Good Girl Gone Bad Part 5

By Kali_Urriah

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My sex drive is driving me crazy and I take a drive to satisfy my lust.
I was beginning to understand something about myself. Being bad turned me on. The best sex I ever had was when I was doing something wrong. That's why I like sex with married men. Because it's wrong. I also liked having sex with someone my ex-boyfriend knew and hated. If Jim knew I was letting William fuck me he would be so upset. Oh so wrong of me. William was a womanizer and just saw me as a sex object. All of the things a girl is supposed to avoid turned me on. When William pushed his cock into my pussy, it drove me crazy. I was always taught to be a good girl but I found out that being bad was so much more fun.

An hour ago I had some of the most amazing sex in my life. I got my pussy fucked hard by William, an older married man that liked rough sex and calling me dirty names. He used my body like I was his fucktoy and I came three times. And all three were amazing orgasms.

That great sex made me need even more sex but William had to go back to work. And he was traveling the rest of the week and my poor little pussy was craving more cock. I wanted to be fucked all night long.

I knew that I was not the girl I was before. I wanted to get fucked and I was going to get fucked. I didn't care what anyone else thought. It was my body and I wanted a man's hands all over me. I wanted a man's mouth tasting me. I wanted a man's cock deep inside me.

What's a girl to do?

I thought about who I knew that wanted to fuck me. Someone that would just go for it. Some man that would just throw me down and take me.

I mentally wrote a list. I could immediately think of ten different guys that fit what I was looking for (married men old enough to be my father that I know lusted after me). My old boss, my english teacher from high school, our next door neighbor, my dentist, the guy who owns the local bar, my girlfriend's dad, one of my dad's closest friends, one of my mom's best friend's husband, my mom's first husband (they got married young and divorced a long time ago) and my mom's sister's husband (my uncle by marriage so technically not incest).
I wanted to let all of them fuck me. I decided that I was going to make it happen with all of them. I realized something when I made that decision. I had the power to get almost any man I wanted to fuck me. I was young, attractive and have these nice big titties. I felt liberated and powerful.

I also realized I had to plan my hook ups with these different men. The time and place had to be just right. Since they were all married and had families they couldn't just disappear for the night. I didn't want to get fucked just once. I wanted to get fucked all night long. Then I started thinking about the consequences (never do that!). What if they don't want to? What if they tell someone that I tried to seduce them? Maybe my parents would find out.

Then I started thinking that maybe it would be better to let a complete stranger fuck me. I should just go to a bar and pick up some random guy and let him have me. In some ways that would be easier and I could get some all night long.

I never had a one might stand. Fucked by a total stranger. Oh my. I wouldn't know where to go or what to do. That's when I had an idea. I have an older cousin, Sandy that is married and has one child. But she was a total slut. Her husband travels all the time for work and when he was out of town she would go pick up guys. Sandy has big tits too (all the women in our family are top heavy). She is a 42DD. She was 35 at the time and has a nice curvy body.

Sandy lives about an hour and a half away from me and that was perfect. Far enough away so no one knew me but close enough to drive to.

"Hey Sandy," I said. "Its me Kali."

"Oh hi," she answered. "How are you?"

We started talking and Sandy asked me, like she always does, "when are you going to come out and party with me? The big tit twins. We would turn heads everywhere."

"Umm Sandy," I said. "That is why I am calling you. I'm in the mood to party tonight."

"Oh girl," she said. "Are you sure you know what I mean by partying?"

"Yes," I answered. "I think I do. I'm opening myself up to new experiences."

"Oh yeah," she said. "Opening yourself up is the right way to put it."

We both laughed.

I told her about my break up and that I was tired of being such a good girl all the time. Sandy said that was cool. She said she knew two guys that we could hook up with tonight.

"They're a bit older than you," she said. "Cause I'm a bit older than you."

"I like older Sandy," I said. "I am cool with 40 and older."

"Oh you are bad," she said. "I have just the right guys."

It turns out that her husband was not traveling but she was going to tell him that her favorite cousin (me) just got dumped by her boyfriend and she was going to come out to see me and was staying out late.

"Don't worry about him," Sandy said. "I'll give him a blow job before I go and he'll be happy." We both laughed.

