Giving It to the Philanthropist

By Bad_4You

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Even the self sufficient need to be on the receiving end sometimes…
The name sounds simplistic, plain and even hokey, but in reality it is actually rather clever. It hits the listener or reader on two fronts. At first glance it engages their habitually over-sized egos. Next it quickly and unsuspectingly lures them in, driving them to think about - better yet lust after - the all important moniker they have acquired or are striving to obtain: VIP. So out come the check books and portfolios of the filthy rich who attend this event, just waiting to be tapped. For it is here in this exclusive five star resort that anyone who is anyone - at least within the realm of the WSJ or Forbes Magazine - gathers together for the annual VIP Conference. It’s filled with beautiful people who own extensive estates, outrageous cars and, in some cases, world class yachts.

It’s been an almost murderous pace, five days now having been completed of this week long event. The time is filled with numbers-laced lectures, asset building breakouts and little else to stimulate the senses. On second thought, that isn’t a completely accurate statement. It is most fortunate that when the rich and famous gather, you are typically surrounded by great beauty, stimulating beauty. Such is the case this week in Aspen, Colorado.

There are loads of interesting people in attendance. Whenever there’s an invitation-only conference for the extremely wealthy on financial investments, it brings out a niche of people that would be hard to replicate anywhere else in the world. On the one hand there are the folks with ‘old money,’ having inherited a fortune that they now manage but never really earned themselves. Then there are the entrepreneurs, those who have invested much of their lives in various ventures after finding out that they have, to some degree, the Midas touch. Then there are the professionals and those who work for others who are very disciplined with their money and really know how to grow their assets. The bottom line is that the attendees, one way or the other, are all very well heeled.

Well, just about all...there is a man, one Mark Frasier, who doesn’t quite fit into that mold. He’s just a hard working guy who’s here presenting his company’s financial services in some of the daily breakout sessions. He’s smart and he’s skilled but his journey is not the norm for his field. While his boss and associates all have their MBAs, Mark’s degree is in psychology. It has equipped him with an exceptional ability to read people and draw close to them. It has served him well. He’s had quite a few good connections this week, making this trip a very profitable one. Peter, the neurosurgeon, bought in. The Flannigan couple signed on as did the Merks. But the best source of revenue by far is coming from the Hamptons.

Ronald and Juliet Hampton are arguably the wealthiest people here, and that is saying something. They have their own private jet and are one of the very few ‘yacht people.’ Their fingers are in everything: travel, oil, transportation, housing, commercial development, you name it. They even own several dozen Starbucks stores. Ron is getting close to 50. For a man with such a renowned stature he’s overtly friendly and seemingly very generous and kind. He was quite the athlete in his day - football and lacrosse - and still looks as if he could take the field tomorrow. Juliet’s several years younger and extremely beautiful. After dropping off the kids she spends most of her days playing tennis at the club and working on charity events. She takes great pride in all of her philanthropic activities. Her daily schedule is intertwined with regular sessions alongside her personal trainer and masseuse. Oh and don’t forget the ‘me-time’ at the spa a couple of times a week or more. She is fit, curvy, tan, always exquisitely dressed...stunning. Everywhere she goes heads spin; men get hard and women get moist. It’s hard to even imagine what she looked like 20 years ago because she’s an absolute traffic stopper now. Yes, the Hamptons are the perfect couple living the perfect life. They seem to want for nothing. At least that’s what people on the outside think.

They met each other just as Ron was finishing grad school and Juliet was in her second year of university. While she was technically a virgin when they met, Ron was much more experienced and already had a fair amount of play time to his credit. As their relationship grew Juliet found that she absolutely loved making love to him. To this day she just can’t seem to get over the feelings of rapture that overtake her body as she’s being fucked by him or riding his mouth as his tongue laps at her pussy. On the other hand, it irks Ron to no end that she has always refused to suck his cock. It seems that the act is beneath the rich daddy’s girl who was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. Short of that - Ron really misses receiving good head - Ron is very happy with the woman he has chosen.

