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He Had Never Touched Another Woman

The longtime online lovers finally meet each other in person...
My heart is pounding hard inside my chest. I knew if this were to ever happen, my senses would be going crazy but I didn’t anticipate that it could ever be this intense. I swear I feel like my chest is going to explode.

My beautiful friend is in the bathroom primping as I lie across the hotel bed waiting for her. The situation isn’t ideal for her either, what with her being married as well. One thing that is good is the fact that she understands and embraces the need for discretion. It’s the first time either of us has actually met someone else but we’ve been on a collision course since our first online chat. Many months have passed since then and here I find myself thinking about nothing else but doing what was once the unthinkable.

My breath is suddenly stolen from me as she walks into the room wearing a beautiful lacy bra and matching white panties with flowering details on them, four inch heels and red lipstick. She looks unbelievable.

“Is it okay if I do this out here in front of you?” she asks as she sits down in the blue chair and places the razor, mirror, lotion and cream on the side table. Damn, she’s really preparing for me, and right here in front of me. I’m speechless, a novelty for me. All I can do is nod.

Before propping one foot up on the seat, she slides her panties down her lovely legs and spreads them apart a little. She looks up at me and flashes both her sexy-ass smile and her smooth pussy and landing strip. It doesn’t look like it needs to be shaved but apparently she wants everything to be perfect. It’s already perfect. I’m fascinated as I watch her pull her luscious lips apart and meticulously remove every bit of hair on and around them. I’m a virgin to pussy shaving and I’m immediately hooked. Few things I’ve seen have ever been more sensual than this. Next she grabs a bottle of lotion and slowly bathes her soft skin in it and returns the items to the other room. She looks at me as she walks back in and sits down, placing a potpourri of new items on the table.

“So, you don’t mind if I continue do you?” she purrs, spreading her legs wider now and placing them over the arms of the blue chair as she stares into my eyes. I don’t think she expects an answer and none is given. She holds me still, binding me helpless, by batting her gorgeous eyes at me. We are both breathless as she slides two fingers in between her moist lips. The silence is broken when she quickly pulls them out and sucks them into her mouth. Her actions are accompanied by a loud moan and sultry smile. As she reaches for the vibe the fingers dive back in. In and out they continue to plunge her depths until they’re joined by the five incher on her clit. My wife has never given me this pleasure. I’m a virgin to female masturbation. The vision before me is so overwhelming it’s making my head spin.

As her body continues to respond, as her need to roll over the edge nears, I can’t take it anymore. I lie back on the pillows and begin to rub my throbbing cock through my jeans.

“Do you mind if” and before this overtly excited man can spit out the words she interrupts me and says, “Please do!”

I stand up and strip down to my boxer briefs and drop back down onto the bed.

“All of it honey, I want to see it all!” she purrs through half opened eyes. She is staring at me as she works frantically toward her first come.

I rise again and slide them down to my ankles and stand back up, kicking the underwear in her direction. My rigid, pulsing cock points rudely at her as I gaze upon her smiling. She giggles a little as she catches them and sensuously draws them toward her face. As her eyes peek over the fabric at me she draws them to her nose and takes in the sight and odor of my pre-cum soaked briefs. Still staring she pulls the man milk to her tongue and licks the slick dew from the cloth. As she does this a low, guttural moan escapes her beautiful lips letting me know that the dam has broke. Immediately her hips rise and fall, meeting her hand and vibe as she fucks herself right there in front of me. It’s by far the most animated come I’ve ever witnessed. The sight is incredible, leaving me in a sensual fog. I walk over to get a closer look and stand not four feet from her, just watching as I stroke my cock above her. As she comes down from the mountaintop and her eyes stop glazing over, the dripping cock before her catches her eye.

“Come here baby!” she says. “Just relax and place your hands on your hips,” she continues as my dick approached her mouth. I do as she says as she takes the tip of my cock and raises it higher and places it just inside her lips. Then she begins to extend her juicy tongue in and out of her mouth, causing it to sweep along belly of my shaft.

