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His Best Friend's Daughter: Part III-His Dilemma

So what did Emily and Anna get up to while Gabby was seducing John?
His Best Friend’s Daughter: Part III- His Dilemma

Well, when we last left John and the ever so teasing and flirtatious Gabby (the sexy sixteen-year-old daughter of his best friend Patrick) who had been teasing and flirting with him for weeks had finally seduced John in the guesthouse of her family’s villa in Majorca. Seduced him not once, but twice! Gabby had not only bedded John that night after the club and dancing, but John had awoken in the early Spanish sunlight to a young inexperienced but rather adventurous mouth sucking on his cock like a lollipop.

Gabby had then proceeded to mount John cowgirl style and when her phone rang Gabby had slowly rotated her hips and ground her pussy against John’s almost eight-inch cock while talking nonchalantly with her mother about their evening out. John had learned that if nothing else, Gabby was certainly naughty and adventurous.

Gabby had enjoyed riding John’s cock with a huge grin while she talked with her mom on the phone. Minutes later she and John had cum in mutual simultaneous huge orgasms when the voice of Gabby’s nineteen-year-old sexy sister Emily is heard entering the guesthouse and calling for them.

So let’s turn the clock back to the night before. We now know what has happened with John and Gabby as they head home, with Gabby fully intent on bedding her dad’s hunky best friend and ridding herself of her virginity once and for all with the man of her choosing; the man of her dreams. The predator has lured in her prey with her coy and teasing temptation and he will be hers for the night. But what, pray tell, did Emily and Anna get up to?

As the group rides back in the SUV towards the villa Emily is in the back seat in her very short white mini skirt and tight blue top that profiles her amazingly trim sexy waist and her firm young C breasts. Her sexy best friend the nineteen-year-old Anna Korner is sitting very close to Emily in her tight skinny black jeans that form completely to her amazingly sexy curvaceous body. Anna’s long full and curled brunette hair is thick and lustrous and falls in tumbles across the tight white Lycra top that flaunts Anna’s more voluptuous “come hither” full and firm teenage D breasts. Anna leans in and whispers to Emily.

“Em, kiss me! Fuck I’ve missed you baby.”

Emily looks at her and whispers back.

“What about John? Let’s wait till we get home.”

Anna slides her hand onto Emily’s bare thigh and strokes her leg and leans in and whispers further.

“I don’t care about John. Kiss me now or I won’t sleep with you tonight and you can take care of yourself with your silicone fucking vibrator and you can dream about my tantalizing tongue for all I care. The girls at my Uni are nothing like you. I need a kiss Em!”

Anna looks at Emily with lust filled insistent eyes and moves her soft warm lips in for a kiss. The two young girls begin to kiss passionately, tongues darting and probing. Anna’s hand strokes Emily’s thigh lightly and then moves up to massage the outside of her breast over the thin blue top. Emily restrains her moans and sighs at a level only Anna can hear under the car noise and her nipples harden under Anna’s knowledgeable touch. Two hard little points form under the fabric and Anna rolls and tweaks them with her fingers just the way Emily likes as their kiss heats up.

John surreptitiously watches the girls in the rearview mirror, Gabby holding his hand softly from the passenger seat, his cock rock hard from seeing two girls making-out. John tries to ignore the scene in the rear seat, but his eyes keep glancing up at the mirror like a moth to a flame. John doesn’t think he has ever seen something so erotic in real life.

The SUV rolls on through the darkness of the Majorca countryside and soon arrives at the villa. Anna and Emily spring out of the vehicle holding hands and Emily announces brightly to John that Anna is sleeping over with a big smile on her face. Gabby giggles at this pronouncement and reaches out to grab John’s hand in hers. Emily looks down at her younger sister holding John’s hand and a light bulb goes off in her head. Emily suddenly realizes that her little sister intends to fuck this older man. Anna’s hand sliding gently down Emily’s back to her ass and Anna’s lips touching her ears whispering to her distracts Emily from the teasing thoughts of what exactly her “little sister” is up to tonight.

“Em, hurry up baby I want you to lick my pussy.”

