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Hands On Studying

Studying for a test has never been so fun!
It was Friday after noon and all he wanted was to get home after a long day of teaching. He was fresh out of college, only 26 years old, which tended to cause problems when you’re a male teacher, seeing as all the young hot girls put in a torturous effort to get his attention. What made things worse, was that the dress code policy was extremely laid back. Basically as long as they all had both a top and bottoms and shoes on, they were fine. What that meant was sitting though period after period of miniskirts and very low cut tank tops that showed off tanned stomachs. At first, it was difficult to even get through the day without getting a hard on. Soon, though, he realized that as soon as half the girls opened their mouths, what was one moment a raging hard on, the next became as soft as if he had just walked into a nursing home.

Dumb girls just were not his thing. Or at least not dumb girls who put in no effort. He respected the students that maybe didn’t pass with a 4.0 and struggled through their courses, but they made a strong effort to learn the material. That was the type of girl that he could get a hard on from, and still maintain respect. Unfortunately (or maybe not), no such girl had walked through his door all semester.

The worst part about being a first year teacher though in a small school, it automatically meant he got to be the after school tutor for students that needed the extra help, Monday through Friday which meant at 4 o clock on a beautiful spring afternoon, he was cooped up inside a stuffy classroom that was empty apart from him. He had a few students stop in every now and again during the week, but not once all year had anybody come in on a Friday. And he didn’t blame them; even he didn’t want to be here. So, he sat at his desk checking his Facebook while staring at a dull empty classroom.

“Mr. Harson?” The voice nearly knocked him out of his chair. He knew there was no faculty left or any students for that matter, well except this one. When he looked up, he once again almost fell out of his chair. The girl standing in his doorway was surely not in any of his classes, he would have noticed her. She had long brown hair, bright green eyes, and an average body. Her chest was not significantly large, her stomach not noticeably flat, nothing in particular stood out. But she had a raw natural beauty that she didn’t cover up with pounds of makeup, nor was she dressed like a slut like many of his female students (well maybe all of his female students). She had on a thin layer of eye liner that made her eyes pop, and he could tell she also had on chap stick because of the slight shin of her soft pink lips. She wore a simple pair of jeans that fit her well bright blue hoodie with flip flops. He could tell she had not put a lot of thought into the outfit, but he liked that, a lot.

“Ummm, oh yeah, that’s me. Can I help you with something Miss….”


“Miss. Erin?”

She smiled shyly, “No, just Erin.” The blush creeping up her neck sent chills down his spine. “Are you the tutor?” He was shocked. He figured she needed something silly like to borrow a textbook or something.

“Yeah, that me,” he responded sarcastically. She looked offended at his words, like they were a personal jab at him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just such a beautiful day outside. Normally nobody comes in here on Fridays so I sit here and throw pity parties for myself.” She stared blankly at him while he rambled on.

“Ummm… Okay? I just need some help getting through Anatomy. I’d like to finish with a decent grade at the end of the semester, but I’m just struggling to get through it. I typically wouldn’t get help, but I have tried everything and this is sort of my last option.” He pinched himself, just to confirm he was not dreaming…. Nope, this is seriously happening.

“I would be glad to help. You can call me Tyler by the way. I hate Mr. Harson, that’s what people call my grandfather.” She smiled that shy smile again, causing him to lose his train of thought. “So, umm… what is it you need help with exactly?”

“Human Anatomy; body parts, and ummm…” Her face suddenly turned bright red and she stammered and mumbled the rest of her sentence.

“What part specifically? Bones? Muscles? Digestive System?”

“Reproductive systems and sex organs,” she whispered softly enough that he had to strain to hear her. Once he registered what she said, he had to push aside the immediate thoughts that jumped through his brain.

“I think I can help you there,” he reassured her with a smile. “Why don’t you come sit down and we can get started?” She walked over to him and took the seat he had pulled dangerously close to his own chair. “What is it you don’t understand?” he asked trying to get a better idea of what she needed help with.

“Function and placement,” she whispered back. “I have a hard time telling from the diagrams in the book where things are and what had what name.” Now it was his turn to blush as once again, his mind turned down a dirty path.

“Well, let’s open up your book and see.” As soon as she got to the pages, he understood her confusion. The pictures were dark and blurry and cartoon drawn. Nothing like real life, considering the textbook was making an attempt at modesty. Stupid censorship, he thought to himself.

“For the test, she is bringing in a realistic dumby and we have to label parts from it, but if I can’t tell what’s what and where, how am I supposed to do that?”

“Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. These books are worthless. Humm, let me think. Does the science lab has a model we can use or something that could help.”

“No, the board wouldn’t approve anything like that. They said it was inappropriate and did not belong on school grounds near “hormonal teenage boys and girls.’” She did her best impression of the superintendent as she quoted him, causing Tyler to laugh.

“That actually sounds a lot like him.” She smiled at the compliment and visibly relax a little.

Feeling a little more comfortable himself, he questioned her. “Do you trust me?” With a questioning look on her face, she slowly nodded yes. “Okay, this may be a little unorthodox, and if you are uncomfortable with it, please tell me.”

“Okay?” With her permission, he pulled up his internet on his phone, knowing what he was searching for would be blocked on the schools server. He found a search engine and typed in what he wanted, found a picture he felt might be helpful and turned the screen to show Erin. Her eyes widened and she stared in shock at what her teacher had just pulled up on his phone. Staring at her was a full blown, pornographic photo of a naked man with an erection.

Gauging her reaction, he prepared himself for a slap in the face or her to freak out. Instead, she looked up at him with an innocent smirk, “Well, I guess that’s one way to learn.” His face busted into a grin at her comment.

