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His Fall From Grace

Serendipity and cupid play John for the fool. A chance encounter can change your life forever!
Strolling around Harrods on a Saturday John milled about with the multitudinous and variously garbed tourists from Russia, China, the Gulf and miscellaneous credit card laden shoppers from virtually every country in the world. Wandering between the aisles most people can’t help being impressed by the copious amounts of completely unnecessary and excessively expensive shit piled high—the excrement of a “consumer society”.

As John moved from floor to floor in the garishly decorated store he just wandered aimlessly with no intention of purchasing anything. The phrase “killing time” would be apropos. John already owned several limited edition platinum mechanical watches. These could be elegantly paired with his collection of finely hand crafted Hermes leather jackets or one of several tailor made Brioni suits from Penne, Italy: if he had learned nothing else in life John had certainly learned that possessions, no matter how “exclusive” would not bring happiness.

John was in London for a few weeks trying to close a big deal and really had nothing better to do. Later he would head to the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery, but for now he was just wandering “killing time” so to speak. As John turned a corner in the huge labyrinthine store he found himself entering the ladies fragrance section. Mmmm the scents were wonderful and John began to cast his eye around. You invariably found sexy young girls and desirable MILF’s in the fragrance section.

John looked to his right and an extremely tall blond Russian girl caught his eye. She was beyond stunning—a veritable “sex goddess” actually. She’s probably a “professional” John thought; too good looking for a mere mortal such as himself who lacked the necessary accessories of a Russian oligarch. John had no turbo Bentley, no private 757 and he certainly didn’t own an island, so John dismissed her out of hand. Besides such women (John told himself in consolation) were invariably shallow and uninteresting beyond the first fuck or so.

As John turned left he spied a beautifully young slightly Asian looking girl. As he appraised her beauty from a distance John noted the exquisite and exotic “half and half” features of her face—not quite Asian, not quite Caucasian. The young woman was looking at the colorful fragrance bottles on the Dior counter. As John tried his best to watch her unobserved she flipped her lustrous dark hair with blond highlights away from her slender neck and sprayed on a burst of scent. John’s eyes were held transfixed. There was just something about this girl that grabbed John’s attention. He couldn’t place it right away, but something about this young woman intrigued him and resonated in a way he couldn’t easily grasp.

Of course the girl’s flirty short white mini skirt that swayed with her hips when she walked, her long stunning toned legs, the way she turned out her ankles, were all reason enough for John’s eyes to be glued to her sexy athletic body. Added to this John was captivated by the young woman’s long lustrous dark hair with blonde highlights that bounced as she walked, her big almond eyes, her cute up-turned nose, her flawless honey-toned complexion and those incredible small pert little breasts which were just faintly visible under her diaphanous peach silk blouse. John felt a little stupid following her as the young girl turned and walked on, but he couldn’t help it. Drawn like a moth to a light John kept his distance, but kept her in sight. John knew he was acting like a lecherous creep, but he was helpless in the spell this girl cast over him. There was just something?

John pretended to gaze at various items as he casually wandered a discreet distance behind the sexy young woman following her trail. John was careful not to lose sight of the young girl, as that could spell the end of his pursuit in a store as large and a crowded with shoppers as Harrods. As the sexy young girl wandered into the Tory Burch section John was at a loss as to what to do. How could he follow her in? Under what pretext could a forty-three year old man wander around in Tory Burch?

Thinking fast John haltingly entered the Tory Burch section festooned as it was with colorful bags and sexy shoes. John began fingering various purses as the young girl meandered ahead of him among the shoes picking up a faux leopard print pair of heels. A sales lady approached and John announced in a loud voice that he was looking for a gift for a friend’s daughter. It was then it hit him: this young beauty looked just like Joyce. She was almost a carbon copy except she looked like a slightly more Caucasian version of Joyce. John’s memories came flooding back. How long ago was it he thought to himself? Doing the mental math John realized with a shock it had been twenty years. Oh my god was 1992 really twenty years ago he thought to himself.

Back then, two decades ago, John had been a young lawyer just starting out in London. Recently arrived from Canada where he’d gone to law school John had been keen to make new friends in the “big city”. A fellow young lawyer had invited John to a party on a Friday night and John had thought it a good chance to meet new people his age in London. At the party John had done his best to mingle and had eventually met Joyce. Bowled over by her beauty John soon found out Joyce was a young dance student studying at the RAD. They struck up a conversation and to say John was besotted was an understatement. Joyce was with her sexy blonde friend Stephanie who was also studying at the RAD. To describe these two young girls as “gorgeous” would not do justice to their youth or their perfection.

John had immediately been struck by Joyce’s beauty, her poise and her lively intelligence. Joyce was one of the first Chinese girls to ever be admitted to the RAD to study for a principal role in the Royal Ballet. Joyce’s body was beyond perfect from all the years of rigorous ballet and jazz training. John thought Joyce must be at least 5’7” and her strong long slim legs, her tight firm ass, her flat stomach, her straight back, her firm and pert small breasts, her long dark straight hair and her sparkling lively almond eyes were all, to John’s mind, just perfect. Also, the fact that Joyce was Chinese was so exotic in John’s mind and it drove him wild with desire.

John couldn’t take his eyes off Joyce all night and he followed her around the whole evening like a puppy dog learning to heel. Joyce seemed to like John as well and she invited John to an upcoming student performance of Swan Lake where she and Stephanie would be in the Corps de Ballet. The only problem John could see was Joyce’s age. During the conversation it turned out Joyce was only sixteen-years-old and Stephanie her friend was only slightly older at eighteen. John was almost twenty-four and he had thought to himself that perhaps he was too old for her. In the following days John had gone to see the performance of Swan Lake and Joyce’s dancing transported him to some other place. Never having appreciated ballet before, John this time fell under the spell of the special performance. As John watched Joyce and Stephanie float across the stage “on point” he found a new appreciation for dance.

During the weeks that followed John and Joyce had fallen madly in love. They had been transported to that special destination where your passport will only ever be stamped once: “first love”. After weeks of petting where Joyce would only let John touch her pussy and finger her, John had finally pushed Joyce’s thighs wide apart one night. John had moved his head between her silken thighs and finally managed to get his hungry needy mouth on Joyce’s young sweet virgin pussy. As Joyce used her hands and pretended to try to push his head away the two engaged in a mock struggle of love and lust. Finally feeling she had pretended to resist long enough to protect her modesty, Joyce capitulated to John’s more experienced tongue. Well getting his tongue on Joyce’s never touched pussy changed the whole equation.

Coming from a very conservative Chinese family in Beijing, Joyce had been lectured her whole young life on the importance of maintaining her virginity. However, once John got his more than talented tongue on her young virgin pussy and flicked her burning throbbing clit, Joyce was lost to an ecstasy she had only up till now dreamed about. The sensations were overwhelming for a young virgin girl and with each successive passionate encounter Joyce’s orgasms became bigger and bigger as she learned how her body would respond to John’s ministrations. John’s probing tongue and fingers dazzled her and transported Joyce to a place she had never even imagined could exist.

Each time the two lovers would engage in these heated petting sessions John would be forced to masturbate, as Joyce was too shy to even touch him let alone suck him. This didn’t matter as John was so besotted with this young vixen that just watching her stomach muscles tense and watching her body shake and shiver and hearing the deep cries that were ripped from her throat as her body convulsed in total release was enough for him. John would lie on his bed after Joyce had left for her dorm, close his eyes, picture her taut beautiful Asian body and stroke his hard cock to a massive release. Still John dreamed of taking Joyce and entering her like a man and he hoped it would happen soon.

Finally Joyce could take no more of John’s torturing and teasing her with the temptations of sexual pleasure. The teasing and pleasing Joyce was subjected to from John’s fingers and tongue pushed her boundaries no matter the morals her parents had drilled into her. One time as they romped in John’s big bed and after Joyce had cum two or three times in shuddering climaxes from his tongue, Joyce had pulled John onto her body and lust simply overcame the two of them. In a frenzy of need John had pried Joyce’s resisting legs apart with his knees and Joyce’s fingernails had dug into his skin ripping across his back as they wrestled to sate their needs.

John pushed forward and Joyce relaxed her thighs just slightly giving him the advantage he needed. John’s hard eight-inch cock found Joyce’s slick wet pussy lips and he reached down to wet his engorged purple cockhead on her puffy blood engorged soft pink outer lips. Locating Joyce’s extremely tight virgin entrance John waited patiently with his hard rod poised to penetrate. Joyce stopped struggling momentarily and her fingernails gave John the subtle consent he needed as she pulled him forward-- ever so slightly-- urging him to do what she was too timid to ask for. Joyce’s unspoken signal was subtle, but crystal clear nevertheless, she wanted him inside her. Joyce’s modesty preventing her from saying what she had wanted to say these past weeks. But in her mind she formed the unspoken words.

“FUCK ME JOHN, oh fuck me. I’ve been waiting these weeks. My pussy has been aching to be filled…..Please fill me…”

John pushed his hips forward ever so slowly, violating for the very first time Joyce’s tight, silky-slick, virgin pussy with his thick male hardness. As John slowly pushed his way in it was like entering heaven. The connection John felt, the completeness of being inside the woman he loved, how can you describe that feeling in mere words? The alphabet is an insufficient tool for such description. The sex was beyond amazing as the young lovers soon found their bodies in synch, their thrusts a cadence of heated desire and pent up lust, their burning needs building towards a mutual release. That first time had caused them both to blush and profess their love in a cascading waterfall of kisses and soft words as they held each other is a post-coital sweaty embrace, their hearts pounding furiously against their chests, their fingers tenderly entwined, unwilling to let the other go even for a second.

Their love story had continued with a white heat that was so intense—young love, young burning love! They couldn’t stop fucking, kissing or holding hands. They were, in short, two young people in love, needing each other’s bodies, hungry for kisses, hungry for touches, hungry to taste each other’s skin, each other’s juices. Joyce, after much coaxing and a few girl-to-girl late night chats with the far more experienced Stephanie had finally sucked John’s big hard cock.