But if given the opportunity to dig beneath the surface, the viewer would find an emptiness, a void inside of the couple. As nice and as good of a man as Ron is, he’s been harboring a secret and, even without his awareness, it has begun to affect his marriage. Juliet knows something is awry, she just isn’t sure what it is. She sees the distance between them growing and she has come to the conclusion that Ron must have found a mistress. Their once passionate sex life is all but gone. After more than 20 years of marriage their energetic fuck sessions have dwindled from three or more times a week to once or twice a month. Her premonitions are correct; there is someone else in Ron’s life and has been for close to a year now. After all those years of faithfulness he yielded to the advances from his personal assistant, who was not in love with him but was simply seeking a quicker path to career advancement. Juliet loves her husband dearly. She wants for no one else save her husband, all of her husband, and she knows in her heart of hearts she no longer has him. She would do anything to win him back.

This past year has changed her. Once a genteel, nurturing care giver, Juliet, in spite of her best efforts, has embraced a more calloused demeanor. The pain has caused there to be an edge to her now, a somewhat volatile, demanding, bitchy edge that has all but erased the sweet woman that once was. The people in her social circle are often just like the new her: pretentious, mean spirited and fueled by their demands for high maintenance. She sees how her lot treats others, their haughtiness and rudeness, and is not proud of what she has become. She knows she’s domineering and controlling, talking down to people in public as if they were slaves instead of store clerks or waitresses. This unflattering mean streak continues to grow as she strives to cope with the disappointments, frustrations and uncertainties in her life. She often wonders where this journey is taking her. By week’s end, there will indeed be some clarity for the Hamptons.


During the few breaks in his schedule Mark has enjoyed the company of Denise Flowers. He met her early one morning on his very first day here while working out in the massive fitness center. Two hard bodies and attractive faces were drawn together like bees to honey. Denise manages the elaborate day spa at this world class resort. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman who has forged a nice career here. She has acquired the skills to attend to this often difficult and very different breed of people, the rich and catered. She enjoys her work but at times grows weary of kissing the asses of the snooty bitches. Their condescension and arrogance can be extremely draining but the money sure helps to ease the pain. She’s proud of her position and what she’s accomplished. She’s come to the conclusion that a six figure income isn’t too shabby for a girl who was raised in a trailer park.

Denise and Mark’s dalliances could be classified as nothing less than amazing evenings in the art of sensuality. After joining him in his room after work Monday night, the seductive Mark soon had her naked in his over-sized tub. He is kissing and caressing his gorgeous guest as her bubbles-covered body lies back against his. He starts by licking but then begins to place tiny bites on down her neck until she’s grinding her sex against his penetrating, soapy fingers. As she loudly screams out her orgasm, the underwater action creating waves that wash over the sides of the tub onto the tile, her tight little body is shuddering in waves of its own. The whole scene is damn erotic. As she regains her senses Denise rises up out of the water and breathlessly bends at the waist over the tub’s edge, pulling one of her ass cheeks up as she sexily looks back at him. Her rosebud is in clear view but it’s the pink gash of her shaved slit that’s got his attention. The gaping pick groove looks delicious. She is teasing him now, goading him into further action.

“If you want it, you’ve got to eat it!” she purrs.

Mark is not accustomed to receiving suggestions in the bedroom, much less taking orders. He’s used to being in control. As he kneels behind her in the water he slips two fingers inside her tight, musky snatch and leans in as if he’s going to use his tongue on her too. She watches as his head approaches then turns to face forward, her eyes closed. Her sex is burning with anticipation. She can’t wait to feel his slimy tongue lap at her needy cunt. She is shocked when instead she feels his teeth bite down hard into her firm ass-flesh.

“Fuck! What in the hell are you doing?” she yells at him as he rises up out of the water.

