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Good Girl Gone Bad Part 6

Good Girl Gone Bad Part 6

Exhausted after a few wild days my inner slut awakens again and I fuck someone from the naughty list
After my wild night out I got home and took a very long nap. I got up and hopped into the shower. It was a crazy couple of days. I got dumped by my boyfriend Jim because I wouldn't marry him. Then I went out and fucked three different men in less than twenty-four hours and loved every minute of it. All of them pretty much strangers, old enough to be my father and married.

Before I went to sleep I thought about my naughty list and decided my next hook up was going to be with my former boss, Mr. Bradford. What I didn't tell you is that I was laid off a few weeks ago. Between that and being dumped I wasn't feeling too hot about myself. But having sex with different guys and having them go crazy over me made me feel sexy and desirable.

Mr. Bradford was going to be my next conquest. He used to check out my 36DD tits all the time. He would put his arm around me and some of the other girls in the office. He would check out our asses. Mr. Bradford was a touchy feely type of guy and liked to stand close to you when he was telling you something and would just stare right at my tits. He was in his late forties and married with a daughter in college and two more kids in high school. One of the girls that was laid off at the same time as me said that if she was laying Mr. Bradford she wouldn't have been laid off.

I woke up and honestly my craving for slutty sex was gone. I know that I was acting this way because Jim dumped me and because I was already feeling shitty for being fired. I didn't want to just lay around feeling sad for myself so I went out and had great sex. Some of the best sex of my life! But if I stopped now I guess I could just blame my slutty behavior on the bad things that happened and that would be that. I would be back to being the nice girl that just had some flings because I was sad.

I got dressed and went downstairs for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to find our next door neighbor, Mr. White was our dinner guest. It turned out his wife and kids left for a long weekend to visit the grandparents. If you remember, Mr. White was one of the other names on my naughty list.

Mr. White and I hugged. When we pulled away from each other I noticed that Mr. White looked down at my tits. That triggered something in me. I instantly got wet and my cravings for sex started again.

I had some fun with Mr. White at dinner like laughing so hard it made my big tits bounce, bending over to pick something up so he could check out my sweet ass, putting my hair up so that my tits would be accentuated, throwing my arms around telling a story to make my tits bounce even more and accidentally brushing my tit against his shoulder when pouring him some more water.

I gave Mr. White a nice big hug, pressing my boobs against him as we said goodbye. He walked over to his house and I ran upstairs to my room. I took off my bra, changed into a tight white halter top and put on a sweater to cover up. I went downstairs and told my mom and dad I was going for a walk.

I would babysit for the Whites over the years. I remember Mr. White checking me out even when I was sixteen years old. The naughty man would always be catching a look at my tits. I once went onto his computer when I was baby sitting and found some porn. You could tell he liked girls with big tits from the porn he watched. Goodie for me.

Could I? Should I? Would I?

Of course I must. Mr. White was on my naughty list. His family took off for the weekend at the same time I was acting like a complete slut. It was fate.

I walked over to his house and knocked on the door. It was on. I was about to suck and fuck Mr. White. The very idea got my pussy really wet and made my nipples really hard.

"Well hello," he said. "I didn't think I would get to see you again so soon."

"I wanted to get out of the house," I said. "I knew you were all alone and figured you might want some company."

"That was very considerate," he said. "Please come in."

"No, you cum in," my dirty mind thought. "In my mouth. In my pussy. In my ass."

We sat down and he offered me a drink. I asked for a beer if he had one. We chatted for a while talking about life and stuff. But what was really going on in my mind was trying to figure out how to make this happen.

"Tell me more about you," he said. "Still with that same young man?"

That is when I took my cue. I started to cry and sob.

"What's the matter?" Mr White asked.

"My boyfriend Jim broke it off with me," I said. "He broke my heart, Mr. White."

I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Mr. White held me close. I made sure to press my braless tits up against his chest. I squeezed him tight. Mr. White's arms were wrapped around me. He kept saying it was going to be okay. Then he got silent.

We held each other like that for a long time. Both of us were breathing heavy. I could feel him getting hard. I pressed up against him. We both began to sway a little pressed up against one another.

We looked at each other and then we kissed. I was kissing Mr. White! His tongue was in my mouth.

