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Good Girl Gone Bad 10 - Daddy Daddy Daddy

I take my daddy/daughter fantasy to another level.
I couldn’t believe how much having a daddy fantasy turned me on. The first time I came close to role playing this was with Frankie, a married fireman that my cousin Sandy introduced me to. It was such a turn as he fucked me in bed and in the shower calling me babygirl and with me calling him daddy until we came over and over again.

Then I gave Mr. White, my next door neighbor a blow job in my father’s chair and he called me princess over and over again. Princess is the pet name my dad always calls me. It turned me on so much as I sucked Mr. White in my father’s chair that I came so hard rubbing my wet young pussy as his cock was lodged down my tight throat. I felts so good I thought my head was going to literally explode.

The craziest incident happened when I met some complete stranger in the mall and he got into my panties by referring to himself as daddy (and I liked his confidence too). Again I had an amazing orgasm as he kept telling me to, “Fuck daddy good.” And I did. I fucked daddy real good.

I never thought about daddy before but now it was in my head and I couldn’t get it out. I was confused and even a little upset by it but I couldn’t deny how wet it got me just thinking about it.

Now let me make it very, very clear. I never fucked my real dad and never will. I am not judging other people that have incest especially after the pretty wild things I’ve done (and I haven’t even written about some of the really extreme stuff yet). But I just don’t have any desire for my real dad to fuck me. I don’t know, maybe it would be different if my real dad was more aggressive and more like the naughty men I am attracted to but he is just, you know, my dad. He is kind of goofy and protective.

What really did turn me on the idea of a man old enough to be my father that I wanted to fuck me pretending to be my daddy. It was like being with someone that I was attracted to and taking this very taboo and naughty ingredient and adding it to the sex. Kablam! The fireworks were amazing.

Frankie was the first guy I thought of to take this fantasy to the next level. I called him and we made plans to meet.

“Umm, one thing,” I said to Frankie as we agreed on the time and day we would meet.

“Sure doll,” he said.

“Remember the whole daddy and babygirl thing?” I asked.

“Of course I do,” Frankie said in a low voice. “Babygirl.”

I got wet just by him saying that. I hesitated for a second and he laughed. I unzipped my pants and started to rub my clit through my panties.

“I want to do that,” I said trembling. “But like, more.”

“I see,” he said. “A full blown role-play?”

“Mmhmm,” I said biting my lip. “But I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s okay,” he said. “I will teach you. And I bet you are a natural.”

He asked me a few questions like what age I wanted to play. I said my own. He asked me if I wanted him to seduce me or force me. I said I wanted a mixture of both. He wanted to know if I wanted to keep in character the whole time we were together and I said yes.

“Oh and one more thing,” I said. “Can you call me princess”

“Mmm, absolutely,” he said with lust in his voice. “Princess.”

I pushed my finger into my panties and right onto my clit feeling a tingling sensation when he called me princess.

Frankie set up the scene. I had moved away from home and was coming back to visit for the night. Mom was away and it was a chance for me and dad to have some one-on-one time together. Now that I was a big girl we were going to have some whiskey for him and wine for me and we would party a little. After that things would get a little more heated.

We hung up the phone and I rubbed my clit fast and hard. I put two fingers from my other hand into my pussy and finger fucked myself at the same time. I came all over my own fingers saying, “Fuck me daddy, fuck your little princess.” When I finished cumming I was breathing heavy and I took out my fingers. They were glistening from my wetness. I put them in my mouth and sucked off my own juices closing my eyes and relishing the taste. I couldn’t wait to meet with Frankie.

I took the long drive to the apartment that he and the other fireman kept for their affairs. I knocked on the door and Frankie answered it happy to see his babygirl.

“Hello princess,” he said and gave me a big warm hug. I pushed my bra-less breasts against his chest and we hugged for a long time. Then he looked at me and smiled with me still in his arms and kissed my lips a bit longer than a daddy should kiss his daughter.

“You look amazing,” he said stepping back. I was wearing black stretch pants, a tight white pink halter top shirt with lots of cleavage and no bra. On and there were no panty lines visible through my stretch pants because I wasn’t wearing any panties. I also had on black 4-inch heels on. “My little princess is all grown up.”