“You said to eat it, I was just complying honey!” he says coolly. Before she can respond he’s grabbed her hips in his hands and has aimed his cock at his prize. With one hard push he buries himself deep inside her cunny and starts to ram his man meat frantically in and out of her. Within seconds his ball sack has joined forces, swaying back and forth, slapping her engorged clit hard as it swings. Denise has never before felt so under the spell of a man as she does now with Mark. As her second come begins to rack her body she can feel her lover’s body begin to jerk involuntarily. As shot after shot of his white cream fills her sultry hole she does her best to clench her pussy muscles around his throbbing member. She wants to please him and her hot, velvety walls encased around him are doing just the trick. Mark has never been milked so well in all his life.

Wednesday night’s get together was more of the same. Denise came three times during the evening. Once on Mark’s skilled tongue, another while she rode him cowgirl style and the last as she frigged herself as her ass was being pummeled by what she has come to describe as his “beautiful” cock. Mark really gets off on coming inside that most illicit of holes, a woman’s tight ass. In his view there is nothing else like it.

Even with all of the great times with Denise, by Friday Mark can’t wait for the week to be over. While he signed on two new clients again today his mind keeps taking him back to the place he calls home. Fatigue is part of the equation but just a small part. In his brief visit here he has been exposed once again to the very thing that drives Denise nuts: the snootiness and attitudes of the rich. They really think they are something very special. He sees it in the gym. He sees it in the restaurants and bars. He even saw it today in the driveway out in front of the hotel.

It’s nearing 5:00 pm as Mark stands near the grand entrance beneath the grandiose chandelier. He hears the roar of a powerful engine and the screeching of tires. He turns expecting to see a souped up extra large SUV but there she is, the infamous Mrs. Hampton, raising the door of her $400,000 tiny sports car. Of course she’s parked on the wrong side of the drive and her amazing speedster is positioned in such a way as to block all other traffic. She pivots in her seat and her tight, short mini skirt leaves little to the imagination. You can practically see as high as her panties as her long, stocking covered legs swing into view. The thick lace white garter belt makes it impossible to turn away. As she stands beside her car her sexy body screams out for your attention. Then the bitch in her kicks in as she actually drops the keys on the ground, purposely, rather than handing them to the valet! It’s enough to make Mark cringe with anger. He immediately thinks to himself that this woman needs to be taught a lesson and he’d love to be the one giving it. She struts inside the big glass twirling doors riding atop her very high heels, her tits bouncing within her bra-less top and a multitude of shopping bags swinging carelessly on her arms.

“Can I get some help around here!” she barks at the bell man, her lovely attitude now on full display.

“Oh I’d love to help you lady!” Mark says under his breath. “I’d fuck you to within an inch of your life!” he continues as he half smiles at her as she passes. It seems that our lovely Juliet has had a fun day. You could smell her liquid lunch almost before she enters the building. He is a bit surprised when she nods back at him with a slight grin on her face. While she knows him, having met him a couple of times prior to this week, she’s always kept an appropriate distance given his position. After all, he is just a peon in her haughty eyes. He’s surprised she nods at him. “Imagine that,” his mind says, “Her highness actually acknowledged this common man!”

Fast forward a few hours. The time is now pushing eight. Mark has just finished a light dinner and is heading back to his room to change. Denise has to work late tonight so he figures he’ll get in a run and a little lifting before turning in. Who knows, he thinks, maybe she’ll give me a ring when she’s done.

Moments later he is walking near the spa on the way to the fitness room. He feels the familiar buzz of his silent cell phone on his hip. He wonders who in the hell it could be. His friend won’t be done for another hour or two.

“Hello, this is Mark!” he answers, his brisk cadence not missing a step.

“Where are you? Are you busy?”

It’s Denise. She’s out of breath and her voice sounds frantic.

“Are you alright? You don’t sound good!” Mark blurts out. He can tell something is wrong.

“Never mind that, where are you?” She is just about yelling now.

“I’m on my way to the fitness room, just passed your door.”

The sound of the large wooden door hitting the wall behind him startles Mark and the others nearby. He turns as Denise runs towards him. As she approaches she reaches for his arm.

“I need you. Come with me right now!” she says as she tugs at him.

The urgency with which she is pulling causes Mark great alarm. He’s assuming the worst, perhaps a life and death situation as he walks through the door and she locks it behind them.