"Kali," he said stopping and looking sincerely at me. "I don't want to take advantage of you."

I stepped back and took off my sweater. His jaw dropped open and his eyes widened when he saw my tight halter top stretched across my big tits with my nipples visible and pushing out.

Then I looked him in the eyes and pulled off my shirt. I stood there topless and his eyes were locked onto my big naked tits. I walked over to him and threw my arms around him and kissed him again.

Mr. White's hands moved right to my tits. My hand moved to his cock, feeling it through his pants.

"Oh Kali," he said. "You are such a bad girl."

Oh yes Mr. White. I am.

I pushed Mr. White down the chair. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I reached into them and pulled out his very hard cock. It was already wet with precum.

I looked up at Mr. White. I moved closer and closer to his cock. I opened my mouth still looking up at him. My hand wrapped around the base of his cock and my open mouth was right next to it. I blew warm air on his cock and he moaned. Then I pushed my mouth over his cock and sucked it. He grunted. I sucked it and tongued his hard throbbing cock. I tasted his precum on my tongue. It was yummy.

I gave his cock five short sucks and then one long suck and then repeated doing that over and over. I tongued his shaft up and down at the same time I sucked him. I jerked his cock as I blew him and rubbed his balls with my other hand.

"Oh fuck Kali," he said. "You suck cock great."

I took his cock out of my mouth. I undid his pants and pulled them off along with his underwear. I then took my nice, big 36DD tits and wrapped them around his wet cock. I pumped his dick with my young tits up and down. I started slow at first pressing hard against his cock. I wanted him to feel every stroke.

"Jesus Kali," he moaned. "Your tits are fucking amazing!"

"Yes Mr. White," I said. "I love fucking your cock with my big tits."

"Oh Kali," he said. "Your tits are perfect."

Any girl can give a nice blow job but a girl with big tits has the advantage by driving a man wild fucking his cock like this. I started to tit fuck his cock faster and harder. He was moaning and moving his head back and forth. I know I was driving him wild. I looked down watching his cock slide in and out of my tits.

"Damn it, Kali," he yelled. "You're going to make me cum."

"Yes, Mr. White," I yelled back. "I want to make you cum. Give it to me. Give me your cum, Mr. White. I want it. I want your white cum, Mr. White. Give it to me. All of it. I want all of it."

I could feel Mr. White begin to erupt. He was close. I could feel his cock beginning to swell and he threw his head back.

At that moment I let go of my tits and wrapped my mouth back onto his cock. No way I was going to waste his load. I was going to drink every drop of Mr. White's white cum.

Mr. White burst inside my mouth. The first wave of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. Gulp. I held the base of his cock and rubbed it slowly as the next wave jetted in my mouth. Gulp. Mr. White had so much cum and I eagerly swallowed it all. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. God his cum tasted delicious.

Mr. White looked down at me. Our eyes met with his cock still in my mouth. I lightly sucked it and jerked his cock slowly draining the last few drops. I swallowed all of Mr. White's cum load. It was all inside my little tummy now where it belonged.

"Kali," he said. "You are an amazing girl. So beautiful." He stroked my face as I continued to suckle his penis. I just loved the taste of his cum. I swear he had the best cum I've ever eaten.

"Wow Mr. White," I said finally. "You really had a lot of cum in there."

We both laughed.

"Kali," he said. "I haven't cum in three weeks! No lie."

"Oh," I said. "Then there is probably lots more in there we need to get out." I squeezed his balls and he kissed me with one hand on one of my tits.

Mr. White took me upstairs to his bedroom. There is something so naughty about fucking a man in the bed that he sleeps in with his wife.

Mr. White undressed the rest of me and started to lick my pussy.

"Kali," he said. "You have such a pretty pussy. You're entire body is so enticing."

He started by licking my pussy really slow. He licked me from just underneath where my pussy lips were and them licked me all the way up over my clit. He did this over and over again. I moaned as his tongue glided across my clit. He ran his entire tongue over my clit pushing down on it. He started to suck on my clit and I could feel his tongue licking it as he sucked. I was going crazy as he sucked and licked my clit harder and harder.

I then felt him pushing his finger inside my pussy. He found my g-spot and was rubbing it with his finger and at the same time was tonguing my clit in circles. Both his tongue and finger were in rhythm rubbing and licking and rubbing and licking. Mr. White really knew how to eat pussy.