Once the beautiful young Joyce had the first taste of John’s hard member she became an insatiable cocksucker. The power Joyce felt, the control she had over her older lover; the high Joyce got from cock sucking was like a drug and she was soon an addict. Giggling like the sexy sixteen-year-old schoolgirl she was, Joyce would show up at John’s law firm to give him a quickie blowjob during lunch hour. This was, as Joyce put it, “to keep him happy” until dinnertime when they could rip their clothes off and have a more leisurely fuck session at home. It never entered Joyce’s mind that she was acting like a slut: she was just in love and her skin needed the touch of her lover’s skin, her nose needed his smell, her mouth needed his taste and her pussy needed his cock to fill it.

This carried on for months and finally they decided to move in together. Being the good friend she was Joyce insisted that John offer a room for Stephanie as well. Stephanie was her best friend and Joyce had no intention of leaving Stephanie high and dry holding a big rent bill on her own. John accordingly rented a two-bedroom apartment near the RAD so Stephanie could share the place with them. This also meant Joyce would have someone to keep her company and they could keep the rent down, as John was still only a junior lawyer starting out.

Everything was great, beyond great actually, for months and months. Joyce went on the pill and they started having even more sex if that was possible. As Joyce learned more about her body and how to orgasm her releases became bigger and bigger and John was amazed at how his girlfriend could come five or six times every session in huge climaxes where her body would shake and shudder, her voice crying out to him, her fingers digging into his skin. The two young lovers held hands everywhere they went and all their friends would say, “get a room” as they would smooch every chance they could get. They were both so young and attractive they would see people on the street turn to look at them as they walked past. The young lovers gave off that “first love” glow of happiness that everyone envies. Then it all went wrong.

John unknowingly frowned as his reverie moved into the much darker memories. Then he was distracted from his memories as he saw the girl in Harrods pick up an orange handbag that was very cute and she looked at it for a long time. It seemed the young woman really liked the orange bag, but then she put it down. John moved closer as she continued on to look at other items. John picked up the cute orange bag fingering it slowly as his ruminations continued.

John’s memories of Joyce returned and he thought of the sadness that had followed happiness. John recalled how Joyce had injured her knee requiring her to stop dancing for a few months. This put Joyce under great deal of stress, as she feared being cut from the RAD program. For a young dancer an injury can easily end a career and Joyce was terrified of her dream coming to nothing after so many years of hard work. Joyce got depressed and they had started to fight.

John soon found out that Joyce was just as passionate about fighting as she was about sex. Joyce was a tiger and the furious screaming and yelling and struggling of their fights would be followed by floods of tears and then finally a rampant session of sweaty “make-up sex” where the two of them would make up using orgasms for a mutual release of the built-up tension. Then it got even worse when Joyce’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and Joyce needed to return to Beijing. Knowing they would be parted caused even more stress and more mad fights and equally furious sessions of passionate make-up sex.

In all of this Stephanie would try to act as peacemaker and mediator. Not that she was very effective, but she seemed to make an effort. Stephanie often thought to herself that if dancing didn’t work out she could always work for the United Nations. It was only a few days before Joyce was to return to China when the two lovers had their biggest fight ever. Joyce had stormed out of the apartment with a small dancer’s bag of clothes and went to stay with another friend who was a dancer living back at her old dorm. John, depressed and crying, was left alone in the dark apartment to deal with his emotions after Joyce’s chaotic and dramatic departure. Just at that moment Stephanie had returned from class and I guess that’s when it really all went wrong.

Some girlfriends are true and some have ulterior motives. Stephanie liked Joyce as a friend, but John was a “good catch” and had a pretty hot body to boot. Listening to John and Joyce fuck loudly in the other room had not been easy and more often than not Stephanie had resorted to her vibrator to deal with her frustrations if no boy was available to assist her. If Joyce can’t keep John happy Stephanie thought to herself, casting her gaze towards the pathetic guy head-in-hands weeping on the sofa, no reason I shouldn’t step in and console him? Stephanie had rushed over to put her arm around John’s shoulder patting his back and softly uttering reassuring words in his ear. Getting John a glass of wine Stephanie rushed into her room and rapidly assessed her wardrobe and her situation.

Stephanie knew she was good looking. In fact Stephanie knew she was much more than good looking, she was fucking stunning. With firm high 34B breasts and perfect pink nipples combined with a toned ballet dancer’s body and gorgeous thick lush blond hair Stephanie was something to behold. Added to this were Stephanie’s stunningly beautiful face and sparkling young sea-blue eyes combined with a talent to flirt and pout that was of an Olympic gold standard. Stephanie surveyed her wardrobe and made rapid calculations. She wanted to pick something that didn’t make it too obvious. Stephanie wanted to pick an outfit that was seductive, but not obviously so? She wanted John to fall into the trap, but have no idea it was a trap. Finally Stephanie had selected the short pink silk kimono with the tiny embroidered purple flowers that just covered her taut ass but left her long sexy athletic dancer’s legs fully exposed. Stephanie often wore this kimono around the house in the evening when she was getting ready for bed. Stephanie had seen John’s eyes widen more than once when she wore it. John would think it quite normal for her to wear the kimono at night.

Next step, what to wear underneath the kimono? Stephanie knew she needed to act fast. Who knew if Joyce would return tonight or not? Stephanie quickly picked the black lace push-up bra and matching almost not-there lace panties. The panties had a small triangle of black lace on the front and back with tiny red hearts embroidered into the lace and thin spaghetti string bow ties on each hip. If John did decide to open the package he wouldn’t be disappointed with this wrapping Stephanie giggled to herself. Stephanie checked the mirror firming the muscles of her toned tummy and striking a pose? Pleased with the image she saw reflected back Stephanie gave her golden locks a quick brush, added a splash of the perfume Joyce had given her as a gift behind her ears and on her neck. Finally a quick application of some lip gloss and….Stephanie paused….pinching her cheeks….yup! Ready!

Stephanie quietly opened her bedroom door and silently assessed John in his distraught state hunched over on the sofa bawling, his head held in his hands, his body shaking. Men were so easy Stephanie thought to herself. This would be a piece of cake. She padded over beside John and slipped next to him on the sofa, their legs touching. Putting her arm around John’s waist and letting his head fall onto her shoulder Stephanie refilled his wine glass and urged him to drink. Stephanie had figured John correctly and before too long she had him blabbing away and crying on her shoulder. Stephanie just kept feeding John wine and softly whispered consoling words in his ear. Stephanie started to emphasize how “unreasonable” her friend Joyce was and how John was “too good” for her.

John could smell Stephanie’s rich perfume and his mind was soon a fog with the wine and his crying and Stephanie’s soft words and perfume confusing him in a tangled mass of sensations. Stephanie surreptitiously adjusted her waist tie and let the kimono fall open slightly in the front revealing a peek-a-boo view of the tops of her small pert breasts and the black lace bra.

John’s head was cradled in Stephanie’s smooth warm neck and he was looking straight down onto her perfect firm young mounds. Stephanie pulled John even closer and his face and nose were only inches from her amazing young breasts. John could feel Stephanie’s warm silky flawless young skin against his cheek. The rhythm of Stephanie’s soft hand gently stroking the back of his neck soothed him and calmed his sobs. Stephanie’s words kept placating, consoling and subtly encouraging John, but encouraging him in what way? In what direction?

“John you deserve better….” Followed by…”You need a girl who really cares for you and understands you….” And….”John you’re a special guy and Joyce just doesn’t know how special you are….” And then…”Any girl would be so lucky to have you as a boyfriend….”

How it exactly happened or in what sequence John had no exact recollection. He had been resting his head on Stephanie’s neck and then her kimono had been open and somehow his mouth had been on her perfect pink nipple. My god how perfect was her firm young breast and her immaculate little pink nipple? John still remembered how hard Stephanie’s pert pink nipple had gotten as he played with it in his mouth and how firm and rubbery it had felt between his teeth. Stephanie had slowly coaxed John with her hands, prodding him with her gentle words. Like the expert seductress she was Stephanie was subtly arousing the rather naïve and clueless John with her teasingly tentative touches and softly whispered responses. Slowly but surely Stephanie was encouraging John repeatedly to “forget all about Joyce” and just “relax”.

Even with the fog that had been clouding his mind on that day John still remembered Stephanie’s moans as he had played with her perfect firm young eighteen-year-old breasts with his tongue and teeth. Somehow Stephanie had pulled John in his now slightly drunken state into her bedroom and onto her bed. John’s pants were soon off, his white cotton shirt unbuttoned and discarded on the wood floor. John looked down in his daze and realized Stephanie was sucking on his thick hard cock. Even in his befuddled and distraught state the needle of John’s moral compass knew this was so wrong.

My god he and Joyce were planning to get engaged and now her best friend is sucking my cock like a cherry Popsicle? John was too confused in his drunken and distraught state of mind to stop Stephanie even had he been sober enough to try. Stephanie’s sexy pink kimono was now discarded in a rumpled pile of pink silk on the wooden bedroom floor. With Stephanie’s sculptured dancer’s body now in full view it meant John was beyond salvation. John’s hormones were now surging at a faster rate than his tears and his cock wanted Stephanie’s body. The primal urge to reproduce is so strong and the supreme talents of this gorgeous young seductress were so enthralling, it meant John didn’t have half a chance.

Stephanie was an expert cocksucker and John could only layback on the bed and moan loudly as she expertly toyed with his manhood arousing him towards release. Without John doing anything Stephanie swung her legs straddling his hips and mounted John’s now very hard and erect eight inches. Reaching down and holding his cock steady Stephanie slipped John’s hard manhood into her slick, tight and already very wet young pussy. Stephanie immediately started to thrust her hips riding John cowgirl style with the lust and vigor of an experienced young slut. Stephanie’s hands and fingernails were raking across John’s chest and teasing his nipples as her tight pussy took him to towards heaven, or was it hell? Stephanie might not be the best dancer in the corps de ballet, but all the girls knew she was certainly the best fuck in bed.

Stephanie put her fingers in her mouth to get them wet with her saliva and then she tweaked both of John’s nipples, rolling them at the same time and teasingly sending shots of pleasure shooting through his body that shivered in pleasured response. Holy fuck John thought to himself, this girl really knows how to fuck. Stephanie was now moaning loudly as she rubbed her burning clit against the base of John’s big thick long cock giving herself the pleasure she wanted and needed as a young woman. Arching her body in arc of desire Stephanie enjoyed the feelings brought on by the approach of her first orgasm. The fact that she was riding the rather large and satisfying cock of her best friend’s boyfriend only made the sensations more exquisite and extreme for Stephanie.