“What in the fuck is wrong?” he blurts out.

“I can’t explain it right now. Just trust me and follow closely behind!”

They pass from the empty reception area into a private room. There on the table, lying on her back is Juliet Hampton. Her off white stockings, garter belt and a pair of tiny headphones are all that keeps her amazingly beautiful form from being completely naked. It seems obvious that Denise had been giving her a massage when something went amiss. Juliet’s eyes are closed. Mark thinks the worst.

“Is she dead?” he finally stutters.

“No, she isn’t dead, you silly man!” she whispers, curtailing a laugh.

A confused Mark looks around the room. On one of the table tops he finds several crisp 100 bills next to the assorted oils and towels that are normally found in a spa. On another he sees bottled water packed in ice, a half filled glass of red wine next to its bottle of origin and a tray filled with cheeses, crackers and assorted fruits. There is soft music playing in the background. He turns to Denise, unable still to understand what he is witnessing. She looks as lovely as ever. Her short black skirt and clingy white blouse accentuate the gorgeous body he has come to love over the last several days. Again his eyes beg for an answer to the question: What in the fuck is going on and why is he here?

Denise pulls him away from the woman and leans down, whispering into his ear.

“It was just to be your typical full body massage,” she starts. “Halfway into it, as I’m kneading her ass cheeks, she begins to moan. That isn’t so unusual,” she continues, “But then she spreads her legs and tells me that she is so horny and needs to get off. She rolls onto her back and tells me there is a $500 tip if I make her come. Now I’m not proud with what I’m about to share with you...This isn’t the first time a client has requested a happy ending so I figure what the hell. I mean we’re talking $500!!!”

It is obvious by the look on his face that Mark is growing impatient. While what he just heard is making his cock grow in his shorts, he wants to know why he’s been called into the room. Now he’s staring incredulously at Denise.

“So let me get this straight, you got her off?” Mark asks while grabbing her right hand and lifting it to his face. As he pulls her fingers under his nose he takes a big breath, smiling at the familiar smell of the pussy juice that covers them. She looks at him with a devilish grin when he raises them to his mouth and swallows them, pushing and pulling them in and out of his mouth while sucking them clean.

“Hmmmm...You’re a nasty girl aren’t you?” he teases. When Mark leans in to her, Denise is poised for the kiss. Mark has other plans. As he moves towards her lips he stops short, allowing his nose to hover over her mouth.

“And what do we have here? Hmmmmm... I wonder how that got there?” he says as he finally takes her musky lips in his. The tangy nectar from the rich bitch is an added bonus. As he pulls away he smiles and smacks his lips.

“Hmmmm, rich pussy tastes good!” he whispers. Soon his smiling face turns serious again. He still needs an answer.

“So, why again am I here?” He’s looking down now at the beauty of Mrs. Hampton. She’s kind of out of it as she lies there, revealing her all over tan and heavy breathing pattern. Finally Denise lets him have it.

“She asked me if I knew someone. She wants a cock. She said she needs a good hard fuck right now and that if I find one to her satisfaction she’ll give me another 1,000; that’s 500 for me and 500 for you.” Mark can’t believe his ears.

“ that’s it? You had me scared shitless because some bitch wants to get laid? I thought something was desperately wrong when I came in here and she just wants a fuck?”

“That’s right; she’s fine, she’s just a little bit needy is all!” Denise says with a wink, trying to fend off the tension that fills the room. Her typically bright smile is the defusing weapon. “She is super mellow from the really good come I gave her but I figured I knew just the guy who could give her a real nice wake up call!” Mark just shakes his head in disbelief then nods toward the sleeping beauty.

“Wake up honey. I have a surprise for you!” Denise is holding the woman’s hand and lightly stroking her forearm, attempting to gently wake her up. Through lightly bloodshot eyes Mark comes into Juliet’s view. The groggy woman seems pleased as her eyes widen and she smiles.

“Well hello Marky!” she giggles.

“Good evening Juliet. I heard you need a little more help from your financial that true?” Mark says, hands on hips in a rather alpha male position.

