His Best Friend's Daughter-Part II: Consummation

By flytoomuch

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Gabby gets to fulfill several of her dreams......
His Best Friend’s Daughter-Part II: Consummation

When we last left John he had arrived at his best friend’s private villa in Alcudia, Majorca. His good friend Patrick’s sixteen-year-old daughter Gabby had subjected John to days and days of teasing and flirtatious play leading up to this family get-away. Patrick and his stunning wife Katherine, together with the beguiling efforts of Gabby, had enticed John to join them for the holiday since they had an available guesthouse.

John was lying on the bed stroking his almost eight-inch thick hard cock for a release into a towel (all the teasing necessitating some form of outlet) when young Gabby had walked in looking for John to join her and her sister at the pool. Gabby had certainly seen something of John’s naked body, but had she seen him masturbating? Of this John was uncertain, but he had quickly retreated for a shower and had finally achieved his sexual release in the warm soapy water letting his sore balls shoot loads of cum into the soapy tub.

Feeling much better after the shower and his release John pulls on his swimsuit and heads out to the pool deck. Patrick is already in his chair with a cold Estrella beer open. Another bottle of beer sits beside Patrick’s and he passes it to John. Emily and Gabby are splashing about in the pool and Gabby turns and smiling gives John a little wave and a devilish looking grin and a wink. John can’t help it but he blushes a little.

Patrick starts talking and they discuss football and whether or not Americans and Arabs made suitable club owners. Russians were clearly the worst, but Americans were not far behind. As the men talk and laugh Patrick’s wife Katherine comes out in a stunning black bikini. Although she’s had two daughters Katherine has a natural slim body and her curves and hips still looked amazing. As Katherine walks by John she runs her hand along his shoulder and leans down and says quietly,

“I’m so glad you and Gabby are getting along so well. Pat and I really appreciate you coming along.”

Katherine comes over and sits beside her husband on one of the spare chairs. Pat looks sideways and takes his wife’s hand and then addresses John again.

“That reminds me John. Katherine and I have a little get away planned in two days. We’re going to spend two nights at the La Residencia in Deja. It’s the old manor house where we conceived Emily on our honeymoon.”

Patrick turns and looks at Katherine with a loving look.

“You won’t mind hanging about and keeping an eye on the girls will you John?”

John of course had no objection and the discussion carried on. Katherine told John that Emily might spend time with the Korner family who owned the villa next door. Apparently Emily was good friends with their daughter Anna who was the same age as her. Katherine continued and said that it wasn’t the sensible and responsible Emily they were worried about anyways; it was the rather wilder and crazier Gabby.

Well the next two days are filled with visits to the water park and sliding down the twisty slide with Gabby, practically naked, wedged between John’s thighs, screaming at the top of her lungs, horseback riding, shopping and just generally relaxing. The hours also seem to involve a lot of flirting by Gabby as well and John’s cock now stands to attention almost at the mere sight of her.

Gabby wears very short jean shorts, a pleated mini skirt and tight yoga pants; whatever Gabby wears John seems to get turned-on and hard. John has no idea what to do to drive away these bad thoughts, as he is obsessing about having sex with this teasing sixteen-year-old girl. No matter how many times John tells himself that she is his best friend’s daughter and that it is completely wrong, his brain and his cock still come back to the same wicked thoughts.

Well the third day arrives and fairly early Patrick and his wife collect their bags and get in their car to head out on their romantic getaway. John, Emily and Gabby stand to wish them goodbye. Katherine turns and looks with concern at her daughters,

“Now you two behave for John. We’ll only be gone two nights and you can always call us if you need anything.”

The two girls put on beaming smiles to suggest, “Mother whatever might you be thinking?” Gabby puts on a wide grin,

“Mom, it’s dad we’re worried about. Just don’t tie him to the bed and give him a heart attack with your wild sex. We still have Uni to pay for.”

Emily hits her sister on the arm and Katherine tries to give her daughter a stern look, but fails and her face turns to a grin and mother and daughter giggle together knowingly.

“The same goes for you young lady. Don’t be keeping John up until all hours with who knows what and ruining his vacation.”

The parents are quickly off and John is left alone with his two charges. John heads in to do some emails and check on the office while Emily and Gabby change into bikinis and cool down in the pool. John gazes out at the deck taking in the two young ladies’ hot bikini bodies as he writes a few emails. John can’t help it but again his cock starts to get hard at the sight of Gabby’s body. He wonders what the hell he will do for the next two nights? Lots of masturbation he imagines, lots!