“Oh daddy,” I said. “You just saw me a couple of months ago.”

“True princess,” he said. “But you always stun me with your beauty every time.”

“Oh that is so sweet daddy,” I said and kissed his cheek and wrapped my arms around him pressing one of my breasts against his arm.

We sat down and I cuddled into him. He kissed me on the forehead. It was all so nice and sweet. I loved it. It made me feel like a princess again, like when I was a little girl. But the difference now was that I was a big girl with nice juicy titties, a sweet wet vagina and an oh so fuckable ass.

“I have an idea,” daddy said has he held me close. “You and I never enjoyed a drink or two alone.”

“Oh daddy,” I said. “That is an awesome idea. Let’s get drunk together. Mom would never approve.”

“Well I didn’t say get drunk,” he said and gave me a stern look. I frowned. “But that sounds like a great plan.” We both laughed. “And I won’t tell your mom if you don’t”

“Oh daddy,” I purred. “What happens when mom’s away will never come out of my lips.” Daddy stopped and smiled at me. Then we both laughed again.

Daddy poured me a nice tall glass of wine and he got himself a scotch.

We drank and laughed and I did all of my flirting games. I made my titties bounce as I was talking. I pushed my boobs into him as I gave him a hug. I bent over to pick something up off the floor. I bent over to pour him more whiskey so he could stare at my cleavage. I walked behind him while he was sitting on the couch and wrapped my arms around his neck as I pressed my tits against his back. You know, all the stuff women pretend they don’t know they’re doing to men they want to fuck them.

Three glasses of wine and a few scotches later daddy downed another glass. He drank it with relish.

“Mmm, did you enjoy that daddy?” I asked.

“Princess,” he said. “This scotch is older than you.”

“Oh but I bet I taste better,” I said. He laughed.

“You’re flirting with your daddy,” he said looking me straight in the eyes.

“Oh daddy I guess I am,” I said. I took a sip of wine. “I guess I’ve missed you so much that I’ve turned on my feminine charms.”

He pulled me over to him so our bodies were pressing and our mouths were very close.

“So you miss your daddy?” he asked. “How much did you miss me princess?”

“Lots daddy,” I said in a cutesy voice. “Lots and lots and lots.”

“You care to show daddy how much?” he asked.

I nodded my head and pushed away from him and moved my arms up in the air real high and then dropped them down as wide as I could knowing that this move would make my boobies bounce real nice for daddy.

“This much,” I said in my girly girl voice as daddy’s eyes were locked onto my tits. I looked down at my tits too and then back up at daddy. I smiled.

We both were silent. Then daddy suddenly jumped on me and kissed me with his hand grabbing one of my big tits.

At first I let him and then began to gently protest and push away. I moved my mouth away from his and he kissed my neck. I moved his hand off my tit and he moved it to the other tit. I pulled it off that tit and he moved it to the other and on and on.

“Oh daddy,” I said. “This is wrong.”

“Shhh princess,” he said as he sucked and kissed my neck.

“Oh daddy,” I said. “What are we doing? We can’t do this, can we?”

“Yes princess,” he said. “I love you so much and I want to make you feel so good. Don’t you want to make your daddy feel good too.”

Daddy pushed his hand down the front of my shirt and massaged one of my big titties.

“Yes daddy,” I replied softly trying to, but not really trying to, pull his hand off of my tit. “I always want to make you feel good but this is so wrong.” He pulled one of my boobs out of my halter top and started to suck it.

“Daddy!” I said loudly. “Oh god daddy. Oh please. We can’t. Ohh.” I protested but it felt so good. Daddy just ignored me and kept sucking and squeezing my big tit.

He moved his hands down between my legs. I immediately moved my hand on top of his to “stop” him but he was too strong. I felt his middle finger rubbing my swollen pussy lips. It felt so good to have him rub me. My pussy was aching for his touch. Then I came to my senses and pulled his hand up. He then yanked his hand free and then pushed it down my pants and onto my bald, wet pussy. I felt his finger enter me.