“Sure baby, what you got?” she says while propping herself on her elbows and reaching for Mark’s waistband.

“Not so fast now, we still have some business to discuss. cock in exchange for 1,000...each!” Mark states confidently.

“Each? I said 1,000 period. You two divvy it up however you like, but I’m paying 1,000!” comes her spirited response.

“Oh, I guess I misunderstood. I thought you wanted this,” he says confidently as he takes off his shirt and shoes and socks. All that remain are his shorts and the tent inside them. It has just caused Mrs. Hampton to lick her lips and bite down on the lower one. As he stares into the beauty’s eyes she doesn’t even know it. She can’t take her eyes off of his tool.

“I thought you needed this,” he says as he puts his thumbs inside the waistband and slowly lowers them down. You could hear a pin drop as more and more of his chiseled body is revealed. The V of his taut, defined abs turn to sparse hair until his ever-lengthening shaved shaft comes into view. The silence is broken when, as the cock head is released, it springs up and slaps loudly against his ribbed belly.

His hands have returned to his hips as his dick bounces in the air with each beat of his heart. It’s an incredible picture. The tiny slit is full of his clear pre-cum and is continuously rolling out onto the mushroom head. As she lustfully stares at it his love juice is starting to make its way down the long, thick shaft.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Denise interrupts. “When it fills you up it’s so damn good it just makes you want to cry!” Juliet is mesmerized. She can do nothing but silently nod.

“Do you like it? Think it might be what you’re looking for? Or, does this not quite measure up to all of the cocks you’ve had before? Maybe it’s not worth 2,000.” Mark knows he has her. He moves forward a bit. Her eyes are locked as the head bobs up and down.

“All the cocks I’m used to, I’ve only had one!”

“One? Well fear not honey, this is one cock you will remember forever!” Denise is off to the side just silently nodding her head as she captures it with her eyes.

“Okay, 2,000 it is. But you better be a damn good fuck!” she attempts to say in her meanest tone. But just as Mark suspected would happen, the bitch is beginning to fade and the tender woman is returning.

“Don’t worry Jules, you’re going to get more than your money’s worth.” Mrs. Hampton cringes at the word Jules. No one calls her anything but Mrs. Hampton, Juliet or ma’am. She wonders who he thinks he is but his dancing cock has caused her mouth to shut and her pussy to drool.

“Just lie back and enjoy!” Mark says as he walks over to the table. “Close your eyes now. You’ll be screaming in no time honey!” She does as he instructs as Mark reaches into the iced fruit bowl and picks up the wooden stick that’s been skewered with juicy balls of cantaloupe. He looks over at Denise and she just smiles back at his grin. She knows what her creative lover is about to do. He reaches his empty hand down, pushing his index finger between the wet groove of her sex. Juliet begins to moan as he slides it from the base to her clit and then back. The way her body moves in rhythm to his hand tells him what he needs to know.

“Hmmmmm, you are really wet Jules. And your clit is so fucking hard. You need a good hard fuck don’t you honey?” Mark hisses. Another moan slips past her lips.

Juliet’s face is visibly disappointed when Mark removes his hand. Disappointment turns to shock and then to gasps as an icy fruit ball begins to tap on her clit. As Denise leans in for a closer look he takes a skewer with four round pieces of glistening fruit and runs it up and down between her wet folds of flesh. The contrast between hot and cold is a sensation that is new to Juliet’s very limited sexual experience. Actually, most things sexual would be new to this rather conservative creature. Mark takes an orange wedge and places it between her teeth.

“Suck on this baby. Suck on this while you allow yourself to feel what I’m doing to you...”

As Juliet sucks the juices from the orange Mark begins to get a little more aggressive. First he saws the food back and forth the length of her slit and then he astonishes her as he slides two then three rolls of the fruit right up her snatch. His index finger is covering the end of the stick, effectively holding the fruit in line. As he pushes it in and out of her dripping cavern, the slick fruit makes three distinct ridges that rub over her clit. Her pussy is tight as he slowly works her body with it and her orgasm is imminent.

