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I give into my lush for my best friend's stepson

Me and my hubby go though a very bad divorce and I get close to my best friend's stepson

My name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jess for short. My story begins just as my divorce with my husband Jack was starting. Jack and I had been together almost ten years, we were high school sweethearts and we got married as soon as we turned eighteen. Everything was great for the first six years of our marriage until Jack got himself a new job which meant he had to travel a lot. This made things very hard on us and soon the problems started between us.

I was lucky because my friend Cheryl was there for me even though she had just gotten married to a great guy called Chris, she still made a lot of time for me. It worked out well for both of us because Chris worked on the oil rigs so it meant he was away a lot also. We both loved to work out so the fact that Cheryl owned a gym meant we could work out often.

Cheryl and I had known each other since we were kids and had always been very close. I am thirty-two, and in great shape due to working out a lot at the gym with Cheryl. I am five feet, eight inches tall and maybe a hundred and fifteen pounds. My tits are a fat 40DD cup, and my ass is firm and tight.

Although Cheryl was there for me a lot while I was getting divorced, the one who really helped me though it was her step-son, Charlie. He was sixteen, and six foot one-inch-tall, maybe hundred and seventy pounds. He had very toned muscles and a young body.

Even though Charlie was young he was very grown up for his age. He was really there for me a lot when Jack was being very nasty towards me for wanting a divorce. He would go out of his way to spend time with me and I must admit we got very close.

That is where my story really begins.

With Jack being a total asshole about the divorce I was alone a lot because Jack was spreading rumours about me telling our friends I was cheating on him.

I was very glad that Charlie was there for me at that time. I knew that part of the reason he was there was because he missed his girlfriend Melissa. She had moved away to go to college while Charlie wanted to stayed closer to home due to his job.

Charlie would often come over to visit me at home although I think really it was so he could use my hot-tub. Not that I minded, it was nice to have someone to talk to. With Charlie coming over to use the hot-tub as much as he did. I started to notice his young toned body a lot more, and because of how much he had been there for me over the past couple of mouths helping me get through my divorce. I let myself get closer to him.

Even though I know it was wrong because he was my best friend’s stepson, I started to become sexually attracted to him. I liked to show off for him, wearing skimpy two-piece bikinis and very tight clothes like yoga pants and tank tops.

One afternoon when Charlie came over to use the hot-tub I put on a very tight very small bikini and I jumped into the hot-tub with him.

“Charlie, you have been so great over the past couple of mouths really being there for me that I was thinking maybe I could do something for you,” I said smiling at him while checking out his young toned body.

Charlie said, “Ooh, really, what did you have in mind Jess?” with a grin.

I replied, “Well, what do you say if on Saturday I take you out shopping and buy you come new outfits and maybe take you out for a nice meal?” I sat there wondering what he would say.

Charlie replied, “That sounds great Jess, maybe we can take in that new Chinese place in Newcastle.”

I smiled, I was so happy he had agreed and I said, “Yea, sure Charlie that sounds great.”

Charlie and I chatted a little more and then we got out of the hot-tub. I saw the way Charlie was looking at me and I have to be honest, it turned me on. I felt like a stupid young girl again letting a young lad check out my tight hot body and big tits.

I dried myself off and went into the house. Charlie did the same and walked up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. He said, “I can’t wait for Saturday. It will be a lot of fun,” I smiled as I pushed my hung tits into his young chest and then let him go as he headed for the door. The rest of the week flew by.

On Saturday I drove over to Charlie’s wearing a tight pair of yoga pants and a tight tank top. I walked up to the door and I knocked waiting for an answer. Cheryl answered the door wearing nothing but a robe. She seemed very out of breath and all sweaty. She looked at me and said, “Oh, hi Jess what are you doing here,” as she held the door.

I looked at her wondering if everything was okay. “I’m here to pick up Charlie we are going shopping today.”

Cheryl looked at me and smiled and said, “Yes Charlie told me about that, sorry he’s just running a little late because he had a long night.”

I smiled said, “Was he up late talking with Melissa again?”

Cheryl looked at me with a very guilty look on her face as she said, “No he was helping me out last night you know just sitting talking with me.”

I looked at Cheryl and knew something was wrong as I said, “Are you okay Cheryl you seem a little uneasy?”

Cheryl looked at me and replied “I’m just a little lonely with Chris being away so much.”

I smiled and I said, “I know what you mean with Jack and everything I guess Charlie helps us both a lot.”

Cheryl just replied, “I guess so. I think I hear him coming. You have a good him with him okay.”

She smiled as Charlie come out of the door and said, “Thanks for that, I’ll see you later okay,” and he kissed Cheryl on the check. Cheryl smiled and waved goodbye to both of us. We walked to my car and got in and I looked at Charlie as we set off to the Metro centre to go shopping.

One thing I love about going shopping with Charlie is he really doesn’t seem to mind how long I take. He is happy to just let me wander around and try on anything I want.

