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How to get a raise

I find out what happens when you're a tease for too long
I feel like I'm constantly introducing and describe myself but here we go. My name is Tayler, and I'm eighteen years old. I have big bouncy tits (c-cup), a cute little butt, long brown hair which is typically straight, tan skin, and brown eyes.

I work at a little pizza shop by where I live, where I have two managers. One of them is named Jared. He is a little taller than me but not by much. He has light brown hair and a little hair on his chin. He is a great guy, and an amazing manager to have. He's about 25 I believe.

Then there's Ryan. He's your typical "I know I'm good looking" type guy. His dad owns all the pizza shops where I live and he is kind of an asshole. He is very tall, and has black hair and blue eyes. He has tattoos on his upper arms, chest, and back. He's 21 and married with one kid.

I remember at my interview with Ryan he had stared at my tits the whole time, and I doubt he listened to anything I said, but he hired me anyways.

I've been working there about 2 months now, and both managers have made it very clear they want me.

But heres my little secret.... Can I trust you? I hope so.

I love to tease guys. I love playing games with their heads. It gives me this feeling I can't even describe.

I like to play with both Ryan and Jared and make one think I like him, and then the next week ignore him and go after the other one. I always loved having the power.

This was the day it all changed.

I walked into work wearing my burgundy shirt and my dark blue low rider jeans. I had my hair straightened and down and I had spent some extra time on my makeup today so I know I looked good. Jared and Ryan were both there that night since it was friday, and I couldn't wait to start fucking with them.

I came in and reached to put my purse on the top shelf. It was a little too high and I knew my shirt was showing my belly and most likely my light blue thong was peeking up over my jeans. I finally got it up there and I turned around to see Ryan behind me with a smug look on his face.

"You couldn't help me?" I said clearly annoyed.

"Just enjoying the view, Tay," he said continuing to smile at me.

I groaned and started to walk into the serving room, and he yelled after me to put my hair up.

Stupid Ryan. He's no fun. It was looking like it was going to be a flirt with Jared day.

I walked to the cash register and Jared was leaning against the counter talking to a customer on the phone.

I walked over to him and ran my fingers up his back.

"Hey baby," I said quietly so the person on the phone wouldn't hear me.

Jared laughed and nodded at me.

I went over to count my drawer, and I saw Ryan glaring at me through the window. Last week I had mainly flirted with him, so he was probably jealous.

It made me wet knowing that he was angry, and so I started to lean into Jared and whisper things in his ear.

Ryan yelled at me to come into the kitchen but I ignored him and put my server's apron and started taking orders. After an hour I decided to take a break and since I don't smoke, I just sat outside and stared at traffic.

My mind started wondering and I started to think about my recent reoccurring fantasy which consisted of having a threesome with Jared and Ryan. I figured Ryan would be the rough one, but Jared would know how to really please me.

I was getting wet. I tried to think about something else but my mind kept coming back around to thinking about Ryan's dick in my pussy and Jared's in my mouth. Or maybe Jared eating me out and Ryan kissing me, and massaging my tits.

Just as I was about to consider asking for the rest of the day off so I could go home and finger myself, Jared walked out.

"Can I talk with you?" Jared said as he sat down next to me on the concrete stairs.

"Sure," I said looking over surprised as I tugged on the grass next to me.

"You know I like you. I've asked you on dates before. I really just don't know what you want from me, and I feel like I'm trying so hard for someone that doesn't even care," he said staring at the side of my face.

I sighed. How could I play with Jared? He was such a nice guy and he had to put up with Ryan's bullshit every day.

"I'm sorry Jared," I said reaching over and hugging him.

He wrapped his arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder and his mouth was so close to my neck that I could him feeling him breathing on it.

Oh no. I can't tease him anymore, I need to not get turned on right now.

"Mmm, Tay, you always smell so good," he mumbled into my neck.

Next thing I know he's starting to gently kiss my neck up to my ear. I couldn't help it I let out the tiniest moan, but he heard it and took it as his cue to go ahead.

He put his hand up the side of my shirt feeling my waist, and turned my head so that he could kiss me on the lips. I put my hands in his hair and scooted closer to him, so that now I was almost sitting on top of him.

"Jared," I whisper-moaned as he started to rub my tits underneath my shirt, he grabbed them roughly and took my hand and placed it on his dick.

Fuck. This was going too far. I couldn't do this.

I pulled his hands off me and I stood up. I mumbled sorry and went back inside to bus my tables. I saw Jared stalk off into the kitchen with Ryan.

The rest of the night was pretty typical. I kissed ass with the people eating in hopes of getting a good tip and Ryan and Jared remained in the kitchen. I was there till closing and it was just me and one other server, along with Ryan and Jared who had now come to count the money in the register.

