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I was ready to leave, when I heard somebody else

He came out of the shadows and proceded to have his way with me

I'm in a dark back room with boxes and things, getting my coat after a dance with the music still ringing in my ears loudly.

Somebody spoke from behind me, saying " its kind of dark back here, there's no light, something bad could happen in here".

"Uh, like what", I asked nervously, not sure what he  meant as the music was still blaring loudly just beyond the confines of the wall.

Then he responded saying, "You see right over there...let me show where you do not want to be" as he moved, still out of sight into the darkness hidden by some stacked boxes.

Through the darkness, I try to see the spot he is telling me about, but unable to clearly make out the area he was pointing at, as my heart begins to pound in a faster pace. As he asks me "are you sure you can see from there"?

"Uh no, not really" I answer in an anxious voice, still not able to see who is speaking to me, or where he is.

"Well then maybe you should move closer ,so you can see better" he replied.

Cautiously I stepped a couple of paces towards that spot in the darkness, where his seductive voice was originating. I began feeling him close to me, so close that I can smell his cologne heavy behind me. A chill ran through me, knowing that he was somewhere close and I didn't know exactly where..

Moments later, a  broad hand covered my entire mouth firmly, and his hot breath was on my neck, as he began kissing it with his hot lips. Suddenly his hand found my hard nipple and squeezed it roughly, sending a wave of both fear and electricity through my entire body. His hands now firmly groping both of my swollen breast as he kissed my neck, feeling the hardness of his hard cock pressing against my ass.

His breathing got heavier and hotter, as my top was pulled quickly without warning over my head. Attempting to cover my naked breasts with my hands, he held them with one hand, while the other hand was busy reaching under my skirt.

Realizing that I wasn't wearing any panties, his cock seemed to get twice as big as he snatched the tiny shirt well above my ass. His long thick fingers pressed between my wet lips and ass crack deeply, realizing that he was about to have his way with me sent the juices flowing like crazy.

He was stroking my pussy and groping my ass roughly, pushing fingers into both hole at the same time. His breathing got deeper and heavier as I started getting wetter with the idea of this stranger taking me in the dark. My pussy was swollen and it was so nasty wet,  still wondering what he is going to do to me.

A chair in the dark corner against the wall, he tells me "sit on the chair", as he leans over and starts kissing me on the mouth deeply. His tongue forces to explore the inside, as I squirm to resist, as he began to bite each of my erect nipples .

Unbuttoning his shirt, I was gazing at his hard nipples and well defined  muscular chest. Slowly he unzipped his pants and grabbed my hand placing it at the opened zipper, telling me to "take it bitch". He pressed my hand inward until my fingers were touching his enormous cock. Touching it lightly, feeling it becoming erect as my fingers slowly wrapped around it.

 "Take it out Bitch" he commanded.  With his massive cock in my hand, I started to remove it from his pants until the entire length was out. Looking at it in the shadows of light, I wasn't' sure if I could handle it, as it was really long, and really thick and was afraid of what he might do if I didn't follow his demands

"Stroke it Bitch" he ordered, as I looked at it, slowly moving my hand not completely reaching around the thickness. Stroking up and down the shaft, as my fucking pussy was saturated by this time, feeling his fingers probing both of my tiny holes viciously

"Put it in your mouth bitch", he instructed, while pulling on a handful of my hair, making my mouth open fully in discomfort as I was scared of the enormous size cock he had, by far the largest I've ever attempted.

Guiding my hand to my opened mouth, slowly ran my tongue around the head as I placed the fat knob to my parted lips, unsure if I could get the entire cock knob in my mouth. With my mouth fully opened, I lowered my opened mouth over the full sized head, feeling it stretching in both corners.

I managed to take the entire swollen head into my mouth, trying to relax the stretched muscles, as if big cock filled my mouth entirely.

"That's my girl, open wide and press down", as I felt the massive cock head get stuck in the back of my throat causing me to gag on it.

"Swallow it" he said,  DON'T GAG ON IT", when you feel it touch the back of your throat". After 3 or 4 attempts, I was able to swallow it down my throat, back and forth without the thought of gagging on his super sized cock

"You suck a mean cock, deep throating me, and still able to suck on the base "he said, as I was sucking on the base of his fully erect cock, I became sexually charged by this point. I began stroke my burning fire box while sucking this strangers massive cock deeply in my throat. I would go all the way to the base, and push his balls up to my lips.

With his cock lodged in my mouth, he tells me to "get onto my knees and to keep the cock stuffed in my mouth. After that I'm going to fuck you with this big hard cock, are you ready for the fucking your about to get?

Going down on his cock, I respond saying "Mmmhmm" nodding up and down as well.