"I love the way your pussy tastes," he said into between licks. "Such a sweet pretty pussy."

I came on Mr. White's face. I cried out with my head whipping back and forth, my head thrashing and my back arching.

As I was cumming Mr. White moved up and pushed his cock into my pussy.

"Oh fuck," I moaned. "Mr. White, you're fucking me."

Mr. White, my neighbor, the father of the kids I used to babysit, friend of my mom and dad, husband of the nice Mrs. White, a man I've known since I was five years old, had his hard cock deep inside my pussy.

"Yes Kali," he said. "Fucking that sweet pretty pussy of yours."

I needed to be on top. I wanted to ride Mr. White. I pushed him over to the side and he knew what I was doing. With his cock still inside my pussy, we maneuvered so I was now on top.

I started by squeezing my cunt muscles around his cock and fucking him slow.

"Mr. White," I said. "You've wanted to fuck me for years haven't you?"

"Oh yes, Kali," he said. "You've always been such a sexy girl."

"You thought about fucking me when I babysat for your kids haven't you?" I asked.

"Yes, Kali," he said.

"You thought about me when you came over our house for pool parties and I was in my bikini?" I asked.

"Oh yes, Kali," he said. "It drove me crazy to see you in your bikinis. Showing off your nice big tits."

"Did you jerk off thinking about me?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered as he took both my big tits in his hands squeezing them and sucking them back and forth.

"Did you ever fuck your wife thinking about me?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered then put one of my tits back in his mouth. "Many times."

"You finally get to fuck me, Mr. White," I said breathing heavily. "Fucking my young, wet, hot pussy with your hard throbbing cock."

I rode Mr. White bouncing up and down on his cock as he sucked and massaged my big tits. I know he had fantasized about them for years and he finally was able to indulge himself and that turned me on.

Take them, Mr. White. Suck them. Squeeze them. Use them. After all these years of desiring my tits, desiring me, you now have me.

I exploded on Mr. White's cock. It felt so good cumming on this man's cock. I looked at his face as I came all over his hard dick. Fuck me, Mr. White. Fuck me good.

I bounced on Mr. White's cock even harder and faster now. It was his turn to cum.

"I'm going to fuck you so good. Mr. White," I said. "Fuck you with my young, tight, hot wet pussy. I'm going to make you cum all night. Drain your balls of all your semen. Do you like that? You want me to fuck you all night, Mr. White. Make you shoot load after load of your cum inside me?"

"Fuck yes, Kali," he said. "I want you so badly."

I could feel Mr. White cumming again. Yes those full balls were about to burst again. I had to time it just right. Mr. White was groaning and then got silent and then groaned again. I jumped off his cock and slide down real fast, putting his cock into my mouth again. My timing was perfect, as Mr. White's cock shot its delicious fluid into my mouth just as my lips were wrapping around it. His cock pumped and pumped and pumped another huge load and I ate every drop of it. I felt his hot cum shoot into my mouth, slide down my throat and fill up my little tummy.

I continued to suck Mr. White's cock, slowly jerking him trying to drain every drop of cum out of his balls and into my mouth. Finally I felt his hands pulling me up. He said his cock was getting too sensitive for me to continue doing that.

"Wow, Kali," he said. "You really like to swallow cum."

"Mmmhmm," I said. "I love it. You're cum really tastes good too. It must be something that you're eating or drinking."

"Yeah?" he asked. "It tastes good? That's good to know. I do eat lots of fruits. I've been eating lots of pineapple."

"Mmmm and I'm going to eat lots of your cum," I said. "I want to eat every drop of your cum this weekend. No matter where you fuck me I'm going to eat your cum."

"Oh wow," he said. "You are something else."

Turned out poor Mr. White had only been with two other women other than his wife. One was before he was married and he did have an affair years ago. So being with me was about as wild as he had ever gotten.

"I never in my wildest imagination ever thought I would have sex with you," he said. "Geez I'm old enough to be your father. I know I shouldn't ask but I have to know…why me?"

"Ummm," I said and laughed a little. "I think you're cute. And I guess I was in a naughty mood."

