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I Brought a Cheerleader Home for Dad

If anyone could cheer him up it would be Lisa!
Mom’s been gone since I was 19. They’ve been hard years for me and seven very, very long years for dad. He’s not the kind of man who does very well by himself and has yet to get used to being alone. The one silver lining in all of this is how close he and I have become. Mom was a great woman, and we were very close in our own right, but since she’s been gone dad and I have gotten to a place of relying on one another, confiding in each other, and becoming very good friends and confidantes. Though I no longer live with him we often share at least a couple of meals together every week and hang out a lot.

One night while sipping wine together dad began to let his hair down a little. He actually shared a long harbored fantasy which kind of took me off guard. We were covering new territory as he opened the door and let me into his sex life. I really liked his transparency. It seems that since his early high school years he has always wanted a cheerleader. He loved their typically gorgeous face, the tight fitting uniforms, and the large, accentuated breasts. He described how the flow of the skirt over their wide athletic hips and the thick muscular thighs just drove him wild while they danced and cheered on the sidelines.

He’s always fancied Lisa. Lisa has been a friend and mentor of mine since I began dance and cheer back in junior high. I’ve known her for 14 years now. She was 25 or 26 at the time and new to town. She had finished her high school and college days as the head cheerleader and then went on to join Tampa Bay’s football squad. Unfortunately, a knee injury shortened that career and brought her here to teach and coach in our thriving little town. Being a TB fan, dad knew about Lisa long before he’d ever met the woman because, in his mind, she was the woman. Having already become familiar with “her body of work” (he smiled wickedly as he said that) on TV and the net, he has followed his favorites for years. Lisa was indeed his favorite, with a distant second going to some blond beauty on the Cowboy's squad.

As dad continued to share his heart with me things began to fall into place. I had always wondered why in the world he had such a big interest in the Buccaneers. After all, the Titans were the closest pro team to us. I also began to recall how, even when mom was still around, he would always ‘hang out’ in or near the same room whenever Lisa or my cheerleader friends came over. I never knew my dad was such a pervert! I smile as I write that because I’m glad he is who he is. He’s an all-American red-blooded male with testosterone flaming out of his ass, just the way a man should be.

I also remembered how dad never came to my sport practices while I was in school. I played soccer, basketball and softball at various times but he only went to the games. That makes sense; after all he had a job he had to be at right? But then I thought back to my cheer-leading practices. Once Lisa became my cheer-leading coach, I don’t think he missed one. Maybe he is a pervert after all!

Over the years Lisa I stayed very close. As I grew up, she moved on to coach at my high school too. She actually coached me for six and a half years and I owe a lot of my skill as a performer to her. She was also close to my folks. She would often spend a lot of time at our house with dad, mom and me. I was an only child so it was cool for me to have an older mentor and cool for them to have some younger blood consistently in the house with us. The folks didn’t seem to mind it. She was always there for dinner and watching movies late into the night. She even went with us on our family vacations a time or two.

In recent years, with moving away from home and getting my career started, Lisa and I just haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time together. Finally, just a couple of weeks ago, we rekindled our relationship. It’s pretty cool when you haven’t seen someone for a long time and get together again and it seems like you just had lunch the day before. That’s how it is with her. We picked up where we left of without even missing a beat. It was a great time together.

The conversation soon turned to my dad. She’s always had a tender heart toward him and when I described that he’s basically been in a timeout for these many years you could see the pained expression on her face. She hadn’t seen dad in about four years and it really upset her that he wasn’t living life to the fullest like the man she once knew.

“So all he does with his life is get home from work and flop on the couch? Is he depressed Pam?” she asks.

“Well he still goes to the gym early in the morning before work, so he does have that outlet. The endorphins are really good for him. I’m not sure if I’d call him depressed but, now that you mention it, I would say he’s stuck,” I reason. “The one good thing that has been happening is that we are getting closer. He’s really starting to talk to me on a deeper level, much more like a peer rather than as a daughter. We’re really enjoying each other’s company these days.”