“Ohmygawdddd!!! What in the fuck are you doing to me!!!” she screams as her body starts to rise from the table, meeting the fruit stick as he fucks her with it. The two observers stand amazed as the beautiful woman’s body convulses and her back arches off of the table, her open mouth gasping for air as she rides out her come. In the fury of the passion a rather amusing thing happens. Mark is smiling as he looks over at Denise.

“Are you hungry babe?” he grins. Denise looks down and sees what he sees: just three pieces of fruit remain on the stick in his hand.

“Sure, it’ll be my pleasure!” she says, dramatically licking her lips as she bends down over Mrs. Hampton’s pink gash. As soon as her lips find their way Juliet groans aloud and grabs the woman’s head. Apparently it is wedged too far inside the crevice, Denise unable to reach it with just her tongue. As she covers the woman’s opening completely with her mouth she begins to suck her aggressively, like a vacuum. With a little pop the wedged treat is released and flies into Denise’s throat. As soon as she’s eaten the tangy fruit Denise begins to devour the hard clit her lips are attached to. Her assault on Juliet’s cunny has once again brought the woman close to another come.

“I think it’s time!” Mark says as he moves to the end to the bed. In one quick motion he grabs her legs and pulls her body down, her legs now dangling over the edge of the table. “Are you ready Jules? Tell me you want me baby!” Mark demands.

With mere slits for eyes Juliet gasps, “Fuck me. Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!” It is hard to believe that Juliet has never been with another man or woman but Mark knows this. Mark seems to know everything about people. Denise is bending over the table driving her tongue into her mouth and harshly pinching the nipples of the crazed woman. Juliet finally pushes her away to speak.

“That’s it, that’s it baby! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, that feels so fucking good. Holy fuck, I’m going to come! Harder! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!” she screams as her body flops atop the table as her two lovers attend to her body. Wave after wave rolls over her unsuspecting body. It had been so long since she’s been fucked with such vigor. How she has missed the passion, the sheer madness of a frenzied fuck.

Mark looks down upon the gasping woman. He realizes how much she needed that. He also knows there’s something else for him to do today. There is one last experience that this beautiful bitch needs to have before his work is done.

Mark’s cock is stone hard and is still slicing in and out of her body as Juliet strains to regain her composure. Mark isn’t helping matters much as he has directed Denise to come to stand beside him. He lowers her head down and she begins to lick Juliet’s clit as he continues to slowly fuck her sultry hole. It’s now time and he pulls his cock out of her.

“No, keep going!” the shaking woman begs as Mark walks over and stands beside her.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re going to come again!” Mark nods at Denise and she inserts two fingers up Jules’ pussy and her tongue soon follows.

“Yes! Oh fuck yes!” Juliet hisses.

“I’m glad you like that baby; now it’s my turn...fuck yes!” Mark says as he places his hand on the woman’s head and turns it.

“What...what are you doing,” she pants. The insatiable woman is just about ready to come again.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth, my little princess, that’s what I’m going to do!” he says matter of factly.

“Oh no you’re not! I’ve never sucked a cock before, never will!” she shouts back, just seconds before another orgasm is about to hit. Mark looks to Denise who removes her hand and lips from Juliet’s frustrated body. She slowly walks over to Mark.

“Kneel down and show her how it’s done would you honey?” Mark’s hand is on her shoulder as he pushes Denise to the floor. With a longing look in her eyes she takes him in her hand and brings the dripping cock to her lips.

“Now show her how to really please a man!” he says while grabbing her hair and forcing his cock between her already willing lips. At first Mark is watching the beauty swallowing his sword with abandon. Soon his attention is diverted by the movement off to his left. It seems that Mrs. Hampton finds the scene to be rather exciting. Her eyes are locked on the oral action as her fingers diddle on her throbbing clit. Mark grabs her hand and pulls it away.

“If you want to come again, you’re going to need us!” he barks. “And you’re not coming again until you swallow my cock!” With that said he releases her hand and places his on her cunny. Two fingers slide between her lips as his thumb drums on her clit. It’s a matter of a minute or two and Juliet is ready to come again.