“Oh!” I screamed. “Daddy! Oh my god daddy! Stop. We can’t do this.” His finger pushed deep inside me with my wetness engulfing it. He swirled it around and around inside my tight young pussy massaging my sweet inner walls.

“Oh yes princess,” he said in a deep voice. “Feel how wet my babygirl’s pussy is. It is so wet and hot for Daddy.”

I moaned writhing as he finger fucked my pussy, still holding onto his hand as he plunged it in and out of me moving it around and around inside of me.

“Daddy is going to take you,” he said. “Daddy is going to lick and suck and touch and fuck his beautiful little princess. And there is nothing in this world that is going to stop it.” He sucked my tit and plunged a second finger into my pussy.

“Uhhh,” I moaned. I was about to protest again when I felt daddy’s mouth on mine. He kissed me passionately and I returned his kiss. I could feel daddy’s fire become a flame.

Daddy pulled his finger all wet and glistening with my juices. He put his finger in his mouth and ate my wetness off it.

“Mmm,” he said. “You are right princess. You are better tasting.” He then stuck his finger back into my moist cunt and got it all wet again. Daddy took his finger out and put it in my mouth.

“Taste for yourself,” he said. I sucked his finger like it was his cock and he slide it in and out of my mouth. He laughed.

He pulled off my clothes and I helped him. No more resistance. I surrendered. I surrendered to my daddy’s desires and they became my own.

My luscious sweet young body lay naked and glistening and willing. I looked into his eyes and without speaking told him that this was all for him. My full soft breasts, my sweet soft skin, my warm willing lips, my hands and arms and legs, my tongue, my long silky hair, my curvaceous tight ass and my young, sweet, hot, wet pussy. It was for him. It was all for daddy.

Daddy buried his head between my legs. He sucked and licked my clit as he plunged two fingers into my pussy rubbing my throbbing cunt walls. Then he took his fingers out and rubbed my clit as he buried his tongue inside my pussy licking me deep.

“Oh daddy,” I cried. “Oh eat me. Eat your babygirl. Oh it feels so good daddy.”

He reached up with his other hand grabbing my tit with it as he continued to rub my clit and tongue fuck my slit.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he said. Daddy held his raging cock in his hand and there was a wild animal look in his eyes.

I watched as daddy’s swollen cockhead pushed into the folds of my young pussy. Daddy plunged his ridged, throbbing, pulsating cock into me. This was it. Daddy was inside me for the first time. I felt him enter me inch by inch. His hard engorged cock sunk deeper and deeper into his little princess’s cunny. It was so wrong and that is what made it feel so fucking good.

“Uhh,” I groaned as daddy plunged deep inside me as my sweet cunt clenched his thick dick. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck me with your big fat cock daddy. Oh yes daddy. Fuck your babygirl. Fuck your sweet princess. I want you to daddy. I want you to fuck me so much.”

“Yes princess,” he moaned with lust and desire in his voice. “Daddy’s cock is inside you babygirl. My cock is inside my sweet loving princess. I am fucking my babygirl. Oh god.”

We both were breathless driven to the limits of our ecstasy and passion. Daddy’s cock was inside of me. I used to bounce on his knee and now my big tits were bouncing as he pounded his little babygirl’s cunt.

Daddy moved his head down and kissed me. I kissed him back with so much passion and desire. Our tongues swirled around and around in each other’s mouths. His lips were so warm and delicious. I felt his body thrusting into mine as he kissed me deeply.

I felt my orgasm beginning to build. I could feel the powerful sensation growing, escalating getting closer and closer and closer. I closed my eyes and lost my ability to make a sound. My head began to whip back and forth and my fingers dug into his back. My cunt muscles tightened. For a moment it was like the world froze.

Then I erupted. I exploded. I screamed and howled and wailed with my whole body convulsing on daddy’s beautiful cock deep inside me.

“Oh yes, princess. That’s it. Cum on daddy’s cock. This is where my cock belongs,” he said. “Inside of you, princess. Daddy is going to make you cum over and over. Daddy is going to open you up, spread you and fill you. Your sweet hot tight pussy belongs to daddy.”

I kept cumming over and over. I couldn’t stop as wave after wave of electricity shot through me. I was like a wild animal writhing beneath him lost to my lust.