“Hmmmmmm, do you like this babe?” she asks as her tongue flicks over the dripping head, gathering some of my clear jism into her mouth.. Again I’m speechless as she takes me in her tiny hand and completely engulfs my cock, bobbing her head up and down on it. It’s weird, but what hits me supersedes the pleasure I’m receiving, as magnificent as it is. You know what I’m thinking? How in the fuck could the wife who claims to love me refrain from giving her “lover” pleasure such as this for the decades that we’ve been married? Through the intense pleasure I keep wondering why she is so damn disengaged? Quite frankly it’s a rather fleeting thought, what with my beautiful friend eyeing me as she frantically draws my cum towards its eruption. And erupt it does. My hips are fucking her face now as the fierceness of my need sends shot after shot into her welcoming mouth. She is delighted to drink down every single drop I have to offer and again I’m actually thinking with my big head: how in the world did I find such a perfect lover?

“Hmmmmmm, you taste lovely Mike. If it was possible, I’d drink this up every single day for the rest of my life!” she says as she continues to lick over the head and up the veiny shaft. “Now, if I’m not mistaken, you’ve promised me three comes to every one of yours. Does my memory serve me correctly baby?” she coos. I smile back and give her what she wants, an affirmative response. “Good! So, would you mind?”

Her desire is quite clear as she sits up in the chair and spreads her legs wide, exposing her dripping, puffy slit.

“Keep your hands behind your back and taste me!” she pants as I kneel down and move my hungry mouth toward the target. With extended tongue I flick over the length of her glistening sex, from base to clit, and lap at her juices and cum.

“Oh fuck!” she screams. “Yes! YES!!!” she yells as she falls back into the blue chair while holding her ankles. That’s all the invitation I need. Her nectar is amazing and her body responds very, very quickly. I haven’t been licking for more than a minute of two when she lets go of her limbs and forcefully grabs my head. As her body basks in her orgasm she sprays more of her creamy goodness into my mouth.

“Fuck yes! Keep going Mike, I’m really close to another one!” she hisses.

I can hear the buzzing of the vibe again as it hovers over her clit. Since her swollen nub is being taken care of I figure it’s time to head south. As her body quickly closes in on another come, she thrusts her hips forward and moans loudly. I drag my tongue through her musky crack and coat her rosebud with my saliva. That’s all she wrote as my forehead is flooded again as my tongue toys with her ass. As she continues to shake I frantically lap up her sweet treasures. This experience is truly amazing. I’ve longed for an insatiable woman, and someone who wants me as much as I’ve wanted her. It looks like I finally found her.

“Hot damn!” she finally says, several minutes later after lying back in the chair to catch her breath. “Damn that was good! How are you my love?”

“I’m great. That’s two babe. I think I still owe you one more...”

She smiles at me and asks me to hop on the bed. “Lie down and extend your arms overhead for me. I have a surprise for you.”

I do as she asks and, after retrieving something from her bag, my heart begins to race in anticipation and fear. In no time she has secured my hands to the headboard of the king size bed and my cock stands at attention.

“Honey, you’re going to love this,” she says as she climbs on top of me. Her look is one of pure lust as she sits on top of my legs and looks down at me. She smiles, leans over and lifts my cock and then pulls my nut sack into her mouth. Next she meticulously sweeps her tongue from my balls up my cock until she reaches the tip.

“Hmmmmmm, do you like that Mikey?” she purrs. She’s obviously a woman who loves a hard cock as I just stare and groan. “How do you like this?” she teases as she pushes my needy cock down onto my stomach and crawls forward. Soon she’s spreading the slick lips of her pussy apart and lowers herself until her cunny surrounds my shaft on both sides. The first thing I notice is the incredible heat that radiates from her steamy pussy. The next thing is the feeling of bliss as she moves her hips forward and then back, sliding her cunt over the length of my cock. I have to watch. I raise my head and look down my stomach only to see my cock disappear the reappear every time she glides across me. My tip pops up each time she backs up and when she presses forward again, my knob is swallowed by her juicy slit. As soon as her clit hits me she gasps again, every fucking time. Damn is this hot. Between her weight pressing down on me and the sheer heat and friction she’s creating, I’m about to have an earth shattering come. I can tell that its working wonders for her as well. With eyes closed and each hand mauling and pinching her nipples, I lean up and bite down on one of her nips as it pokes between her fingers and she moans deliciously. She is just shy of screaming when she opens her eyes.