After about 10 minutes of attempting to study and label the small photo on his phone, Erin looked up at him and groaned.

“This is hopeless. The picture is too small, and it’s so hard to tell from just a picture….Too bad they don’t still allow nude models for art class,” she mumbled the last part to herself, thinking that Mr. Harson couldn’t hear her.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “That would be your best bet. Nothing like a interactive 3D model to work with. “ he regretted the words as soon as they left his moth, hoping he didn’t push it too far with that last comment. Relief washed over him when he heard a small giggle escape her lips. But then her expression returned to its somber state as she started to pack her stuff up to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to fail this test, so why continue wasting your time when I’m sure you have better things to do. It’s not like you’re going to…” her voice trailed off leaving his brain screaming at her to finish that sentence.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Confused by his question, she replied with a simple “no.”

“Oh, well, I just thought if you did… that could be your model.”

She snorted, “Yeah, I wish! Then I would pass for sure!” Clearly she had not meant to say that out loud, as her eyes widened and her hand flung up to cover her mouth causing him to laugh. “Woops!” she replied with a giggle.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell.” He winked at her, releasing yet another blush.

“Well, thanks for trying to help. Sorry for wasting your time.” With that, she was walking out the door to the hall.

He stood for a moment, before his feet were moving despite his brain yelling to stop. “Erin, wait! Come back here, I have an idea.” She made her way back into the room, walking towards his desk, “Really, you don’t need to do this. Go home, I will figure something out.” She continued so that she couldn’t hear the soft sound of the locking door. She finally stopped talking when she heard his voice and turned around.

“Just say the word and I swear I will stop.” Her confusion was spread obviously across her lovely face. It wasn’t until her eyes found his hands working at his belt and zipper, that she understood. She stood, dumbfound, not sure whether to run out the door, or stay and see what was about to happen. The picture he had shown her on his phone only a half hour earlier had been the first time she had ever even seen a guys cock, and here she was about to see one in person…. No about to see her teacher’s in person.

That knowledge and curiosity, in itself, was enough to keep her feet planted on the ground, wide eyes and staring as the god before her worked himself free from his dress pants. She realized as she waited how hot he was. She had seen him around the building a few times, noting he was pretty good looking, but up close (and working on getting naked in front of her) he was 10 times better. His sandy blonde hair was ruffled from him running his fingers through it in frustration, and his blue eyes stood out against his tanned skin. He clearly worked out, as he had nice defined muscle, but not a gross amount that made him look like a body builder. Just enough that made the arms of his shirt hug tightly to him and his chest stand out slightly.

Tyler, could fell himself growing hard and he tried to fight it, but it was not easy seeing as he was about to strip naked for the 18 year old beauty standing innocently in front of him, not to mention, she was his student, a minor, and clearly not just a virgin, but inexperienced as well. The whole situation was enough that had he not developed a significant amount of self control over the first semester, would have made him cum almost immediately.

What happened next was as equally shocking to her as it was to him. His pants had barley hit the floor before he had the softest, sweetest lips he had ever tasted crushing against his own as she used his own body to hold her balance while she stood on her tippy toes kissing him. He didn’t even hesitate to return this kiss with just as much need. He hands wrapped around her body and pulled her in close, lifting her up and sitting her down atop his own desk.

Erin’s fingers reached up and began working away at the buttons on his crisp white button down shirt. With each one that came free she felt her own need grow. Her desire had taken over any reaction thought she had left, leaving her with nothing but pure, raw lust for Tyler. She finally worked all the buttons free, her fingers grazing his happy trail as she undid the last few, and she slipped the shirt off his shoulders, never breaking the kiss.

He was impressed at the skill she seemed to have as her tongue invaded his mouth with a hunger he had not felt in a long time. He would have never guessed from kissing this girl that she was so innocent. Nor would he have guessed given the drive she seemed to possess, unable to get him full yanked any faster, her lips moving down his neck to his chest as soon as his shirt was off. His own desires got the better of his, as she reached down and tugged her sweatshirt over her head along with the white tank top she had under it. Then, he turned his attention to her bra and working the clap on it as she sucked and played with his own nipples.

The moan that escaped her lips was enough to make him harder than he had ever been before. The sight of her bare breasts didn’t help. They were perfect size, shape, everything, and he couldn’t wait to get his lips on them. Another moan came from Erin as his mouth found one nipple and lips found the other.

“Ohhh, Mr. Harson…uhh, Tyler!” her voice was intoxicating and it wasn’t long before he was pulling away and yanking her pants over her perfectly shaped hips, bringing her underwear down with. Just because she was inexperienced, didn’t mean much. She was fully shaved, much to his liking. He bent down and planted one soft, swift kiss on her clit and then, within seconds, he was plunging deep into her virgin pussy. At first, she screamed out in pain, causing guilt to flood through him. But within moments she was rocking her hips right along with him and moaning for him to go faster and harder sneaking his name in there every once in awhile. Just the sound of his name flowing off her lips was a turn on and kept him going until, (sooner than was typical for him) he felt himself cumming inside her tight tight pussy.

She knew what he was doing and made no effort to make him stop, despite not having a condom. She let him finish, then he collapsed on the chair. No sooner had his bare ass hit the office chair than she was on her knees in front of him, licking and sucking off not only his cum, but her own juices from him, now limp, but quickly growing cock.

His hands wrapped in her hair and he guided her up and down his shaft as she sucked him like a porn star. He mouth fit perfectly around him. She couldn’t fit him all the way in without gagging, but this was only her first time, she given that, she was doing a damn fine job. It wasn’t long before he felt himself teetering on the edge again, gripping tighter to her hair, shoving her down on him before exploding into her mouth. He smiled to himself as she swallowed every last drop
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