“Oh fuck yes,” daddy said. “That’s it princess cum on daddy’s prick. My little girl cumming all over her daddy’s cock. You love it don’t you princess. Yes I know you do.”

Finally I collapsed for a brief moment after my sweet intense orgasms subsided. Then with a fire in my eyes I looked at daddy determined to drain him of all his cum and pump it inside of me. That’s where it belonged.

“Fuck me daddy,” I told him. “Fuck your babygirl’s pussy good. Fill me with your semen daddy. I want it inside me. I want you to ejaculate all your cum in my cunt daddy. I want empty your balls daddy. Pump it daddy. Dump it daddy. Fill you princess with your cum.”

He looked at me lustfully as I begged for his load. Daddy increased the speed and hardness of his thrusts inside of me. He fucked me faster and harder moving my whole body. My big tits bounced uncontrollably even hitting my chin at times. I felt daddy grab one of my tits as he drilled me deep.

Daddy stopped suddenly pulling out his cock. He lifted one of my legs and being to scissor fuck me.

“Take it princess,” he screamed. “Take your daddy’s cock in that sweet cunt.”

“Give it to me daddy,” I moaned. “Pound your babygirl. Ram me daddy. Slam your baby girl’s cunt!”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “You want it don’t you? You want to be daddy’s little fuck slut?”

“I am daddy’s fuck slut,” I groaned. “Yeah daddy fuck your babygirl slut. Crush my cunt daddy.”

Daddy pushed me down and lifted my legs up so that my knees were up against my shoulders. He then plunged his cock back into my wet fuckhole and used his cock like a piston inside of me.

“Fuck it,” I said. “Fuck it daddy. Fuck it good. Fuck meee!”

I came again! I was orgasming on daddy’s cock screaming for him to fuck me. And then daddy came. He pumped his sperm inside of me. We came together. His cock exploded inside of me as I squeezed him with my cunt muscles milking him of every drop.

“Fuck,” he yelled. “Get it. Fucking get daddy’s cum out of daddy’s balls princess. Take it all deep inside your sweet young pussy.”

“Yes daddy,” I whimpered. “All of it inside of me. Oh I want it so bad daddy. Fill me up. I want every drop inside of me. Pump it daddy. Pump it all inside of me. Your hot, white cum.”

“Look at me princess,” he said. “I want to look in your eyes as I fill you with my load.”

Our eyes were locked as daddy filled me up with his luscious fluids. I could feel him shoot into me filling up my sweet pussy. This was what I lived for.

Daddy pulled out of me and sat down breathing heavily. I got on my knees between his legs and proceeded to clean daddy’s cock of both our juices. Daddy rubbed my head lovingly as I slurped and sucked and licked his cock and balls consuming every delicious drop.

After I was all done I got on the couch and curled into him. We sat there naked together as he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his body warming mine. I felt so safe and warm. He kissed my head softly as he ran his fingers through my hair. I felt him breathing and could hear his heart beat.

“I love you daddy,” I said.

“I love you too princess,” he said.

Daddy stood up and lifted me in his arms. He took me into the bedroom and laid me down gently covering me with blankets. I closed my eyes and heard him go into the bathroom and turn on the water. I then heard him leave the room and go into the kitchen. I was half asleep but could hear the sounds of pots and pans as daddy was preparing something.

I woke up with daddy gently caressing me. He kissed my lips and told me it was time get up. He took me by the hand to the candle lit bathroom. I stepped into the hot bathtub lowering myself into the soothing water. Daddy brought me a hot chocolate and I sipped it as he ran a sponge down my back letting the water cascade off my skin.

“Mmm,” I said. “This feels so good daddy. What did I do to deserve this?”

“You’re my princess,” he said and we kissed.

“This changes everything, doesn’t it daddy?” I asked.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked back.

I nodded my head back and forth for no. He smiled.

“I know that most people would say this was wrong,” he said. “But we both know that it was something special that we shared.”

I nodded my head up and down for yes, sipping my hot chocolate. Daddy laughed.

“And I want to share that something special again,” he said cupping my breast and massaging it. I closed my eyes and moaned.