I went to the kitchen to get my purse and as I came out Ryan told me that he needed to see me in the manager's office. I sighed. Like I really want to get bitched at right now for some stupid thing like not putting my hair up, or not wearing the right shoes.

I walked slowly into the manager's room which was a small little room that just had a desk in it and some file cabinets. I was surprised to see Jared was also there sitting at the desk in the corner looking...odd. It was a weird expression to have. I walked in and Ryan shut the door behind me.

"So what's up?" I said looking at them innocently.

"You fucking know what's up, Tayler," Ryan said harshly as he leaned against the wall.

I looked over at Jared questioningly, but he was staring at the ground like it was the most fascinating thing on the planet.

"W-what?" I asked genuinely wondering what the hell he was talking about.

"You think you're so fucking cute don't you. You're just a little cock tease. Well me and Jared are fucking done with it," Ryan said propping himself off the wall and walking towards me.

"What? What do you mean?" I asked with a hint of panic in my voice.

He pressed his body against mine and pushed me into him with his hand on my back.

"I mean I'm going to fuck you," Ryan whispered as he smiled into my ear.

"What... No. Ryan. What the fuck? What if someone hears us?"

"They're all gone. Jared lock the door," Ryan ordered as he picked me up and placed me on the desk.

Ryan took his shirt off and threw it behind him. He was wearing dark jeans, and fuck he had a nice body. He had a subtle six pack, and his whole upper body was surrounded by tattoos that snaked all over his arms and chest. He opened my legs and started grinding his dick against me, as he grabbed my hair and pulled me into kiss him. He tasted amazing, and I responded by immediantly wrapping my hands around his neck and kissing him passionately.

"Mmm yeah that's a good girl," Ryan said smiling as he started to pull my pants off.

I was wearing tiny black boyshort undies that had a little kiss mark on the butt. Ryan grabbed my ass and pulled me to the edge of the desk where he got down and started tongue fucking my pussy. He was much faster and rougher than any guy I had ever been with. I fucking loved it and I closed my eyes and let my head roll back as I moaned and felt my managers long tongue darting in and out of my wet pussy.

I was so in another world, that I had forgot Jared was even there till I felt him pulling my shirt up over my head. He started to kiss me and I moaned and screamed into his mouth as Ryan started to bite my clit.

Jared bit my ear, and unclasped my bra as he laid me down on the desk and started sucking on my hard pink nipples.

I honestly felt like I was in heaven. There were no coherent thoughts, it was just pure... pleasure. Waves of orgasms washed over me, and I lost track of time.

Ryan suddenly stood up and pulled his dick out of his jeans. It was big. I mean... BIG. I moaned at the sight of it and pushed my ass up, wanting to feel it inside me.

"Mmmm yeah you want this slut? You're our little slut now aren't you?" Ryan said rubbing his dick up and down my slit.

I nodded and Jared turned my head to the side, and stuck his dick in my mouth as Ryan slowly eased his cock inside my tight pussy. A muffled moan escaped my lips around Jared's cock, and my tits started to bounce as Ryan started to push into me. I sucked Jared's dick with the most enthusiasm I've ever had and avidly ran my tongue up and down it and underneath the head.

"Goddamn this is the best," Jared mumbled as I moaned Ryan's name onto his dick.

"Turn her around," Ryan ordered.

Jared pulled his dick out and turned me so that my pussy was facing him and my face was towards Ryan, while my stomach was on the desk. Ryan put my dick against my lips, and I opened my mouth to take him in. Jared immediately shoved his dick in and started to pound me, and spank my ass.

"Fuccccccck," I moaned as I licked up and down Ryan's dick.

"God I'm gonna cum," Jared yelled as he slammed into me one last time and then pulled out and squirted several strings on my back.

"My turn," Ryan growled, as he sat in the chair and pulled me over to him so that I was on top. I slowly slid down onto his dick.

"Oooooohh..." I gasped, feeling him fill me up all the way.

I started to bounce up and down on his dick, and grinding on it.

"Fuck yeah Tayler. Goddamn keep going."

I started to go faster until I started to feel myself on the verge of an orgasm, and I froze up and felt it rock through my body as I screamed.

Ryan roughly pushed me off and turned me around so that my hands were on the desk and my ass was in the air.

He pressed the head of his dick against my virgin asshole, and slid it inside me stretching me out. I screamed and clenched onto the desk. 

He kept thrusting in until it started to feel absolutely amazing and then I smiled and started ramming back into him and I felt his dick start to throb into my tiny little asshole, and heard him yell out my name as he came inside me.

I lay on the table exhausted with cum dripping out of my ass, and felt completely satisfied.

"I think she deserves a raise," Jared said from the corner as he looked at me and smiled.

"Yes, yes she does," Ryan said as he looked at me with an evil grin.

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