We made arrangements to meet at 7 pm. I showered and got dressed. I decided to wear a red skin-tight halter top and a dark green skin tight mini skirt with a red thong and no bra.

I borrowed my mom's car and told them I was going out to visit cousin Sandy for the night. It was a long drive and I was so turned on that I thought about speeding so a state trooper would stop me and then I would seduce him. It was really that bad. It was like I was addicted to sex. I needed it. I had to have it. I started rubbing my pussy thinking about a cop pulling me over. I would move one of the thin straps off of my shoulder exposing my nipple a little. He would look in the car and pretend not to notice.

"Miss," he would say. "Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Umm honestly officer," I would answer. "Not really. I was kind of distracted."

"By what miss?" he would ask.

"My fingers in my pussy," I would say and show him my glistening wet fingers. "But I wish I had something much bigger inside of me."

"Well miss," he would say. "I think I have probable cause to do a complete and thorough cavity search on you using my personal nightstick." I drove faster.

I didn't get a ticket but finally got to the address that Sandy gave me. It was a four story apartment building. I texted her and she told me she was already upstairs in the apartment. By the time I walked up the stairs she was waiting for me giving me big hugs and kisses with a beer in her hand. The party had started.

I met the two guys. Frankie was her date. He was 45, well-built with salt and pepper hair and a mustache. My date was Big John. He was 42 and was a really big guy. He was 6'4" and had huge arms and legs and shoulders and everywhere else too. He was bald but it looked good on him. I found them both very attractive. Frankie and Big John were both firemen. I liked that. And yes, they both had rings on their fingers.

Turns out that both of them told their wives they were on duty this evening. This little apartment was rented by a bunch of the guys as a little get away. It turns out that lots of ladies like the firemen.

"Damn Sandy," Big John said. "You weren't lying. She is a fox."

"You're damn right she is," Sandy said. "You owe me big time."

"It is very nice to meet you Kali," he said. "You are gorgeous." Big John kissed my hand and then lifted me up over his shoulder and started heading towards the bedroom.

"Let her down you animal," Sandy said hitting him.

Big John laughed and lowered me onto the couch.

"Hey I was just having a little fun with you," he said.

I didn't mind. There was something real cave man-like having him pick me up and taking me right on the spot. He should have gone for it.

"Damn Frankie," Big John said. "I can't believe how much tit these two girls have between them."

"Give me a break Big John," Frankie said. "You've got bigger tits than both of them."

We all laughed.

"Want to bet," Sandy said jumping on Frankie and pulled up her top and shoved her boobs in his face.

We drank and laughed and danced a bit. Frankie and Sandy started making out. Big John pulled me over to him and started kissing me. Frankie got up and pulled Sandy into one of the bedrooms.

"You be nice to my girl," Sandy yelled at Big John. "Make sure you don't hurt her. Unless she asks you to." She laughed as Frankie yanked her in the room and slammed the door shut.

Big John pulled my top down and put both his hands on my naked tits and started rubbing them.

"It is probably going to hurt," he said. "Not because I want it to but because its so fucking big. But your body will adjust and you'll begin to love it."

Big John lifted me up in his arms and carried me into the other bedroom. I took off my clothes and he took off his. I found out why they really called him Big John.

The biggest cock I ever had before this was my ex-boyfriend Jim's. He is 8 inches long and pretty wide. Big John was way bigger and very, very thick. My jaw dropped.

I am not one of those girls that is all about big cocks. For me its about how he makes me feel. The tension. Getting into my head as well as my body. But I had to admit seeing this huge thing in front of me had an effect. You have to remember I had been thinking about sex all day long. I was so ready to be fucked all night. And in front of me was an older married man, which was my new kink. He was muscular and strong standing there with his hard, big, throbbing cock.

I fell onto my knees and grabbed his cock with both my hands and covered it with my mouth like I was starving for it. I was starving for it. I sucked it and licked it. I couldn't help but moan as I fed on his cock.

"Yeah Kali," he said. "Go for it." He reached down and started to feel up my tits as I sucked him deeper and harder. "Eat my fucking cock."

Oh yes I ate it. I sucked his cock like it tasted better than anything I ever had in my mouth. I just met this guy and his huge dick was in my mouth. Oh god.