“Would you like a taste of my cock now Jules?”

Damn, she hates that name. “Fuck off Mark!” she barks breathlessly.

“Very well!” he says as he pulls his fingers out before she can receive her satisfaction. “Off comes the fuck!”

“You bastard!” she yelps but by now Mark has had enough.

“If you want to come again, if you want me to fuck you again,” he says as he pulls his cock from the girl’s mouth and waves it teasingly in front of Juliet, “then open up that slutty mouth of yours! Last chance Jules, take it or leave it!” Mark is speaking with such conviction that the needy woman fears he will actually walk away. She can’t allow him to walk away, not when she feels this kind of urgency between her legs.

“Fine, you asshole. Give me your cock. I’ll suck it, just get me off!”

Mark doesn’t wait for any grass to grow under his feet. As Juliet turns and faces the large, shiny tool her hair is grabbed by Mark and he shoves his cock between her lips. Her gag reflexes kick in and she starts a muffled protest until she feels Denise’s tongue attached to her little nub. Soon she is humming with glee on Mark’s cock as her diamond earrings are sexily dangling as she sucks away. She is rather shocked to find that the velvety sensations and the light, mild taste of his pre-cum are nothing to complain about. In fact, as she begins to let herself go while her orgasm builds, she’s finding it even enjoyable...even the rough treatment and control placed over her by the large, muscular man is enjoyable.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like the way my cock feels in your mouth, the way her tongue feels on your hot little pussy?”

“Hmmmmmmmmm” she hums on his cock, the vibrations drawing him close to losing it.

“Good! Now you’re going to drink down every last drop of my delicious cum as I fuck your mouth, right Jules?”

She hums in the affirmative just as her body begins to jerk. Denise feels it and starts to eat her out like she hasn’t had food in weeks. As Juliet moans with a mouth full of cock Mark takes the back of her head again and fucks her face hard as he releases his load between her sucking lips. Juliet’s senses are on overload as she rides out her come and tries not to choke on the streams of Mark’s warm cum as it fills her mouth and trickles down her throat. For a woman who has never sucked cock, she did amazingly well. It is quite clear that once she got going she actually enjoys sucking cock and swallowing the thick milky stuff. Soon she has drained his tool completely and releases his cock.

“Did you like sucking my cock? You did an excellent job girl!”

“I did? Well yeah, it was actually okay.” Mark can tell by the way she says it that it was much better than okay for her. She liked it.

“So tell me Jules, do you like to have your pussy sucked?” Mark asks.

“Hmmmmmmm,” is all she says as she grinds even harder against Denise’s mouth.

“I bet you do!” he says

“Do you like to suck pussy too?” he asks. She doesn’t like the look in his eyes. Before the evening is over, despite Juliet’s stern protests, she also experiences eating out another woman for the first. That was the price she had to pay if she wanted Mark’s cock again. As she bent over the table eating Denise to a nice long and needed come, Mark pounded her from behind. Juliet discovered tonight that, in spite of her resistance, eating pussy wasn’t half bad either.


In very short order the silver linings to this hedonistic tale become glaringly apparent. Perhaps this upside will even allow this couple to experience a happy ending. First off, Juliet has put to rest that attitude, her bitchy side that has consumed her in recent months. Secondly, she has finally acquired a taste for having a cock in her mouth. In fact, she has found that the smooth skin on her tongue and the thick cream running down her throat is quite the turn on. While she had to be cautious on how she introduced her new appetite to Ron so that he didn’t grow suspicious, now she can’t wait to take his long, dripping shaft into her needy mouth. Lastly, with this newly acquired skill, Ron now experiences on a regular basis what he has longed for his whole married life: to fuck her mouth and feel the sensation of her sweet lips draining his tool. After 22 years of marriage with the wife he loves, Ron couldn’t be happier. So much so in fact that he cut off all physical ties to his personal assistant. Besides feeling better about not harboring any secrets from his wife, it is so much nicer now. The soft skin of Ron’s inner thighs used to get so fucking irritated by PA James’ rough day old beard.