Daddy got into the bathtub with me and we stayed there for a while in the hot steamy water in the candlelit bathroom. He kissed my neck and ran his strong hands over my body exciting me and soothing me at the same time.

When we got out daddy dried me off with a towel and took my hand and laid me down on his bed. He pushed his head between my legs and kissed my vulva. He moved his mouth to where my thigh and pelvis met and kissed, licked and sucked that area too.

The sensations drove me wild as I felt his fingers lightly dancing across the soft skin around my bald mound. He licked and sucked all around tasting my sweet flesh until his mouth was a fraction of an inch from my clit. He softly blew warm air from his mouth against it. I moaned.

Then I felt daddy put his lips on my clit and suck it gently as his tongue gently licked. He sucked and licked and sucked and licked. I felt his tongue gently swirling over my swollen clit along with the constant pressure of his sucking. Then I began to feel one of his fingers gently glide over the exterior of my pussy lips. I knew that he could feel how hot and moist they were as he fondled them with his finger.

Daddy moved his mouth to my pussy lips and began to lick them and at the same time moved his finger to my clit rubbing it around and around. He pushed his tongue deep inside my sweet pussy as he rotated his finger against my clit. I begin to gyrate in rhythm with his finger as it swirled over my sensitive clit.

Daddy was now licking the insides of my vagina with his tongue. He was drinking my wetness, rubbing my clit and with his other hand he reached up and started to squeeze and massage one of my big tits. All of these sensations were coursing through my body as I breathed heavily and moaned and writhed beneath daddy.

“Daddy,” I whispered. “Oh it feels so good daddy. Eat me daddy. Eat your little princess. Taste me daddy. Don’t I taste sweet?”

He answered by pushing his tongue as deep into my pussy as it could go, pulling my nipple and increasing the rotation of his finger around my clit.

“Uh, uh, uh,” I grunted losing all my words. “Uhhh!”

I came on daddy’s rugged face as he continued to fuck my pussy with his tongue.

After I came daddy moved up and was lying next to me. He kissed me deeply.

“Daddy,” I said softly. “That was amazing. You are so good to me.”

“My sweet princess deserves it,” he said.

“You deserve to be taken care of too daddy,” I said giving him a naughty smile.

I pushed daddy down and straddled him. He reached up and took one of my big tits in each hand and squeezed them. I moved my bald pussy up and down on this hard cock.

“Your tits are magnificent,” he said and pushed them together. I giggled.

“They are better than Viagra,” I said. He laughed really hard.

“A man would have to be dead not to get a hard on with you,” he said pulling my nipples. I moved my head back and moaned.

I then moved down and lowered my head onto daddy’s cock. I looked up at him so he could watch as I opened my mouth and took his cock deep inside. I moaned as I consumed daddy’s dick. Look at me daddy, I thought as I swallowed his cock.

“Oh yes princess,” he said. “Eat daddy’s cock babygirl. Fuck that feels so good.”

I slowly took daddy’s hard throbbing prick into my mouth. I rolled my tongue over it around and around and at the same time I rubbed it up and down with my hand. My hand and mouth worked together. As my mouth went down, my hand went up. As my mouth went up, my hand went down. Daddy moaned.

I went deeper and deeper down on daddy’s cock. I wanted to show daddy his little sweet princess could deep throat. Deeper and deeper and deeper. I removed my hand and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I heard daddy gasp.

I love when a man makes that sound as he feels my throat tighten around his shaft. One final push and daddy’s cock was wedged down my throat. I held it there and ran my tongue under his shaft. I felt his hands on my head gently touching me. I put my hands on his and pushed them down. He got the idea and pushed my head down even further on his cock.

I breathed through my nose keeping daddy’s cock down my throat and massaging his shaft with my tongue. Then I moved my hand and started to massage his balls. Then I had to come up for air. I took in three deep breaths and then pushed daddy’s cock back down my throat. Then I did my favorite technique and swallowed over and over squeezing daddy’s cock with my throat muscles. Daddy groaned and moaned over and over.

“Oh my god princess,” he said. “You suck daddy’s cock so good.”