After lunch Emily announces that she is going over to see Anna next door. John and Emily later decide to take a walk on the beach. As they reach the beach the sun is still hot and the ocean is blue green with frothy small waves licking at the sand. The beach is white and ever so soft, like a quilted goose down blanket of fine white sand. Gabby pulls off her sandals and John does the same. They walk with the hot sand pushing between their toes and then they move over to the harder cooler sand that has been wet by the waves. Gabby turns and smiles and takes John’s hand in hers. The beach is practically empty and he cannot resist anyways. No words are spoken, but they just walk and smile and feel each other’s hand.

Gabby has on a sexy black bikini similar to the one her mother had been wearing and John can’t help it, but his eyes trail down to her fine firm ass. His eyes trail up and take in her curved hips, her trim waist and then her softly swelling firm young breasts. He can’t help it but his cock swells again and he feels so guilty. They walk a long way and then turn to return.

On their way back the sun is setting low and the early evening is starting to cool. Gabby tells John that her mom said they could go for dinner and then to a club in Alcudia tonight. They agree that’s a great idea and to get Emily and Anna to come along. As they near the section of the beach by the villa the sun is quite low and the sky is starting to turn grey in the early stages of darkening with pink and red beginning on the far horizon. Gabby turns to John.

“Do you know one of my dreams John?”

John nods his head negatively, his mind nervously contemplating what Gabby might say next. Gabby stops walking, turns her body into John’s and takes his other hand lightly in hers, holding both his hands now in front of her. Gabby looks softly into his eyes.

“I have always wanted to be kissed on a beach at sunset.”

Gabby looks at John wide-eyed and innocently. Gabby wets her lips and her eyes question his in the way only a women can.

“It’s important John so don’t disappoint me.” Gabby says softly.

John looks at Gabby, knowing it is wrong, but like a deer in the headlights he fails to move as Gabby leans in slowly, almost as if in slow motion and places her lips on his. The kiss starts off softly and tentatively, but as Gabby presses her nubile young teenage body more firmly against John’s and as his cock hardens he feels Gabby’s tongue slip lightly across his lips and the kiss becomes more passionate.

John closes his eyes to savor the tantalizing feeling of this young sixteen-year-old kissing him. John can’t prevent his own tongue from sliding out to tease the tip of Gabby’s. The two tips just lightly touch, and tingles shoot to John’s crotch, his cock thumps in his shorts against Gabby’s hips. The kiss seems to go on and on and John fears he will get too aroused and do something rash. Finally Gabby pulls away and opens her eyes.

“Hmmmm one dream has come true!”

Gabby says softly smiling at John. She pulls his hand and squeezes it.

“Let’s get ready for tonight. I have lots more dreams John. C’mon let’s call Emily.”

They go back to the villa and call Gabby’s sister Emily and everyone agrees that Emily, her friend Anna Korner, Gabby and John will all go out for dinner and then hit a club for some dancing.

John goes to shower, brush his teeth and get ready. Needless to say Gabby’s kiss on the beach with the sun going down has his cock rather active. John strokes his cock and touches his nipples in the soapy warm water until he is rock hard. John leans back against the shower wall, the warm water coursing down his head and broad chest, using one hand to tease his nipples and rubbing softly around his swelled cockhead with soap and water with the other. In his mind he plants the image of Gabby in her black bikini, her firm small breasts, and her rounded hard ass and then in a shudder, John’s legs trembling he cums in the shower, masturbation seemingly becoming a habit around Gabby.

Nothing can happen on this holiday John tells himself, or at least tries to convince himself. Secretly of course he does hope something will happen. But, of course, John knows it can’t. She’s the daughter of my best friend he tells himself for the millionth time. God, I’m so pathetic wanking off to the fantasies of such a sweet young girl. His thoughts continue: Gabby’s merely a curious young girl with an innocent crush on me. A kiss on the beach at sunset, it means nothing; but somehow John’s cock and his heart remain unconvinced by his brain. Once again John does his best to push back against the demons of love and lust that bedevil his mind and his dreams.

Since it’s dinner and a club John puts on nice slacks and a nice open neck linen shirt. He brushes his teeth and then nervously brushes them again. Why am I so fucking nervous he wonders, swilling mouthwash for the third time? John splashes on liberal amounts of his favorite cologne and then heads over to the main house to collect the girls.