We both bought some new outfits. Mine was a killer dress for tonight’s dinner. It was a lush evening dress, very low cut and a size too small for me so it showed off my curves. I bought Charlie a lovely black suit with a white shirt and a bowtie.

We had a bite to eat before we headed back to Charlie’s. I dropped him off and said, “Right, Charlie, I’ll be back in two hours to pick you up for the dinner, is that okay?”

Charlie looked at me and smiled and said, “Sure not a problem, I’m looking forward to it.”

I drove away very excited and a little unsure of what was going to happen that night. I got home and went to my room. I had a quick shower and then unpacked my new clothes. I looked in the mirror and started to wonder why I was making such an effort for this meal.

I looked at myself and started to think about Charlie and before I know it I was masturbating, thinking about what it would be like to have sex with Charlie. I lay down on the bed fingering my pussy hard thinking about Charlie and loving every moment of it and before I know it I had a huge orgasm. It was so much stronger than anything else I had ever had.

I lay there wondering what was going to happen at the dinner, not knowing what I wanted from Charlie. I had another quick shower and then spent a good forty minutes on my make-up and another forty doing my hair. I really wanted to look nice for Charlie. I decided not to wear a bra and only wear a little thong as I slid the dress on. I looked in the mirror and thought, 'wow I look so hot, Charlie isn’t going to know what to do with me.'

I left the house and drove back to Charlie’s. When I got there Charlie was already waiting outside for me and he looked so damn good in that suit. I felt my pussy get wet in seconds. When Charlie got in the car I could see the way he was checking me out and that only turned me on more.

I drove Charlie to the Chinese place and we walked in. I could see the way everyone was looking at us but I didn’t care. We sat down and had a great meal. I even ordered Charlie a couple of glasses of wine to help loosen him up. We started to chat as Charlie said, “Can you see the way everyone is looking at us, Jess?”

I looked at Charlie and replied “I don’t care Charlie, let them think what they want . They don’t know the way you have been there for me.”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s okay Jess, I don’t see why Jack is being such an asshole but he is a fool to ever let a woman like you get away.”

I looked at Charlie and blushed as I replied, “Thank you so much Charlie, you are such a sweet guy.”

Charlie looked at me and smiled saying, “Thanks, Jess you are an amazing woman and this was a great dinner.”

Charlie and I both finished our meal and drinks and I asked for the bill. I paid for it on my credit card and I went to stand up. I was a little light headed due the wine I had drunk. Charlie took a hold of me and helped hold me steady.

He said, “We're taking a taxi home,” as he took me over to the front desk. He asked the guy to order us a taxi. Charlie and I went outside and waited for the taxi. Charlie was holding me in his big strong arms as the taxi pulled up. He helped me into the taxi as it drove me home first. We pulled up outside of my house and I stepped out of the taxi.

I looked at Charlie and said, “Thanks, for a great evening, Charlie.”

He smiled and replied, “Anytime you want me to be your arm candy that’s fine with me, Jess.” I smiled and turned away.

I stood there for a second and thought, no I don’t want to end the night like this and turned back to Charlie. I grabbed hold of him and kissed him on the lips before I ran off and went into my house.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but was glad when I saw the taxi pull away. I went to bed and I ended up masturbating myself thinking of Charlie until I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day I was in shock at what I had done that night. I wondered what Charlie thought about what happened and what would happen when I saw him again. I went back to the Chinese place and picked up my car and drove it home. When I got home Charlie was sitting waiting for me. I wondered what he was going to do or say about what happened.

Charlie looked at me and said, “Hello Jess, I came over to use the hot-tub if you don’t mind?” He had a wry smile on his face.

I looked at him a little shocked he hadn’t said anything about last night but figured he wanted to just let it go too so I replied, “Sure Charlie come on in.”

I opened the door and we walked inside. I said to Charlie, ‘’Go ahead and jump into the hot-tub.”

Charlie smiled and asked, “Are you not coming to join me?”

I looked at him and replied, “Yea sure why not.”

Charlie gave me an evil smile and went into the kitchen and got himself a bottle of water before heading outside to the hot-tub. I went upstairs to change out of my clothes and into a nice two-piece bikini. As I walked out the back I could see the way Charlie was looking at me. I must admit it did turn me on as I got into the hot-tub.

Charlie smiled as I got in and said, “I had an amazing time last night, Jess.”

I looked at him and replied, “Yes, I had a great time too.”

Charlie slid a little closer to me and said, “So about what happened at the end of the night.”

I looked worried and wondering where he was going with this and trying to play dumb as I said, “Yes sorry, I did have a little too much last night but thanks for ordering me the taxi.”

Charlie just looked and said, “You know that isn’t what I was talking about, Jess.”

I looked at him knowing what was coming as I said, “What do you mean, Charlie?”

He slid and sat right next to me, “The kiss, Jess.”

I looked and didn’t know what to do, “Look, Charlie, I was drunk and made a silly mistake okay.”