Emily and Anna turn to rush into the main villa heading for Anna’s bedroom while John and Gabby head down the path towards the guesthouse. In the main villa the two girls giggling rush towards the bedroom. Emily stops in the kitchen to grab a bottle of vodka and some Red Bull. Inside the bedroom Emily pours a shot for each of them and they follow it with big mouthfuls of Red Bull.

Anna moves over and slides her hands behind Emily finding her mini skirt’s zipper and pulls down the zipper with a huge grin on her face. Emily’s lips still are covered in drops of Red Bull as Anna moves in for a hungry kiss.

“Oh fuck baby. When you cam me and we message it’s just not enough. Vibrators are great Em, but I need your tongue and your fingers.”

Anna pulls Emily’s skirt down to her ankles and pulls at Emily’s tight blue top ripping it over her head. A sexy lace trimmed blue push-up bra supports Emily’s beautiful firm young breasts. Anna lets her hands glide along Emily’s curved waist and up to her breasts to lightly tease them. Emily reaches out giggling and pulls at the button and zipper of Anna’s skinny black jeans. Emily needs to tug and pull to get the tight jeans off Anna’s wide sexy hips and Anna wriggles her hips teasingly to help Emily with her efforts. Finally Emily drops down on her knees and tugs the jeans down to Anna’s ankles and one leg at a time pulls them away from Anna’s feet.

Now from her kneeling position Emily’s face is only inches from Anna’s sweet young pussy covered by a tiny black thong panty. Emily lets her fingers glide up Anna’s toned legs until they meet the black thong and hooking a finger on each hip Emily slowly and teasingly pulls the thong panties to the floor simultaneously burying her face in Anna’s sweet musky pussy. Anna’s hands go immediately to Emily’s head and grab handfuls of her hair in a passionate grip as Emily’s tongue begins darting into her wet slick pussy.

“OH GOD!! OH FUCK EM!! Yes, baby…yes!! Oh shit, lick my pussy baby! OH Christ I’ve missed you gorgeous!”

Emily uses one hand to push Anna back onto the bed and shuffles on her knees to the edge of the bed to dive back into Anna’s pussy. Pulling Anna’s legs apart Emily licks Anna’s pussy until Anna is moaning and crying out loudly, her stomach muscles tense from her fast arousal. The whole night dancing together and teasing each other with touches and whispers their bodies are ready to explode.

Anna sits up to pull off her tight white top revealing large firm teenage D breasts in a white satin bra with tiny pink bow details. Emily looks up across Anna’s amazing prone body and pulls herself up onto the bed. Emily reaches over and opens her bedside table drawer and pulls out three vibrators and some warming gel. Emily swings her leg and hip over Anna’s body and positions her own pussy directly over Anna’s face.

Anna grabs a second pillow and jams it under her head to elevate and support her head so she can give all her attention to Em’s delicious pussy without ending up with a sore neck. Anna slides her hands over Em’s tight ass and pulls her body down bringing Emily’s sweet tight virgin pussy in contact with her mouth and tongue. Anna starts lapping at Em’s pussy at the same time as Emily begins licking and fingering Anna’s pussy. The two nineteen-year-old beauties begin a chorus of sighs, moans and cries of pleasure that ring out in the room.

Emily grabs two of the vibrators and the tube of gel and pushes the other vibrator, a large lavender colored silicone covered nine-inch monster towards Anna. Emily takes the larger of her vibrators, a big thick purple silicone covered beast and gels it up while still lapping away at Anna’s clit with rapid flutter strokes of her tongue. Anna’s hips are gyrating and thrusting up into Emily’s face and she is crying out in pleasure in between her own tongue thrusts into Emily’s tight pussy.

Emily grabs the thick vibrator and places it at the entrance to Anna’s young pink slick pussy lips and pushes slowly. Inch by inch, helped by Anna’s hip thrusts, the vibrator sinks into Anna’s tight orifice and Emily focuses her tongue’s attention on the hard clit at the top of Anna’s vagina using soft and fast tongue flicks to tease and delight her girlfriend. Anna’s loud cries and the thrashed tossing of her head from side to side suggest the effectiveness of Emily’s efforts.