The three young ladies are--how can we put this? Stunning? Gorgeous? Sexy? Well three rather attractive young ladies were waiting for John. Gabby of course was in her very sexy red dress with the matching red strappy heels that make her look taller, older and more gorgeous. Emily, her nineteen-year-old sister, has on a short white mini skirt and a tight blue top that shows off her gorgeous waist, beautiful full breasts and her wonderful toned legs and feminine hips. Emily’s friend Anna Korner is taller, around five-foot-seven or five-foot-eight, a little curvier than the two sisters with nice young nineteen-year-old firm D breasts and tapered waist with feminine flared hips that are also a bit wider and more curvaceous than the two more petite sisters. Anna has long flowing brunette hair and is wearing a very sexy pair of tight skinny black jeans that form to her body and look painted onto her firm round ass. The tight jeans are paired with a tight white top flaunting Anna’s very well endowed upper region.

John admires all three girls and Emily makes the introduction to Anna. John smiles at her in a friendly manner and Anna looks back at him in a very “check you out” sort of fashion as she survey’s John’s body with her eyes.

“Hmmm I’m usually only into girls, but Emily was right you are sort of tasty for an older guy.”

The girls all giggle at Anna’s provocative remark and John chuckles to defuse the situation. Gabby interjects.

“Yes he is, terribly tasty don’t you think.”

Gabby proceeds to grab John by the arm and direct him towards the door. Gabby’s perfume wafts up and John can’t resist leaning down and putting his nose in her blond hair for a better whiff.

“Mmm you smell nice Gabby!”

Gabby turns and smiles a beaming smile, happy that he has noticed.

“It’s my favorite. Vanderbilt.”

They all head out to the garage and leave in the small SUV (Patrick’s country vehicle) for the town. Dinner is wonderful with the girls laughing and giggling, telling jokes and talking about school, who’s fucking whom and the stuff teenage girls usually talk about. Anna talks a fair amount to John about law as she is studying law at UCL in London.

John sits beside Gabby on a bench seat and Emily and Anna sit across from them. At some point Gabby slips her hand under the tablecloth and rests it on John’s thigh, lightly teasing his inner thigh with her fingernails. John tries to stop her by putting his hand on top of hers with a small squeeze, which earns him his second “you better not try that again buddy” look from Gabby. When he relents and lifts his hand she places it softly on her thigh and continues to stroke and tease his skin with her nails. She turns and smiles at him. Her hand moves so high up his thigh it is only millimeters from feeling his hard cock. John nervously tries to concentrate on what Emily and Anna are talking about while the whole time wondering if Gabby is going to try to feel his cock?

Anna starts telling Emily and Gabby a very racy story about her eighteen-year-old best friend from school named Karen. The two sisters lean forward conspiratorially to hear Anna’s story, leaving John a little left out. The girls are beaming as Anna describes slowly and in detail how Karen’s mother had walked in on her while she was a-straddle her father’s fifty-two year old best buddy in the throes of a huge orgasm. Anna describes in detail for the sisters the amazing sex that Karen and this older guy are having and how she totally recommends trying an older guy. The three girls turn grinning like Cheshire cats as their eyes take in John. He can’t help it, but the devouring eyes make John blush. Gabby squeezes John’s hand and pronounces to the two girls,

“Well if you’re a virgin and you want to learn all about sex, I think an older guy is best.”

Luckily the dessert comes and the girls eagerly have a new topic to discuss and they all proceed to try each other’s desserts. Gabby ordered the panna cotta with raspberry jelly, which is delicious. Emily ordered the light pear tart, Anna the peach zabaglione and John has ordered the tiramisu. In the center of the table the waiter places a small plate of strawberry macaroons to share. Gabby lifts her hand from John’s thigh to participate in the destruction of the various deserts and the massacre of the pink macaroons. There is a lot of “oohing” and “ahhing” as the sugar and cream is copiously consumed and the girls smack their lips in true satisfaction as the desserts are demolished completely.

The dinner has ended on a wonderful note and they all head off down the road to one of the better clubs. There is no real drinking age in Majorca that anyone is concerned with and in any event everyone looks old enough. John slips the hostess a more than decent tip and scores a nice corner table with a view of the beach and the boardwalk. He orders the girls all a glass of champagne with a hibiscus flower in it since he knows chicks love that sort of fancy drink. When the pink colored champagne arrives with a flower inside the girls all squeal with glee and a toast is proposed to a wonderful evening and Gabby’s first night at a club.

