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Hot night with my sister-in-law

Hot seduction of siste-in-law at airport hotel
Last summer my wife had to go overseas and I was to follow her a week later for a vacation. The day before my flight I stayed at an airport hotel as my flight was leaving very early. My sister-in-law decided to join us on our trip and so my wife asked if me if she could stay with me at the hotel and fly with me the next day. Of course my wife joked with me a bit:

“Is she going to stay in the same hotel room? You’re not going to do anything naughty?”

“Of course not!” was my answer.

In fact, I had never been sexually attracted to my wife’s older sister. Still, the idea of spending the night together with my sister-in-law (the true forbidden fruit) triggered my fancy and fantasy. I reserved a room with two single beds, but, in fact ,they were placed side by side. I arrived at the hotel to set things up, and I left a few magazines in the room, one of which was an X-rated swingers photo magazine with couples swapping and having steamy sex in all positions and very explicit photos.

My sister-in-law arrived by train and I picked her up and carried her bag to the room. She could stay and read or watch television while I still had to attend a meeting at the Airport Business Center. At 7 pm we would meet for dinner. I told her that the hotel staff had left some old magazines and she could take them if she wanted to.

I returned a bit early from my meeting and noticed that she actually had been reading the porn magazine. She was blushing and had a guilty look on her face while she slipped it back under the pile. I smiled and invited her for dinner.

We had a very nice dinner with a delicious lobster, two bottles of wine and a fantastic strawberry dessert. We chatted a lot and I was surprised how open she was about her situation. She was having lots of problems with her husband and wanted to spend some time away with us on vacation to think it over. She even asked me quite embarrassingly how our sex life was.

I told her it was really very good, and that after some dips we were back enjoying it again, mostly because of my lessons in Tantra and tantric sex. I told her a little about Tantra and how men could practice not to ejaculate, but still to have internal orgasms, and she was very interested in the subject. She told me that she and her husband had not had sex in three months, but she still hoped they could fix their situation. We chatted about vacations, swimming, diving and other things. 

We went back to the room at about 10 pm, and she took the first turn to the bathroom and changed into her pajamas: a black silk pants and shirt, very wide and not sexy. I wondered whether she wore anything beneath it. I changed in the room and slipped on a blue T-shirt over my blue briefs. I told her I was tired and she gave me a nice kiss on the cheek, thanking me for the dinner. She was a bit giggly and tipsy and said she was going to read a bit.

First, I pretended to sleep and peeked what she was reading. Indeed it was the porn magazine. I imagined that she would be horny after three months without sex. I turned around so she could see my behind(still briefs on and one of my legs inviting her to touch. Nothing happened, and I fell asleep, but later I woke up.

It was hot in the room as the air conditioning was not functioning well, so I took of my T-shirt and pushed away the blankets. I noticed she also had taken of her pants, but was still wearing the silk shirt. She had on a sexy black g-string with shiny fake diamonds I guess, and the sight gave me a slight hard-on. She was moving a lot.

“Are you up Peter?”

I acted as if I were sleeping. She moved closer to me, just at the edge of her bed. I was lying on my stomach, and e I felt her softly caressing my back, over my ass and then down over my legs. It was very good. I moaned softly and breathed deeply as if still sleeping. She continued and caressed my thighs giving me an even harder hard-on. I turned over on my back, but still acted as if I was fast asleep.

My cock was so hard and erect that it stuck out of my briefs upward. I never close the buttons, to give it room to expand, if you know what I mean. She continued caressing my legs, than my thighs again and then I felt her soft fingers sliding over my hard cock. This was going better than I ever imagined. Then she started to play with my nipples which were already hard. This really turned me on and I had a small spasm trough my spine, my ass contracting, a small internal orgasm.

She liked that and continued now with her tongue over my nipples. They became even harder and more erect. Then she moved down with her tongue over my belly until I felt her wet tongue licking the underside of my cock. She had been holding it softly with two fingers until then. Then she stopped. Was it over? She stood up and I heard her taking off her g-string. What was she going to do? To play with herself? To fuck me in my sleep?

She returned to the bed and kneeled on her side, bending over with one hand fondling her pussy, with the other she grabbing my balls softly. Seconds later I felt her warm mouth covering my swollen cock. In a slow but steady rhythm she firmly licked and sucked my cock while the movements of her hips revealed that she was also pleasuring herself in the right way.

I clearly felt an enormous pressure growing in my loins, I knew that if I did not stop soon, I would not be able to control myself anymore, notwithstanding my extensive tantra training. And I would ejaculate a large load, exploding and spurting and filling her mouth with warm sticky and smelly cum. I think she wanted that. What should I do?

“No, not yet….let’s have some more fun first!”

So I suddenly pretended to wake up, acting astonished and even somewhat disgusted I yanked her away and screamed:

“What are you doing bitch? Are you crazy? I’m married to your sister!”

I think she had been possessed by her sexual desire, and now this shock brought her back to reality.

She sobbed and cried, “Please don’t tell my sister. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, It’s just that I have not had sex in months and now I see you lying there, I’m all mixed up." 

She was crying now, so I held her and comforted her. I could not help looking into her shirt and seeing that she had no bra on, while her pussy was also clearly visible. I took the initiative and unbuttoned her top.

“What are you doing?” she sobbed.

“Well, I’m going to give you, such a beautiful lady, the sex and pleasure you deserve!”

She tried to hold me back, but I was already sucking on her nipples and fondling her pussy with my hand. Within seconds her body’s resistance turned into eager movements of her hips for me to enter her, so I did. First I fucked her missionary style, then we switched to her sitting on me, so I could push deep thrusts into her pussy, while fondling her beautiful breasts. She came several times, riding me very hard before she slipped of me exhausted and came to lie beside me.

“But you didn’t cum Peter? Didn’t you like it?”

I explained her about my Tanta training and how I did have some nice small internal orgasms, but without ejaculation. I told her that in this way I kept my strength so I could become active again. She laughed and we both fell a sleep, but not for long. An hour or so later she was on me again, but this time in the 69 position. I really love to lick, so I used my magic tongue as well as I can and within a few minutes her body was convulsing with another orgasm.

She then started to suck my cock while I continued licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Our rhythm increased and I felt the pressure building up again. I started sucking and out her now enlarged clit, a technique which usually drives the girls crazy. I put one finger on the entrance of her ass and stroked this sensitive spot very gently. She was going crazy with another violent orgasm. Her cute ass hole spasmed wildly a sure sign of a strong internal orgasm.

Then I came, a very strong load of cum jerked through my cock and spurted into her mouth like a volcanic explosion. She gasped and swallowed the first loads. Afterwards I felt my sperm flying all over the place, landing on my chest and my stomach.

She didn’t wait long, and started to lick the sperm from my body, savouring it like a fine wine, while looking me in the eye with one of the most horniest looks I have ever seen. Was this over now? Was this just a one night stand? Or what trouble did I get myself in to?

Well, I’d find out soon. We fell asleep and woke up the next morning in each other's arms. She smiled at me and kissed me passionately. I was getting worried. I have had affairs before, lots of them , but with my sister-in-law, this was very complicated.

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