Stephanie looked down at John and grinned as she straddled him feeling the triumphant feelings of a successful seductress who has bagged her prey. Even easier than I thought Stephanie said to herself as she felt John’s cock filling her up. Marrying a young lawyer is a much more secure career path than being a fucking dancer. Who wants to go to endless auditions for creeps who want to fuck you for free or gay guys who pick and pick and pick on every little fucking flaw in your body? Stephanie was more than satisfied at how the evening had gone and without giving a second thought for the heartbreak she might be causing to her so called “best friend” she let a smile break across her face as her orgasm approached.

Stephanie’s shudders were just starting, cries of passion being ripped from her throat as her first orgasm with John began. The convulsions of Stephanie’s orgasm wiped the grin from her face as she was overcome by the ecstasy of total female release. It was at that precise triumphant moment when Stephanie’s cries of release and John’s moans mingled and hung in the air, his impending orgasm taking grip of his male body, that the bedroom door creaked open slowly and uncertainly.

John hearing the faint sound of the creaking hinges looked over towards the door as he finally went over the edge and lost control shooting his huge load of warm cum into Stephanie’s deceitfully delicious pussy. John’s eyes flew wide in terrified recognition of the person standing in the doorway her body’s profile framed by the dim yellow hall light from behind. John saw his darling Joyce’s innocent face staring back at him, her eyes wide in disbelief.

The anguish, the betrayal, the heartbreak; how can you describe the kick to the gut experienced by sweet young Joyce? Her best friend was riding her boyfriend’s cock and the two of them were in the midst of a huge simultaneous orgasm. Not just her “boyfriend” mind you, but the man she loved, the man who had taken her virginity, the man she had dreamed of marrying, the man who would father her children. The dreams that had been shattered in that one instant were the dreams of an entire life. Dreams that had been tenderly cared for by a young girl since she was very young and kept safe inside a special spot in her tender heart now lay shattered and fractured beyond repair.

Joyce’s precious dreams had been carried across far distant oceans from Beijing and held safely in her heart for all these years. Dreams Joyce had protected carefully from cunning men who would have liked nothing more than to use her and discard her. Dreams Joyce had tenderly treasured until she had finally found John. Now they were not dreams anymore. They were nothing, nothing but dust, just broken promises and broken trust. Joyce felt lost, confused and scared; to put it bluntly Joyce felt more alone than she ever had in her entire life.

Joyce’s face betrayed a commotion of her every emotion as all her inner world collapsed into a vacuum of emptiness, a giant black void of nothingness swallowing her happiness with the ease of a giant Anaconda swallowing a baby lamb. Like an animal terrified for her very existence by an oncoming fire Joyce turned and ran slamming the apartment door as she went. No fall from grace has ever been faster or more shattering. The black vacuum that formed in John’s soul sucked him down like the heavy weight of the stones secured to the legs of the condemned man standing on the edge of the plank, the ocean’s depths waiting to swallow his soul. Down, down, down John’s folly sucked him into the abyss of lost love.

John never saw Joyce Chen again after that painfully searing moment. He heard through friends that she’d returned to China to take care of her ailing mother who had passed away soon after from breast cancer. John had then heard that Joyce had married another man and very quickly had given birth to a baby girl. Beyond this John had never seen nor heard of Joyce again. It was as if she had disappeared from the face of the earth. Initially John had tried to phone, to write, but all to no avail. There would be no forgiveness, no redemption, no salvation for his fall from grace.

Stephanie had quickly wriggled her way into John’s life, into John’s bed and had become his lover and then soon his wife. At first things had been fine but let’s face it, Stephanie was not John’s true love. Few men are given the chance at perfect love that John had been given, but he had blown it to put it bluntly. Stephanie had first run through John’s money and then she had run through a stream of lovers; younger, older, any man it seemed who caught her fancy would be bedded by Stephanie. Finally John could not tolerate it any more and they had divorced after ten years of marriage. John had then moved to Asia to re-build his life and rebuild his tattered finances.

Today the sight of this young girl shopping in Harrods, a girl who looked so much like Joyce, had brought all these happy and yet painful memories cascading back into John’s mind. Collecting himself again John looked up to see where the young girl was. She had selected a pair of leopard print heels and was lining up to pay for them. What was the chance John thought? Would serendipity really place Joyce’s daughter in this very store at this precise moment? Unlikely? The chance of this girl being Joyce’s daughter was infinitesimal. It was a lottery-ticket-like opportunity John thought to himself, but hey, life was strange, stranger than fiction sometimes.

John grabbed the cute orange handbag and sidled up next to the girl in the queue to pay while pulling out his Amex card. As the girl pulled out her credit card to pay for the shoes she had selected John glanced down to catch her name. “Ashley Chen” the card read. John was stunned. But if Joyce had married then she should have a different last name? What was the chance? It all just seemed so improbable. And if he spoke to this young girl would she think he was a creep hitting on her John pondered? The saleslady interrupted John’s thoughts.

“Are you buying this bag sir?”

“Oh….um….yes….I mean….Well do you think it would be a good gift for a young lady?”

Ashley turned at that moment and smiled at John glancing down at the bag and immediately recognizing it as the one she had been considering for herself. She looked up into John’s eyes with big almond eyes that were eerily familiar.

“How old is the girl?” Ashley asked.

John was a bit startled not having been prepared for Ashley to speak to him. John hesitated slightly as his mind churned with thoughts.


John blushed as his cheeks flushed. Ashley giggled as she saw John struggling to compose himself. Beautiful young women soon become used to men being befuddled in their presence. Finally John found a few words.

“Well just like you actually. Sort of your age, younger, a young lady.”

“Well I’m nineteen and I think it would be perfect for a girl my age. In fact I almost bought it myself.”

And that is how they had innocently started talking. Once John had recovered he became his normal suave and funny self. John relaxed and several times he got Ashley to giggle at something he said. John examined the cute shoes Ashley was buying and then he noticed the RAD ballet symbol on Ashley’s bag.

“Are you a dancer by any chance?” John asked.

Well that got Ashley going talking about dancing, the ballet, jazz dance and her love of music. Ashley’s cute blathering was an almost unstoppable babbling brook once it started to flow out of her. They both signed their credit card slips and just stood there, each not quite wanting to end the animated conversation. It was getting to the point, however, when John needed to ask. The conversation was going to end soon, they would each turn and walk in different directions and John knew he would never see this girl again in his life. Something inside urged him to ask. Finding his nerve John asked his question just as Ashley was saying she should be getting going.

“By any chance….I mean….well…. I know this will sound stupid, but it’s just you remind me of someone.”

Ashley looked at John with a perplexed look on her face.

“I remind you of someone?”

Ashley seemed skeptical, but obviously somewhat intrigued by John’s statement. Her eyes looked at him curiously while waiting for him to continue.

“Well it’s just that I noticed your last name is “Chen”. By any chance is your mother named Joyce?”

Ashley’s face had a look of complete wonder as John spoke the name “Joyce”. If anything Ashley looked even more perplexed than before.

“Yeah. Sure. I mean….Yup, that’s my mom’s name. How….I mean…..but…..well…. How do you know my mom’s name? Have we ever met before?”

John relaxed, smiling and chuckled at Ashley’s obvious confusion.

“No we’ve never met.” John said.

John then proceeded to explain that he had known her mother many years ago. He asked how Joyce was doing and was she living in London. Ashley said no her mom was traveling and was fine. This new connection kept the conversation going and they stepped to the side to keep chatting. Finally John realized he needed to make a decision before Ashley walked off into the crowd into oblivion and anonymity. John pulled out his wallet and a business card and wrote his UK cell phone number.

“Here….look….Well I’m in London for a few weeks working on a deal. Only if you have time? I mean I don’t want to intrude….anyways……why don’t you call me if you…..”

Ashley giggled and John couldn’t help being amazed by her beauty as her eyes danced and sparkled with life. John was also stunned by how much Ashley’s giggle reminded him of young Joyce’s giggle those many years ago. Ashley’s smile was so transient, so fleeting, living only in the moment. Like a firefly or a spark her smile would light up everything for a fleeting flicker of a moment and then be gone, only to return a moment later. It was this elusive smile and her ever-present beauty that held him transfixed.

“Yeah sure John. Why not? I’d love to hear about my mom in her younger wilder days. I bet you’ve got some good stories.”

Ashley giggled as she gazed at John seemingly examining him from head to foot making that assessment that women make of males they are sexually interested in.

“Are you sure you knew my mom that long ago? How old are you John?”

Ashley had a mischievous sparkle in her eye. John blushed thinking about the gap in their ages and the erection he had in his pants from just looking at Ashley’s sexy young body. John chuckled before answering.

“Well I can assure you I’m 43 and I did know your mom.”

Ashley put a playful faux look of “mock shock” on her face.

“Forty-three oh my gosh?? Really! Hmmmmm I thought you looked more like early thirties. Well you’re in good shape John for…..(Ashley paused for dramatic effect)… old guy.”

John blushed a deeper pink and Ashley started laughing at her successful effort at teasing. Nothing was more enjoyable for a sexy young woman than the playful taunting of handsome older men who were obviously smitten by their youth and beauty.

“Well let your mother know I said “Hi” and…..well……If she’s……I mean……if she’s….”

Ashley could sense John’s reluctance and embarrassment and she became curious.

“Yes John….?”

“Well….it’s just……If she’s still mad at me and you don’t call….well…..(John paused feeling the weight of the past, the weight of his betrayal pushing down on him like a lead weight)…..well…..I’ll understand.”

“Oh my!! Mystery too? Now we do have to have a drink? I’m so curious John to find out these mysterious secrets you have.”

Ashley giggled and picked up her Harrods bag to leave. John leaned down to kiss her on the cheek and wished her goodbye saying how glad he was they had met. As Ashley turned in a half pirouette, her short skirt twirling out teasingly, she waved a flirtatious goodbye and John felt his cock pulse. John found his eyes locked onto Ashley’s swaying hips until she finally faded into the milling crowd of grazing global shoppers. John stood stationary—immobile-- immersed in the sad thoughts and melancholy of lost first love suddenly recalled. Any interest he’d had in going to the National Gallery had evaporated. Van Gogh could wait for a day or two. Instead John meandered slowly back to the short lease apartment he was staying at with his dark thoughts following him like a big grey rain cloud.