Getting the vibrator deep inside Anna’s pussy, Emily now feels Anna pushing a big lavender vibrator at the entrance to her own tight pussy. Emily pushes her hips down to take in the thick beast letting out a deep moan as the slick gel coated vibrator fills her up. Pulling her vibrator in and out and stroking Anna’s pussy, Emily picks up the thinner and smaller ivory colored vibrator and coats that one with gel as well. Emily collects some gel and some vagina juice in her left hand and starts to tease and coat Anna’s bum and anus.

Anna squirms and shifts her hips in response and Emily giggles as she holds on and teases Anna’s bum with her finger, while at the same time thrusting the big vibrator deep in her vagina. Waiting for a moment when Anna is not moving her hips so much, Emily pushes the thin ivory vibrator about an inch up Anna’s tight ass. Since the vibrator is quite thin and there is lots of gel and sweet pussy juice, the vibrator slips past the tight sphincter muscles quite easily. Anna’s nails dig into Emily’s skin as the pleasure of double penetration hits her.

The two girls proceed to pleasure each other with tongue flicks, vibrator thrusts and teasing fingers, their bodies heaving and moaning in twin delight. Emily is thrusting in alternate thrusts with her two vibrators, the one in the pussy directed by her right hand, the one in Anna’s ass being directed by her left hand and her mouth and rapidly flicking tongue solidly fixed on Anna’s clit. Emily pushes the pussy vibrator in while she pulls the one in Anna’s ass out so the two vibrators are working in tandem to fill each hole in alternating thrusts. Emily slowly turns the dials and raises the vibrations so that Anna’s cries become louder and louder with each thrust.

Emily herself is now humping Anna’s face with her pussy as Anna drives the lavender monster in her pussy with ever-faster strokes while her tongue lashes Emily’s clit with equally rapid strokes. Emily cries out when the passion and burning becomes too great. The whole situation with two pussies being pleasured, two tongues lashing, two clits throbbing and vibrators humming and thrusting is too much and the girls begin to rapidly thrust their hips as they both approach orgasm.

Emily feels it building and also feels Anna’s muscles tensing and within second she feels the first wave. Emily arches her back as her pussy muscles begin a series of contractions against the thick vibrator that is filling her and the shocks and tingles coming from her clit become a torrent as her body shudders, shivers and convulses in passionate spasms of release. Emily almost at the same second feels Anna’s body arch beneath hers raising her off the bed, a deep cry coming from Anna’s mouth as Anna’s body is wracked by her own huge release.

Their bodies twist and shudder and grind against each other and the vibrators are thrust deep inside their contracting and pulsing pussies as the two girls feel the throbbing heat in their clits and the tingling in their pussies expand as wave after wave of pleasure cascades over their nubile and ever so sensitive young bodies.

Emily rolls off Anna’s body, her chest heaving and her breathing ragged and heavy. Anna giggles and laughs.

“OH shit Em. You know how to make a girl smile!”

Emily giggles and being young she recovers her breath quickly. Emily knows what Anna is like and she knows exactly what Anna wants as well from their bedroom sessions last holiday. Emily gets on her knees and leans over the other side of the bed to pull out the pink satin cords she has stashed there earlier knowing Anna would be coming over to play. Anna is lethargic from her huge release and can only lie there giggling and smiling as Emily wraps the cord first around her left wrist and secures it to the headboard and then repeats the same on her right wrist pulling Anna’s arms wide to her sides. Then Emily grabs the blindfold and pulls it over Anna’s lush curls of brunette hair and slides it over her eyes while plumping the pillows under Anna’s neck.

“Anna you’ve been a bad girl. I saw how you were looking at John. Were you fantasizing about something?”

Anna giggles and blushes. Emily swings her knee over Anna’s head so her legs are straddling her head and her pussy is directly over Anna’s mouth. Steadying herself with one hand on the headboard. Emily reaches down with her right hand and grabs a handful of Anna’s hair and pulls her mouth up to her pussy.

“If you think about him then think while your licking me!”

