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Hart family at African retreat, part 3

The 16 year old twins also became tangled in the African's lustful ventures
Part 3 from Jonathan.

It was early morning as the safari limo disappeared from site of the retreat compound. Dana, the oldest sister, had tried to stop the vehicle but was unable to. She knew the possible dangers that perhaps awaited her younger brother and sister but for now she could only remain behind and worry about them. Reflecting on her own affair with black male flesh last night, she embarrassingly felt a strange excitement. She was worried yet aroused at the thought of Shawn and Tia being in black hands.

"Damn it girl, why am I thinking thoughts about the possible seduction of my bother and sister. Why is it titillating....Damn it....I should be nothing but worried, Dana said to herself."

Dana knew that she would again be under her African man tonight and would be lustfully accepting his manhood. Her panties were wet at the thought of it and even shockingly more soaked at the thoughts creeping into her head about Tia and Shawn.

As the safari limo was well under way and the remains of civilization disappeared from view, the teenage passengers were all excited as they were now seeing the countryside and before long a few wildlife. The two girls, sisters, in the rear were not as consumed with the view as they were with black hands beginning to fondle them. They had been on this safari before and yearned for the excitement of having older black men love on them.

Refreshments had been stored in a cooler and were passed around to everyone not long after they left the retreat. A fruit punch that was very tasty but spiked with rum. All of the teens on this trip had drunk alcohol before but did not notice just how strong the alcohol was. They would soon.

The two girls, 16 and 17,  in the very rear were French and lived with their parents in the port city of Lagos. Their father was a sea captain and spent a lot of time away from home. Not only his daughters but his wife as well had black African men spend numerous nights in their home during his absence. These two French vixens knew there would be plenty of sex on this safari and being away from the parents made it even more exciting.

They wasted no time in getting their juices flowing. They had been with these two black Africans before and were eager to be with them again.

The oldest sister was sitting on the lap of the tallest African as he had his hand under her T-shirt fondling her breast and his other hand inside her unbuckled pants with his finger stroking her vagina. Her head was tilted back on his shoulder and her mouth partially open as she was absorbed in the sexual embrace of this black man. She could feel his stiffened manhood under her and his heavy breath on her neck.

The other sister was lip locked with her black man and his hand had also found it's way to her vagina. Luckily, the noisy sound of the vehicle drowned out the sounds of the two girls sensual moans. A curtain dividing the rear compartment kept them out of view from Shawn and Tia.

Shawn was seated next to the black African in the second row seat. He was thrilled with seeing a herd of gazelles running about a 150 meters east of their vehicle. The African was thrilled also but his excitement was sitting next to such a pretty young lad with blonde hair and small frame. He began pointing out different plants and a few animals to Shawn as he had placed his left hand on Shawn's knee. Shawn only thought of it as being attentive and friendly. The black African's thoughts were different and touching the white creamy skin of this morsel was delightful.

Meanwhile, Tia was seated next to a black African in the third row seat. She too was being counseled on the various sites. The African had his right arm on top of her seat slightly touching her shoulder. As she looked away at the window,  his eyes were undressing her. He had sex with an older white woman once before but she was nothing compared to a girl this young and so lovely.

"Miss Tia, I'm going to smoke some herb to clear a headache. Would you care to join me?"

"Oh, no...I do not smoke. But thank you anyway, she replied.

The African pulled out what looked like a ring size cigar and lit up. He also gave one to the African sitting next to Shawn. After only a few minutes, the smoke began building up in the vehicle.

Tia was beginning to cough a bit. "Sir, please roll your window down further. I cannot breathe properly."

"My apologies miss Tia. After a couple of more puffs I will put it out."

  Close to an hour had passed since they had left the retreat. They slowed down and turned onto a dirt road leading into a low hills landscape. Tia and Shawn were becoming light headed and feeling a bit tipsy from the smoke and the fruit drinks. Tia was just talking away and giggling when the vehicle hit a big bump in the road. Everyone sort of bounced up and as Tia was jarred, she inadvertently put her left hand on the lap of the African sitting next to her. Her hand found a hard penis that was more than accepting. Embarrassed, Tia quickly removed her hand from his lap.

The African laughed. "Did you find something you did not expect?"

"I am so sorry...I did not mean to touch you like that. It was very improper but truly an accident. Please forgive me," she replied.

"I will only forgive you if you put your hand back," he countered. The African then held her shoulder and gripped her hand pulling it back to his lap. He pressed her hand against his hard erection and leaned over with a slight kiss on her on the neck.