“I’ve always enjoyed your dad. My memories of him are filled with a very tender and loving guy who was always so fun to be around. And I loved how much he obviously loved his daughter. He was so passionate!” she says.

“And you don’t know the half of it!” I practically spit out, “about my passionate little daddy.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how he always hung out with us and went to every practice?” I ask. She simply nods. “Well one night he tells me why. He’s got a thing for cheerleaders. He’s been lusting after them for decades!”

“Oh wow...Inconceivable! Do you mean to tell me he is exactly like 90 million other American males? Damn…The next thing I know you’re going to tell me that we landed on the moon or something!” she laughs mockingly.

“Very funny! That wasn’t the revelation honey,” I say in my most sarcastic tone.

“What’s the revelation? Did your dad also tell you he liked looking at beautiful women dressed in lingerie?” she scoffs.

“No but he told me what he did like looking at…you! He’s been following you since your college days and you single handedly won him over to the Bucs. Who in the hell follows the Bucs? No one, unless they want to get inside of the head cheerleader’s panties...” I say playfully. “That’s why he always wanted to hang out with you and the team. Did you ever wonder why, year after year, he had me invite you on our vacations? Daddy loves everything beautiful little Lisa does and can’t get enough of her...”

In this moment the verbose tongue of Lisa runs silent. I think it’s the first time that’s ever happened. As I look at her I can see the wheels turning inside her head. At first she seems kind of stern, almost mad, but she’s actually just concentrating as the memories flood her mind. Finally a wonderfully sensual smile spreads across her face.

“I can see it now. Damn, I can’t believe I never picked up on it. He’s had a thing for me for almost a decade and a half,” she says with a shocked look on her face.

“No, it’s been way longer than that. He said he followed you for your college and pro careers before you ever arrived. He’s probably been drooling and jerking off to you for over 20 years now,” I say with a devilish smile on my face.

“Twenty years of fantasizing about me? Well it’s about time he experiences the real thing don’t you think?” she responds.

“What do you mean? You’re going to sleep with my dad?”

“Well, if it’s all the same to you honey,” she says with a big smile, “I don’t think we’ll be doing any sleeping. I’m going to fuck him!” She waits for my reaction until my own evil smile is plastered across my face.

“You are so naughty...”

“So, it’s okay with you then?”

“Go for it,” is all I can think to say. “But under one condition: you have to tell me every sordid detail!” I notice that my panties are wet from all of our sexy talk.

Lisa comes up with the perfect idea. Instead of just going after the old man she decides we should throw a party, a high school cheerleader reunion party. She figures we can combine this with his upcoming birthday. His birthday is just over a month away.


It’s been advertised as a Reunion / Birthday Party and the turnout is amazing. It’s been eight years since we’ve all been together and everyone from our cheer squad shows up for the event. The long notice proved to be quite helpful. Some of the women weren’t exercising regularly and so they got right on it. We cheerleaders tend to be a competitive bunch. A few have decided to sit this one out, a couple because they are pregnant and the others because their bodies are too far gone. The rest of us, about 10 in all, are fit and sexy looking thanks to the grueling workouts we’ve subjected ourselves to for the last four weeks. As a group we look pretty amazing, all dressed up in our old uniforms. A few of my friends have obviously had some work done, mainly boob jobs. That only makes them more appealing. But the one who takes the prize is Lisa, even though she’s nearly 15 years older than the rest of us. She might be even more gorgeous today than ever before. And dad can’t keep his eyes off of her.

“Okay, let’s try a few warm ups,” she says as she lines us all up in my dad’s backyard across from the pool. Soon we are bending over touching our toes as our shapely, hot asses fill the air. Lisa makes sure we are all facing away from dad as our lone spectator watches us. When we all turn around I notice an uncomfortable look on his face and he’s constantly fidgeting, I assume to make a little more room in his ever-tightening shorts. Next we do the splits, lying our heads down first on our left knees and next the right. I know that on and off he’s getting a look at several pairs of shiny panties. Our sexy little antics are driving him up the wall.

As we stand together she directs us in many cheers, starting with the old standard.

