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He Was My Teacher PT 1

The beginning of Marsha's sexperience.
He was my teacher. My gym teacher. None of this was right! We weren't supposed to be in the same changing room, let alone be fucking like this.

It was 3pm sharp, and college was finally over. It had been a long day, with gym class all afternoon, and English this morning. I had finished a game of netball; I had been jumping around a lot, my breasts jumping from my lacy black bra. It had been a warm afternoon and my white vest top had become seeing through, so you could see the detailing off the bra.

Going into the changing room, I sat down on the bench for a bit, to relax myself. I sighed and picked up my water bottle, squirting it over my face, attempting to cool myself as much as possible. I slipped my trainers off, and rested my head back on the wall, whilst the other girls got changed and went out, walking home with their boyfriends, or fuck buddies as I call them. I had no one. I had to go home on my own. AGAIN! Once everyone had gone, I began to change myself, I felt conscious in front of the other girls. Yawning, I stripped my top off, and looked in the full view mirror. I tilted my head. I did look good, I was slender, I was skinny, and I was curvy. My hands ran along my curves, and I smiled, the touch of my skin smooth.

I let my hair loose, as it flowed down my shoulders, to the middle of my back. I smirked, I’d always loved my hair, it was the best thing about me. I pushed it out my face, and then continued to look in the mirror, touching myself here and there. There was nothing wrong with an 18 year old girl checking herself out, right? I ran my hands over my bra and shuddered, liking the feel. My hands slipped down to my shorts, and I pulled them down, picking them up and placing them into my bag. Now I was nearly bare, just my bra and thong on, my peachy ass cheeks on show. I smirked, turning so I could look at them. I grinned to myself, and turned back, then rubbed my thighs. I bit on my lip, as my hands got closer and closer to my pussy. I was beginning to get wet.


I screamed, trying to cover myself up, and failing miserably. It was coach, he was supposed to lock up, but he had come in. He looked me up and down, and smirked, obviously liking what he saw. He walked over and shook his head.

“Why are you still here for?” he tilted his head, is lovely brown shaggy hair falling as he did. God he was hot. I was so glad he was my gym teacher, otherwise I wouldn’t survive. He was tall, around 5 inches taller than me, he was very muscular, tanned, and had the most amazing smile in the world. I blushed as his hand moved away the towel I was using to hide myself.

“You don’t have to hide from me, gorgeous. I saw what you were doing, and I liked it.” He smirked as he grabbed my waist, pulling me close to his hips, I could feel his dick against my thigh, and it felt great. Was I really turning into some teenage slut? I shrugged, and reached up, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. He kissed me back as his hands ran down my back, through my hair, and straight to my ass. His finger ran up and down the line of my thong, and pulled it to the side, so his finger could run all the way down to my pussy. I began giggling.

“Sir, what are you doing?” I smirked, but let him, it felt amazing, his big strong hands on my petite body. He shook his head and just carried on, his fingers fiddling with my lips. I let out a little moan, and he must of heard it, because next thing I knew, he had sat me down on the bench.

“Marsha, has a boy ever eaten you out?” A cheeky grinned played on his lips as he began to pull his own top off, throwing it onto the floor beside him.

“ “ I was trembling with excitement, everything about this was just so naughty and crazy, it turned me on even more. I pulled my panties off and threw them next to his top, smiling as he took a look at my perfectly shaved, bright pink pussy. He licked his lips as he knelt down in front of me, grabbing my thighs and parting them as far as they would go.

“Fuck, Marsh... You’re really wet.” He laughed as he took his right hand, and gently made his thumb rub my clit round and round gently in little circles, being careful. His tongue waggled around, edging closer to my slit, before it ran along, from my ass to my clit. His hot breath on me, I couldn't take it. He stroked harder as he stuck his tongue into my pussy, licking me clean. My hands ran through his hair as I pulled him closer, I needed him now. His other hand was rubbing at his cock, getting it ready for me, I hoped. He had pulled it out of his shorts, all 10 inches of it.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned out, arching my back and clenching my muscles. My juices flooded out into his mouth as he licked them all up, savouring them. He winked and stood up, pulling his shorts completely off so we were both naked. His hand resting on the back of my neck, he gently pulled me forward so my lips were resting on the tip of his rock hard dick.

“Now suck it like the whore you are,” he said, forcing it in. I groaned as he did, my lips sliding over the head as my right hand stroked up and down, touching his balls now and again. My left hand was playing with my pussy, I was still dripping wet, and I could feel the moist running down my thigh. I could feel him pushing himself far into my mouth, throat fucking me as much as he could, and as I gagged it made him speed up more, gripping onto my hair as he forced it in.

“Fucking hell Marsh... I... I’m gonna cum all down your slutty little throat.” He grinned, watching my head bob back and forth, before he began to tense up, shooting his load down my throat. I gargled it around, before he pulled me up, and grinned.

“You don’t think I’m finished here, do you?” ...

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