"Please don't, please. I'm not that kind of girl. I've never touched a black man before and my parents would hate me if I did."

Tia was shocked but was also feeling the herb's second hand smoke along with the drink.  Here, she was sitting next to a very black African almost twice her age.  Her parents were not here she was far from home. Her thoughts were mixed in that she was becoming aroused yet fearful of this man and what he might expect.  Then again,  she was also feeling a strange excitement with her hand pressed against his hardness.  She tried to remove her hand but the African firmly held it in place.

She was certainly not innocent of sexual activity as her family had thought but the thought of this muscular charcoal black man holding her and pressing her hand against his erection was very erotic. Never in her life did she think a black man would excite her. No way. But, oddly she no longer tried to remove her hand. Instead, she became curious and her fingers began to grip the hardness bulging in his pants.  The African griped her right shoulder harder.

Strangely, Tia was also aroused by the shiny gold Rolex snugly on his left wrist.  A beautiful watch in contrast to such a black arm.  Tia had always had a fetish for gold jewelry....especially bracelets or a gold Rolex.

Tia had felt only two cocks in her life but they were white and not very large. The largest was with her former boyfriend who had seduced her several times.

Tia could no longer contain herself and nervously whispered: "You appear to have a big penis. Do most Africans have penises as big as yours?" Tia couldn't believe she said that.

"No, miss Tia. That is a myth but my father was big and I inherited a rather large manhood.  A young white girl like yourself has probably never seen a black penis, especially one this big," The African proudly replied.

"No, I have never had the desire to see a black man's would probably frighten me," Tia nervously replied.

"Well girl, that moment has arrived and I think you might not be so alarmed as you think," the African softly stated.

The African then unzipped his pants and out popped a long semi-hard jet- black penis. Tia was shocked. "Please, don't do brother might look back....this is too weird.  You need to stop. This is not what I expected on a safari."

The African whispered back. "Miss Tia, do not be alarmed. If you turn around and pull the curtains back you will see the other two girls are enjoying their African men."

Although afraid of what might occur, Tia slightly pulled the curtain back and then almost gasped at what was going on.  One girl had a black cock in her and the other girl was giving head.

"Oh my gosh, what type of safari is this," Tia nervously asked.  "It is a safari and we will see animals in their habitat but we also invite whites to our habitat and culture," the African replied. 

Tia was even more confused but could not help but be aroused by what was going on behind her.  The African then placed his hand on her jaw and looked into her eyes...."young girl, I am not here to harm you but I want to bond with you and share with you things that you never imagined. You are so lovely and I am very excited at being next to you."

"I certainly never imagined this. A black man with his penis out of his pants and holding me tight against way," Tia replied. 

The African slowly extended his left hand to below her neck and began to tug at her shirt. Tia, although alarmed, watched as his black hand unbuttoned two buttons of her shirt and softly crept inside. She was not wearing a bra so his hand found her white breast quickly. She was mesmerized at the crystal reflections of his watch as he slowly began to fondle her.

"Oh my gosh, this can't be happening....I'm sitting here and allowing a black African to touch my breast," she muttered.

Then she felt his right arm holding her more tightly and sliding from her shoulder to her waist.  

After fondling her breast he removed his hand and softly lowered it between her legs. Tia slightly parted her legs as his black hand began to rub her loins.

Tia was feeling excited yet a bit frightened. A sudden small orgasm shot through her and she bit her lip not to let out a moan out loud.  She wondered to herself why she was letting a black African man touch her like this. Although aroused, she felt uncomfortable with black hands all over her.

"Please, you've got to stop. This is not right and I fear that my brother will see this. I do not know why I have let this get this far. You are not only very black but twice my age. My parents would disown me if they knew I allowed a black man to fondle me like this...please release me...please.

"Your brother is going to be taken care of by my friend. He will be no threat. He too will have a black sexual experience...he just doesn't know it yet."

Tia nervously replied, " That African with him is gay?....Oh my gosh...Shawn has never had sex with a man before."

"He will have it soon and will enjoy it," the African replied.

Just as the African said that, he griped Tia tightly and placed his lips on her mouth.  Tia's eyes grew wide and although shocked, she was even more aroused as his left hand unsnapped her pants and black fingers found her vagina. She wiggled as he pressed his tongue into her mouth. "Oh my gosh, A black man is kissing me and I am enjoying it," she thought.

Then something she never imagined....Tia placed nervously placed her hand on his penis.  As she griped it, his long jet black penis began to grow harder and she held it in amazement.  "It's so black and big...I cannot imagine a woman taking that inside of her," Tia sheepishly said.