“Ugh! Ungowah, we’ve got the power. Saying Ugh! Ungowah baby we got the power...”

At every “Ugh!” eleven sultry women are thrusting their hips toward my dad, as if they are responding sexually to his body. In spite of the potpourri of women, from blond to brunette, from Asian to black, you would have thought there is just one beauty gyrating in front of him. My dad cannot peel his eyes off of Lisa’s sexy frame as she dances in front of him.

Everyone seems to be having a great time but none more than dad. You couldn’t smack the smile off of his face if you wanted to. After about 45 minutes all of us are getting fatigued and sweaty in the warm sun. When the last routine is over we gather around my dad and sing him happy birthday and then Lisa yells out, “It’s pool time!”

Soon eleven gorgeous babes begin to rotate in and out of bathrooms and bedrooms until every last one of us is outfitted in hot little bikinis. All of us head for the water except Lisa.

“Would you mind putting some sunscreen on my back and shoulders?” she asks in her sexiest tone. Dad is melting in her hands as he slowly rubs her soft, tan skin. I’m watching from the pool and it is exciting for me to know that my lonely dad is finally going to get some. I want him to be happy and fulfilled. I know that he and Lisa don’t have much of a future but I’m really pleased that he will get laid tonight.

“How about the back of my legs now,” she coos as she lies down on her stomach and widens her limbs a little. I watch as dad stares at her perfect ass. I can see his stiff tool through his shorts. He and Lisa remain the only ones out of the pool or spa as they talk non-stop, just lying out in the sun until my friends begin to leave. Soon it’s just Lisa, me and dad.

“Dad, I thought she and I would spend the night tonight if that’s okay with you?”

You should have seen my dad’s eyes light up. “Sure that would be great honey. I’ll take the two of you out to dinner if you like.”

“Damn, I forgot my bag at your place,” Lisa chimes in. “All I have here is my cheer outfit and my bikini. Maybe we better just go pick something up.”

“Sure, I’ll go and get it,” I say, just the way we planned it out.

While I’m out picking up the food, dad and Lisa go and take their showers. When I return dad is sitting in the living room and moments later Lisa joins us. She’s wearing her cheer outfit again and she looks scrumptious. As soon as we sit down to eat I break the news.

“I got a call from work and I’m going to have to go in for a little while. It’s kind of an emergency. I shouldn’t be that long, probably around three hours. I’ll be back soon,” I say as I get up to leave.

“I’ll just stick around here then,” says Lisa as she smiles and turns towards dad.

“Yeah, you just keep dad company and I’ll be back in no time. I’d have you go with me but security won’t allow you in the building. That’s okay, right dad?”

“Sure hon, that’ll be great. We’ll have a good time together,” he says with a giant smile on his face.

You have no idea, I think to myself as I turn and head out the door.

Silence envelops the room as Lisa and dad sit there at his breakfast nook. Being alone with her has made dad quite nervous. It’s probably because of all of the wicked little things he was thinking about today. Lisa soon realizes she’ll have to be the one who breaks the ice.

“So how did you like watching our routines today?” she asks.

“Oh, I absolutely loved them,” he says much too enthusiastically. “Do you still practice regularly? You looked amazing today!”

“Now and then I practice with the girls. It’s mostly when we’re working on some new moves. Would you like me to show you?”

Soon they’ve returned to the living room and, after removing the coffee table, dad is sitting on one of the large sectionals as Lisa limbers up. It doesn’t take long before dad is uncomfortable again as he watches this peerless beauty bend and twist as she warms up.

“It’s a bummer getting old,” she confides in him as she works her muscles. “It takes so much longer to loosen up now that I’m 40.”

“You’re 40 years old? OMG ! You look younger and prettier and more fit than any woman who was here today. You look amazing!” My dad’s accolades are a bit overboard but they are not just words to him. He is sharing his heart and telling her exactly how he feels. She can sense his sincerity and it only makes him more appealing to her.