John’s wondering if Ashley would actually call didn’t last long. The very next day Ashley called and they arranged to get together on Friday. At first it was “drinks” but the phone call lingered, as it just seemed so easy for the two of them to talk and “drinks” soon turned into dinner. John decided to take Ashley to one of his favorite Italian restaurants Signor Sassi in Knightsbridge and then they would head to a club for drinks and dancing. John called up the hostess Natasha and booked the quiet sheltered table in the alcove by the window. It just so happened that Ashley lived in Knightsbridge close to the restaurant and John picked her up just fifteen minutes before their reservation.

John stopped his rented BMW in front and put on the flashing hazard lights since there was no legal street parking. John walked up the grey stone steps while holding the black cast iron railing and reached out rapping the ring knocker on the black enamel door. John could hear Ashley’s voice yelling inside and he waited patiently. Finally the black door swung open. Ashley’s body was wrapped in a soft warm yellow light from a Tiffany lamp hanging from the ceiling in the hallway. John’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of her. If John had thought Ashley was sexy in Harrods, well tonight she was stunningly beautiful and looked much older than her nineteen years. Ashley’s youth and beauty, her young taut body, her mischievous smile and twinkling eyes, her shining lustrous dark hair—it all added up to a jaw dropping “omg” effect! John’s left heel slipped backwards to stabilize his body as the almost physical impact of Ashley’s beauty knocked him off kilter.

Ashley grinned and turned to the side striking a pose, lifting her left ankle slightly and pressing her small breasts forward, her eyes asking the eternal female question-- “Do you approve?” John’s face must have given sufficient answer as his mouth hung open and his eyes went wide in lustful male admiration. It had been a while since John had been on any kind of date, let alone with a young lady this beautiful and he was like a deer caught in the headlights. Held in thrall John struggled to collect himself and find words, his legs immobilized like petrified stumps. Ashley giggled obviously pleased with the effect she was having on this handsome older man.

John let his eyes range up and down Ashley’s beautiful dancer’s body taking in her outfit. Ashley was wearing a tight little black dress made from stretch knit with a hemline just above mid-thigh. The sexy black dress formed to the curves of Ashley’s trim waist and wider hips as well as hugging over the small swells of her breast mounds. At the waist, on the hemline and over the shoulders the knit fabric was replaced by opaque black lace with a “see-through” effect that allowed a tantalizing hint of skin. At the back a large oval was cut out of the dress giving a nice view of Ashley’s strong dancer’s back and shoulders and her flawless skin.

Ashley’s dress was young, sexy and flirtatious and yet at the same time sophisticated and classy. Over top of her shoulders Ashley had added a tiny charcoal grey cashmere sweater-vest with three-quarter sleeves to deal with possible chilly breezes at this time of year. Ashley’s eyes were still requiring John to offer a response.

“Ashley you look stunning! I’m so glad you called.”

Ashley leaned forward and kissed John softly on the cheek in greeting. Her perfume wafted to his nose and her hair tickled his cheek and nose. The feel of her soft kiss was beyond tantalizing.

“Is that Miss Dior you’re wearing?”

Ashley pulled back and looked at John with a surprised but teasingly pleased look.

“Hmmm John, you certainly know how to surprise a woman. So are you one of those men who dates so many women he identifies them by their perfume?”

Ashley giggled at her taunting and teasing verbal volley. A vivacious smile lit up her face and captured John’s attention with full force. John chuckled and relaxed knowing they would have a wonderful time together tonight. John had been a bit worried about their age difference and what Ashley’s mother may have said about him, but John loved smart women who were teasing and flirtatious so this was a perfect start to the evening.

“No. Actually I haven’t been on a date in months. I do like wandering the fragrance counter and Miss Dior is one of my favorites.”

Ashley looked not entirely convinced by John’s explanation but she linked her arm into John’s and kissed him again on the cheek.

“All right. Forgive me for my suspicions but men can be creeps.”

With that they laughed easily together and headed for John’s car. When they arrived at Signor Sassi only ten minutes or so away it was crowded so John had to park a block to the south. John walked around and opened the car door for Ashley to get out and reached out to take her hand.

“Oh dear, a gentleman. A rare breed John. Gentlemen and Tigers…..”

Ashley couldn’t repress her giggle before continuing.

“Only a few of you left. I’ll need to show you off to my girlfriends since most of them have concluded the species IS extinct already. But beware, they might want to take you home and cage you to start their very own breeding program to help save the species.”

They both laughed at Ashley’s joke. Walking to the restaurant John placed his arm behind Ashley’s lower back to guide her and she linked her arm into his for support. As they walked John looked down and noticed Ashley’s heels.

“Oh the Tory Burch heels. Very nice Ashley.”

She grinned and then turned on him with a faux pout.

“I was wondering when you would notice. You don’t like them?”

Oh dear, John had committed a very common and yet a possibly fatal male sin. He had failed to notice Ashley’s new shoes. Recovery, he knew, would not be easy.

“No, I mean…..well……it’s just…..”

“Yes John, it’s just WHAT?”

Ashley looked at John sternly putting the emphasis on the word “what”. John could see Ashley was thoroughly enjoying watching him wriggle like a bug on a pin as he tried to extricate himself from this entirely male predicament.

“Well…’s just…….”

“Yes John, you already said that.” Ashley giggled as John struggled.

“Well……you’re so beautiful that really even though the shoes are very cute and sexy, your own beauty just far outshines them.”

John waited expectantly to see Ashley’s reaction. A huge smile crossed her face and she burst out laughing.

“Well grill me a cheese sandwich!! That is probably the cheesiest line you could ever come up with John…..”

Ashley laughed.

“But it was sweet. And it worked.”

Ashley leaned in and gave John a kiss signifying a pardon had been granted for his crime.

“I forgive you for not noticing my shoes. So you think I look sweet and innocent don’t you?”

John didn’t know quite how to respond and kept grinning. Well she does look sweet and innocent John thought, but his hidden lustful desire for her was anything but “innocent”. John hoped Ashley couldn’t see what he was thinking, what he was imagining. She looked at John precociously and said.

“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.”

Ashley smiled waiting for John’s reaction.

“Isn’t that the mother’s advice?” She added.

John was momentarily stunned.

“So a woman who is young, beautiful, graceful AND she quotes Macbeth? I would say you are just as rare as any species of tiger.”

Ashley giggled clearly pleased with herself.

“Oh don’t be so impressed John. We’re studying Macbeth in my drama section right now. I just have the lines floating around in my cute little head.”

They both laughed and John relaxed. Arriving at the restaurant John could see the surprise in Natasha’s eyes. It had been a long time since John had brought a date to the restaurant and certainly years since he had shown up with anyone even remotely as stunning as sexy young Ashley.

“Mr. Langham let me take you to your table. Miss will you be keeping your sweater or shall I hang it?”

Ashley turned and let John help her slip the super soft grey cashmere sweater off her shoulders and Natasha took it and hung it up. As the hostess led them to the table John assessed Natasha’s body from behind. Natasha had worked at the restaurant for almost five years now. John had often thought of asking Natasha out on a date considering how tall and beautiful she was, a real classic European beauty. Now, comparing Natasha to Ashley, John could see that given Ashley’s advantage of youth and the exotic hint of Asian in her eyes, her tight taut athletic Asian dancer’s toned body, it was Ashley’s beauty and sexiness that was far superior to the more voluptuous but still highly desirable Natasha. John felt calm and satisfied that he had restrained his carnal desires these past years. You didn’t want to lose your favorite restaurant just because you had fucked the hostess.

As they were seated John became a little nervous. He wondered what Ashley’s mother had said to her about him. He wanted to ask and yet he didn’t want to seem too eager. Ashley seated herself demurely and swung her legs under the table before remarking.

“John what’s this?”

Ashley was looking at the package on the table wrapped in metallic orange wrapping paper and a delicate metallic silver ribbon and bow. John smiled.

“Well it’s just a little thank you for coming out and sharing the evening with me.”

Ashley looked at him as if to ask if it was really for her.

“Go ahead and open it.”

Ashley pulled away the wrapping paper and inside was a green Harrods box. Ashley slowly pulled up the top, reached in her hand and pulled out the cute orange purse.

“Oh my gosh you shouldn’t have. But I thought…..?”

Ashley’s voice trailed of with her apparent confusion obvious and the question hanging. John blushed and knew he needed to explain.

“Well actually there was no ‘daughter of a friend.’”

John paused to see the effect of this disclosure on Ashley.

“It’s just you so much reminded me of your mother and well…..I……well I really wanted to meet you.”

John was blushing and a bit nervous at this point, but seemingly needlessly since Ashley simply giggled and said she thought he was cute for following her around Harrods and actually buying the bag just to meet her. John then ordered some Champagne and they immediately fell into easy conversation. It seemed there was some sort of bizarre connection between the two of them, almost as if they had been friends for years. Finally John got around to asking Ashley what her mother had said about him. Ashley grinned like a Cheshire cat and paused before answering, seeming to enjoy John’s obvious nervousness.

“Well she didn’t say too much. It seems you two are a bit secretive. Mom was tired when I talked to her. She just told me you were a real “heart breaker” in your day.”

John looked skeptical that this was the extent of it.

“That’s all? Is she mad at me or…..”

Ashley interrupted John before he could finish his sentence.

“No, Mom said you brought her a lot of happiness and there was nothing to forgive you for or be mad about. She said it was all really about you and an old friend of hers. Mom said that you’d gotten married to her friend and then divorced. Mom said she was very sad you’d gotten divorced.”

Ashley’s face looked a bit like she didn’t quite comprehend the full meaning of what her mother had said to her.

“Anyways, I really didn’t understand it all. I guess you went out with one of mom’s friends? Is that right….”

John was hugely relieved. A smile broke on John’s face and he deflected Ashley’s inquiry.

“Yes, well it’s a long story, maybe I can tell you everything some other time? What do you want to order? Let’s look at the menu? The sardines are excellent at this time of year.”