As she held his manhood, the black African slowly pulled Tia down on the seat. She was becoming wet and being kissed by this black buck while holding his penis was overwhelming. It was then that Tia surrendered to the taboos of being absorbed by black flesh.  As a woman, although very young, her sexuality over powered her common sense and she was becoming resigned to being black fucked.

The sisters in the rear had wasted no time. One of them was now facing and straddling the tall African on the seat. Her pants were off and his black cock was buried deep in her bottom. Her arms were around his neck with her fists clinched from the initial pain of his hardness. Soon her juices were flowing and the pain went away. She moved up and down milking his erection. The African soon leaned back on the seat pulling her down with him and pushed even deeper into her body.

Her sister had her lips locked around the shaft of the other African as his tongue lapped her vagina. Both were on a stimulated high and about to fuck when he shot his load. With this African it was only the beginning. Her last encounter with this black African had gone on for most of a night.

Shawn had been so into watching the landscape he had forgotten about his sister Tia.

When he heard his sister gasp out loud, Shawn turned and look over the seat at his sister. The African had her pinned on the large seat and was kissing her as she was stroking his manhood. A big black cock with a small white hand holding on. "What the hell is going on Tia?"

"Shiii, do not be concerned with your sister. She is enjoying being with a black man. He is not harming her," the African next to him directly stated.

"But she is my sister and I have never seen her do anything like this," Shawn nervously replied.

The African next to him stated," all the girls on this trip are going to enjoy the company of black Africans. They are not forced to accept black lust, they desire it once they are exposed to it. Your sister is no different. Your other sisters back at the retreat are enjoying black African sex also."

Shawn was confused. "Well why was I brought on this safari? I am a boy."

The African put his arm around Shawn pulling him close to him. "You are here to satisfy my passions. I am very attracted to you." His black hand began to rub Shawn's crotch.

"Are you gay. Are you trying to have sex with me?" Shawn nervously replied.

"Listen to the moans and groan of your sister and the other girls. They are enjoying the lust of black men. I'm not trying to have sex with you....I'm going to have sex with you and you will enjoy it, trust me."

The African un-buckled Shawn's shorts and pressed him back down on the seat. Shawn could not believe that he was feeling excited being held by a man, especially a black man. He knew there was nothing he could do to avoid this man lusting on him. He was even more perplexed that he was getting hard from the dark black hand stroking his penis. Within a minute the African had Shawn's penis in his mouth.

Shawn then twisted to turn and look between the seats. Shockingly, he saw his sister lip-locked with the other black African as her pants were dangling from one of her ankles. The African was on top of her. Her legs were shaking and trying to grip his buttocks as he was stroking his black dick into her. Tlia was holding on to his bare shoulders while her eyes were closed and mouth wide open. She was panting yet begging him not to cum in her.

"Please take it out, pleaseeee, don't cum in me....I'm not on the pill and I don't want a baby...Oh, oh, oh,'re, no, ....Oh my're going to cum into me....nooooooo"

Her small white legs then unlocked and then began shaking. Tia let out a groan as another orgasm shot through her. The black African began to spew his jism into her belly.

"Oh, oh, my gosh, you're spewing in me! You're splitting me. Oh my gosh, oh my God," Tia gasped. The African's charcoal buttocks was in full bore and thrusting hard as he drained himself into her young white body.

Her body became limp as the black African drained all of his spunk into her.  Tia was soaked with his sweat and the African slowly pulled his black dick form her loins. Tia was unaware that another black cock would be invading her now lubricated vagina. The driver would soon be on top of her also and shoot his load into her young body.

Shawn got even more excited as he watched his sister being blacked. He needed a release also. The African holding him was more than willing to oblige. Holding Shawn's wrists, the African again put a lip lock on his penis and began sucking him. At first alarmed, Shawn began to feel a strange pleasure as the African had his way. It was eerie but listening to his sister's moans and being held down and sucked on was over whelming. It did not take long before Shawn's penis erupted and shot a wad into the African's throat.

The African had also placed a finger into Shawn's anus and was stroking him. There was more to come.

The safari limo had already stopped. The area was secluded and quite. The only sounds about were those that came from the vehicle. The African driver and guard exited and then climbed back into the rear section. For the next hour the vehicle appeared to shake a bit. Not surprising since there were eager black dicks pounding white bottoms. A few squeals, shouts and moans drifted outside and into the wilds.

It would be the beginning of a long day and night in the African wilderness. Lives would be changed and for these Africans....their lust for white bodies would be more than satisfied.

One never knows the unexpected events of an African safari.  Especially if you are young and white.

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