"You said something about eating every drop of my cum this weekend," he said with a big smile on his face.

"Mmmhmm," I said. "I did say that."

"That means that were going to keep going at it this weekend?" he asked.

"Is that okay?" I asked pushing my boobies together and smiling at him.

"Hell yes," he said looking lustfully at my titties.

I pushed my tits against Mr. White's face. Then I moved down to his chest, pressing my tits and moving them around and around. I moved lower, running my tits all the way down his body until I got to his cock. I massaged his cock with my big soft tits. He started getting hard.

I took Mr. White's cock in my mouth and ran my tongue all over it. I jerked him at the base of his cock, feeling that muscle at the bottom and rubbing it with my thumb real slow. I rubbed his balls with my other hand, sucking his rock hard cock in my mouth. I looked up at him so he could see his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I took it out of my mouth and lowered my head licking his balls. I licked them all over. I licked them around and around. I licked them in between. I licked them on top. I licked them on the sides. I licked them underneath. Then I opened my mouth and took one of his balls inside and sucked it gently, still jerking his cock up and down. His balls felt so full. I wanted to empty them. Empty them inside my mouth.

Mr. White kept moaning and groaning as I sucked his ball. I looked up and saw precum leaking from his cock. I moved my mouth up and swirled my tongue over the tip and Mr. White watched me lick off all of his precum and ate it. I opened my mouth and took his cock back inside. I went deeper and deeper and deeper. Then I pushed his hard throbbing cock down my throat until it was all the way in. I looked up at him with his cock down my throat, his pubic hair brushing against my face and his balls on my chin. I ran my tongue under his shaft as I deep throated him.

"Oh fuck, Kali," he groaned.

I kept his cock down my throat, breathing through my nose. I kept moving my tongue up and down his shaft. I finally pulled up taking his cock out of mouth and took a deep breath. I swallowed and kept breathing for a few seconds. Then I took his cock back in my mouth and down my throat again. I held it there like last time but this time I started to swallow over and over again so he could feel my throat squeezing his cock.

"Ahhh!" he screamed.

I took my forefinger and thumb and wrapped it where his balls and cock met and started to rub it. I was massaging his cock with my throat as I kept swallowing. Mr. White was about to burst. He arched his back and started to moan and groan and then yell as his balls burst inside my mouth. I moved his cock out of my throat so the head was on my tongue just in time for his cum to splash into my mouth. I wanted to taste his yummy load. It kept cumming and cumming. I was surprised he had so much this third time that he came in my mouth. It was so delicious. I closed my eyes as I felt his fluid pour into me. I drank it like I was starving for it.

We fucked two more times that night (he got sleepy) and then fucked twice more the next day and I gave him another blow job. I kept my promise and let Mr. White cum in my mouth every single time and I ate every delicious drop.

In case you didn't keep count I swallowed Mr. White eight times. But don't forget the other night before when I swallowed Frankie and Big John. That makes ten loads of cum that I ate in the last couple of days. That was a record for me. It turned me on thinking about swallowing all that cum.

I had to say goodbye to Mr. White for a little while. I told him I would be back later if he was okay with that. I guess it wasn't a surprise that he was very okay with me coming over later. I wanted to get home, shower and change clothes. Besides I had a very naughty idea.

When I got home I sat down and looked at my computer. My fling with Mr. White got me feeling very slutty again. I decided I liked being a slut. I felt free. I felt wild.

I sent an email to Mr. Bradford, my former boss, asking if I could come over tonight after 5:30 pm. I wanted to take him up on his offer to help me find a new job. Most of the people were gone by that time on a Friday so I knew we would be alone. He answered back immediately and said he was planning on working late tonight anyway and would be happy to help me. I replied back that it was a "date". I knew that would bring a naughty smile to his face.

What Mr. Bradford didn't know is that I didn't really want help with getting a job but wanted help giving a job. A nice wet blow job. I was going to suck and fuck Mr. Bradford dry.

I got dressed up. I wore the tightest, shortest skirt I owned, a tight white blouse that stretched when I buttoned it leaving big enough gaps to see my boobs. No underwear. I did my hair and make up. I looked in the mirror and squeezed my tits and said "Mr. Bradford, I'm coming to see you and when I come over I'm going to make you cum. And cum. And cum."

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