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I Love My Dad, Part 3

Randy and Amber entertain some guests...

"Well, I guess we really have no choice."

“We don’t. She was persistent, as usual. Sorry babe."

"Not your fault my love. We will deal with it."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too. Shit!"

"What's wrong?"

"I have to be back to work in ten minutes, but I still haven't cum yet!"

Yes, Randy and I were talking about my Aunt’s impending visit while we were fucking. It was the next day and as promised, Randy came home on his lunch break. He didn't have too long to stay so we were having a quickie on the living room couch. We were doing missionary, partly clothed, and I had already cum twice in the few minutes he’d been inside me. The way Randy was destroying my vagina right now, I had a feeling the third would be coming up shortly. 

"Suck on my tits baby. That always helps you get off, right?“

"Good call!"

Randy sucked on my breasts, while at the same time speeding up and making me go crazy. I loved when he went fast. My pussy gets extremely wet when his cock quickly goes in and out of me. The cream pie’s always felt better when he fucked me fast. 

To my surprise, Randy did not cum in me but instead covered my face with his load. It was sticky, and the aroma quickly filled the house. I loved it. 

"Gotta go babe. You can clean yourself up?"

"Yes, Dad. Go, have a good rest of the day at work."

Randy left and I was all alone in our big house, covered in his smelly delicious cum, and loving every second of it. I took some of the cum from my face and placed it on my clit and began to rub it. I wanted another orgasm. Randy hadn't even been gone 5 minutes and my body was yearning for him again. 

The days leading up to my families visit went by like a blur. While Randy would work during the day, I would lay around the house and (kinda) look for jobs. Randy and I would text whenever he had a moment to breathe at work. He would always ask for sexy pics of me around the house. Most of his requests were full nudes of me in different spots around the house. As you can probably guess, I always obliged my Step Dad. At night we would have dinner and sit on the couch watching tv until one or both of us got horny and decided to make a move. I wish we could make love all day and night, but I understood that we weren’t millionaires and Randy needed to work to support us. I didn’t think about it too much though. I loved Randy and I loved it even more that he chose me to be his woman. The times we’re able to fuck are indescribable and I fall more and more in love every time we are intertwined. 

That's why it REALLY sucked that my family was coming to visit the weekend Randy has off from work. I wanted to fuck morning, noon, and night! I knew Randy did too, but he was keeping a level head about the situation. Randy said we could probably get away with doing stuff late at night but it would be risky. I was glad to know he was going to at least attempt to fuck me while they were here. It was kinda hot and it turned me on just thinking about it. When did I get this way? 

The dreaded day had finally come. The in laws were coming today (Friday) and thankfully leaving on Sunday. Just a few days doing family activities, then I could go back to what I loved doing more than anything. Fucking my Step Dad.

Randy had to work on Friday and my family was coming sometime in the afternoon so I’d be with them for a few hours before he got back. My Aunt Valerie was bringing her husband David and their two kids, Mary and Scott. Mary and Scott were a few years younger me, so that was kinda annoying, but we all got along fine. David and Randy talked sports and my Aunt Val used to talk gossip about her neighbors with my mom. With my mother’s passing that role fell onto me. Yay…

I heard a car horn beep. Awesome. They’re here. I put on my best fake happy face and greeted my relatives at the door.

“Hi, guys! Welcome!” 

“Thank you, sweetie!” My Aunt Val was the first out of the car and she planted a big kiss on my cheek. Aunt Val was around Randy’s age, but that was all that they had in common. I liked her as much as I was supposed to. She always struck me as shady, and I could never tell what she was really like. My Mom, before she died, used to tell Randy and me stories of when they were both kids and Val was always talking behind her friends back. We weren’t surprised. 

“Nice to see you, Aunt Val.”

“You as well darling. David, kids come on out!”

The rest of her crew slowly made their way out of the car. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t 100% on board with this little trip as well. Interesting. My Uncle David and their kids Mary and Scott didn’t bother me as much. They just followed what my Aunt Val said and never complained. Little robots, Randy would call them. 

“Hey, Amber. Congrats on graduating. Sorry, we couldn’t make it.”

“It's okay Uncle Dave. You were there in spirit.”

“Sure were. Kids say hi to your cousin.”

“Hey, Amber!” My cousins said in sync. 

“Hey, you two. How’s it hanging?”

“Eh,” Mary said. She was definitely a teenager now.

Scott, who we usually call Scotty, was still an adorable 10-year-old. Looked like his dad. That was not a compliment.

“Got any snacks?!” Scotty shouted at me.