They ordered and had a wonderful meal and John selected a nice bottle of ’96 Gaja that was just at its peak and very elegant to go with the food. Somehow the conversation would meander this way and that way and the two of them were having a wonderful time. John was amazed as he gazed at the beautiful young woman across from him the light from the candle on the table offering flickering highlights to her hair. As they chattered easily it didn’t seem like there was a huge age gap at all. John felt like the “younger John” from years ago, the one who had fallen in love with a beautiful young girl who looked just like Ashley. John didn’t feel old and jaded, he didn’t picture himself as divorced with grey tinges at his temples; instead Ashley made John feel like a new man and his imagination began to soar. John couldn’t help it but as he leaned forward in their animated discussion their knees touched and he felt his hard-on pulse.

The dinner over John helped Ashley rise from the table, reaching out to hold her hand. Even just holding Ashley’s delicate slender hand and feeling her smooth skin gave him a thrill. Why am I acting like a teenager John admonished himself? You’ve been out with so many women, so why does this young girl make you feel so excited he asked himself? Just being near Ashley was like taking a Cialis pill; his cock just wouldn’t go soft. John placed his hand lightly on the small of Ashley’s back guiding her out of the restaurant. They chatted and John told Ashley about a nice new super club with a dance floor not too far away and wondered if she wanted another drink? Ashley’s face lit up and she was obviously keen for the night not to end.

“That sounds wonderful John.”

At the club John slipped a big tip to the hostess to get a great table and then ordered a bottle of 1990 Dom. John noticed Ashley had loved the Champagne at dinner so he decided to stick with what worked. John was more than a little nervous to be in a club with Ashley. She’s a dancer and dancing with a dancer was always intimidating. After a lot of chatting, laughter and teasing Ashley was in a great mood and she looked over taking John’s hand under the table and giving it a squeeze.

“Aren’t you going to take me to dance?”

John chuckled nervously.

“Well it’s just…..”

Ashley giggled and squeezed John’s hand reassuringly again.

“Yeah, I know….I’m a dancer and….”

John smiled and laughed with her.

“Yeah. That’s right, you’re a dancer and I’ve got two left feet.”

The two of them laughed and Ashley playfully pulled John up onto the dance floor. Just as they rose the DJ put on a slow song. Ashley leaned into John’s body. She whispered in his ear.

“Saved by a slow song. Just put your arms around me and let me lead ok?”

John slipped his arms around Ashley’s slim firm toned young body and the feeling of being next to her was amazing. John was just a little worried as Ashley snuggled in tight into his chest that she would feel his throbbing hard-on pushing out from the pleats in his pants. As the two moved slowly around the dance floor they continued to chat softly, but everything now felt so much more intimate. John was holding Ashley close, smelling her perfume, her lustrous hair tickling his nose, his hands feeling the warmth of her body, her naked skin in the oval cut-out on her back teasing his fingers. It was as if John were being transported back twenty years and all the searing pain, all the disappointments, all the anguish, were magically gone and his soul felt pure again.

At some point during the time between dancing and sipping their Champagne they began to discuss ballet. John told Ashley about the recent prints he had purchased from the “Mad Russian”.

“You know the ‘Mad Russian?’” Ashley looked at him.

Well the “Mad Russian” was Sergei, a famous London photographer who did work for the Royal Ballet and was renown for his portraits of West End actors. The Mad Russian was particularly noted for his famous black and white nude portraits of ballerinas. John had met Sergei while he was photographing Sotheby’s auctions in Hong Kong. They had struck up a friendship that had survived the years and the distances. John explained that during the recent visit of the Kirov Ballet, Sergei had taken some behind the scenes shots of the ballerinas and mounted them as large four-foot by five-foot black and white prints with stunning contrast and soft lighting.

“Really how many prints did you buy?”

John explained that he had purchased three large prints including a nude of Katerina Natovshka in the old elevator car of the Royal Ballet practice halls shot with all natural light using a Leica 1.2 lens. Ashley was clearly intrigued and offered that it would be incredible if the Mad Russian could ever take some pictures of her. Ashley looked at John wide-eyed.

“Oh my god, those prints must be amazing.”

John chuckled at Ashley’s youthful enthusiasm and without thinking he blurted out.

“Well you’ll have to come see them sometime.”

Ashley crinkled up the corners of her eyes and wriggled her nose as an irrepressible grin crossed her face.

“Oh come to my chateau young lass and see my nude prints.”

Ashley laughed and giggled with her mischievous smile flickering across her face and John blushed.

“Oh….I….uh….well I didn’t mean…..uh…”

Ashley pretended to be cross.

“You didn’t? You mean you don’t want to get me back to your lair?”

Ashley put on the meanest faux pout John had ever been fixed with in his entire life. Now he was doubly confused about what to say to this precocious young lady who clearly had some idea of how completely smitten he had become. Ashley quite simply had tied John in knots and he was wriggling to find any escape route. Ashley was toying with him mercilessly and enjoying every second of his discomfort. Ashley’s bright infectious smile exited stage left as she let a further frown bear down on John. Ashley paused enjoying this brief moment of torturing him before her smile once again returned to center stage and she reached out to give his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Actually I do want to see the prints. Tonight? Do you have time?”

Ashley’s big almond eyes looked wide and innocent as she changed tack once again, taking John by surprise yet one more time. This girl had a way of keeping him off balance. Ashley’s reassuring squeeze of his hand settled John’s nerves and they were soon exiting the club heading for his leased apartment to see the Mad Russian’s prints. Things were moving fast and it was almost like their evening had a ever-increasing momentum of its own like an avalanche picking-up boulders. Two previously distant planets were now caught in an irresistible gravitational attraction pulling them closer and closer together towards an inevitable collision and release of heat. Was she really nineteen and was he really forty-three? John marveled at how easy it was to just be himself with Ashley, a feeling he hadn’t felt with a woman for years. Everything felt so easy and natural? John wondered if he pinched himself would he wake up and find out this was all just a dream?

As they entered the apartment John switched on the lights. Ashley looked around and seemed pleased with what she saw. She looked at the side table where a book rested on his Koa wood end table. Her eyes lingered slightly on the large crystal vase filled with huge white Calla lilies. Ashley’s eyes returned to the novel.

“Oh gosh, I love ‘Norwegian Wood’. Murakami is so talented. How far into it are you?”

John was so surprised Ashley had read the book. Again he was thrown off balance and pleasantly surprised by this young attractive vixen. Taking him by surprise seemed to be a habit with Ashley.

“Oh I read it years ago. I’m re-reading it…..”

John paused measuring his words carefully.

“For the feeling I guess. The feeling of the novel is so genuine.”

Ashley looked at John with what seemed like a new kind of appreciation in her eyes.

“Yes, I know what you mean, he creates a certain feeling, a mood? What would you call it John, that feeling? Can you give it a name?”

John pondered Ashley’s question for a few seconds and then offered.

“Young love.”

John reflected a moment?

“Perhaps “first love” is more accurate?”

Ashley smiled considering John’s reply and then turned her head and saw the print.

“Oh my god is that one of them? Fuck she’s gorgeous….”

Ashley blushed realizing what she had blurted out.

“Oh I’m sorry…..I didn’t mean to swear. It’s just….omg…..her body is stunning and that print…’s so……so…..AMAZING! Look at her turnout and the elevation! My god!”

John looked at the print and then at Ashley.

“It is an incredible photograph isn’t it?”

This was the start of another easy conversation between the two of them. Ashley stood very close to John’s body, her closeness getting him aroused again. Ashley’s proximity and her rich exotic perfume wafting to John’s flaring nostrils were offering a promise perhaps of something sexual happening? John’s cock flooded with blood, pulsing and throbbing, as his imagination ran wild.

John got some wine from the kitchen and they viewed the second and third prints. John lined the three huge black and white prints up in the living room against the bone-white wall. The two of them sat close together on the sofa to appreciate the huge prints from a distance. Sipping their wine John put on some solo piano music from his iPod and they chatted. At some point Ashley put her hand on John’s inner thigh and the tingles flew up his body. Each of them with imperceptive movements was inching closer and closer together, an unseen force drawing them in. John finally nervously eased his arm behind Ashley’s body on the back of the sofa.

At that point Ashley sighed as if she were tired. John thought to him self, “That’s the end of the evening. Ashley was going to want to go home now.” Instead Ashley leaned her body more closely against John’s, put her head softly on his shoulder and looked up into his eyes. Ashley’s almond eyes, her long fluttering eyelashes, her perfect beauty, it all cast a magical spell that John had not felt in decades.

“My mom said you were a heart breaker. I hope you don’t break mine?”

Ashley’s eyes fixed on John’s as their mouths moved closer and ever closer. There was nothing John could do to stop it even had he wanted to. Ashley’s unwavering almond eyes held John’s and it was as if a powerful super-magnet drew John irresistibly forward. John had never wanted a woman more than this moment, except perhaps his first few times with Joyce. The kiss that followed was transporting and John’s passion exploded. The dam holding back John’s lust burst and suddenly his little head took over from his big head. John’s needs had till now been held in check, his lust had been repressed, his cock had been ignored, but now with Ashley’s soft sweet lips on his, her tongue lightly and playfully probing his mouth, there was no holding him back.

John’s hands began to roam Ashley’s firm athletic body; his mouth devoured her mouth, his tongue tangled with her playful tongue. Ashley began making small feminine mewing sounds in response to John’s exploring touches. John let his hands explore Ashley’s curves, the firmness of her hips, the soft but firm rounded curve of her tight ass, the rise of her small breasts with just a hint of the hard button of her now hardening nipples beneath the thin black fabric.

John’s cock was now pulsing and demanding the touch of Ashley’s naked skin. John could have no idea, but Ashley’s pussy was throbbing with an equal level of ardor and urgent desire. Ashley’s slender hands found the thick bulge in John’s pants. With gentle grasps Ashley felt up and down assessing John’s eight-inches of length and thick hardness. As Ashley’s small hand felt John’s thick hardness and as she realized the intensity of his male desire to possess her little whimpers of need escaped from her throat. John could take no more.

Lifting Ashley in his strong arms John carried her into the master bedroom. Was this completely wrong? Was he too old for her? There was no space for these questions as the heat between the two of them, the burning need, became all consuming. Lowering Ashley gently to her feet the two of them discarded clothes in a frenzy of lust that was almost adolescent in its abandoned haste. The silence between them was broken only by the sound of zippers being pulled, belt buckles jangling, fabric falling into rumpled piles on the wooden floor and urgent kisses being exchanged. As John’s eyes took in Ashley’s now almost naked young body his desire and lust increased exponentially. Only a delicate black lace push-up bra covered Ashley’s small firm pert young breasts and her pussy was shielded by only the tiniest triangle of black lace held in place by slender string ties with a bow at each hip. Ashley’s sexy young body and his all-consuming need stunned John and his lust overcame every reservation.