I took daddy’s cock out of my mouth again. Breathed deeply and began to lick his balls as I jerked his dick up and down.

“You think I am a good cocksucker daddy?” I asked innocently.

“You are the best cocksucker princes,” he said as me moaned.

“Do you think I look pretty with your cock in my mouth?” I asked as I licked his balls.

“You look beautiful with my cock in your mouth babygirl,” he said.

“Oh daddy,” I said after taking a big lick of his right ball. “Your balls feel so full.”

“Oh fuck babygirl,” he said. “There are full. You make them full.”

“I want to empty them daddy,” I said in my cutesy voice. “I want to empty your balls of all their creamy cum.”

Then I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked it pumping his cock hard with my hand.

“Yes princess,” he said. “Be a good girl and drain daddy’s balls and eat his cum.”

“Oh yes daddy,” I answered. “I want to eat all of daddy’s cream. I want to drain it and drink it.”

I looked up and saw that daddy was leaking precum. I moved my head up and looked at daddy. He watched me as I licked the tip of his dick and scooped up his delicious precum.

“Mmm daddy,” I said. “Can I have some more? I need more. I need much, much more.”

“Yes babygirl,” he said. “Get it. Get it out of daddy’s balls so he can feed you his cum.”

I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked on it with my hand on the base jerking him. I sucked and licked and tongued his hard throbbing cock. I took one hand and pushed back my hair so daddy could see his cock slide in and out of my pretty mouth. I looked up at him as he watched me blow him hungrily.

I could feel daddy begin to erupt. His face got red and he was moaning. I sucked him and jerked his cock wanting to milk it of every drop. I had to have it. I wanted it so badly. I wanted to eat his cum. I wanted to taste his semen as it burst into my mouth. I craved it. I was starving for it. I was desperate to have him shoot his load into his sweet princess’s mouth. Feed me daddy, I thought. Feed me your luscious hot cum.

Daddy shot hot white bursts of cum into my mouth. The first wave of cum hit the back of my throat hard. The second too. I felt them slide down my throat and inside my tummy. Then the next waves of cum flooded my tongue as I tasted his hot creamy fluid. I let it fill up my mouth. I continue to pump his cock with my hand needed to get every drop out of him and inside me.

He put his hand on my head to stop me. I then looked up at daddy and opened my mouth. Look daddy, I thought. Look at your cum in my mouth.

Daddy watched as I showed him his white load on my tongue. I played with it. Rolled it around on my tongue. Then I closed my mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp. Then I showed him my tongue to prove it was all gone. He told me I was a good girl and ran his fingers through my hair.

He reached down and pulled me up. We cuddled and feel asleep.

When daddy I awoke I brought him some ice cream. I fed him as we kissed and tickled each other.

“I have something very special I want to do for you daddy,” I said feeding him a spoonful of ice cream.

“Oh really?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

I got up, put the bowl down on the night stand by the bed and moved in front of him and got on all fours with my ass facing him. I looked back at him and slapped my ass.

“I want you to fuck my sweet ass daddy,” I said. Then I turned around and threw myself into his arms. “Will you daddy? Will you fuck my sweet ass please?”

“Well,” he said.

“Please, please, please?” I begged. “Pretty please?”

He laughed and kissed me while grabbing onto one of my tits.

“Of course I will princess,” he said. “Daddy would love to fuck that amazing ass of yours.”

We kissed again as he massaged one of my tits. Our tongues swirled around one another and I could feel his passion for me. He pulled my nipple and bit my lip.

“Look at what you’ve done to me,” he said. We both looked at his hard cock as it throbbed. I took it in my hand and feeling it pulsating as I rubbed it up and down and up and down.

Daddy leaned over me and began to push his finger in my ass massaging it with lubrication. I loved being fucked in my sweet young ass. I totally lose myself. I feel so dominated and taken in a way that secretly I think most women want to be by a strong man.

It feels so unnatural and that's what makes it so hot and sexy. It does hurt but the pain is so amazing and that's part of what makes it so great. Its all you feel and are aware of at that moment. The only thing that exists is you and the other person sharing this primal and pure experience.