“Scotty!” Aunt Val barked.

“It’s okay. You know I do Scotty! They’re where they were the last time you were here. Save some for me though!”

“I’ll think about it.” 

Scotty ran into the house and straight to the kitchen.

“Growing boy,” Uncle David remarked. 

After Scotty stuffed himself full of food, I showed everyone to their rooms. Scotty and Val would be sharing the room right across the hall from Randy’s bedroom and My Aunt and Uncle would be down the hall next to me. I desperately wanted to sleep with Randy tonight like we always did. I’m rarely in my room anymore since Randy and I became intimate. It would be weird going back for a few days but we can’t give my family any idea about what’s been going on recently. 

“Got a boyfriend?” 

We had all settled in the living room and were waiting on Randy to come home from work. The question, asked by my always prying Aunt, caught me off guard.


“Got a boyfriend? I know you heard me.”

“No, I don’t. No one special in my life Aunt Val.”

“Sure, sure.”

I didn’t care that she didn’t believe me. I think the truth, that I fuck my Step Father on the very same couch she’s sitting on right now, would be a little much for her to handle. God, Randy and I have had sex everywhere in this house. I felt myself drifting to better days and intense orgasms. I think I was even drooling a bit. Is it Sunday yet?

I could feel my Aunt glaring at me wanting to ask more personal questions, but before she could open her mouth the door opened. My man was home!

“Hello everyone.”

“Uncle Randy!” My cousins yelled in excitement.

“Good to see you bud,” My uncle remarked. 

“Hello, Randy,” My Aunt said. 

“Good to see you all. It sure has been a while, so glad you all could make it for the weekend.”

Randy made his way into the living room with all of us and sat right next to me. Just being this close to him made my pussy moist.

“Hey, kid. How was your day?”

“Uneventful Dad, but better now.”

“Amber was just telling us how she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Is that the truth Randy?”

“Without a doubt. I am still the only guy in her life. Plenty of time for boyfriends in the future, right honey?” 

Randy winked at me and put one of his macho hands on my thigh. His hand was close enough to my vagina that I almost let out a soft moan. 

“Yeah Dad, you’re right.”

“Alrighty. I'll leave it alone, for now. Randy! How are things?” 

Randy was Val’s next victim. I made up some excuse and went upstairs. Randy could occupy them for a while until I got back. I needed to masturbate. 

He did that on purpose. I know he did. He knew touching me in front of them would set me off. God, that tease! He probably planned to do this all weekend. All I could think about was Randy’s big hands around my neck, making me scream from pleasure as he fucked me like the whore I was. 

I closed my door and started playing with myself. I stuck two fingers in my pussy and came rather quickly. I had been horny all day and seeing Randy and the way he touched my thigh put me over the edge. I moaned Randy’s name as a light orgasm rushed over me. That would have to do for now. 

I went back downstairs and no one really noticed I was gone. Good. I think Randy knew what I had just done but he didn’t make a big deal out of it. He probably wished he could’ve done the same thing. 

Pizza time! Randy ordered the family pizza for dinner and we all ate and enjoyed some quality family television for the rest of the night. 

Later that night, after the kids went to bed, the adults decided to watch a movie. We chose a horror flick. I don’t really like them but I don’t scare easy. My Aunt and Uncle seemed relatively occupied by it. I wasn’t sure what was on Randy’s mind. He wasn’t paying attention to the movie, but he wasn’t really paying attention to anything else either. You could probably guess where my mind was. I just wanted to have sex. At this point, if Randy had bent me over and fucked me in front of the family I wouldn’t have even put up a fight. 

“Be right back guys, I need to use the little girl's room.”

I could have used the bathroom downstairs, but I needed some space. Maybe I would touch myself again. That quick orgasm earlier in my room wasn’t enough. I wanted more orgasms. I wanted Randy’s penis inside of me!

I had just pulled down my panties when the door swung open and Randy burst into the bathroom!

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I said, quietly. I was shocked he was in here with me but I needed to be quiet. Nosy Val was only downstairs. 

“I need to feel your lips on my cock. Just for a sec. I’m dying down there.” Randy undid his jeans and his massive cock poked out of his boxers. 

Just seeing Randy’s penis was enough to make me forget about where we were, and who was downstairs. I didn’t waste any time taking Randy into my mouth. I forced myself to try and swallow as much of Randy as I possibly could. Randy covered his mouth because he was already moaning. I worked myself back and forth for a minute, then ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I was getting excited with Randy’s cock jammed down my throat, but I knew we had to hurry this up.