True darkness has set in now and the club’s lights are flashing as the DJ builds up the tempo and sets some tunes with techno mixes being the main theme. Emily and Anna get up to dance together and Gabby pulls John out onto the floor. As they dance and Gabby sees John’s eyes wander to a stunning blond in a leopard print mini skirt dancing nearby, she leans in and whispers to him,

“Remember, every dance for me, you promised.”

John smiles and nods his head and turns his eyes back on the beautiful Gabby, his lesson learned. John watches Emily and Anna who are both beautiful dancers and he notices how close they dance together. Gabby pulls in closer and turns to grind her bum towards his crotch teasingly. John laughs and grinds back and Gabby turns her head and giggles. After a few dances they return to the table and John gets the girls a pitcher of the house special Sangría, which is not strictly speaking a real Sangría as it seems to have a lot of vodka inside.

The dancing continues and they sit and drink and people watch. Gabby grabs John’s hand and holds it in the booth by the table. Emily and Anna keep dancing and John notices they rebuff every guy who tries to ask them to dance and keep dancing with each other. Emily notices the strange look on John’s face. She leans in and whispers,

“Yeah my sister likes girls too. Especially Anna.”

Gabby giggles and John turns to her with a “really” sort of look on his face. Gabby laughs at his expression and at that moment a slow song comes on and Gabby quickly pulls John back onto the dance floor.

The group has a wonderful time at the club and John dances a couple of dances with Emily and Anna as well. Finally they all decide they have had enough dancing and drinking and it’s time to head home. As they are leaving the club and move into the darkness towards the SUV John is struck by the emptiness he feels most of the time in his life and how vibrant he has felt this evening with these vivacious young women.

John began feeling somewhat lost and disordered as they headed home. His life required stocktaking, required evaluation, required a new direction, required action. Sorting out one’s life, however, is no easy task. Women have a hard time organizing their shoe closet and men keeping their underwear aligned in the drawer and properly stored. John just felt things were not quite right in his life, he was, in short unhappy.

John was sure there was a pithy Latin phrase that would encapsulate his feeling of ennui, or perhaps a wondrous quote from the Romantics, but his brain was unable to latch onto anything firm. As John pondered the word “ennui” he recalled his early Latin classes (no one studies Latin anymore) and the origin of the word from the phrase “mihi in odio est” or “I dislike” and in Latin street language “it has been made odious”. The French, with their flare for language, added a new layer of meaning and it came to encompass the feeling of what appears on the surface to be a full life becoming odious.

John knew that probably an overwhelming number of people were in the same or worse circumstances to him; lost and adrift without passion or excitement in their lives, but this fact did not assuage his troubled mind. What did comfort John was the feeling of Gabby’s hand as she held onto his on the drive home making their way along the dark gravel road towards the villa. A glance to the side and John took in Gabby’s beauty and his mood lifted. Glancing in his mirror he sees Emily and Anna making out in the back seat, lips locked, tongues tangled and Emily’s hand feeling-up Anna’s full breast under her tight white top. John’s mood truly lifts at this sight and his cock hardens involuntarily. John has never seen two girls kiss like this before and he is thankful he is on a wide country road with no cars so he can enjoy the view.

When the group arrives at the villa the two rather disheveled girls, Emily and Anna announce quickly, “Anna is sleeping over”. The two of them disappear quickly into the villa giggling and holding hands. Gabby turns to John in the dark and takes his hand. His cock is still hard from watching the two girls making out and his body is tingling in anticipation. The teasing over the past weeks has taken John to the very edge of his self-control.

Wordlessly the two of them walk the stone path in the darkness towards the guesthouse. The path forks (the proverbial fork in the road) and Gabby and John can either walk to the pool and sit and chat, Gabby can turn around and return to sleep in the villa; or they can continue to his guesthouse? There is no discussion. Gabby pulls lightly on his hand and pulls him towards the guesthouse.

At the door Gabby turns her body into John’s. Gabby tilts her head up and looks him in the eyes.

“John kiss me goodnight?”