“Well thank you,” she blushes. “Let me to show you what I’ve been working on,” she says matter of factly as she drops onto the floor and does the splits again. She’s already feeling hot and bothered. Part of it is what’s she’s been planning and the fact that she isn’t wearing her panties. She decided since they were soaked in sweat it would be best to just leave them in the bedroom. The other factor is the look of longing and lust pouring out of Mike’s eyes. His breathing is heavy and she can tell he wants her. It’s very clear he would fuck her right now if given the chance.

Mike is sitting on the carpeted floor and is leaning back against a one of the sofas. He can’t steal his eyes from her sensuous body as she continues to limber up. She is lying across her tan, thickly muscled thigh and as she sits up to move to the other she catches his smoldering gaze. She looks down and sees the outline of his rigid tool pointing towards his kneecap.

“Would it be okay if I used the sectional to show you?” she says.

My dad just nods. He is too far gone to answer.

As she rises up she turns quickly towards the couch and her pleated skirt twirls in the air. He thinks he sees some bare ass before it falls back down to her hips. He swallows hard as she turns to face him and slides down to do the splits again, this time on top of the cushions. When her legs are completely spread out on the leather she places her hands on her hips and stares at him. She uses her heels to jump up from the middle of the cushions, moving her body forward, finally landing right on the very front edge.

“I call this one Show & Tell. Do you like it?” she purrs.

“Yeah...yes I sure do,” he manages to stammer. “Why do you call it Show & Tell?” he asks.

As Lisa lifts her skirt my dad licks his lips. Lisa had shaved just hours ago and he is staring at a beautiful, glistening and slightly swollen pussy with a sexy landing strip right above it. He can smell her delicious sex. “Can you guess?” she asks. “Why don’t you come over here so I can show you Mike?”

Dad slowly crawls over and sits as close as humanly possible to the leather. The erotic smell of her pink flesh fills his nostrils as he drinks in her beauty. He cannot remove his eyes from her moist folds as he watches a drop of her juices fall to the shiny tan leather.

“Now, tell me how you like it?” she says as she cups the back of his head and pulls his lips until they reach her steamy flesh. As he laps at the treasure he’s craved two decades for, his new-found lover pulls his head in and out of her pussy. Soon his hands have slid beneath her ass and he devours the pussy before him like a starving man. With each moan he hears he buries his tongue and nose deeper and deeper inside the beauty. It soon becomes apparent that she’s about to come all over his face. When he senses she’s at the edge he grabs her ass cheeks more fervently and drives his face deeper and laps and sucks harder until she screams out that she’s coming. Her quim begins to gush all over his face. It looks as though she is having a fit as she rides him to euphoria. When she finally begins to descend the mountain of pleasure he slows his pace but continues to feed on her musky pussy until she becomes too sensitive for him to carry on and she pushes him away.

“In answer to your question...I liked it,” he says. “I liked it a lot!” Lisa is breathless, having just experienced the best come she’s had in years. She’s surprised. As she looked forward to this evening she figured her role would pretty much be the giver. It never crossed her mind that she might be on the receiving end, that he might actually be a talented lover. And talented is exactly what he is.

“Holy fuck, that was amazing! How long has it been since you did that?”

“Many years, perhaps as many as 10 or more,” his voice trailing off. As she studies him she can tell he’s becoming nostalgic about his lost love and fears she’s going to lose him.

“Well you sure know what you’re doing. You really are amazing,” she encourages.

“Can we go again?” he asks, smiling in appreciation. She looks at him incredulously. Again, he wants to go again? Hell yes, she thinks to herself.

“That would be wonderful. What would you like to do now? Why don’t you direct me,” she sighs.

He scoots across the floor and backs up to the other sectional. As he lays his head back onto the seat cushion he invites her, “Come over here and do the splits again,” and raising his head to look her straight in the eyes adds, “And sit on my face!” and lays his head back down.

Her heart begins to race as she makes her way over, sexily stripping out of her skirt along the way. She climbs up onto the piece of furniture and she positions herself spread eagle over the cushions. She looks down into his eyes as she lowers her wet pussy down onto his gaping mouth. She moans involuntarily as the fleshy invader slides between her steamy lips. Surprisingly she almost immediately lifts herself back up, her womanly charms poised inches from his mouth.