Kicking her heels off Ashley fell back, bouncing onto the bed as John pushed himself on top of her body. John’s tongue and fingers began their exploration, their journey, to discover how to bring pleasure to this exciting young woman. This was a young woman John had fantasized about, lusted for and that he had wanted…. no….that he had NEEDED… badly ever since the moment he laid eyes on her that day in Harrods.

John’s fingers found Ashley’s small nipples underneath the lace fabric of her bra and he tweaked and rolled them softly at first. John pressed harder as the firm little rubbery nubs hardened into light-brown pinkish points! John found the bra’s front clasp and easily twisted it open to gain access to Ashley’s beautiful firm mounds. Quickly John’s lusting mouth was latched onto a firm nipple sucking and nibbling and teasing. Ashley’s body was writhing underneath John’s as her own desires and tingles increased by the second. Ashley’s left hand was struggling to get under the elastic waistband of John’s briefs searching to find and stroke his hard cock, to hold his male member skin to skin.

John wiggled away from Ashley’s hand and used his arms to pull both of Ashley’s hands high above her shoulders. Pulling Ashley’s curious hand away from his aching throbbing hardness he asserted himself. John held both of Ashley’s hands locked in his grip and took control of her body with his greater male strength. All the while John’s mouth was teasing and playing with Ashley’s neck, her shoulders, her pointed nipples and his soft moist lips were teasing her sensitive under arms with light kisses.

Ashley’s nipples were soon rubbery and hard, pointing upward, and John’s tender nibbles and tongue strokes were soon eliciting deep moans and sighs from Ashley’s throat. John’s soft lips and their teasing kiss ceaselessly coursed their way across Ashley’s rib cage with delicate butterfly-like touches. John’s fingers traced along Ashley’s small firm breasts learning what pressure points made her body shudder and shiver beneath him. John kneaded Ashley’s small mounds, pinching her nipples with firmer and firmer pinches as her moans and shuddering body informed him it was time to increase the stimulation.

John’s soft warm lips eventually reached Ashley’s belly button and he played with the little indent using his long slick wet tongue to probe and tease her midriff. Ashley’s giggles and sighs and moans seemed never ending as she wriggled about in her rising ecstasy her body contorting in its desire for more, always more. Ashley’s body was twisting and torqueing to get away from the extreme pleasure being caused by John’s teasing tongue and fingers, yet needing him to continue. The contradiction, the sexual tension, bringing Ashley ever and ever closer to the female finality of her own sexuality—total release! Ashley’s aroused state and her extreme responsiveness brought a smile to John’s face as he subjected her to more and more kisses and touches driving her ever closer and closer to her destination.

John’s mouth moved lower to Ashley’s hips kissing across the flat area of her hipbones with teasing light flutter kisses and little delicate teasing flicks of his tongue. Unable to hold Ashley’s hands anymore John let go and Ashley’s fingers grabbed onto John’s head as she fought to control the passion coursing through her body in wave after wave. Ashley pushed down with her hands, pushing John’s head lower as her female needs took control and she wanted more. Ashley’s pussy was burning to be kissed now and she needed her throbbing clit to be touched. Ashley’s fingernails dug into John’s scalp as each kiss, each gentle light kiss, moved closer and closer to her young pussy, her now aching and sopping wet pussy.

John was now close enough so that the deep rich peachy fragrance of Ashley’s young pussy wafted to his flaring male nostrils. The scent of this young woman was enough to inflame his need and his cock throbbed even harder in his briefs, pulsing with surges of blood. Normally John would tease and take his time approaching a new pussy, but his lust for Ashley was too strong and could not be contained. John moved his lips immediately to Ashley’s waiting engorged light pink pussy lips. At first his lips confronted the rougher texture of the black lace of Ashley’s panties and John rubbed his tongue over the surface, teasing the plump lips that lay below. Using his fingers to pull on the bows tied at Ashley’s hips, John released the ties and the triangle of black lace fell loose and John easily pushed it to the side with his tongue and nose.

Taking his tongue John could now trace Ashley’s slit that was already slick with the creamy viscous pussy juices Ashley was secreting in her excitement. John grabbed each side of Ashley’s hips with his strong hands to stabilize her shifting hip movements. With the touch of John’s tongue on her pussy Ashley instinctively pushed her hips upward while digging her nails into his scalp seeking a deeper pleasure, a deeper pressure. Ashley pushed John’s head and mouth hard onto her pussy as she urgently sought release from her torment of need. The build-up and teasing John had subjected Ashley to was almost too much for her.

The glorious pleasure that washed over Ashley’s body as John began to flick and play with her clitoris using his soft warm tongue caused her to release loud cries of joy. John used his hands and shoulders to pry Ashley’s thighs wider apart, gaining fuller access to her sweet young pussy and its tangy nectar of juices. John continued to minister to Ashley’s clit with soft flicks, fast flicks, slow flicks, hard flicks, sideways flicks, and finally a series of up and down flicks. John often varied his rhythm with fast, then slow, then fast again, then even slower, followed by a complete pause as Ashley approached the very edge of release. John’s fingers and tongue played with Ashley’s taut young dancer’s body like this again and again bringing her ever higher each time and yet backing away at the very last second before she could cum. It seemed to Ashley that the pleasure was endless. The teasing had to stop however as her body wanted more and her frustration was becoming unbearable. Ashley was desperate for the release that only an orgasm would bring and to feel herself become a woman with this man whom she needed so badly.

As Ashley approached the edge of her orgasm yet again Ashley’s fingers urged John on, urged him to keep going, to finally provide her the complete release she hungered for. Ashley’s fingernails dug into John’s scalp and she called out as his tongue slowed, teasing her for yet another time.

“Oh my god, no John!! No!! Please….let me cum. Please let me cum!! Don’t slow down!”

Ashley’s voice was almost a whimper, her need was so intense, and her sexual frustration beyond anything she had ever known in her young years. How could any man build her up this high she wondered?

“I want you to…..oh fuck yes that feels good!! Yes, more…oh god yes, right there….faster…yes….right there…..OOOHHH FUCK!!”

Ashley’s words were driving John insane with lust and his cock wanted nothing more than to be inside this beautiful young woman. John’s need had never been greater than this very instant. Yet he patiently waited as his tongue and fingers built Ashley up for one final time. John paused and slowed his tongue’s pace slightly teasing Ashley with a false direction, a change of cadence so subtle she at first didn’t notice, her orgasm just retreating the smallest of amounts from the approaching precipice.

John’s fingers felt Ashley’s stomach muscles hard and tense, her thighs rigid with need clasping his head in a vice-like grip. John’s eyes gazed up across Ashley’s firm young toned dance’s body and he saw her nipples hard and pointed towards the ceiling, her long lustrous dark hair spread tangled across the white sheets, her arm muscles taut and tense, her fingers locked onto his skin awaiting the coming explosion. The small triangle of fine dark silky hair around Ashley’s pussy was black and slick, lying flat against her flawless skin, soaked with her creamy pussy juices mixed together with John’s wet saliva. As John paused, the cadence of movements from his fingers and tongue momentarily broken, he took in the view of Ashley’s prostrate body, covered now in tiny beads of sweat from their heated passion. John knew there was no sight as beautiful as this in the entire world. A young woman’s body, tense and rigid with pleasure, lying on a bed about to explode in orgasm had to be the most beautiful sight in the world for a man.

John chuckled softly to himself knowing how close Ashley was to cumming and how unbearable the pleasure of this exact moment was for a woman. John kept his tongue and finger movements slowing for a few seconds and heard Ashley implore him to speed up. Ashley was begging for a release, certain that John would once again deny her. John smiled and yet he waited just a little longer. Five seconds more he told himself. Five second more and it should be perfect.

“Fuck please John!! Oh god, PLEASE JOHN!! Don’t stop….”

Just when Ashley was sure John was slowing down yet again he made his move. Just when Ashley was certain John was backing off, he did the exact opposite. John found Ashley’s clitoris now sticking straight up and engorged, a hard little pleasure button of tissue. John wrapped his lips around Ashley’s clit forming a kind of vacuum with his soft warm lips and sucked down hard while making rapid circular motions with his tongue around the sides of her cit. John’s hands grabbed hard onto Ashley’s hips to stabilize her as her body jerked, shocked by his altered rapid tongue movements.

John could feel that Ashley’s explosion would be huge. He could feel the pent up tension built up in her taut athletic body like a tightly strung string about to snap. The sudden change of John’s tongue motion and its speed combined with the strong sucking, bringing even more blood to her clit, sent Ashley into a sudden wave of pleasure that consumed her more completely than any orgasm she had ever experienced in her young life. Ashley’s stomach muscles contracted into a tense washboard of hard muscles and her pussy contracted in pulsating surges. Consumed by her orgasm’s intensity Ashley’s body arched into a rigid curve and her shoulders and head lifted off the bed like she was doing a stomach crunch in a pleasure that verged on pain in its intensity. Ashley’s nails were digging hard into John’s skin. A deep primordial guttural like cry was ripped from deep inside Ashley’s chest and throat and released into the air.


John moved his tongue to flick right over the top of Ashley’s clitoris now and he moved it with faster and faster flicks while simultaneously he employed more downward pressure. At the same time John had moved one hand to Ashley’s pussy and inserted a finger inside its tight smooth warm walls. With this finger inside Ashley’s pussy John at first flicked rapidly from side to side. When John sensed that Ashley was at the very peak of her orgasm, her female cries frantic, he moved this finger up behind her clitoris at the top of her vagina, just behind the entrance, and made fast circles against the soft sensitive vagina wall tissue with his finger. John felt Ashley’s body suddenly contort with one, two……three…..massive convulsions in response to his deft touch. Ashley’s body shook violently as John felt her muscles shudder and her thighs tremble against his skin. Ashley’s thighs held John’s head in a vice-like grip as she was fully consumed by her sudden total release. John used his other hand to stabilize Ashley’s body the best he could to keep his mouth in contact with her wet pussy while her writhing hips shifted constantly.

