How I lost my Virginity

By DirtyDan

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The older lady next door got my virginity at 16 years old.
This is a true story. It all started in 1949 I was in the 6th grade. My folks moved from Los Angeles to a small town on the out skirts of LA. A family lived next door A mother that was a knock out, the dad, a son and two daughters.

The youngest daughter got Polio. Both parents would be at the hospital a lot. This is when I started to baby set for them and got to be real good friends with the mother. By 10th grade I was six-three and about 219 lbs. I had been sitting on the porch and talking with the mom and the kid off and on in the evenings, however, that summer I got a job in a machine shop.

One day at lunch one man asked if I was still a virgin. I said yes and he asked me if any of the ladies around my house ever asked if I had a girl friend. I said yes the lady next door had. This is when he told me the next time she asked tell her that you do not have a girlfriend you are looking for a older lady to teach me all about sex and that way I would not end up a dad.

About one week later I came in one night about 10:00pm. Her husband never got home before 12:00. So I went over to her house and knocked on the door. When she opened the door she had on a thin silk night gown. Oh, she looked so sexy. I said my folks were out and I did not have a key and asked if I could stay with her till they got home. She said yes and let me in. She set on the couch and I set on the chair right across from her. I could tell from the way she was sitting and how tight the gown was she did not have anything on under the night gown. What a vision of loveliness, nice B cup breasts, Flat stomach, the most sexy hips, legs and a ass to die for.

I was very nervous and I suspect she was as well. I need not have been. The spark was there in person. After about ten minutes she asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no that I was looking for a older women to teach me and that I did not want to be a daddy I was getting real nerves so I asked if I could get a drink of water. She said yes I got up and went into the kitchen and got a glass of water.

When I turned around she stuck 6" of tongue in my mouth. I kissed her for some time then picked her up and put her on the couch. I started kissing her and moved my hand to her tits. After playing with her tits I pulled her nightgown up. As her pussy came in to view she was shaven and looked so lovely. She told me not to put my fingers in her pussy.

I started to rub her pussy and then I had a felling I should look out the window and see if her husband was home. As I looked out his truck drove up. I turned around and said he was home. She set up and sat back on the couch and I sat on the chair. When her husband came in he asked why I was over. I told him I did not have the key and my mother and dad were not home. He said that were home now so I got up and thanked them and left. 

The next day I was home by myself and she came over. She knocked on the door and I let her in. She said she was sorry that her husband had come home early and that she really enjoyed what we had done and wanted to keep doing it I said I did want her very much. She kissed me again and I started to fell her tits. We keep it up for about fifteen minutes.

At that point we moved to the couch in the family room. I pulled up her dress and started to pull her panties down she lifted her ass up so I could get them off. Her panties were soaked I put them on the floor. She parted her legs and for the first time I saw a pussy I wanted to kiss it but she would not let me. My dick was so hard that I moved up and put it at her opening of her pussy. As I started to shove it in she started to moan. We started out slow and I got faster and faster and soon busted my nut. She wanted more but for my first time she said it was good. She got dressed and went home. Two hours later, she was back and wanted to do it again. We did it and she told me we will be doing it a lot.

To be continued.