His cock was so big I had my two hands jerking him as I deep throated the rest of it.

Big John picked me up like I was nothing. He turned me upside down pushing his cock in my mouth and buried his head between my legs and started to lick my pussy. He was so strong that I could tell he wasn't even straining to hold me. I didn't have to hold on to him at all so I just kept stroking his cock with both my hands, sucking him at the same time.

He was burying his tongue into my pussy and then while holding me with one arm, he took his other hand and pushed one of his big fingers into me too. Big John was sucking my clit now and finger fucking me. Then he put a second one of his big fingers in me. He began to spread them apart inside me. I figured he was preparing me for his massive cock.

How right I was. Big John pulled his fingers out and turned me right side up. It was amazing how strong he was. He positioned his cock and slowly begin to push it inside me. I felt the tip of his cock pressing into me. I was looking at him but he was looking down at his cock being careful as he pushed into me.

I felt Big John's wide cock stretching me as he slowly worked it deep into my pussy. I was fucking a man I just met an hour ago. Just earlier that day I was fucked by a different man that I hardly knew and the most contact we ever had before was a handshake. I was truly a slut now.

I came. Big John's cock was only about half way inside of me and I came on it. He laughed.

"You needed this didn't you sexy," he asked. "Cum on Big John's prick."

He pushed deeper and deeper. I never felt so full. My head was dizzy. I was breathing heavy. I could feel my face turning red. Big John was not even all the way in. I looked down and could see some of his cock still outside of my pussy. I held on tight to Big John as we moved around the room. He kissed me as he fucked me holding me in his big strong arms with his big hard cock deep inside me. I never felt like this before. We fucked like that for at least another 20 minutes. I came two more times on his fat cock. Then he lowered me onto the bed and moved his cock up to my mouth. I instinctively opened it and wrapped my lips around the tip. Big John came in wave after wave and I swallowed all of his cum as it jetted into my mouth.

He collapsed on the bed next to me. I curled up next to him with my head on his muscular chest.

"Mmmm girl," Big John said. "You are fucking amazing."

"You are," I said. "You're so strong and big and you really know how to use that thing."

"Yeah," he said laughing. "Have to work it nice and slow. Otherwise it just hurts the girl and in the wrong kind of way."

"Can I tell you something," I asked him. He nodded. "You are my first one night stand."

"One night stand?" he said. "You mean this is it. I don't get another date with you?"

"No, no," I answered. "I just meant I've never let a guy I just met fuck me before. I've actually never let a guy I just met even kiss me before."

"Wow," he said. "I'm honored. Why me? I mean I know I'm irresistible but… why me?" We both laughed.

"I'm just tired of being the good little girl that always has to be the innocent little princess. I wanted to get fucked tonight and that's what I did."

"Amen to that," he said.

Big John and I talked for a while. He told me that a bunch of the firemen chip in for the rent on this place. Turns out that they have lots of women that want to fuck them. They take turns using the place.

"We have some wild parties that turn into orgies," he said.

"You mean like people having sex everywhere in front of each other," I asked.

"Exactly," he said. "It's kind of a free for all. One guy fucks one girl and then switches back and forth. It gets crazy."

"Has my cousin been in those orgies?"

"Rule number one of fuck club," he said. "Never name names."

"I like that rule," I said.

"We've even done some gang bangs," Big John said.

"Oh my god," I said. "Has Sandy been gang banged."

"Never name names," we both said at the same time and laughed.

"Like how many guys," I asked. I pictured Sandy getting fucked by lots of guys. I am sure she totally has done it.

"Ranges," he said. "Anywhere from three to nine guys."

"Wow," I said. "That must really tire out the girl."

"Yeah," he said. "Some girls get tired. But some girls really get into it. They get into this zone. They can go for hours and hours. They turn into sex animals."

I reached down and put my hand on his cock and began to rub it up and down. It quickly began to get hard. It was so heavy.

"Is that what you like?" I said stroking him. "You want to turn me into a sex animal? Meow."

"You are the hottest fucking sex animal I've ever fucked," Big John said. "I mean that. You are the finest piece of ass that I've had in years, baby."