I took Randy’s cock out of my mouth and slowly jerked it. I groaned, probably a little too loud. I was still hungry for this cock but I knew we couldn’t go any further. 

“You good?”

“No, but that was more than enough for now. Thanks, cutie.”

Randy pulled his pants up and left the bathroom. When he closed the door I started to touch myself again. I licked my lips and pinched my nipples thinking about what we had just done. God, I love that man! I need to suck his dick more often. 

After our little rendezvous in the bathroom, I went back downstairs. No one suspected a thing. Yay! It was getting late and we all decided to go to bed early since we had a big day planned. We were going to take my relatives out into the city and just spend the day together. Randy thought it would help distract us both from what we wanted to really do. I didn’t agree, but I was up to try anything. 

I couldn’t sleep. I was very horny, so I started rubbing my clit, quietly. I was becoming increasingly frustrated because fantasizing about Randy was not doing the job. I needed the real thing. NOW. 

After a few minutes, I gave up and tried actually going to bed. I must’ve dozed off and been out for a while because I didn’t hear Randy sneak into my room. I also didn’t feel his hard dick caressing my pussy. I woke up right before he put it in. 

“Randy? Omg, what are you doing?”“Quiet sweetie. We don’t want to wake the family.”

“Obviously, but WHAT are you doing?”

“I’m about to fuck you.”“Don’t tease me. I want you so bad but what if we get too loud? If we get caught we are dead.”

“You want my dick don’t you?” Randy put his hand up my shirt and started playing with my nipples. He was going to wear me down until I begged him to fuck me. 

“Of course I do. I’ve been yearning for you all damn day.”

“Then don’t worry. Just make as little noise as possible, and let daddy do the rest.”

I was only in my underwear and a large t-shirt (Randy’s) so he didn’t have to work hard to get the goods. Randy moved my panties to the side and slide his entire shaft inside me. My head fell on my pillow and I bit the sheets as a light orgasm flushed over me. It felt fantastic to have Randy in me after waiting all day. 

Randy moved slowly in and out of me as we both tried to be quiet. I held the back of his head as I let him take control of my body. I knew I had to be quiet but I was starting not to care. Whenever Randy fucked me I lost all sense of right and wrong. He felt so good inside my pussy I wanted the whole world to know it! 

Randy continued to slowly impale me with his manly cock. Each stroke brought me more pleasure, but it also scared me to death. If anyone heard us now we would be in deep trouble. No way to explain any of this. Just then, I felt something I never felt before.

“Did you just stick your finger up my butt?”“Yeah. Did you like it?”

“I’m not sure. Do it again.”

Randy slowly inserted his long index finger inside my butt again. Now I knew for sure. I liked it. I moaned loudly and quickly covered my mouth. 


“That’s okay sweetie. I just wanted to try something new. Maybe next week we can go further.”

My ass tightened around Randy’s finger when he hinted at more butt play. I obviously was aware of anal sex but didn’t think it was something that I’d ever try. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn’t wait!

Randy took out his finger and went back to fucking my pussy. I was letting out soft moans here and there, and Randy would grab my ass if I was being too loud. Thank goodness I had a bed that didn’t make a lot of noise. I wanted to do all sorts of different positions but we both knew this would be the only one that would make the least amount of noise. 

Randy thrust faster and I knew he was close to cumming. I was ready for a hot cream pie. He grabbed my waist and let out a huge nut inside of me. The second orgasm felt way better than the first and I tried really hard not to scream. 

Randy stayed with me for a while as we both caught our breath. 

“Babe? That was amazing. Trying to be quiet while you destroyed my pussy felt incredible. I love you.”

I turned to face my lover and we kissed with lots of tongue. Randy fell out of me and all the cum he had stored within me started dripping out slowly. It was very hot. We were both so lost in the moment that if my Aunt or Uncle had come in, there would be no talking our way out of this. 

“Anything for my girl. That was really hot. I know having them here is tough and I just wanted to give you a little something to hold you over.”

“Appreciate it, Daddy. I’m going to sleep so well tonight.”“Me too. Wish we could sleep together but I better get back.”

I didn’t want him to leave. I grabbed Randy’s dick and started sucking him off. Randy quickly covered his mouth so no one would hear him enjoy the head he was getting. 

“You dirty slut. What are you doing?”

“YOUR dirty slut. I’m still horny and I want to feel you in my other hole. You don’t have to cum. I just want to suck. I promise I’ll be quiet. K?

“Alright then, suck to your heart's content.”

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