Gabby’s eyes speak volumes and her body entices unbelievably. Without waiting for his consent she moves forward and the most passionate kiss he has experienced in years consumes them. Tongues, smells, her hair, her hips pressed to his, his tingling cock rubbing against her young body, her hands running across his chest, her urgent need so apparent. John’s hands go down to her lower back and ass and pull her body hard into his.

No decision is made. John simply reaches back and opens the door to the guesthouse. Keeping Gabby’s body held tightly John rotates their bodies into the room, closes the door and pushes Gabby’s body hard against the door. John’s kiss is now becoming rough and needy; his tongue pushing deep in Gabby’s mouth, his hands roaming frantically over her tight young body. Gabby’s hands don’t hesitate either and she pulls at John’s shirt, twists his shirt buttons and pulls desperately at John’s belt. It is all happening in a blur, the two lovers overcome by the delicious dance of temptation they have been playing over the past weeks. Their desires driven to a peak, they are now consumed in an avalanche of passion that has been building and building and has now been triggered by some un-sensed tipping point. John can no longer think of Gabby as his best friend’s daughter, he only knows he needs her, wants her, needs to be inside her.

John sweeps Gabby into his arms and she giggles at his manly gesture as he carries her across the bedroom door threshold. In the bedroom, back on her feet, John reaches and finds Gabby’s zipper. The carefully selected seductive red dress is quickly a rumpled pile of fabric on the floor and Gabby stands erotic and desirable in the delicate ivory lingerie set John bought for her at the airport. John’s shirt is open, Gabby’s nails and fingers are exploring his chest, and their lips are exploring and finding each other’s tantalizing skin to taste. John’s pants join the red dress and John uses his arms and chest to pull Gabby’s petite body onto the bed.

As they land the weight of their bodies makes the bed bounce and spring happily in the manner beds do when lovers romp. Gabby lets out a sharp intake of breath as John’s teeth bite with teasing nibbles on the delicate skin of her neck and his hands rip open the hook clips and pull the corset bra away from her firm pert breasts exposing them to his touches and kisses. Quickly John’s lips and tongue find her breasts and her pink nipples and he begins her true arousal.

Gabby closes her eyes, arching her neck, her fingers and nails dig at John’s shoulders as she feels the kisses in places no man has yet touched. Gabby’s entire body feels like a sensitive nerve ending as her anticipation of this moment has her savoring every touch, every shiver, every bite, every lick. John’s lips and tongue feel deliriously tingly on her nipples and Gabby cannot help sliding a hand between their entwined bodies and slipping a finger into her now sopping wet pussy to tease her own clit. As John’s lips bring her nipple to a hard nub, Gabby rubs her clit and lets out soft cries of pleasure.

John’s cock is hard and throbbing as he devours this sixteen-year-old beauty’s body with his darting tongue, his warm wet lips and his teasing fingers. Feeling urgency John thought his body no longer possessed he rushes his mouth down towards her sweet young virgin pussy. John pleasures Gabby’s nipples with his fingers and his other hand pulls her thighs widely apart roughly, his needs driving him. John’s hand pushes Gabby’s hand aside and his fingers begin teasing her wet pussy and her sensitive inner thighs. John moves his head between Gabby’s warm silky smooth thighs and his tongue and lips finally taste her peachy musky sweetness.

John meets a pussy already aroused, sopping wet with slick creamy juices, rosy pink pussy lips engorged with blood, clit upright and tingling. John does not wait; driven by his own consuming desires his tongue drives deep thrusting into Gabby’s tight orifice. John feels Gabby arch her back in reply, her hips thrusting and shifting, her nails raking his skin. John’s tongue pulls back and his finger enters her tight pussy in rapid flicks to fill the vacuum this tongue has left. John’s tongue searches and finds her firm clit near the top of her pussy and he begins fast light strokes across the pleasure button.

Gabby feels John’s fingers and tongue on her pussy; feels his finger inside teasing her wet walls and driving her ever higher with new tingles and shivers. Whatever these feelings are, they are so new and so much more pleasurable than when Gabby masturbates herself with her fingers or her vibrator that she is breathless. Gabby never knows what John will do next, what the next thrilling teasing feeling will be, where the next touch will be; it is the anticipation that is driving her crazy with teenage hormone driven lust. Gabby had no idea her body could feel this amazingly good.