Big John and I fucked two more times that night before I fell asleep. At about 3 am I woke up reaching for him hoping for some sleepy sex and he was not in bed! Oh my god, it is the first guy sneaking out on me after fucking me. I looked around and there was Big John getting dressed.

"Sorry babe," he said. "I just got called in. I hate to hit and run but when duty calls."

I laughed. He came over and kissed me and we agreed to meet again. Then Big John was gone. He literally came and went.

I got up to pee and decided I wanted some ice cream. I hoped to hell they had some.

I walked out into the kitchen and yay they had chocolate chip ice cream.

"Nice pjs," I heard a deep voice say. I turned around and it was Frankie. Of course I was standing there completely nude. Oh and so was Frankie.

"Oh yeah," I said. "Guess I wasn't expecting to run into anyone at 3 am."

"Sorry to surprise you," he said. "I just wanted some water." He went to the fridge and got the water pitcher.

"Big John got called in," I said. "Sucks."

"That does suck," he said drinking his water. "Sandy left too."

I nearly dropped my spoon.

"Uhh… when?" I asked.

"She has to drive her daughter to the doctor this morning so she left at about 1 am," he said. "She needed to get some sleep."

"Oh that sucks too," I said. "I mean you probably thought the same thing I did. That tonight we were going to fuck all night."

Frankie smiled. He walked closer to me.

"Can I have some?" he asked. "Of your ice cream."

I took the spoon and scooped up some ice cream and fed it to him. He looked at me the whole time.

"Can I ask you a question?" I said. He nodded. "Are you Big John's boss?"

"You could say that," he said.

"Oh and could you have someone like Big John come down to the station in the middle of the night if you wanted," I asked.

"I could," he said. "But I would only do that in an emergency."

"Mmmhmm," I said. "I guess it depends on what you consider an emergency."

"Do you think getting fucked all night is an emergency," he asked pulling me into his arms.

"Frankie," I said breathlessly. "We shouldn't."

"Why not," he said. "Here we are, both standing here naked, by ourselves and wanting to fuck all night."

"But Frankie what about Big John and Sandy?" I asked.

"You mean you think we have to be faithful to two people cheating on their spouses," he said.

"Oh," I said. Our bodies were pressed against each other. We were both breathing heavy. Looking in each other's eyes. "That's a good point." He kissed me and I kissed him back.

"But," I said pulling away from his kiss. "Don't you think they would be mad if they found out?"

"I won't tell," he said kissing my neck. "Will you?" Our eyes met and I shook my head no. He kissed me again massaging my tit with one hand and and my ass with the other.

"You would do all that," I said. "Just to fuck me?"

"Babygirl," he said in between kissing me and taking both my tits in his hands and massaging them. "You'd be surprised what I would do to have a sweet, beautiful young girl like you."

"Oh yeah," I said. "You want me that bad? You've been thinking about fucking my tight young pussy ever since you saw me walk in the door. Planning to get me all alone."

"Yes babygirl," Frankie said. "I made my plans as soon as I laid eyes on you."

He took me into the shower washing away Big John and Sandy from our bodies. The hot water was running over me. His hands were lathering me. He kissed my mouth and neck. It was luscious. Then he whispered something in my ear.

"Daddy is going to fuck you so good babygirl."

Oh? Daddy?

Frankie was sucking on my tit and finger fucking me.

"Oh babygirl," he said. "Your little pussy is so fucking tight for daddy. Do you want daddy's cock inside your pussy babygirl?" he whispered in my ear.

"Yes daddy," I moaned. "Fuck your babygirl's tight, wet young pussy."

Frankie lifted up my leg looking into my eyes. He pushed his cock into me. The third cock to fuck me in less than 24 hours. I was such a fucking slut but it felt so good.

"You like that pussy, daddy," I said. "Was it worth tricking your buddy to fuck my little cunt?" I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles.

"Fuck yes," he said. "I'm going to fuck this young pussy all night long."

"Oh but daddy," I said lowering my voice. "What about my other two holes? They want some of daddy's cock too."

"Fuck yeah," he said. "Daddy's babygirl is going to have every hole fucked good tonight." Frankie lathered up his finger and pushed it into my ass.

"That is what they are there for daddy," I said pushing back against his finger.

