all of the hair from over the top of my shaft.

Switching to what she said was a gentler wax for the hair on my balls, she began working on cleaning them up. At the first application of wax to my scrotum I felt a twitch in my cock, and with each pull of the wax and reapplication my cock began to grow a little more firm.

Tammy smiled at me when she noticed the change and commented that she'd never seen a man get an erection while being waxed.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not into CBT or any other kind of pain being administered to my testicles, but my cock and balls were certainly enjoying this particular activity.

The more she worked, the harder I became, and my cock began to get in the way of her work. Finally, as she was maneuvering my cock out of her way for another application of wax, I moaned.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I've never waxed a guy I was attracted to before."

Then with a deft and completely unexpected motion, she pulled her t-shirt off and threw it on another chair in her workspace.

My cock and I had our attention locked on this older woman.

Standing there in a red lace bra and yoga pants, she leaned over the chair and took my cock into her mouth. Her eyes locked on mine the whole time as her hands caressed and fondled my balls.

She only sucked on my cock for a few moments, her tongue and lips doing a wonderful dance up and down my shaft when she removed her mouth from my organ and announced that she wanted me to fuck her.

I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra-strap, freeing her oversized tits from their confinement. She was a sight to behold, standing there with my cock in her hand, her tits freshly freed in the confines of her day spa workspace.

After I removed her bra she slowly and seductively removed her yoga pants, revealing a bald cunt with prominent lips and a large clit. She seemed almost embarrassed about her clit because as her pants fell she placed her hand over her pussy and gave an embarrassed blush.

Seeing this, I got up from the chair and pulled her to me. I kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing as our lips parted, but in the kiss she was holding back, and I could tell.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I've never cheated on my husband. I don't know what's come over me."

"I'm sorry, we can stop. You can finish up, and none of this ever happened."

"No, I want you inside me. I'm just a little embarrassed about my body too. My husband tells me I have an ugly pussy."

With this, I knew what to do. I lifted her onto the chair and before she realized what was happening or could try and stop me, I had my head between her thighs.

I quickly took in the visual of her little wet pussy before me, with it's fat dangling lips and large clit bulging out from her crotch. I sucked first one lip, and then the other into my mouth, alternating between them, and lightly nibbling on them as I gave her this treatment with my mouth.

Looking up the length of her body as I enjoyed this oral delight, I saw an expression of abject lust on her face. She was biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming out, and making mewling moaning noises as I paid homage to her pussy.

Moving to her clit, which was sticking out prominently from her hood, I began to lick in a circular motion, switching directions, and alternately swishing my tongue across the tip of her button.

My oral attentions were driving her crazy and she came very quickly. Her body rocking backward against the chair, and her legs squeezing against the side of my head, keeping my mouth against her sensitive pussy.

At this point, she asked me to stop. Her pussy was too sensitive for more oral attention.

She rose and asked me to lay back down in the chair. When I was situated, she climbed on top of me. The chair was just wide enough that she was able to sit astride me with her feet on each side of my hips.

At this point, sitting astride me, she rose up, and with one hand on my chest to stabilize herself, and the other taking hold of my cock, she guided her unbelievably tight pussy onto my cock.

"My god, your cunt is so tight!"

Her answer was simple. "Kegel exercises." And then she plunged down onto my cock in one motion.

The air rushed from my lungs as the tightness of her cunt enveloped my cock. My head fell back against the headrest and I simply determined to hang on for the ride.

For the next ten minutes she rode my cock like a pornstar. Her athletic body was amazing. Her muscle control had my cock experiencing things I had never felt before. Her pussy was milking my cock in what felt like a rolling motion. The sensation was incredible.

My hands were all over her body. Playing with her tits, rubbing her stomach, and just wandering as mens hands do.

Finally, after she'd brought herself to orgasm twice with her riding of my cock, she stopped, dismounted, and said, "I want you from behind." She raised the chair so that it would be high enough for me to stand behind her and fuck her while she was kneeling.

Once she was properly positioned, I stepped behind her. Sliding my cock up and down her entrance, and making sure to tease her with a few circles of her clit with the head of my cock, I plunged inside her.

As I thrust back and forth in her channel, I began using my fingers to lubricate her asshole with juices from her pussy.

"You can't fuck my ass. You're too thick."

I just chuckled. "I'm not planning to fuck your ass."

With that, and her asshole being reasonably well lubricated, I began to thrust more forcefully into her, rubbing my thumb in circles on her rosebud and slowly applying inward pressure.

Within a matter of moments I had my thumb in her ass, and my cock in her pussy. Her moans were becoming deeper and more guttural as she approached another orgasm.

This time, my orgasm wasn't far behind. When I felt her cunt and ass clench around my appendages it was more than I could handle. I came. Grunting as my body tightened and strained to push my cum as deep into her as possible. Her contractions on my cock prolonging my release. She collapsed away from me and lay down on the chair. I staggered back a step and leaned against a nail-polishing station.

Both of us were thoroughly spent.

After a few moments, she rolled off of the chair and came to a kneeling position in front of me. She sucked my cock into her mouth and cleaned off our mutual juices.

We kissed briefly but deeply, and both wordlessly proceeded to get dressed. Now that the act was over there was an awkwardness in the air between us. She quickly made out the invoice for the waxing, and we parted ways with a smile and a small hug in the parking lot.

As I drove my truck back to my temporary home I couldn't wait to call my wife and relate the encounter to her.

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