Anna rides Emily’s face and rotates her hips and then puts her fingers in her mouth wetting them with saliva. Emily reaches down with her now slick fingers and as Anna slides her tongue deep in her pussy Emily rolls and tweaks her own nipples into firm nubs and closes her eyes concentrating on the rising tingles and shivers coursing through her body.

“Oh shit Anna! Oh fuck lick faster baby.”

Emily shifts her hips faster and then slides her left hand down and starts stroking her own clit while Anna’s tongue works it’s magic inside her tight pussy. Emily looks down at her sexy friend tied to the bed and smiles as her tingles and shivers take her to the edge. Finally her own finger stroking her clit, Anna’s tongue thrusting and darting, her other fingers tweaking her nipple hard, Emily’s body shakes in hard spasms as she has her second huge orgasm as juices flow out of her pulsing pussy.

Leaving Anna tied to the bed Emily rotates her body and picks up the vibrator again. She pulls Anna’s legs wide apart.

“So Anna, you want that guy John’s cock?”

Anna wriggles her hips and moves her head from side to side but makes not reply. Emily teasing with her fingers traces the skin on Anna’s inner thighs and brushes across her pussy ever so lightly, just teasing and touching, teasing and touching. Anna moans and moves her body, twisting and turning, her arms pulling frantically at their restraints as the teasing is becoming too intense for her. Emily moves her mouth down to Anna’s pussy and begins licking. She positions the larger vibrator at the entrance to Anna’s tight pink pussy lips.

“Ok baby. You’re tied-up and John just walked in the room. You can’t see him cause your blindfolded but his cock is out and he loves your body.”

Emily pushes firmly with the vibrator pushing it into Anna’s tight pussy. All the while she is telling Anna that it is John’s cock driving into her and she thrusts the vibrator in and out while in between her story about John Emily is rapidly flicking and teasing Anna’s firm clit with her soft tongue. As Emily’s left hand works the vibrator her right hand moves to Anna’s firm round left breast and rolls her nipple softly at first and then as Anna tremors harder she pinches harder.

Emily loves the feeling as Anna’s nipple hardens from a soft rubbery feel into a very hard nib and she knows Anna is close to another orgasm. Feeling Anna’s body going crazy Emily rotates the dial on the vibrator to almost the highest speed while increasing the rate of her thrusts and she flicks madly with her tongue on Anna’s clit, her face covered in Anna’s flowing juices. As Anna’s body shudders and gyrates and her stomach muscles contract creamy white juices come streaming out of her pussy around the vibrator and her hips thrust up urgently against Emily’s face.

Emily is amazed at the incredible power of Anna’s orgasm and the level of the cries coming out of her mouth as she thrashes her head from side to side on the pillow and arches her back in ecstasy. What really makes Emily giggle however is that Anna is crying out John’s name as she explodes with the thick vibrator filling up her pussy. Emily lifts her creamy juice covered face from Anna’s sopping pussy as the orgasm subsides and watches as Anna’s chest rises and falls, her breathing heavy, heaving and ragged.

Anna’s mouth is open and panting for air as she works to regain her normal breathing after her huge orgasm. Emily slides her body up along Anna’s and undoes the knots on Anna’s wrists and pulls away the blindfold. Reaching to the bedside table Emily grabs a small facecloth and wipes most of the pussy juice off her face and then smiling she rolls over, holds Anna in her arms and they kiss softly.

The two young girls look into each other’s eyes and chitchat, touching each other gently and lovingly. Anna strokes Emily’s hair while kissing her nose and says, “thank you” for such a wonderful orgasm. As the girls talk Emily probes about what it is about John that excites Anna so much. They talk and its clear that Anna thinks it’s just so taboo and sexy to be fucked by a man her own father’s age. The girls entwine their legs and Emily is getting horny again just talking about Anna fucking John and she grinds her wet pussy against Anna’s thigh.

Anna giggles at her girlfriend’s horniness and slides her hand down and rubs and strokes Emily’s clit letting her have a small orgasm rubbing up against her body. Emily’s body shudders and her creamy juices flow around Anna’s fingers as they kiss and Anna teases her clit. Their tongues are playing with each other in a passionate kiss as Emily has a small orgasm from Anna’s finger action and their bodies rubbing.