"Damn babygirl," Frankie shouted. "You are so fucking hot!"
"Fuck me daddy," I said. "Fuck your babygirl. Give it to me. Yes like that. Fuck my young cunt."

Frankie fucked me in the shower until we both came. Then he dried me off with a towel very gently and lovingly as we called each other babygirl and daddy. It was actually very, very hot. Then he took me into the his bedroom and licked my pussy as I sucked his cock until we both came again. I swallowed daddy's entire load of cum.

"Eat it babygirl," he said as he pumped his cum into my mouth. "Eat every drop of daddy's cum."

Every drop.

We rested for a few minutes and then Frankie got up and went into the bathroom. He came back with a razor and some shaving cream. I was confused because I had shaved before coming here and was very smooth.

"Here babygirl," he said. "I want you to shave daddy."

Oh my. I began to lather him up.

"What will your wife say, daddy?" I asked. "When you come home all shaved?"

"I will tell her I did it for her," he said. "And when I fuck her I will think of you."

"You are so naughty. daddy," I said kissing his cock. I took my time shaving him, especially around his balls. I took a warm wet towel and washed him off. By the time I was done, he was hard again. I climbed on top and began to ride him.

"You are such a good babygirl," he said. "Daddy wants you so bad. Daddy wants all of you." He reached over to the nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube of ky jelly and started working it on his finger. Daddy started finger fucking my ass as his cock fucked my pussy.

"Oh babygirl," he said. "Daddy is going to fuck that sweet young ass of yours."

"Yes daddy," I said. "I want you to so bad. I want you inside my tight, sweet, young ass daddy, so bad." I bounced on his cock harder, feeling the pressure of his finger inside my booty hole.

Frankie worked two fingers in me. I thrust back on them. He thrust his cock harder into me. I was so close to cumming again. Finally, he pulled out of me and helped me to get into position.

"Oh yeah babygirl," he said. "Daddy is going to fuck your sweet, sweet ass."

"I want you to think about something daddy," I said reaching around to help guide his cock into my ass. "I'm young enough to be your real daughter. Think about that as you push your hard throbbing cock into my young ass, daddy."

Frankie said "fuck" under his breath as he pushed his cock into me. I closed my eyes as he worked it into my tight little ass. He knew what he was doing and it felt great in my back hole. I heard him groan as he filled me with his cock.

"Oh daddy," I yelled. "Fuck me. Fuck me good. Fuck my ass daddy. Oh yes daddy fuck my hot ass." I had that amazing feeling again of being totally taken. Dominated. Feeling so full.

Our tempo begin to increase. Faster and harder. I was squeezing him with my bum and I could feel him tense up. He was about to cum.

"Yes daddy," I shouted. "Cum in your babygirl's ass. Cum daddy! Cum inside me daddy! I want it! I want your cum inside me so bad! Shoot it daddy! Shoot your cum inside my sweet young ass!"

Frankie exploded inside of me with wave after wave of cum. Daddy screamed as he pumped his hot load inside of my ass.

Frankie and I fucked twice more after that. We took another shower together but this time it was just touching and kissing. He would say things like "you're so beautiful babygirl" and I would say "daddy makes me feel so good". We both dressed and gave each other a big kiss and hug. We agreed to meet again soon. I was totally into the daddy / babygirl thing. It was hot and naughty. Something extra tingly about yelling out for daddy to fuck me.

I drove home that morning tired but totally sexually satisfied. The need to get fucked was no longer like a burning hunger inside of me.

I thought about all of the new experiences I had in just twenty-four hours. Up until yesterday I had sexual intercourse with just three men in my entire life and over the last day had sex with three more men, doubling my number just like that. I am not into counting but that made me think. It was so easy for an attractive girl to find men that are willing to fuck her. I barely knew one of them and just met the other two. At least my cousin introduced me to the two guys, but how long was it before I just hooked up with a total random?

I couldn't deny that this was total slut behavior. But I was okay with all of it. This was a part of me I wanted to explore. If you don't let guilt or judgement get inside your head, you have to admit it was all fun. I lost count of how many times I came in the last twenty-four hours. If a man could fuck for fuck's sake then so could I.

I got home and crawled into bed. I closed my eyes thinking and decided who I was going to fuck next and how I was going to make it happen. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.