Charlie smiled as he slid his hand up to my tit and squeezed it and said, “I don’t think it was a mistake and I sure don’t think you wanted things to stop either.”

I looked up at him as he kissed me on the lips. I knew I should stop him but it just felt so good to have him do it. Charlie smiled at me and, as he saw I wasn’t stopping him, kissed me again this time much harder, pushing his tongue into my mouth as he felt both my tits, his hands squeezing both.

I was so turned on the way this young lad was taking me that I just let it happen. He took hold of me and pushed me up onto the side of the hot-tub and pushed my legs open. He pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and licked my clit. It felt so amazing that I just sat back and let him have his way. As he sucked and licked my clit hard he pushed a finger inside of me.

He looked up and smiled. “Mmm! Jess, you taste so fucking good,” as he pushed another finger inside of me.

He started to work his fingers in and out of me hard as he sucked on my clit. I moaned in pleasure as it had been so long since someone had eaten me out like this. He started to finger fuck me harder and harder and it just felt better and better. I moaned so hard as he sucked on my clit. I loved every moment knowing it would not take me long to cum in his mouth. As he fingers fucked me harder and harder I screamed out, “Ooh! Fuck, hell I am cumming,” as my back arched and I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

I lay there trying to catch my breath after such a huge orgasm. Charlie looked at me and said, “Mmm, did you enjoy that, Jess?”

I lay there in shock as I looked down at Charlie not knowing what to say. Charlie smiled and took hold of my hand.

As we entered my house we headed upstairs. I looked at Charlie knowing what was about to happen and knowing I should stop him but not sure if I was able to.

Charlie took me into my bedroom and smiled as he striped me naked and lay me down on the bed. I looked up at him, not sure if I could do this. He pushed his shorts down and then I saw it. The biggest fattest cock I had ever seen. It was at least nine inches.

Charlie looked at me and smiled and said, “I’ve been waiting for my chance with you Jess.”

I looked up at Charlie. “Charlie I don’t know if I can do this, I mean if your stepmom ever finds out she would kill me.”

Charlie started laughing “Don’t be so sure about that Jess.” He smiled and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders leaving me wide open to him.

I look at him wondering what he meant by that. Then his fat hard young cock pushed inside of me. I couldn’t believe how big it was as he slowly pushed deeper and deeper giving me time to get used to his size before pushing even deeper.

Finally, he bottomed out at the mouth of my cervix. He gripped my hips and started fucking me. He worked his cock in and out of me, taking long hard strokes, stretching me to the max. His cock rammed in and out of my pussy slamming the cock head into my cervix over and over giving me none stop orgasms.

I screamed in such pleasure, moaning harder and harder as orgasm after orgasm ran through me.

I looked Charlie in the eye and said, “My fucking god. |How the fuck is it you so fucking good at this, Charlie?” I was moaning harder as he fucked me harder as he watched my fat tits bounce as he fucked me.

He smiled and said, “People say practice makes perfect Jess and I have been having a lot of practice with Cheryl lately.”

He moaned hard while admitting he has been fucking my best friend; his stepmom.

I looked at him in total shock as the mix of pure pleasure washed over me and said, “My god you are fucking your stepmom, Charlie.”

He looked at me and smiled, “Yea almost six months now and to be honest she was even easier than you to seduce.”

He rammed my pussy harder and harder as I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. “Fucking hell that is so fucking hot Charlie,” I screamed as another orgasm raced through me.

As Charlie rammed his cock as deep as he could inside of me while moaning, “Fuck yes! Jess, I hope you’re on the pill because I am cumming.”

I felt a hung thick load of cum shoot deep inside my pussy giving me the biggest and hardest orgasm of my life.

Charlie fell on top of me breathing so fucking hard after that amazing fucking. We lay there cuddling as we both come down off our huge orgasms.

“God, Charlie that was just amazing. If I knew you could fuck like that I would have brought you in last night,” I smiled as I held him in my arms.

He smiled and said, “Jess, you are such an amazing fuck you are just as good as Cheryl is.”

Charlie slowly pulled his cock out of me and his cum started leaking out of my very well fucked pussy and pooled in the crack of my arse.

Charlie kissed me on the lips and said “I’m going to take a shower and head for home.”

I looked at Charlie and I said, “Charlie, please don’t tell Cheryl about this. I think it would be better if it came for me okay.”

Charlie stood up and said, “Sure Jess, whatever you want Baby as long as you understand I’m still going to fuck you either way,” he smiled as he headed for the shower.

“Don’t worry about that Charlie you can have me anytime you want.”

That was just the beginning of our fun together. Charlie would come over at least three or four times a week and would just fuck me all over the place. I told Charlie that he could fuck me and cum in me all he wanted because I can’t have kids anyway. Charlie told me he didn’t care about that because he already had gotten Cheryl pregnant. I did end up going and telling Cheryl that I had sex with Charlie and that I know she was too but that is a story for another time.


Thanks for reading I would love to hear your thoughts and any comments you have.

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