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I needed some help in Spanish... (Part 1)

My first submission for a website, please enjoy!
We’ve all had that teacher. THAT teacher. The one you watch attentively throughout class, and go home to fantasize about. Well, Mrs. Silva was definitely THAT teacher. Mrs. Silva was my high school Spanish teacher, about 40 years old, and a complete MILF. She had darker skin seeing how she was full-blooded Dominican, but it was seductively smooth and there were almost no wrinkles. She could have passed as being in her early 30’s. Her dark hair curled at her shoulders, and framed her perfectly sized lips. She had the biggest natural tits of any teacher I had before, but she made a point to leave a lot of her cleavage to your imagination. Her ass made up for her modest tops, and was always well supported by a pair of tight black pants. For obvious reasons, I would often have to cover up my boner in class or try desperately to focus on my classwork, and could tell some of my classmates were having the same problem.

One day, Mrs. Silva was doing her routine homework check, walking around the room with her clipboard. Usually, when she came to check mine, I could get a quick glimpse right down her shirt. However, on this day, her shirt was a bit more revealing. Not slutty in any way, but it showed some cleavage and supported her big tits. When she slightly bent to look at my desk, I was instantly captivated. I could see most of her breasts, and they looked…

“Senor! Where’s your homework?” The sudden talking brought me back to planet earth.

“I don’t have it. Sorry.” I stumbled a bit, but I kept my cool.

‘Senor, you homework average is below 50% right now. Are you having trouble understanding what we’re doing in class?” She didn’t seem very angry, only concerned.

“Mrs. Silva, we don’t spend enough time going over anything in class for me to really understand it. Maybe if we went at a slower pace?”

“If we went at a slower pace, other students would complain that class is boring. Why don’t you stay after school today to see if we could arrange a tutor? Do you have to take the bus?”

“No, I drive home. I can stay for a few minutes after school.”

I was almost sure that while we were talking, she glanced at my semi-erect cock that was making an outline in my shorts. However, it was only for a split second, and she had no reaction. I had no high hopes for anything interesting happening during out meeting. I watched her for the rest of class, and slept through the rest of the day.

When the final bell finally rung, I made my way across the school back to my Spanish room. I walked in on Mrs. Silva grading some recent quizzes, while she looked up and smiled.

“Hola senor. So what’s the problem?”

“Well you told me to come earlier and arrange to be tutored. Would this cost any money?”

Mrs. Silva chuckled at this and responded, “No senor! The school guidance office can arrange for you to meet another student in a higher class level during your study hall to help.”

Now she was talking about me meeting with OTHER people, which was an idea I didn’t like. If I planned on seducing her, we would need to meet one on one.

“Mrs. Silva, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get much help from another student. And since you’re so fluent in the language couldn’t you assist personally me in any way?”

She smirked at me when I finished and tossed her dark hair back behind her shoulder. She knew I was up to something, but I wasn’t sure if she was aware of my true intentions. What happened next took me by a complete blindside.

Mrs. Silva walked past her desk then past me. I turned around and watched her as she shut the door and closed the blinds. I gave her a quizzical look, and she simply responded “Cut the shit.”. She came right up to me and pressed her lips up to mine.

For the first 3 seconds, it seemed as if all blood emptied out of my head and went straight to my… head. I pulled back for a moment and resumed kissing. She was a passionate kisser, and her tongue explored in my mouth and vice versa. After about a minute of kissing, she retreated and silently dropped down to her knees. Now I’ve never had a blowjob before, so having an extremely hot latin MILF on her knees with her face in front of my crotch had me ready to blast off right then and there. She opened up my cargo shorts and took out my somewhat average 7-inch cock, but she looked a bit taken aback by it. However, this was temporary, and she boldly took most of it into her mouth and started sucking furiously. Her saliva completely drenched my cock while it slid through her lips and along her tongue. It got to the point where I was getting ready to cum, so I made a grip out of her curls and shoved her head into my crotch, forcing it down her throat. Her hands gripped my ass for support and I ended up blowing my load straight down her throat.

She coughed up a little cum as I zipped up my shorts and tried to regain my grip on reality. She quickly got up and walked over to her desk and took out a piece of note paper. She quickly scribbled something down and handed the paper to me.

“Here’s my address, we will be meeting there Tuesday and Friday after school for the rest of the year for your ‘tutoring’.” I simply nodded in the realization Mrs. Silva and I were going to be having a lot more fun in the coming months. I then realized that essentially, Mrs. Silva had to do whatever I wanted, because I could have her fired at any time if I came forward about what happened.

“Hey. So I’ll see you tomorrow, and in the meantime I want my grade to be changed to an A. See ya later!” I slapped her ass while I walked out the door. Immediately I texted my best (and trustable) friend Jim. "Dude… Mrs. Silva just sucked my dick!"

To be continued.

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