Hot For Teacher

By simply_sweet

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Fantasizing about the sexy teacher...
She couldn't focus. She couldn't see the page in front of her. She could barely breathe! It was almost time to see him. Her heart raced as she watched the minutes tick by painfully slow. 1:28...1:29...FINALLY! 1:30!

She packed up her backpack and quickly made her way to the door. As she strode to her last class of the day, she couldn't help but think of the object of her affections. The man she would see in a few short minutes. Her drop dead sexy history teacher, Mr. Dunrowe.

She was a senior in high school now, a legal 18, and Mr. Dunrowe had started the year before fresh out of college. She reminisced about the first time she saw him in the hallway. She was late to her English class and wasn't looking where she was going. She ran right into his back and all her books and papers went flying. She went soaring backwards as it felt like she had ran into a brick wall.

Mr. Dunrowe, however, didn't move a bit. She shook her head and looked up at the Adonis-like figure above her. He was tall, about 6'4 and muscular. Not overly big, but toned and chiseled. He had golden hair and sea green eyes that seemed to pierce through her, and rendered her speechless. His mouth, oh his beautiful mouth, was turned up into a half smile as he looked at her. He offered her his hand to get up, and then helped scoop up her things.

He introduced himself as the new history teacher, Mr. Dunrowe, and asked her what her name was and what year she was in. She could barely talk as she was still stunned at how gorgeous he was. She eventually was able to stammer out her name and that she was a junior, but she was so embarrassed that she turned bright red and ran away. She looked back once, and saw that Mr. Dunrowe was watching her with a smile on his face.

In the present, she reached his classroom and her heart fluttered with excitement. She was so happy that she got a spot in his class! She entered the room and took her seat near the back of the room. Mr. Dunrowe was at his desk, and he looked up when she came in and smiled at her. His pretty green eyes were fairly sparkling in the sunlight coming in from the window. His stare captivated her and neither of them looked away until the harsh sound of the bell ringing snapped them out of their trance. He faintly blushed and started the lesson.

In her seat, she could hardly believe what she was feeling. She wasn't sure if she should read much into what just happened.

He couldn't take his eyes off me! she thought excitedly, I wonder if he feels something for me too!?

As she sat and pondered, her mind started to drift to more naughty thoughts. She imagined the next day's, Friday's, class... 

She comes into school wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit; a short plaid skirt and a white short sleeved blouse; her sexy red lace bra; knee high white stockings and black shoes. Maybe pigtails? And no panties. 

She walks into Mr. Dunrowe's class with a little more swing in her hips than usual and sits in the front this time. She sucks on the tip of her pencil as Mr. Dunrowe stares at her hungrily. After the bell rings and he starts the lesson, she stealthily draws his attention to her creamy thighs as she parts them slowly. He swallows hard and tries to control the steadily growing bulge in his pants as he tries not to stare at her shaved pussy that is now totally bared to him.

She slowly uses the eraser end of her pencil to make small circles around her fully aroused clit. She's so wet that a small puddle of her sweet pussy juices drips to her desk chair. She teases him unmercifully until the bell rings signifying that the day is over. 

She slowly packs up her things to ensure she's the last one in the room. As she starts to get up from her desk, though, she hears the door slam shut and lock. She looks up, startled, as Mr. Dunrowe descends to her lush lips. He devours her mouth, plunging his hot tongue into the steamy cavern of her mouth. Exploring all the sides and ridges of her teeth, then gently sucking on her tongue. 

She presses her sweet high school body up against his hard muscular body and can feel the throbbing length of his rock hard cock against her stomach. She whimpers as he grabs her ass forcefully with his hands and lifts her to grind his cock against her sweet heated pussy. Her juices are flowing freely now and are dripping on his pants. 

"Now," she whispers urgently to him, "I need your thick cock inside of me."

He does not oblige, instead dropping her on the desk in front of him and immediately dropping to his knees to lick at her pussy ferociously. He licks all around her swollen lips and flicks his tongue against her clit rapidly until she feels like she will burst. 

He slows down as he feels her about to cum, softly sucking on her lips and lapping up her sweet cream. She begs him to suck on her clit, but instead he shoves his tongue deep into her pussy; twisting his agile tongue to hit every side of her pussy walls. She reaches for her clit to stroke as she is going crazy with need. 

He sees her hand and stops her as she sobs for release. He sucks hard on her clit as she forces three fingers up her dripping pussy, making her cum instantly. Her juices pour over his face and hand as she keeps cumming.

When the waves of orgasm subside, he stands up and releases his big thick cock, stroking it as he lines it up with her hot, wet pussy. He leans over her and holds onto the sides of her head as he slides into her tight heat, groaning as he reaches bottom. He continues to grab her hair as he starts to pound her aching pussy. 

She can feel another orgasm coming and urges him to go faster and harder with her feet against his ass. He starts to thrust so hard she moves up the desk a few inches from the force. He stiffens and moans; she can feel his hot spurts of thick cum shoot inside of her, setting off her own orgasm. 

They moan and cling to one another until the shivers subside. He is still hard inside her, still throbbing. She starts to squeeze her pussy around his cock until he starts to move again. She looks up and...


She is shaken out of her fantasy as the bell rings. Her pussy is so wet, she's sure a spot is showing through her jeans. She can't wait to get home and play with her dripping pussy.

"Oh, Ms. Rogers," Mr. Dunrowe called to her, "can you stay for a bit after class tomorrow? There's something I would like to discuss with you."

"Sure thing, Mr. Dunrowe," she called back as her heart stuttered.

She would have to find that plaid skirt when she got home...

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