Anna then suggests to Emily that she would really like to fuck John. Emily laughs and says she doesn’t know if John or Gabby would go along with it. Anna looks at her girlfriend with mischievous dancing eyes like she’s a naïve silly fool.

“Go along? Haha they’ll love it. We just need to give them the opportunity. It’s like that movie my dad likes to watch, ”Dangerous Liaisons” you just need to corrupt a little innocence and then they’ll go wild on their own.”

Anna giggles and kisses Emily softly.

“You give them the encouragement and hell they’ll be teaching us stuff soon.”

Anna then proceeds to tell Emily about the English teacher at her old private school that gave her so much grief. She was getting a “D” in English until Anna seduced him and got pictures on her iPhone of his cock going inside her tight pussy. Giggling uncontrollably Anna pronounces to Emily,

“Let’s just say after he got a taste of my pussy I made a very dramatic and rapid improvement in English. My dad was so impressed. Oh at first he tried to resist and was like “I can’t, you’re my student” blah blah blah. Well, once he got a finger in my pussy and his tongue down my throat I can tell you I wasn’t his student anymore.”

The two girls giggling and touching proceed to talk and make their devilish plan to “encourage” John. Emily sets her alarm and the two young bodies, exhausted by multiple orgasms drift off to sleep. Emily awakes at the sound of the buzzer of her phone alarm and she and Anna grin at each other. Time to put their plan into action. Emily and Anna quickly shower and avoid the normal touching and soaping of each other, the shower sex-play they both want, since they need to move on with their plan.

Emily pulls on a pair of sexy white shorts and a pale blue tank top and Anna pulls on her tight jeans again and borrows one of Emily’s yellow t-shirts. Emily suspects Gabby and John will still be in bed together which is what she and Anna are hoping in order for their plan to work. Leaving her bedroom with a wide grin she waves for her lover to follow and grabs her Blackberry Curve setting it quickly to the camera setting. The two girls head down the stairs and out into the morning Spanish sun and walk along the stone path to the guesthouse.

Not wanting to give John any warning on reaching the door Emily slowly and quietly turns the door handle and slides the door open silently. Emily moves in first and Anna, a huge devious smile across her face, slides in after her. The two girls can hardly repress their giggles as they approach the bedroom door. Emily calls out for her sister.

“Gabby? Gabby? John…..”

Emily restrains her giggles.

“Hey Sis you in here talking to John?”

Emily’s voice trails off and she reaches the bedroom door and puts her hand on the handle. Emily steels herself for the next scene, knowing she needs to keep a straight face and play it for everything it’s worth. Emily doesn’t want to give the two of them time to “sanitize the crime scene” and so Emily quickly opens the door with Anna following close behind. Emily has her Blackberry ready to take a picture. This was Anna’s idea since they didn’t want to be in a “he said, she said” situation with a trained lawyer like John. They wanted irrefutable evidence so John couldn’t like try to bullshit them and talk his way out of it.

Emily enters half through the door and immediately sees her sixteen-year-old sister Gabby with her legs astride this rather hunky older man. They are both naked and John clearly has his cock inside her little sister. The scene is even better than she and Anna had planned. They had only expected to find the two of them cuddled in bed sleeping. Shit this was like a Christmas present wrapped with a huge gold bow.


“Click!” Emily raises the Blackberry and shoots the first picture and hears another “click” sound behind her ear as Anna takes her own picture.

Startled by her sister’s scream Gabby literally jumps off John’s body and his half-shriveled cock flops out covered with white cream and pussy juice. Little drops of John’s cum drip from Gabby’s pussy as she shifts her hips over John’s body. John’s face could not have looked cuter as his eyes fly open and his jaw drops at the arrival and screams of Emily.

“Click, click, click….”

Emily and Anna take several pictures on their phones as panic ensues on the bed and sheets are pulled up. The taking of the pictures distracts them enough that Emily and Anna are able to repress their laughter and giggles and keep a straight face.

