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Home alone or so i thought...

sometimes its good to fake sick

So I was home faking sick from school one day and I had free range of the house, I watched mtv for a while and than some stupid infomercial and I was getting bored fast. So I decided to snoop around the house and see what I could find, I was going through my moms room when I came across her boyfriends weed and bowl, (why not right) so I got super high and continued looking around the house, and in my older brothers room behind his game station and games I found a porn. So I went to my room and popped it in , knowing that no one would be home for at least five hours I turned it up and left my door part open.

The porn was starting to get good and I was starting to get horny, so I pulled my jammy pants and panties down and started to rub myself. Being home alone I was not trying to be quiet so I was moaning and groaning on my bed as loud as the movie. I was just about to cum so I was really loud now shaking and jerking around on my bed , legs high in the air and two fingers deep in me watching the porn . When I noticed my door was open wider than it had been.

 I immediately stopped and jumped up to check it out as I reached the door I saw my moms boyfriend go in her room . I was so embarrassed I slammed my door and turned the tape off. I was sitting on my bed fully dressed when he knocked at my door. I said come in and he did and he asked me if I had gone through his drawer(the pot oh fuck) I couldn’t lie so I said yeah I was looking for aspirin, he laughed and said well that would explain a lot and walked out. He walked back in a minute later and sat on the bed next to me and said don’t be ashamed of what you were doing , everyone does it and you seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit so I’ll let you get back to it and smiled . It wasn’t till than that I noticed he had a huge boner he was trying to hide with his jeans and arm, I asked what are you doing home and were you watching me? He said the job he was on got cancelled due to rain and that he had peeked in to make sure I was ok.

He left my room and I sat thinking he had seen me fucking myself and got hard well I will see just how hard I can get him, I went down and took a nice long shower drying off when I was done and than walked back to my room naked past his door which was open I saw him stare at me and walked into my room. I closed my door halfway and turned the porn back on turning the volume down so he would hear me over it, I layed back on my bed with my pussy fully exposed and my eyes shut moaning softly listening to weather he would come look or not.

I was rubbing my clit and rubbing my tits and moaning louder and when I looked up he was watching through the doorway this got me so excited I spread my legs a bit wider and jammed my finger deep in my wet pussy letting out a soft whimper, I could see him in my mirror staring at me and rubbing his dick through his jeans. I soon came and screamed loud and shook wildly on my bed it was incredible, I pulled my finger out of my wet pussy stuck it in my mouth looked at him and smiled, pulling my finger out and saying did you enjoy.

He walked in my room now and sat next to me on the bed and asked why did you do that if you knew I was watching, I said it turned me on and I wanted to cum hard. He was just staring at me as if he couldn’t believe what I had said , so I layed back in front of him and started to rub myself again smiling at him and making little moans and groans. He stared for a while at my body moving and grinding in front of him and than he leaned in and kissed my thigh looking up at me for approval I smiled at him and said uhh huh.

 With that he lost it a bit I guess cause he stood up pulled his cock out and came all over my chest I smiled at him and rubbed his cum in my tits, he sat back down and started to rub my pussy lips while I fingered my self and he leaned down and kissed my clit a few times before taking it in his mouth and twirling his tongue around it. This felt so good I came hard all over my hand, sat up and was licking my finger when he grabbed my hand and shoved my finger in his mouth mmm… your pussy is so sweet tasting may I as he gestured his head to my pussy I smiled and said anything you want. He licked my pussy really good and I was moaning hard he pulled me up so I was sitting on his riding his tongue hard, I leaned up and began to rub his cock in my hands a licking the tip of it before taking it in my mouth.

 We were in sixty-nine for a while and I had cum in his mouth a few times and now I wanted to fuck . I climbed off him went over closed and locked my door sat on the edge of my dresser and told him to come fuck me.

 He jumped right up and was sliding his big dick in me it was huge in me and filled my hole up , I was holding his shoulders and he began to kiss me as he fucked me slow and gently. It felt good but I wanted more so I whispered in his ear you got this young pussy and that’s all you are going to do, well that was it he turned me over and began to hammer my pussy hard and deep grabbing my tit in his hand and screaming is that what you want bitch you want to be fucked like a slut, and I did.

 He fucked me till we both came hard and than he kissed me softly and said that was great baby now lets go wash up and I’ll take you to lunch.

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