I could feed daddy pushing the head of his cock against my small, tight back hole. I could feel him begin to pry me open with his big mushroom shaped cockhead. Pushing it in slowly. The burning sensation beginning. This was it and there was no turning back.

‘Oh daddy,” I said as he began to enter me. “Fuck my ass daddy. Fuck your princess in her sweet ass.”

“Yes princess,” he said. “God your ass is so tight. Feels so fucking good. Take daddy’s prick inside your ass babygirl.”

Daddy pushed his dick deeper and deeper inside of me. I felt his cock pushing up against the walls of my ass stretching me. I closed my eyes and let out a big grunt as he plunged further inside me.

“Oh my god daddy,” I moaned. “I feel so full. Your cock is stretching my ass, daddy. Oh daddy. Its inside me. Your big cock is inside me fucking your little princess’s ass. Oh daddy fuck me. I just want you to fuck me.”

He began to fuck me harder and deeper. The feeling was so overwhelming. I felt so hot and so primal. I just wanted him to fuck me. I just wanted to be fucked. I never wanted anything so much in my life than to be fucked by my daddy in my ass. It was so naughty, so dirty, so kinky and so very wrong. God, it felt so good.

“Fuck me,” I groaned and grunted and moaned and panted as he drilled my ass. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck me. Oh daddy fuck my ass!”

“Yes princess I am going to fuck you,” he said in a lower guttural voice. “Fuck that young sweet ass. This is where my cock belongs. Inside you. Inside your mouth. Inside your pussy. Inside your tight, sweet ass. All your holes are mine my little fuckslut princess.”

“Oh yes daddy,” I moaned. “I am your slut. Your cunt. Your fucktoy. Use me. Use my body. Take me. Fuck me. Fuck your little fuckslut princess good/ Fuck me hard. Yes daddy, fuck me harder. I want you to. Slam your princess’s ass.”

“Fuck yes,” he said. “You want it princess, you fucking got it.”

Daddy began to slam my ass hard. I lost my ability to speak as he pounded me. My head was dizzy, I saw stars, I was making noises that didn’t even sound human.

Daddy wasn’t just fucking my ass or even my body. He was fucking me. All of me. Every thing that made me who I am. He was fucking my soul.

Then it happened. I felt this intense deep sensation in my belly. It was far away at first and then began to build and build. It grew inside me and moved to my pelvis, my thighs and then up to my chest. Everything seemed to slow down like a slow motion movie.

The sensation spread over my whole body sending thick waves over me and crashing against my insides. I began to shudder and quiver with strong convulsions erupting inside of me and all over me. I screamed but there was no sound. Spasm after spasm exploded until it felt like I blacked out for a moment. I began to cry. They were tears of pure joy.

That is when I felt daddy burst inside of me. He yelled so loudly that it brought me back to full consciousness. I felt daddy’s cock pump over and over inside of me with his hot white fluids splashing against the walls of his princess’s ass.

We both collapsed literally spent after our intense orgasms. I had never felt anything like this before. I never realized that I could cum from anal sex. It was so different from a orgasm from my clit or cunt. It was something new and wonderful.

With my last ounce of energy I moved down to daddy’s cock and took it in my mouth. I sucked and licked it clean. I was a good girl and a good girl always cleaned her daddy’s cock after he came inside her. I took it in my mouth and down my throat sliding my tongue all of the shaft. Then I took it out of my mouth and licked the base of daddy’s cock where it touched his balls. After that I cleaned daddy’s balls. He ran his fingers through my hair and kept calling me his good girl and sweet princess.

Frankie and I role-played for the next few hours never getting out of character. We fucked and sucked and licked and touched each other. But we also cuddled and danced and fed each other scrambled eggs and cheese and strawberries. It was one of the best experiences of my life with a mixture of tenderness, lovingness and sweetness of a daddy and daughter that cared deeply for one another combined with a taboo-filled and heightened sexual tension that I never experienced before.

This fantasy fulfilled me as both a vulnerable girl that needed to be nurtured and taken care of and a sexy and sexual woman that wanted to be appreciated for my body, beauty and to be taken by a strong man and drive him so wild with desire that he just had to have me regardless of the consequences. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and one I will always remember and cherish.

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