Graduation Day

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Dad Helped Me Become Valedictorian
"Monica! Monica! What's the meaning of this report card?"

I could hear Daddy's shouts from across the hall of our house. He must have seen my red mark on math. There's nothing now to do but toface his disappointed, angry face.

"Yes, Daddy. What's the matter?"

"Monica! What the hell are you doing in school? You know that this is a very important year for you because it is your senior year. I had high hopes for you, but your grade in math is just an embarrassment! I have been working my butt off since your mom died and I just want the best for you, princess... for you to go to a good college and get a good job. But you... I am very disappointed..."

I know Daddy was holding back his anger towards me which was so predictable of him. I immediately put my plan into motion, the plan that I had been hatching since the start of the year.

"Dad, are you free on Saturday? Maybe we can talk with Ms. Adler about my math grade. That way, I can still pass for valedictorian."

"Fine, fine. You know I love you right? And that I'd do anything for you. Let's meet this teacher of yours this Saturday to get your grades changed."

That Saturday came and we met with Ms. Adler in my classroom. 

"Wow, school's fairly quiet on Saturdays. This should make my plan work with less trouble," I thought to myself.

"Good morning, Ms. Adler. I am Tom Bradley, Monica's dad. I am here about her red marks in math."

"Tom Bradley, as in Tom the star quarterback of East High, year 1985?" Ms. Adler inquired.

"Yes, that's me."

"Don't you recognize me? I am Pam Adler. We were in the same class, remember?"

I had long hoped this would happen, ever since I found out that dad went to the same school as Ms. Adler. Rumors in the yearbook say that she had secretly admired my dad, but back then she was this geek who loved math. She was even rumored to have stalked my dad during her free time.

"Dad, I didn't know you knew Ms. Adler. Why don't I leave you two so you can chat?"
"Psst, princess. I remember Pam, but it is not such a fond memory for me," Dad whispered in my ear.

Now I knew dad would surely hesitate and that would mean the end of my plan. I ingeniously surprised him by saying, "Dad, I know you hadn't had enough sex since Mom died. Why don't you help out Ms. Adler a bit so that we all end up happy."

The look at my dad's face was just shocking. He couldn't believe what I was suggesting to him. To hear his little girl suggest something so vulgar and sexual was something new to him.

"Ms. Adler, you wouldn't mind fucking my dad right? I know you had secretly been in love with him since you were in high school," I winked at her, knowing that she was in on the plan all along.

"Why Monica, such a dirty idea you are suggesting, but if your dad wants me to change your grade, then he has to fuck the hell out of me. That has been my dream ever since second high."

"Ms. Adler, surely you must be kidding, right? How could you even possibly go with her on this?"

"Well, Tom, let's just say we all have our weaknesses and mine is frankly seeing you naked with your big cock and fucking me with it!"

"Daddy, there's no other way. You have to have sex with Ms. Adler to change my grade. You only want the best for your princess right?"

I felt Dad needed my help. He has been working non-stop and I don't know who to help me with that except Ms. Adler. So I instinctively pushed Dad to Ms. Adler and as he stepped forward. He lost his step but grabbed onto Ms. Adler's right tit for balance.

"Oh sorry, Ms.Adler. I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay, I actually liked it. It makes me want to have sex with you. Okay, here's the deal. I want you to fuck me for the rest of the year before Monica graduates next year, starting now. Oh, and Monica, I want you to watch carefully as I please your father."

"Yes, ma'am."

A different side of Ms. Adler came out, as if she has been a wolf under sheep's clothing all these years. She quickly undressed herself and my dad and began sucking on Dad's cock.

"Tom, you're just what I imagined since I first laid my eyes on you."

"Ms. Adler..."

"Just call me Pam from now on."

"Ummm, Pam if you insist I must tell you that I have not had sex since my wife died six years ago, so I have these urges pent up inside me."

I knew it! Dad did need my help.

"Just do what you want with me, Tom."

"Pam, you bitch. Suck my cock and my balls. Lick all that pre-cum flowing to the side of my cock!" Dad ordered Pam.

"Yes, Tom.Talk dirty all you want. Let your urges flow out!.I want you to be happy. I want you to release all the tension in you."

Wow. I never knew that my plan would work/ Though I felt a little regret that dad was fucking my teacher, I couldn't care less now that I saw him enjoying himself and releasing all the tension from work, from Mom dying, from raising me single-handedly. What I now saw is a man revived by the pleasures of sex.

Now I saw Ms. Addler sitting on her desk with my dad licking her pussy. Dad had his right thumb and index finger squeezing on her nipples while his left hand was been exploring Ms. Adler's hard clit.

"Tom, put it inside me. I can't take this anymore. Just fuck me hard! Fuck me now!"

"Pam, I thought you'd never ask."

With that, my dad inserted his 8-inch dick inside Ms. Adler. Seeing my dad make love with Ms. Adler made me tingly in my pussy. I started to undress and play with myself. Ms. Adler probably saw me and suggested me to get her dildo.

"Monica, honey, reach for the key in my bag and open the right drawer then get my black dildo. You may use it if you want."

"Yes, ma'am."

As I quickly got the toy, I inserted it slowly inside me. It was so easy as I was now wet from all that has transpired. Now I heard them both moaning and shouting louder.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, God. Tom, I want it harder. I want it all in me."

"Your wish is my command."

Dad has his fully erect 8-inch cock deep in Ms. Adler's pussy now. He was thrusting in and out of her like a mad man, like a man that didn't care about tomorrow. I, on the other hand, was getting a front seat view to this awesome fuck by my dad and my teacher. I had a dildo up my wet pussy. What more could I ask for?

"Pam, I'm feeling it. Do you want me to cum inside you?"

"Definitely, Tom. I want your seed!"

"Ahh, fuck, I'm cumming, Pam!"

"I'm cumming, too, Tom! Ahh!"

With that, I also came with them.

"Tom, remember your promise."

"I know Pam, I would do anything for Monica. Now, I'll be counting on you Pam in making my princess valedictorian of her class."

"Yes, Tom. I will never ever break my promise."


To this day, I still remember how Dad helped me become valedictorian of my high school class.He loved me to the point that he fucked Ms. Adler when she called for him up until my graduation day.Well, I never revealed the truth until my dad remarried my stepmom, Mrs. Pam Adler-Bradley. We are now a happy family including my younger brother, Stephen, who I believe was conceived on my graduation day.