The two lovers are writhing in mutual need and passions that have finally been unleashed after so much anticipation. John puts his hands beneath Gabby’s firm tight ass and grabs hard as he feels her stomach muscles tense and her pussy begin convulsions that grab against his penetrating flicking finger. Without any hesitation he pushes his face down harder and licks faster and hears Gabby cry out as her body convulses and shakes in release. John feels Gabby’s body shudder and shake and her hips thrust up hard against his face, her nails digging into his skin, her thighs trembling as she releases in her first orgasm from a man’s tongue.

John smiles and pulls his face and fingers slowly and gently away from Gabby’s now highly sensitive pussy and his eyes survey Gabby’s amazingly sexy body, spread out against the sheets, sated and subdued by her first orgasm with a man. Gabby smiles back a happy feminine smile of satisfaction, Before John can react further, Gabby rises and crawls down his body. Gabby is kissing across his chest, dragging her nails tantalizingly along his skin, pushing him back on the bed with her arms and then swinging her leg over him she is straddling his face with her hips. Gabby’s lips reach John’s hips, kissing and teasing with licks, soft kisses, gentle bites and before John knows what has hit him Gabby’s small hand is stroking his rock hard cock, her fingers teasing his contracted balls and her lips are kissing and sucking on his cock’s engorged purple head.

John smells the sweet smell of Gabby’s pussy now directly above his face and he wraps his hands over her ass and pulls her down hard. Gabby’s pussy meets his mouth and John quickly drives his tongue into Gabby’s sweet virgin pussy again. Gabby grinds her pussy on John’s face and tongue while she tongues and sucks eagerly on his cock. Gabby may be young, but the silky warm sucking and flicking of her tongue on his cock is driving John crazy. Just dreaming about having this young girl for so long and now she is grinding her pussy on his face; the whole situation is so erotic John feels he may blow too soon.

Gabby’s hips are bucking and gyrating on his face and John hears her cry out in-between his own cries and moans. Just as he is about to lose control Gabby lifts her lips and tongue from his hard rod and shifts her sweet soaking pussy off his face. Gabby rotates her body and straddles John. She places her slick wet pussy lips right on top of John’s hard cock and shifts her hips back and forth coating his cock with her juices while smiling into his eyes.

John is anxious and reaches out to hold Gabby’s hips and prevent her from taking his cock in her pussy. John tells Gabby he doesn’t have a condom on yet and he doesn’t even know (fuck, fuck, fuck he thinks to himself….I don’t even have one?)…

”I don’t think I have one…..” John mumbles.

Gabby giggles and smiles and looks down at him without a care in the world, as if she is exactly where she wants to be.

“Silly. I have been planning this for weeks. Mommy put me on the pill so I’d be ready John. That was her sixteenth birthday present for me. This is another one of my dreams and now it has come true.”

John’s eyes widen in surprise, but he has no time to say anything before Gabby reaches down and positions his cock at the tight entrance to her pussy and shifts her hips. The whole time Gabby is looking in his eyes and then she simply drops her hips and shifts forward and she is so wet he slides in much deeper. Gabby repeats these hip thrusts three or four times and then she has John deeply inside her and their hips meet. Gabby rides his cock and John can see the pleasure on her face as she arches, moans and cries out with each successive thrust.

The sight of Gabby’s body, her pert breasts, pink nipples hard and erect, blond hair cascading down teasing his skin when she leans forward, her hips thrashing against his body; it’s all too much and John grabs Gabby’s hips and rolls their bodies so he is on top of Gabby, her legs spread wide to accept him. John grabs a handful of Gabby’s hair in his lustful abandon and he drives his hips into her, his cock going deeper and deeper into her pussy with each stroke.

Gabby’s teasing has been too much and now John needs her, needs to fuck her. With each thrust Gabby cries out and moans, her sounds driving John into even greater ardor. John feels his orgasm building, his balls pulled up and tight, feels Gabby’s nails clawing at his back, feels her thighs clenched, her legs wrapped around his back holding him against her, feels her pussy contracting against his cock, he smells her body and her perfume, feels her lips and tongue as they kiss. With each thrust against her body John feels Gabby shake and a sound of animal pleasure heaves from deep down inside her throat. John drives his cock forward as fast and as hard as he can and with one final drive he cries out and feels his cum shooting into Gabby’s tight virgin pussy. As John is consumed by his orgasm he is barely aware as Gabby cries out and thrusts her hips up, her body trembling and shaking and her nails digging into his skin as she shudders in a second orgasm, this time from a man’s cock filling her and driving into her.