“HOLY SHIT YOU TWO. John, my dad is going to KILL you. You’re his best friend and you have fucked my little sister. She was a virgin you know! Oh my god, you are in SO MUCH shit.”

Gabby starts to protest to her sister and starts crying and John blabbers some kind of explanation and rambles on about Gabby’s flirting and teasing and his mouth flaps feebly. It is all Emily can do not to break into laughter as she watches the two of them in utter distress. Gabby is crying and screaming at her sister that she has “ruined” her first time and she’ll never, ever, forgive her.

“Anna take my fucking stupid horny little sister up to the main house. I need to talk to John.”

Emily watches as Anna leads her distraught sister away in tears allowing their plan to move into its second phase. The next phase requires that Anna calm Gabby and introduce her to the concept of “sharing” while Emily needs to see if John would rather spend time talking to her dad or be a nice guy and help Anna with her needs instead. This whole scene has been borne of the very finest skullduggery ever put into a book or script and one worthy of two horny teenage girls using all their combined not inconsiderable brain cells.

John’s is feeling more nervous than he has in years. He knew this whole situation was too good to be true. It almost blew up at the airport with the stupid lingerie he purchased and now, clearly, the shit has hit the fan. Patrick and Katherine will never forgive him he is sure and this will lead to a permanent breach of their friendship. Who knows what public embarrassment this could lead to, or rumors spread wildly amongst their common friends. Shit clients will flee his firm, financial disaster might follow; who knows how bad this could get? The most terrible thoughts are flying and swirling in John’s head as he scrambles to get to grips with what he should do. What can he do? How can he persuade Emily to keep quiet?

Emily composes herself and readies herself for introducing John to the benefits of good behavior and beginning to domesticate him and teach him to be a “good boy”. Oh it’s not like they will make him do anything. John will offer, he will beg, he will so want to be a good boy it won’t be funny. Emily knows she just needs to let him stop struggling and calm down and then she can ready him for his first lessons. Emily sits on the side of the bed grinning inside, but her face composed with the sternest countenance for John’s benefit. She turns and begins.

“Hmmm well John it seems you and my sister like each other a lot. Shit my dad is gonna be shocked. She’s so young and well, you known, you’re his best friend.”

Emily smiles slightly to lighten the mood just a touch. She doesn’t want John to have a heart attack before she delivers him gift wrapped to her lover for a delicious treat. John knows exactly the situation he is in; he’s impaled on the horns of a dilemma. John waits nervously for Emily to continue sensing with his legal training that he is now what might be termed “between a rock and a hard place”. John sees the sexy Emily as she smiles slightly and he hangs his head wearily. “Oh shit!” he thinks to himself, I’m truly fucked now. The wheels in John’s brain spin wildly searching for a way out. Options, you always have options he tells himself, but what are they?

“Oh John, don’t hang your head like that.”

Emily lightens the mood further.

“I don’t HAVE to tell my dad. I mean I don’t really WANT to tell my dad. I do love my sister you know. Maybe there’s something you could do? I don’t know….”

Emily’s voice trails off as she tantalizingly opens the door to redemption. John’s mind sensing an opening scrambles for ideas.

John recalls his philosophy classes from law school and sees the situation he is in. He has a choice between two equally undesirable positions and must choose the lesser of two evils. Well perhaps “evils” is not the right choice of words, but two “devilish” options perhaps is a more appropriate characterization. His stomach is churning with nerves and his mind is spinning wildly as he searches for non-existent escape routes from this dead-end alley he has placed himself in. The only exit, John knows, is through Emily so he turns to do his best to persuade her. Emily has opened the door to considering other options than telling her dad so he knows she is willing to be persuaded. He will either need to talk to his best friend Patrick and explain where his cock has been, or talk to Emily and he’d much rather talk to Emily.

Emily looks John straight in the eyes and begins to offer him the chance to “make amends” and hopes he’ll jump at the chance for salvation. She reaches out to touch his hand, which, in his skittish state, almost makes him jump out of his skin.

“So John, what do you mean is there anything you can do?”

Her question trails off as John’s mind begins to formulate options.

To be continued…….

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