"Good" he replies, as he held me by the head, and proceeded to fuck my mouth in long hard thrusts as he shoved every inch around my throat. Seeing his cock emerge from my mouth, all slick and shiny, motivated me to do whatever he requested of me.

Lifting my skirt up, he thrust 3 thick fingers into my wet fuck hole, in and out until I was creaming on his hand, as he pulled that monster dick from my now sore and aching mouth.

"Get up Bitch I'm going to fuck you Doggie style first", he told me.

As Instructed,  I turned around so he could see my ass, while leaning over the chair. He licked his fingers and started to stroke my pussy with his oversized fuck stick. Pressing the fat knob against my tiny entry hole, he thrust it into me in a single motion as he grabbed my hips, holding me in place. His cock felt like a spear, ripping my insides apart as his balls slapped me hard. He pressed his thumb deeply into my asshole as he began to slam his monster cock into me

I began tweaking my erect clip between his full thrusts, feeling as thought I was about to cum for the first time. His big balls slapping me, made me moan " I love your big cock fucking the shit out of me".

"Your hard fuckin cock feels so good fucking my tiny pussy; I love it!" I start just bouncing on it and as he grabbed my big titties and pushed them into my face.

"Lick em" he told me, holding them firmly in front of my face. Obediently, I start flicking the nipples with my out reaching tongue first one then the other, before sucking the entire nipple area into my warm wet mouth.

That's right bitch, you know how to work a nipple as I felt the stinging slap on my bare ass cheek as he spoke

I was getting crazy with that cock fucking me so intensely, when he pressed my titty forward, telling me "to suck that titty harder (now, completely stuffed in my mouth). I could feel my saliva dripping onto my chest as I was making a sorta slurping sound as it popped out of my mouth. Eagerly I sucked the entire nipple area back into my wanting mouth, attempting to get as much titty into my mouth as I could.

"Bite them", he told me, as I pressed my teeth firmly against my nipple, making me holler out. He stuffed the entire titty to my mouth, and said "bite it bitch". As I bit down, I could feel my teeth  biting into the outer edge on my titty, as I pressed them together, over and over. The sensation of pain was driven away by the awesome feelings going through my body.

"That's it bitch, look at teeth marks you left", showing me my abused titty in a mirror.

"Your big cock feels so fuckin good", I whimpered, "as I can feel you inside the depths of me", as I felt him working his fingers into my less fucked asshole. And again I felt the blistering sting of him slapping my ass cheeks

Withdrawing from my well fucked pussy, he tells me "to put it back in my mouth, and get ready for me to fuck your ass deep, doggy style". I do it eagerly, as I want him to see me licking my cum off of his rigid cock. After a couple of minutes, he positioned his engorged knob against my tiny tight brown asshole, telling me to reach back and spread my asshole wide open. I insert both index fingers and pulled them to each side; opening my tiny brown hole up for him to fuck.

I did as I was told, now feeling the tip pierce my asshole as it has never been stretched this wide before.

"Ow", I hollered, when I felt the massive head "pop" inside my hole. He was already pushing that monster sized cock in. It filled my asshole up, as he started pushing a little harder and a little deeper.

Slapping my ass as he shoved in deeper and harder saying "take it bitch, your gonna like it"
Ah yes, I could feel his cock fucking my ass like its never been fucked before. Oh don't stop, as I shoved 3 fingers into my well opened pussy. His cock was deep in my ass and I wanted more

"Oh your cock feels so good" I cried out, as he ravaged my asshole. "I love your big fucking cock in my ass, yes I do, as I pressed backwards to meet his advances".

I could feel his cock throbbing against the walls of my bowels, in and out..ahh shit.

"Please, please  don't cum in my ass, put it my mouth, please make me take all your cum into my mouth." I begged. Please fill my mouth with your cock and cum, please".

"Don't worry Bitch, I'm gonna fill your mouth with cum" he replied.

Returning that fat cock to my waiting mouth, instantly I sucked it into my waiting mouth. I stroked it fully with my stretched mouth, sucking it and licking it as I hear his moaning, and knew he was liking the way I sucked his cock just as much.

I placed that big fat cock between my breast and he titty fucked me  until returning that throbbing cock to my hungry mouth. I buried his cock down my throat, as he unleashed a massive load of creamy cum, too much to swallow. Then unloads another load of cum onto my face, as the previous load trickled out of my mouth oozing down to my chin.

"Mmmm you taste good", as I was busy wiping cum with my stretched tongue. He used his cock to sweep the remaining gobs of cum into my mouth before snaking my throat one last time as I sucked any remaining cum from his cock.

Leaving me naked and drained in the chair, he turned and walked away into the darkness, without speaking a word.

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