John slowed his tongue and he removed his finger from Ashley’s pussy slowly. Ashley drifted into the afterglow of her first massive orgasm with little whimpers and gentle sounds still coming from her mouth. John pulled his face, now covered in her slick juices away from her delicate pink pussy lips and he softly made kisses on her firm mound to let her drift down slowly. Ashley’s hands pulled on John’s shoulders urging him to come up and hold her in his strong arms. Ashley had a new kind of female need now. Ashley needed to feel John inside her, to feel connected, to feel fulfilled as a young woman by making her man become part of her.

John felt sudden pangs of guilt. He was too old. She was too young. How could he explain this? How could this be right? Ashley sensed John’s hesitation, his doubts, and she took John in her arms with a warm feminine embrace. Ashley possessed a feminine certainty that gave her confidence and her lithe young body entwined with John’s, her legs wrapping around him trapping his hardness against her softness. Ashley took John’s body against hers without any doubts and she held him. John’s nose now smelled her perfume again mixed now with the sex smells of their two mingled bodies and his doubts also began to drift away. Ashley’s hand gently stroked John’s head and massaged his neck reassuringly and their bodies fit together like a lock and key. Ashley spoke some soft words of gentle encouragement; John couldn’t quite recall what Ashley had said he was so dazed by his lust. Ashley’s hand reached down between their warm bodies and held his long thick hard cock, positioning his hardness at her tight entrance. Ashley whispered in John’s ear, her moist lips so teasing, and her warm moist breath so arousing.

“Push in John. I need you inside me so badly. Please! Complete me, fill me.”

Well whatever reservations John may have had, whatever final questions may have lingered, they were gone like a puff of smoke in a gentle breeze. John shifted to the side and pulled a condom out of his side drawer and quickly rolled it over his eight inches of male need. John then shifted his hips forward and the feeling as he entered Ashley’s tight pussy was beyond glorious. To finally be inside beautiful young Ashley, her tight slick pussy grasping his male hardness, to have their bodies linked, to feel her arousal as he thrust forward, her soft female receptiveness responding to and enveloping his hard maleness. John’s arousal built higher and higher with the friction of their naked skin on skin and the tingles rising from his loins and his thrusting cock.

There was no stopping John now, his thrusts becoming deeper and faster as his lust built and his ambiguous thoughts completely disappeared in a haze of simple carnal fucking. The clarity of the moment took over and everything became just John’s male lust for Ashley. The male need to propagate, the human need to find your other, consumed him in its blazing fire. Ashley’s fingernails digging into John’s skin Ashley simply clung onto John’s muscular and thrusting body as he pounded into her again and again in lurching spasms of unrestrained male desire. Ashley was simply John’s goddess vessel and she was there to receive him, to take him into her and to allow him to join with her in a celestial union. Ashley was thrilled by John’s body’s total need to fill her and as he thrust Ashley felt her tingles building once again. Ashley stroked John’s hair and clung on to his thrusting body, her slight body trembling each time he thrust forward slamming into her. Ashley’s arms wrapped around John’s neck, her legs wrapped around his hips, feeling John’s male force above her, feeling his hardness filling her like a woman Ashley was content.

“OH GOD JOHN…..Fuck that feels good!! Oh god…..YES! Fuck you’re big…oh god…yes that feels so good!! Oh god you’re so big….fuck that feels amazing!”

Ashley’s panting; her deep moans, her gentle whimpers and her uncontrolled cries excited John even more as his cock throbbed and burned in rising excitement. John was getting closer and closer to his orgasm. It was at that moment Ashley whispered in his ear again.

“I…uggh….ahhh…..I…..I’ve……John…..OH GOD….I’ve never……”

Ashley was breathless as the vigorous lovemaking was consuming her again and her breathing had become ragged with John’s huge deep thrusts forcing her to exhale sometimes with their urgency and potent power.

“I’ve never…..well…..OH GOD YES… HARDER…..I’ve….”

Ashley’s fingernails dug into John’s shoulders as she approached her second orgasm. Ashley held on feeling their bodies rocking now in a steady rhythm as her pussy built with each successive thrust from John’s hips, his cock driving deep and her clit grinding into his pubic bone.

“John I’ve… never… felt…. so connected to a man before.”

With those softly spoken words John flew over the edge. He desperately grabbed on to Ashley’s slim body and drove forward with his hips, his cock driving deep into Ashley’s pulsing tight young pussy in a frenzy of urgent thrusts. John cried out from deep in his throat as his balls contracted and his hot sperm shot out in a burning burst. Feeling John’s release triggered Ashley’s own orgasm as she felt his contagious excitement flood her body and her pussy began to contract in wild spasms of feminine ecstasy. Ashley’s fingernails ripped deep into John’s skin, scaring his back and drawing blood as she fought the convulsions of pleasure that racked her body in spasm after spasm as the waves engulfed her.

Ashley’s hips thrust up violently to meet John’s cadence of love, her wild hip thrusts meeting John’s in a rhythm that took her clitoris beyond any orgasm she could ever recall. The two lovers lost any feeling of separateness as their bodies melded into one writhing mass of sweaty flesh, their hungry mouths sucking on each other, their teasing tongues tangled, John’s thick cock impaling Ashley’s contracting tight young pussy, his arms locking her slim body against his strong broad chest. In that instant the two of them were not individuals fated to separate lonely existences, they had become one, singular, indivisible in their passion, a fused cell.

The afterglow from their release was almost more pleasurable than the torrid release itself. The two lovers held each other and let their fingers entwine and probe and make gentle touches as they explored each other’s bodies completely. Soft words, soft touches, gentle teasing, giggles and laughter, kisses, eyes deeply locked, noses smelling new smells, the feel of naked skin against naked skin, the comforting warmth from another body. The perfection of the moment cannot be described.

Young Ashley’s effect on John was such that soon enough he was hard again. This time there was no rush or urgency. Ashley took John’s cock into her soft warm mouth, wrapping her lips around his purplish engorged cockhead and teased him for a long time with sucking, licking, and gentle touching. John in turn licked Ashley’s sweet young pussy getting her aroused once again with a long session of softly building her needs with his tongue and fingers. Ashley finally straddled John’s body and put John’s big thick cock inside her tight young tingling pussy and the two of them just enjoyed the feeling of being together, of being connected. Slowly they let their feelings build before they once again came together, this time in a softer but just as pleasing mutual orgasm.

The next three weeks were like a blur for John. Ashley came over every day until after a few days she slept over and they were able to wake up together and share the morning sunlight beckoning a new day. Their bodies were insatiable and the lovemaking was frenzied and soft, fast and slow, urgent and languid. Their desire was only to be together, to be connected, to hold hands, to touch, to kiss, to smell each other, to taste each other, to be tangled. You could say they “fucked” because sometimes the need was so burning there is nothing else you could call the frantic coupling they engaged in. An uncontrollable lusting of two bodies joined and rubbing together to sate their sexual needs. John once took Ashley and fucked her in the bathroom of a two star Michelin restaurant, lifting her mini skirt and pulling her soaking wet panties to the side to drive his big cock into her. They simply could not wait to get home and the fucking had been so fast and intense they both blushed when it was over. Ashley once pulled John’s cock out and gave him a blowjob in a parking lot when she could not wait to get home to taste him and feel his hardness throbbing between her soft lips. And yet other times their sessions were surely “lovemaking” as they spent hours in bed and listened to soft music together, laughed together, giggled together and slowly built each other to the release they both needed and then gently held each other in the warm afterglow.

Sometimes John would need to do meetings and would be away for a few hours. Sometimes Ashley would be at class or would mysteriously disappear for a few hours. These brief times apart would only fuel their passion further and usually when they reunited they would both be smiling and heading in a rather rushed manner towards the bedroom discarding clothing as fast as they could. In the fourth week of being together Ashley finally said to John in bed one day.

“My mother wants to see you.”

John’s nerves suddenly were alert. He wondered what this could mean. Ashley felt her lover’s body tense next to her.

“Don’t be so worried John. She’s not a mean witch you know. She won’t bite you. She’s glad we are friends.”

Ashley giggled and tickled John’s ribs to calm him. They playfully wrestled in bed, tossing and turning, and their “play” soon turned into another session of lovemaking. John’s cock was soon inside Ashley’s tight pussy thrusting towards release. Ashley flipped John over on his back and rode his body, her thighs astride his hips, her fingers on his chest teasing his nipples as her hips thrust and her body arched in passionate female desire. Shuddering Ashley came in a huge orgasm as John pushed his hips up towards her and shot his load into her slick tight young pink pussy. Later cradling Ashley in his arms John anxiously asked Ashley if her mother knew they were lovers.

“No I haven’t told her yet. She hasn’t been feeling well. She just knows we’ve met and that I think you’re nice.”

Ashley’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she blushed.

“But I will tell her darling. We can tell her together. I’m so happy to be with you. I think I love you.”

The words seared themselves on John’s brain. “I think I love you.” It had been years since John had heard those words and even more years since he had WANTED to hear those words. The feeling John felt inside is hard to describe. He was confused. John was being tossed and turned by emotions as strong as a typhoon. John wanted to do the right thing. To tell Ashley he was too old for her. To tell her this wasn’t right. To tell her she had her whole life in front of her. John wanted to say all those things, but instead Ashley’s big almond eyes caught him and held him, her lashes batting, waiting desperately for his reply. Every second of silence that ticked by felt like an hour to young Ashley, the second hand pounding in her brain like Big Ben. John had no time to think and had to go with his gut.

“I love you too darling.”

John whispered the inevitable words softly, kissing Ashley delicately on the nose, his brown eyes locked onto hers. Ashley’s nervous tension dissipated and she smiled pulling her body tightly against John’s as she clung to his body with the all-consuming need only first love can bring. It is one of the scariest moments when a young girl tells a man she loves him for the first time and waits for his reply. Their connection at this moment was so strong and intense, their hearts pounding hard against their chests beating with a single rhythm. John’s mind swirled as he wondered at what he had just said.

The thing about words was that it was impossible to take them back once they have been set free. There was no putting the genie back in the bottle. Ashley cuddled softly into John’s larger and much more muscular body as she teased him and giggled happily. Ashley’s world was now held secure in the words John had just uttered. “He loves me.” Ashley thought wondrously to herself her head spinning with happiness. Finally Ashley put her lips to John’s ears and whispered ever so gently.

