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Holly Invites Her Daddy To Watch

Holly tells daddy a naughty tale.
I woke up the next morning still not believing what had happened the night before. My mind was flooded with visions of my daughter playing with herself right in front of me. A huge erection grew in my pants as I thought about our naughty time together. My wife had made breakfast, so I sat down and began to eat.

"Have you seen Holly?" she asked. "She better be down soon or her food will get cold."

Within seconds, Holly walked into the kitchen wearing her usual sleeping attire. Short white shorts and a green tank was all that covered her delectable figure. Normally, I wouldn't have even given a second glance. But today was different. I was ogling my daughter's curvy body with my wife sitting right next to me.

"Good morning dear, how did you sleep?" she asked Holly.

"Great," she replied. "How about you, daddy, did you sleep well?" She gave me this sexy grin that made my cock want to jump out of it's confinement.

"Fine, honey," I answered, looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

We finished eating and my wife bid us farewell as she had to go into work early today. She gave me a warm kiss on the mouth and then a kiss on the cheek for Holly.

"I better get going too," I said as I put on my suit jacket. My wife walked out the front door and I was moving quickly behind her. Holly's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"Don't go to work daddy, I guarantee you'll have more fun if you stay home with me." She gave me a wink as she walked towards the stairs. My eyes were glued to her shapely ass as she ascended the steps. Holly glanced back at me, trying to gauge my reaction, as she continued moving upward.

"I'll be in my room," she said with all the confidence in the world that I would follow.

I couldn't do this again. It was wrong. She was my daughter and I had to stop this now, before it went any further. Convinced that I was doing the right thing, I grabbed my keys and hurried out the door. Something was pulling me back inside. A perverse desire that I could not fight. Only minutes later, I was back inside racing up the stairs. My heart was pounding as I reached my daughter's partially open door. I peeked in and found Holly sitting on her bed waiting for me.

"So happy you decided to join me, daddy," Holly said as she motioned toward the chair.

I moved toward it and sat down. This was the same seat I had for the show last night. What did my naughty daughter have in store for me today? I couldn't wait to find out.

"Last night was a blast. Don't you think so daddy?"

All I could muster was a slight nod. The anticipation was killing me.

"I loved watching you stroke your big fat cock," Holly teased, while she rubbed her crotch." Did it turn you on to see your little girl playing with herself?"

"I think you should take it out for me, then maybe I'll tell you a naughty story," she giggled as her right hand caressed her soft supple breasts underneath her shirt.

I was helpless against her charms. Unzipping my pants, I stood up and let them fall to the floor. Holly took off her top and shorts, leaving her voluptuous body on full display.

"It looks even bigger than before," she said. "Mommy is such a lucky lady."

She took her one hand and started massaging her breasts as the other moved down to rub her moistening pussy. She licked at a nipple while staring deeply into my eyes. Her fingers moved in circles over her clit as her juices began to trickle out. Holly put them to her lips and seductively sucked off her sweetness.

"It's so yummy," she teased. "Wish you could have a taste?"

"Weren't you going to tell me a story?" I asked.

"Somebody's anxious," she grinned. "Alright daddy, feel free to touch yourself, if you want."

Holly leaned back on her pillows and closed her eyes as she teased her lips with three glistening fingers. I sat there, dumbfounded, staring lustfully at my sweet little girl. Damn, she looked so gorgeous. My cock was twitching like crazy as I watched her slide two fingers into her soaked pussy. Opening her drawer, Holly produced a long pink vibrator. She looked at me hungrily and began her story.

"Last week, Bobby and I were alone at his parents house," she stated while running her hand up and down the vibrator's shaft." We kissed passionately as our hands roamed each others bodies."

"I could feel how hard he was when my fingers brushed against his crotch," Holly added, staring at my pulsing dick. "Wanting to see it so badly, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock."

She raised the vibrator to her lips and licked provocatively at the pink tip. With her eyes glued to me, she teased her way up and down the toy, leaving it slick with saliva. Holly took the vibrator to the back of her throat and began to suck it eagerly. My cock was so hard as I watched her devour the thin pink phallus.

"I loved the way it felt in my mouth, so warm and wet from his pre-cum, " she said continuing her oral assault.

Seeing the toy slide in and out of her mouth was driving me crazy. It made a popping noise every time she pulled it out from between her lips. My little girl really knew how to suck dick. She was showing me all of her skills on that plastic cock.

"My pussy was so wet, I needed him inside me right then and there."

Holly guided the toy over her breasts and across her stomach, stopping at her aroused clit. She parted her lips and rubbed the vibrator around her moistening pussy.

"Do you want to see me fuck myself?" she asked while teasing the toy between her folds. I couldn't ever remember being this horny before. My cock was aching as I watched my little girl shove that vibrator deep into her young wet pussy.

"Why don't you join me, and touch yourself?" Holly offered, moaning each time she slid the toy back inside her.

I grasped my rigid manhood and started to pump my fist up and down my throbbing shaft. My excitement took over and I began to vigorously beat my cock. My daughter sensed that I wanted to cum badly.

"Remember daddy, ladies cum first," she giggled working her fingers around her swollen clit.

"Hurry honey, I can't hold back much longer," I replied losing myself in the sensation.

She gave me a wicked smile and increased the pace, fucking herself harder and harder until she shuddered and her orgasm washed over her. Holly laid there on the bed looking totally satisfied. She had a contented air about her.

"Your turn daddy," she said as she glared at my cock.

My hand worked faster pumping my cock before I released a torrent of hot sticky cum onto my hand and stomach.

"Thanks for playing with me daddy," Holly said with the biggest grin on her face. "We'll have to get naughty again real soon."

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