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He’s Tired of Being Teased at the Gym

So one day he takes matters into his own hands…
So there’s this woman at the gym. You know the type I’m talking about. I see her pretty much every evening, Monday through Friday. We normally arrive around the same time and often times even walk in the front door together around 7:00. That gives us two hours until the gym closes. She is gorgeous and you can tell she knows it. She walks around the gym as if she owns the damn thing. Most of the time she doesn’t even acknowledge you she just glides on by strutting her stuff, knowing that every single guy and many of the women can’t keep their eyes off of her. She loves the attention she gets and I have to believe she’s addicted to it.

Today she seems to be even worse than usual. Yes, I said worse. It's one thing to look beautiful and to work hard on your body to keep it that way but it’s another thing altogether when your motive is to strictly tease and bait those around you. While I can’t read minds and don’t pretend to be able to, it seems quite apparent with what happened a few minutes ago that this is exactly what she’s doing.

The first thing that happens is, as she begins to stretch, she leans her weight against the wall with her body at a 45 degree angle. As the music rocks in the gym she is rotating her body weight onto her toes, her ass cheeks keeping beat with the music as it blares through the speakers, loosening up her calves and quads as she pushes against the wall. Next, she stands up and, while still facing the wall, begins to dance to the music, shaking that perfect ass to the beat of the erotic song. I can hardly breathe and, as I peruse the facility, I notice another dozen people gawking at the same gorgeous sight, some of them shaking their heads and muttering. They are just as tongue-tied as me.

I regain my composure and walk to the other end of the gym, just trying to cool down a bit. Next thing you know I’m stretching, sitting on the carpet with my back to the racquetball courts, just trying to loosen up before starting a game with a friend. I look up and there she is, at it again. How can anyone keep from constantly staring at Alma? Her long, dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail as it drops down over her hot pink clingy top that encompasses her medium sized yet very firm breasts. As usual, her hardened nipples poke through the thin fabric. She has very tan skin and dark eyes, typical of her Latina heritage. Nearly every day she wears those black, form-fitting yoga capris but not today.

As she bends down to touch her toes I watch in amazement at the pair of Dolphin shorts she’s sporting, those very tight silky things for runners that barely covers the wearer’s ass, creeps up and into the deep crevice of her ass, displaying the lower end of her cheeks for all the world to see. Did I mention her ass? Oh my word, she owns the most amazing piece I have ever laid eyes on, whether in pictures, film or in person. Her 5’ 4” frame is lean and lightly muscled and has all of the curvy charms a woman could ever want but, as you look at her backside, you’d swear she’s had surgery to add a few inches and an extra six to eight pounds of muscle to her gluts. And on this day, it is this mighty fine butt that finally sets me off. In spite of how it might look I need to get a closer look.

Under the guise of needing to use a piece of equipment just past her, I’m walking towards her as she continues to bend, almost touching the side of her face to her leg. As I’m about to walk by her left side a soft moan escapes her lips and my already swollen cock grows another inch. It isn’t planned, it just happens, this abrupt and forceful reaction to the incredibly sexy sight and sound.


My right hand apparently has a mind of its own. As soon as my body is beside hers it swings and plants a very hard swat right on the cheek of her ass. Immediately she stands at attention, completely stunned by the pain laid on her greatest asset. I’m as shocked as she is and so, not knowing what to do, I do nothing but walk on by and listen in as she draws a deep breath inside. I look down and my hand is shaking as I think about what I’ve just done and figure I’m screwed. At the very least, it’ll be just a matter of minutes until I’m kicked out of the gym and escorted off of the premises.

As I turn to sit down on the leg press machine I’m facing her again. I’m amazed to find her still standing motionless, hands her on hips as she stares at me. I look back down to the machine and push my legs forward. It seems she is lost in debate and it takes a full couple of minutes to draw whatever conclusions she’s made until I witness her walking over toward the front desk.

Ron is waving his arms now, motioning me to begin play. Soon I’m passing through the glass door when I turn to see her talking to Penny the Assistant Manager. After a short talk she retreats back over to the leg machines to resume her workout. It’s 8:15 now and my mind is anywhere but on this court with my buddy. He makes quick work of me, taking both games from the guy who usually kills him. His smile is broad and proud as we exit the court. It’s 8:50 now as I watch Ron head for the front door. As far as I can tell the gym is now empty except for Alma, Penny and me.

Alma continues to work out hard but she is still staring at me. I can’t tell by her expression whether she’s straining at the machine or pissed at me or both. Her jaw is tight and her lips taut as she lies on her stomach on the hamstring machine and curls her legs up to her beautiful bubble butt. I decide it’s time to try and make amends and salvage my membership as I tentatively walk and stand in front of her.

“Hey!” I say as I smile and nod. Yeah, I know, what a great beginning from the great communicator.

“Hey yourself!” she says, again in a way that’s difficult for me to read.

“I just wanted to say...”

“Don’t say a thing,” she interrupts me while rising up to rest on her elbows while still lying flat on the bench from just above the waist down. The view of her cleavage is cock inspiring as she continues. “I’ve always been a woman who demands my way and for as long as I can remember, people have just kissed my ass because of the way I look. No one, not even my own parents when I was growing up, no one has ever smacked my ass before. Just look at what you did to me!”

I can’t for the life of me figure what she’s about to show me when she rolls her left hip off the bench placing her weight fully on the right one. As I look down her damp clothes something sticks noticeably out: her black shorts are completely soaked at her crotch. The vinyl bench is damp with sweat as well but there’s a six inch puddle where her shorts once lay. If she hasn’t come, she at least is dripping wet with excitement. I glance back and look her in the eyes. I figure a change of tactics is in order.