“I want you to fuck me again. I love it when you lose yourself inside me John. I feel like you’re mine when I feel you inside me filling me up as a woman.”

Ashley smiled like a Cheshire cat knowing the control she had over this older, confident, intelligent man who needed her so badly. He would do anything for me Ashley thought proudly. Ashley was so glad she had finally found a man who made her feel secure and connected. When she was with John she felt different, she felt like a “woman” and not a young silly girl anymore.

“I never thought you would say you loved me. It’s made me so horny. I didn’t realize being in love made a girl so horny? Did you John?”

Ashley giggled and reached down to grab John’s now rapidly hardening thick cock. Ashley could not repress her giggles or the happiness welling up inside her. Ashley’s heart was content and full and now she wanted her pussy as full as her contented heart. Ashley wanted her man inside her, filling her, completing her.

“MMMMmmm I love calling you my lover.”

John desperately wanted to be inside Ashley now and he reached over for the square plastic package, ripped it open with his teeth and began slipping on the condom. Ashley’s slender hand reached out and paused his hand.

“Tonight darling I don’t want anything to separate us. I need you inside me completely.”

John was in a daze of love as Ashley took his thick engorged cockhead and rubbed it slowly against her delicate pink pussy lips covering his thick purple cockhead with her slick creamy viscous juices. Positioning John’s cockhead at her tight pussy entrance Ashley sighed a contented sigh.

“Say you love me again? Please?”

Ashley looked at John with her big round pleading almond eyes, her need to be joined to him so evident. There was no turning back now even had John considered that option.

“I love you baby!”

John held Ashley and pushed forward and the two of them slowly entwined their warm bodies into one, nothing separating them. They slowly made love with a connection that was now even stronger and more intense than the past three weeks. How could those few words, “I love you” make such a huge difference? And yet making love this time felt a world apart. When they came together, their bodies jerking and clinging one to the other, the two of them had small tears in their eyes. John could feel Ashley’s body softly shaking with gentle sobs of happiness as he held her after her orgasm his hard cock still inside her body. John stroked Ashley’s head and calmed her with words of love and gentle touches. They both drifted off into a deep sleep in each other’s arms.

The next day they were off to see Ashley’s mother Joyce. To say John was nervous was an understatement. He was full of questions, but Ashley was enigmatic and would answer none. How would Joyce react after all these years John wondered? And how would she feel about him dating her daughter? How would he be able to explain it to her? They took a London Black Cab and Ashley held John’s hand tightly the whole way. The sky was slate grey; a membrane of clouds was hanging low and a cool breeze was blowing. Ashley was wearing tight jeans and a tight pink top and platform sandals and had pulled her hair back with hair slides. Ashley looked younger than John had imagined and he felt somewhat guilty holding her hand in public. What do people think he wondered, but his cock was hard?

The two lovers would sneak reassuring furtive glances and kisses with each other in the back of the cab as nerves got the better of each of them. Ashley’s mother knew she liked older men, but Ashley had never brought home a man quite as old as John. Plus John had been married to one of her mother’s friends and Ashley didn’t quite know how her mom would take that. Ashley was terribly nervous, but she was sure her mom would be happy for her. After all, it wasn’t every day a girl found a man as special as John.

When the cab finally pulled up in front of St. Thomas Hospital at the end of Westminster Bridge, Big Ben towering across the river in the distance, John was confused. John looked at Ashley, but she simply gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and pulled him out of the cab. As they walked towards the hospital’s main entrance Ashley finally explained. She held John’s hand tightly as the words were released from her mouth. Ashley was clearly upset and nervous and John was trying his best not to add to her distress.

“You see John. My mother is ill. Actually very ill.”

The two lovers walked on through the hospital corridors they were soon entering the oncology ward.

“My mother has breast cancer and it has spread.”

Ashley tightly squeezed John’s hand nervously.

“She didn’t want me to tell you so that’s why I told you she was traveling. Actually she hasn’t told many people. At first we thought she could beat it.”

Ashley turned to look up at John, a glistening tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“And now?” John asked in a soft and caring voice.

The expression on Ashley’s face told all. John knew the situation he was walking into was not good. As they walked down the pale green corridor John wondered why so many hospitals were painted these depressing pale pastel colors. Before his thoughts could go anywhere Ashley pulled up in front of a door. Ashley gently pulled her hand out of John’s. Ashley looked sideways at him and they both understood.

“It’s best we tell her first.”

John looked back with concern on his face.

“Yes, I agree darling. We shouldn’t shock her.”

Ashley turned and John could see her physically collect herself and prepare to enter the room. The anxiety that had covered Ashley’s face was wiped away and replaced with an imposed smile. This young girl was clearly doing her best to not add to her mother’s distress. John likewise prepared himself to enter the room, not knowing how his old lover would receive him. Ashley pushed on the pale green door.

As John followed Ashley and walked slowly into the room the dim lighting and the smell of medicine hung in the air like an ominous warning. The face that looked back at John from the steel-framed bed was not anything like the Joyce he had known. Her big eyes no longer sparkled with life, but instead were dulled by heavy doses of painkillers. Joyce’s skin was pale, pallid and colorless and her hair was gone, her baldhead partially covered by a pale blue scarf. Yet for all the devastation cancer and chemicals had ravaged on her body, a hint of Joyce’s former stunning beauty still shone through. Joyce barely acknowledged John’s presence, but her eyes took on a tiny spark of life at the sight of her beautiful daughter and her hand reached out weakly towards the flesh of her flesh.

“Honey, you came to see me.”

Ashley rushed forward and took her mother’s hand. The love between the two of them was so evident and clear. John almost felt embarrassed to be present the moment was so intimate. Ashley leaned down and hugged her mother.

“I love you mommy.”

Mother and daughter began to chat and then Ashley turned to look at John her eyes beaming proudly. That moment when a young woman introduces her mother to the man she loves is certainly a very special moment. John was standing and waiting patiently and he waited for Joyce to speak first. Joyce finally spoke.

“Well John it has been a long time. So many times over the years I have thought of calling you, but…..well……”

Joyce paused, her body so weak that speaking like this was difficult for her.

“You know how it is. Raising a child on your own. One thing after another and the years have slipped by.”

John was shocked by Joyce’s dissipated state and he needed to collect himself once again to prevent his shock from showing.

“Well I did try to contact you a few times….”

The conversation went on like this for a while. The exchange of small talk and unimportant details of everyday life leading them no closer to the huge questions that hung heavy in the air. Finally Joyce turned to her daughter.

“Darling, can you go to the cafeteria and bring mommy a tea?”

“English Breakfast mom?”

“The doctor says Darjeeling is better for my tummy. Milder honey. Bring me a cup of Darjeeling. Thanks sweetie. Not too much sugar.”

Ashley smiled at her mom and looked nervously towards John for his consent to depart and leave him alone with her mom. John nodded ever so slightly and with that Ashley reluctantly let go of her mother’s hand and left the room. As the door softly closed Joyce pushed with her arms, using her elbows for support, and did her best to wriggle her frail body higher up onto the pillows to sit higher up. Joyce turned her face weakly towards John and spoke in a faint voice.

“John we don’t have much time. My daughter will be back soon.”

John nodded and Joyce continued as rapidly as she could in her weakened state. Joyce explained she was happy that he had met her daughter. Joyce said she had intended several times over the years to call him and introduce him to her daughter, but the pain of their parting had just been too great. John tried to interject and offer an apology for his long ago transgression.

“Look John let’s not get into that now. I’m very ill and there is no time. I simply don’t have the energy. It’s water under the bridge okay. The only thing that matters now is Joyce, do you understand?”

John nodded and gave up his pathetic attempt to make amends for his terrible and unforgiveable actions those many years ago.

“There’s something I need to say to you.”

Joyce continued. John thought to himself how he needed to say so much to Joyce. How could he explain it to her he wondered? They had been lovers once, so many years ago, but now he loved her daughter. Worse, he was sleeping with her daughter. How do you tell a woman you once loved that you are spending every night in bed with her beautiful young daughter, teasing her young daughter’s nipples, kissing her young daughter’s mouth, your tongue tangled in passion with her daughter’s young tongue, sticking your hard thick long cock into her daughter’s tight young pussy? The hard cock that had once given the mother shuddering orgasms was now doing the same for her young daughter. This was not an easy thing to say. John was lost for words and didn’t quite know how to broach the subject.

Joyce seemed to almost faint, the strain of this conversation on her weakened body was so great. Joyce focused and looked John seriously in the eyes with an intensity that unsettled him.

“I should have told you this years ago, but I didn’t think you deserved to know.”

John interjected.

“Look Joyce, before you go on there is something I need to tell you first.”

John so much wanted to get the guilt off his chest. He was bursting to tell Joyce that he was in love with her daughter and that he wanted nothing more than to be with Ashley. Once he had cleared the air over his relationship with her daughter John was sure he could handle whatever fall-out or reaction Joyce might have. Joyce’s eyes stopped him cold.

“John, look I don’t have the time or the energy. I need to say what I have to say, okay.”

John nodded. Joyce looked at him with an even more serious look.

“You are going to need to take care of Ashley for me.”

Was that it? John’s heart leaped and a weight was lifted from his tight chest. Of course he would take care of Ashley. He was in love with Ashley and Ashley was in love with him. John could see the terrible concern in Joyce’s face and he felt her tangible love for her daughter. John wanted to jump in and assure Joyce that everything would be okay and he would take care of Ashley. He was about to speak when Joyce continued.

“Actually you have to take care of Ashley.”

The slightly different wording Joyce had used the second time confused John and he searched her face to discern her meaning.

“Well of course Joyce….I…..” John paused collecting his thoughts.

“What I mean John, or what I meant to tell you, is that…..”

John waited confused slightly by Joyce’s line of thought.

“You have to take care of her because…..”

Joyce paused again seeming to collect herself for a final effort.

“because Ashley is your daughter.”

The last word fell like an axe and sliced through John’s world cleaving it in half like the axe that removed Anne Boleyn’s head. At that exact moment the door opened and cute Ashley stood framed in the doorway looking so young and sexy, warm yellow light casting highlights in her hair. Ashley was holding a steaming Styrofoam cup of tea for her mommy.

To be continued……

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