“Is this fucking hot or what,” she moans. “Just think how we’ll feel when I finally stick your rod inside!” Again her eyes close and she grinds against me even harder. I can’t take it anymore. I want to take her in my arms and fuck her hard. I just want to grab her, throw her down on the bed and pummel her body until she’s screaming at the top of her lungs. Before the scenario in my mind is complete she finally takes my cock in hand. In a quick and athletic move she raises her body off of mine and lines me up with the entrance to her twitching twat.

“It’s time baby; enjoy the ride!” she teases me as the tip glides back and forth between her wet lips. We moan in unison at the incredible sensation in our extremely swollen fleshy glands. She waits until our eyes are locked and then lowers her body down again until I am balls deep inside of her slit. As if a starting gun is fired she begins to buck and ride me hard and it makes us both absolutely delirious. I want to grab one of her tits with one hand and while smacking her ass with another, just egging her on, but alas my arms are of no use. I can’t even touch the lovely woman who is mercilessly fucking me, milking my cock with every squeeze of her fleshy folds. All I can do is lay back and enjoy it just as it is. I gaze up at her and her head is arching back now as sweat drips down from her body to mine.

“Fuck...oh FUCK!!!! You are so fucking hot baby!” she spits as she looks down and her eyes roll back and her throat groans. Like a riptide, her orgasm overtakes her, pulling her body beneath the uncharted waters, throwing her every which way in a fashion that is beyond her control. My body has come to its end as well as I feel the first wad of spunk shooting inside the recesses of the tightest cunt I’ve ever had. My expletives are matching hers as the milking she gives me is on the verge of being painful. Incredulously, my overly excited cock remains hard long after my supply of cream has been exuded from my tool. Dreamily I watch as she takes me in hand and then sucks me into her mouth while looking me dead in the eyes.

When my tool is clean, still hard and pulsing, and coated her lovely saliva. Damn is she amazing.

“Would you mind?” I know exactly what she’s asking for.

“Sure, I’d love to. Would you like that?” I inquire.

As she turns around and backs up towards my mouth she says, “I don’t know. No one has ever done this befo...”

My penetrating tongue stops her cold in her tracks. I’ve never licked my cum from a pussy before and I’m not sure I’d always drain one that I’d just filled up, but damn! I must say I’d do this for her every fucking time if she wanted me to. Each time I flicked over her swollen clit her body spasms a little bit more and the sound coming from her mouth is drives me absolutely crazy. She is moaning and gasping like she hadn’t gotten off in years. It’s been all of five whole minutes.

“Yes! YES!!!! OMGaaaawwwddddd YES!!!” she screams as her fluids trickle through her slick, pink lips, causing our cum to pour into my mouth. It is utterly delicious. As I heartily lap on her lovely folds she leans down and takes my cock back inside her mouth and goes to town on me.

“Hmmmmmm, this is tasty,” she teases and drops down to swallow me again. Within minutes we are both coming again inside the others mouth. After reveling for many minutes in the afterglow, she turns around and lies beside me, wrapping her arms around my waist. We fall asleep in this wonderful position. I really enjoy the warmth of her skin, her beautiful aroma and the sound of her heart beating against my chest.

Sometime later I awake to an empty bed. I can hear the shower in the bathroom and notice that my limbs have been set free. I’m laying here a very satisfied man as I drift back to sleep.

She’s kissing me tenderly now, saying that we will definitely have to do this again. Her hair is wet and she is fully clothed.

“Goodbye for now my love. Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon,” she says as she kisses me one last time and closes the door behind her.

I sit up in the bed and place my feet on the floor. My hands slowly begin to glide through my hair and, in the solitude, I begin to think aloud.

“Wow, what a day! Who would have thought? Well, in spite of what’s transpired, I’m glad I can go home to my wife with a clear conscience. I still have yet to put my hands on another woman!”

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