“Well, I’m glad you liked it. But I didn’t do it just for me. I did it for everyone who’s wanted to do that to you for over these many months. You’re a prick tease and you deserved it. And, just so you know, I’m not finished dishing out your punishment yet!” I say in the most sincere and stern voice I’ve ever used on a woman.

“Alma, I’m heading out now. Don’t forget to return the keys to me tomorrow. I only have one extra set!” Penny yells as she exits the door and locks it.

“Oh my, you know how bad you have been don’t you? You realize the need for further punishment!” I scold her playfully.

“Yes sir!” she says through her half smile.

My racket, encased in its vinyl cover, is in my left hand. Before she knows what’s hit her I raise my hand and watch her ass shake as it crashes down hard onto it. She is beautifully stunned once again. Without any objections my arm begins to flail away at her luscious booty, the flat head pounding on her round mounds of flesh. I look down at a woman whose eyes are now clenched closed and she is ready to come, and she hasn’t even touched her dripping pussy. With my right hand I quickly lower my shorts and underwear and draw my hardened manhood close to her face as I continue to swing away. When I’m but a few inches away she opens her eyes and is staring straight at my cock. The manly, sweaty smell had told her of its presence.

“Suck it! I want to come in your mouth!” I bark as I grab the back of her head and shove it past her mostly willing lips. As my left hand pounds her ass, the other one grabs onto her hair. I thrust my hips in perfect rhythm to the paddling I’m giving her as I draw ever closer to the edge.

“Do you like that baby? Do you like to have your face fucked?” I tease. “Don’t you dare touch your pussy! I’ll tell you if and when you can come!” All she can do is moan as my meat fills her mouth to the brim. I’m pleasantly surprised by her skills. I never would have guessed she would serve a man very well but that’s exactly what she’s doing.

“Now I want you to listen closely,” I say, now panting, almost grunting as I’m about to blow. “Don’t let one single drop escape your lips or there will be hell to pay. Do you understand me? Now drink down every last drop!” I demand. With that directive she cups one of my ass cheeks and pulls me in deeper as the first gush spits into her mouth. Shot after torrid shot passes her lips and is sucked down her lovely throat. She is moaning as she drinks my cream down.

“Now you can touch yourself. Finger fuck that pussy for me Alma!”

Her left hand immediately finds her sex and in mere seconds she is fucking herself to a fantastic come of her own.

“Fuck!!!” we both scream simultaneously as our orgasms rack our bodies. My hips keep jamming my cock down her throat until, in its finally shrunken state, it falls from her lips. I watch as she tries to swallow the load that’s trapped between her lips. When she finally gathers herself I humongous smile spreads across her face. She is still diddling her clit as she looks up at me and licks my still dripping cock like an ice cream cone.

“Did you like that baby?” I ask. Her smile says more than words can explain. “Would you like a little bit more before we go?” I inquire. She quickly stands up and strips completely naked and sits back down on the bench.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” I say as I remove the remainder of my clothing. “Turn and face me,” I order. “Now place your head and shoulders only on the bench and, bending at your knees, hold yourself in a vertical plank for me.” So here she is, all sprawled out, propping herself up naked right in front of me.

“Well I’m afraid there’s a change of plans,” I tell her. Her body is simply incredible, from every angle you look at her. Her bronzed skin shows no tan lines whatsoever. The only thing that sticks out, besides her gorgeous protruding nipples, is that her smooth hairless body has a fairly thick and dark tuft of mane above her pubes. “I’m not fucking that!” I say as if disgusted by the beautiful image before me. “I only fuck shaved pussy!” She looks extremely disturbed by my statement, seemingly worried that our fun is over. “Don’t worry baby, you’re going to come again!” I assure her as she lays her head back onto the bench and closes her eyes.

Before me is her lovely, swelling, dripping sex as I sit on the floor and scoot between her legs. As I sit between her feet I place my hands on the inside of her thighs and push them wide. As I blow on her hard clit a low moan fills the air.

“Pinch your nipples!” I direct and she quickly follows suit. As I slide two fingers inside her shiny folds her hips rise to meet me. “Do you want to get fucked Alma?” I coo. “Tell me, what do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me!” she spits out.


“Wrong answer slut! I don’t fuck hairy cunts!” As my right hand plunges her depths my left hand resumes spanking her sexy ass, rotating from one cheek to the other. “Do you understand?” I bark again.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes sir,” she says as her body continues to receive its dual assault.

“That’s a good girl,” I assure her. I can tell she’s soon approaching another come. I figure I can help. As my tongue tenderly flicks over her clit, I take it into my mouth and bite down on it. “Do you like that babe? Come for me now!”

Like clockwork her body explodes all over my hand and face and I aggressively lap at her hot little slit. Her juices are copious and extremely sweet and I’m savoring every single drop. A minute later, after grabbing her right nipple and tweaking it mercilessly, she is coming yet again as my fingers and tongue continue to make her lithe, beautiful body shudder. As I draw my head back to watch I remove my fingers from her cunny and tap on her clit, spanking it until she finally begs me to stop.

“Well I must say I sure enjoyed you Alma!” I say as I drive my tongue one last time into the deep recesses of her pussy. Her moans confirm that she’s rather pleased as well.

“Now, when you show up here tomorrow to be fucked, I want that pussy to be completely shaved, got it!”

“Yes sir!” she says with a smile, part seriously and part dripping in sarcasm. We’re standing now as I pull her to me and give her a quick kiss and a hug. Suddenly we are both startled by a very loud bang.

I unison we turn to the glass store front and witness a man frantically pounding on the door with a fistful of keys in hand. I don’t recognize him but he looks upset, like he’s really pissed.

“Who’s that? Certainly a pudgy out of shape guy like that can’t be in management here. Who in the hell could it be?” I ask.

“Unfortunately, that pudgy out of shape maniac is my husband!”

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