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Hot Blonde

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Hot Blonde

Part 4

The restaurant was pretty busy tonight, so we had to wait an extra 20 minutes. Paige and I went to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks while we waited for our table. I was looking into her pretty green eyes and noticed that they are darker than normal. They have a beautiful gloss look to them. You can definitely tell she just got fucked and had a great orgasm. We had a few drinks by the time our table was ready. The service here is outstanding and the food is great.

While we were waiting for our dessert, I handed Paige an envelope with a check from the government for fifty thousand dollars for her help in catching the fugitive that I had been chasing for about 6 months. Her eyes lit up and a great big smile came across her face. She gave me a big hug and said thank you very much. I then handed her another envelope and inside were two plane tickets to Costa Rica, I told her that I was going to take a month off of work and if she wanted to, she could go with me to Mexico for a long vacation.

She had mentioned to me that her father lived down there and she had not seen him for several years. I figured this would be a good opportunity for her to see him and besides I was really enjoying her company. We are having a great time together and the sex is HOT and GREAT. She said that she would love to go to Mexico with me.

After dinner we climbed back into the limo to head back to her place. As I got in, I told the driver take your time driving home. We both were feeling pretty good from all of the drinks we had at dinner. As I got into the limo I reached over and grabbed Paige by her shoulders and forced her down on the back seat and got on top of her. I started kissing her neck and ears while playing with her beautiful breast. She loves it when I kiss her aggressively.

I pressed my mouth against hers and her tongue was going wild. She started to moan with pleasure and my dick was getting hard. I slid her dress up, grabbed both of her ass cheeks and started pulling her towards my mouth so I could start sucking on her wet clit. Her hips were moving nice and slow as to make sure that my tongue was licking her entire pussy. She is getting extremely wet and moaning louder. I slid two of my fingers into her pussy to find her hot spot. When I did, her hips started really moving back and forth in a really nice fucking motion. She is just about ready to cum; I could feel her pussy starting to tighten up.

I started to suck her clit harder and finger fuck her as fast as my hand could go. She came so hard, she actually squirted, I never seen a woman squirt in real life, just in pornos. This was so fucking hot; I put my mouth onto her pussy so she could cum into my mouth. She had the entire back seat soaking wet. This is so HOT, that I almost came in my pants. I quickly pulled my pants down and put my dick into her extremely wet pussy. I didn’t even bother trying to go slow, just started fucking her as hard and fast as I could go.

At the pace I was going I knew it wouldn’t take long before I was blowing my load in her. I started cuming and she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled my body tight against hers. Feeling her strength just intensified the sensation that I am feeling. I didn’t realize that she is so strong. We finally made it back to her place; I walked her to the door and gave her a big kiss goodnight. Told her I would pick her up in a couple of weeks and give her a ride to the airport.

Our plan was to leave at the end of June and stay for the entire month of July. It should be great beach and fishing weather. I am actually a little worried about being able to keep this girl satisfied for an entire month. So, I went and seen my doctor before going and got a bottle of 100mg of Viagra, the little blue diamonds. We should have a lot of fun with these. I stopped by her place on the way to the airport to pick her up; she walked out wearing this cute sun dress and some beach sandals. She didn’t know it, but I love sun dresses, they make me so HOT.

Her tan was glowing and she smelled great. She is just so HOT; I don’t know what to do with myself. On the way to the airport I asked Paige if she was a member of the mile high club. She said that she is not familiar with that particular club. I kind of made this little silly grin and she asked what is so funny and I said I would explain it when we got on the plane. We checked in our bags and were able to get right on the plane, we were flying first class. The flight is going to be a long one; first class will be more comfortable. The flight attendant took our drink orders after we sat down. We both ordered captain and ginger ale.

While we were waiting to takeoff, I asked Paige what kind of underwear she is wearing and she replied a pink thong. That is so HOT. We got our drinks just prior to takeoff. They were made a little on the strong side, which is a perfect way to start off a vacation. Once we got airborne I explained to Paige about the mile high club. Of course she wanted to become a member. I told her that I was going to take a little nap and when I woke up, I will initiate her into the club.

I slept for about an hour, I was having a nice dream about Paige when I awoke and found her rubbing my cock through my pants. No wonder I was have a nice dream. She said that she couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to become a member of the mile high club. We started making out right there in first class, I am trying to get her nice and primed. It was working pretty good, when I slip my hand up her dress to play with her pussy, she is already getting nice and wet. I told her that there is a flight attendant station all the way in the back of the plane where you can pull a curtain closed.

I am going to go back first and told her to wait about 2 minutes and then come back. When I walked to the back of the plane, one of the flight attendants is sitting right where I wanted to fuck Paige. I introduced myself and she said her name is Kim. She is a good looking little red head; she is 5’2” about 105lbs, with a nice “c” cup and a perfectly round ass. I offered her $40 dollars if she would let me use the station for about 20 minutes, because the girl I was with wanted to become a member of the mile high club. Kim gave me this little smile and then asked me if she could watch. I said with a big smile on my face “hell yes” you can watch.

Paige then walked up; I introduced her to Kim and told Paige that Kim wanted to watch. This really turned Paige on; I could see it in her eyes. Besides, I knew this is going to be really HOT. I started to make out with Paige, her kisses were very passionate. I am holding her round ass with both of my hands and I could feel her body temperature starting to rise. My cock is getting very hard. I slid her thong off of her and started playing with her pussy. I glanced over to look at Kim and noticed that she started to play with herself.

My body temperature started to rise really fast. I unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the floor, I’m not wearing any underwear just to make it easier for Paige to grab my cock. She stated stroking my dick with one of her hands, she has the softest hands. I sat down in the seat, turned Paige around so she is facing away from me, I had her straddle me and slid my dick into her HOT wet pussy. It felt so warm and moist that I almost blew my wad as soon as my dick went inside of her.

She is riding my dick nice and slow, she is by far the BEST piece of ass that I have ever had. While she is fucking me, Kim stepped up to Paige and started making out with her. WOW, this is really getting HOT!!! Kim is really getting into Paige and is playing with Paige’s big tits as they were making out. I soon came inside Paige’s wet pussy. She continued to sit on my lap and make out with Kim. My dick never did get soft, it stayed nice and hard.

Paige got off of me and started sucking on my dick to make sure it did stay hard. She then leaned up and whispered in my ear, “fuck me and Kim at the same time”, of course I said yes. I had Paige lay on her back and had Kim get on all fours over the top of her. By this time Kim had already taken off her clothes. I got in behind Kim and started fucking her doggie style, she is moaning pretty loud, I know the people on the plane could hear us but it didn’t bother me one bit. I would fuck Kim a few strokes, then push her slightly forward then place my dick into Paige’s wet pussy and fuck her missionary style.

While I am fucking the two of them they continued to make out. This is like a dream come true, a great way to join the mile high club. When I went back to fucking Kim I could tell she is just about ready to cum. So, I stayed in her and fucked her until she did. She let out a scream that I know the pilot heard. She then laid down on top of Paige, they were still kissing when I placed my dick back into Paige, fucking her trying to make her cum. Paige is moaning louder and louder so I knew that she is just about there.

I started fucking her hard and fast, I was going to try and cum at the same time as Paige. Kim then started yelling “fuck her harder” this is what Paige needed to hear to push her the rest of the way. Hearing that from Kim made me cum too. I think this was the first time that Paige and I had an orgasm together. It’s a fantastic moment for me. We all laid there for about 5 minutes before getting dressed. That was one hell of a workout. When I opened the curtain to return to our seat the passengers in the entire back half of the plane started clapping their hands. I felt proud and of course the girls were embarrassed.

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