“Get naked; take it all off. I want a mouthful too baby!” she says as her body begins to tremble with anticipation as he hurriedly strips beneath her. Well, so much for him directing her! Once he’s settled she waits for his head to be in the right position and sits atop him again. As soon as she is seated again she leans forward, balancing her pussy on his face and most of her body weight on her hands. She is staring at his throbbing member as she licks her lips and watches the head sway with each new pulse. His clear nectar escapes the tiny slit when she extends her tongue to drink it in. They simultaneously sigh, “Hmmmmm,” as they minister to the other’s sex.

Mike is going hog wild, aggressively lapping and sucking her tasty groove. Lisa has always enjoyed going down on a man so she feels right at home bobbing up and down on his shaft, sucking his pre-cum into her sultry mouth. It won’t be long before another orgasm racks her body and her new lover isn’t far behind. As much as she loves to suck cock and swallow its fruit, what she really wants is to fuck his pole good and hard. Fortunately, she’s just the kind of woman who can seamlessly pull this off without missing a beat.

Mike is more than dismayed as she releases his cock from her mouth and raises her pussy up from his hungry tongue. While balancing her body in mid-air, she walks on her hands a couple of small steps and begins to lower herself down again.

“Grab your cock and aim it good! I’m not into anal buddy!” she says playfully as Mike wraps his hand around the shaft and holds it vertical, not that it needs much help. While still facing away from him with toes pointed east and west, she slowly lowers herself reverse cowgirl style onto his shaft. She’s extremely pleased with his length and girth. It’s been too long since she has had her pussy properly pounded and she is ready to come again. It doesn’t take her long to feel the need for a little different sensation so, as she tells him to sit tight; she rises up on her hands again and twirls her body around to face him without even rising off of his peter. Mike is amazed at how strong, flexible and acrobatic she is. He’s never experienced anything like it.

In mere seconds she is using her legs to ride him fast and furiously. Their eyes meet and lust has taken over. As fond as they are of one another, they both just want to get off. Lisa raises a tit and brings it to his lips.

“Suck it! Suck it hard!!!” she challenges and slides her hand past her landing strip and begins to work her hard, needy clit. Mike is sucking and nibbling roughly on her nipple while using both hands on her ass to assist her, powering her body up and down on his cock. Their eyes meet again, just seconds before their bodies erupt in pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” she moans, only to be overruled by his, “I’m coming…Yes…YES!”

They ride each other’s bodies for several minutes, savoring every single twitch their bodies can muster until their mouths and bodies begin to edge toward silence. All that you can hear is the squishing sound of her juicy cunt as her body moves from responding to his hard cock to lunging hard onto his pubic bone. She almost reaches a third come before she tires and drops down across his sweaty chest.

After several minutes she is the first to speak. “That was really amazing!”

“You’re amazing,” he says as he pulls her upright, looking into her eyes. He pulls her mouth to his and attacks his prey like a wild man, driving his tongue into the deep recesses of her mouth. Finally he kisses his way down her neck and onto her shoulder. He can’t believe how good he feels. He feels like a man again.

I’ve been gone about three hours when I pull into dad’s driveway. The two of them are sitting on one of the sofas, just eating popcorn and watching a movie. They are practically sitting on top of each other and his arm is wrapped around her shoulder as her body melts into his. They pause the movie, share their snack with me and soon the play button is hit once again. It isn’t long before the movie is over and dad says it’s ‘time to hit the sack’ and off he goes to bed. He looks better, more content than I’ve seen him in nearly a decade. Once he’s out of sight I can’t wait another second to talk.

“Thank you so much, he looks better than he has in years!” I practically yell in excitement.

“The pleasure is all mine, believe me!” Lisa says with a lot of intense emotion.

“What do you mean? Are you telling me it was actually enjoyable for you?” I am genuinely stumped by her response.

“Enjoyable, ENJOYABLE? Damn straight honey, if he’ll have me I’m moving in with the man!”

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