The two lovers collapse into the sheets in a panting heaving heap of sweaty limbs and tangled hair. John strokes Gabby’s face and kisses her nose. Their eyes meet and their smiles meet and they touch in the intimate way lovers touch after the urgency is gone. With so many kisses, light touches, soft words, their bodies spooned together, the two of them, the wooer and the wooed, the predator and her prey, drift off to sleep.

John feels as if he is coming out of a dream. He feels like they are fucking again? Is he awake or is he dreaming? Why is he so hard? He is disoriented as he slowly awakens, soft morning light filtering through the curtains, another sunny Majorca day beginning. The feeling, the burning, the tingles, increase in his cock and he looks down to the end of the bed. John can’t help smiling a huge smile. Gabby has his cock in her mouth. He is fully erect and Gabby’s head is bobbing up and down as she slurps and sucks as if this is her new lollipop.

After sucking him and getting John very, very hard, Gabby quickly moves up and slides her leg over John’s body and rubs his hard cock on her wet pussy. Gabby takes John’s almost eight inches and slides it inside her slick wet pussy and sits astride his hips simply enjoying the feeling of John being inside her, filling her up as a woman. As she is sitting on top of him and they are both enjoying the feeling of being connected and intimate Gabby’s pink covered iPhone rings on the bedside table.

John motions to Gabby not to answer the phone, but she has a delicious and devilish grin on her face and leans forward to grab the phone. John’s cock is burning and he is mortified she has answered the phone.

“Oh Hi Mom. Yeah…..”

Gabby pauses to listen to her mom and makes a “shushing” motion to John with her finger across her lips while at the same time grinning and moving her hips to drive him a little wild. Her firm breasts are bouncing in time with her rocking hips and they mesmerize John. Fuck those are beautiful breasts he thinks to himself.

“Yeah Mom we went to a club. We had a great time…..Uh huh Emily and Anna too. Yeah, we danced a lot.”

Gabby keeps shifting her hips and John can’t help it but he thrusts his hips up to meet her gyrations. This girl is fucking crazy he thinks to himself. We are fucking and she is talking to her mother on the phone!! It is at this point that John finally realizes that Gabby is no ordinary sixteen-year-old girl. Gabby smiles down at John with the biggest and most mischievous grin.

“Yes Mom it was like a real date. Uh huh….Yes John had a good time…..Why?.....Oh, do you want to talk to him? Yeah…. He’s right here…..”

Gabby covers the phone and moves her hips back and forth teasingly. In a whisper she says to John.

“Mom wants to know if you had a good time last night….”

Gabby giggles lightly and passes the phone to John. She locks her eyes on his and as he presses the phone to his face and she starts to rock her hips and thrust against him, her smile widening as her teasing increases. She is daring John to keep a straight face and talk to her Mom calmly while she fucks him with her tight pussy. John does his best to control his breathing and his sounds and speaks into the phone.

“Yes, Katherine…….Oh yes the girls were….”

Holy fuck he wants to come. Gabby’s thrusts and hip movements are getting too much to handle. Christ, her pussy is grabbing at my cock!! John’s brain is a-swirl and it is all he can do to keep talking.

“Yes…..No…..the girls were good…..OK….yes…..well….ok….see you the day after tomorrow….Uh huh…..OK here’s Gabby back.”

Gabby takes the phone back and slows her hip movements so she can talk to her Mom.

“Yeah Mom? Uh huh. Yes it was even better than I expected. Of course, I’ll tell you all about it when you get back Mom.”

She smiles at John.

“OK talk to you later Mom, I’m a little busy now…..”

As Gabby drops the phone she breaks into peels of giggles and begins to earnestly move her hips, her eyes locked onto John’s with lust and passion. They watch each other as slowly, ever so slowly; Gabby builds them to a huge orgasm. Gabby’s body collapses into John’s arms after her orgasm and he holds her softly, stroking her hair, his cock staying inside her and slowly shriveling as her juices and his cum combine and slowly ooze out and dribble down his leg.

As they lie there slowly regaining their breath in the golden morning light John feels like a new man, feels reborn. Then from outside he hears another soft feminine voice similar to Gabby's?

“Gabby? Gabby? John?”

John hears Emily calling them at the guesthouse door and he hears the door opening. “Oh fuck” he thinks to himself, his senses becoming alert.

To be continued…….