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I Watch As He Seduces My Wife

The sweet proposal introduces his wife to something new...
My head was spinning as I tried to take in what Jim had just said. While I am at his house fucking his wife, he’s going to be pounding his giant black cock in and out of my wife? What in the hell is he talking about? What if she doesn’t want him, is he going to just take her anyway? So that is the precise question I posed to him.

“No Mark, I’m not going to force myself on her. It’ll be completely up to her. If she doesn’t accept my offer, she doesn’t. But if she does, I’m going to bang the fuck out of her until she begs me to stop!” Jim said confidently with a big smile on his face.

“I’m not very comfortable with this arrangement Jim,” I said nervously. “I sure wish you would have given me full disclosure about your proposal. I wouldn’t have taken you up on your offer,” I said.

“Do you really expect me to believe that Mark? I’ve seen the way you look at Kelly. And I’ve heard about the way you fuck Kelly. You’ve told me how you love to fuck her pussy. You’re a lying sack of shit Mark,” he practically yelled. “Knowing what you know now, having your cock buried balls deep into my wife’s tight hole, you know you’d give your left nut to keep on fucking my Kelly!”

Jim had me pegged. What he said was absolutely true. I wouldn’t go back in time. I’d trade my wife’s pussy for Kelly’s in a heartbeat.

“Okay, okay Jim, how do you plan to try and make this happen?” I asked.

“Would you like to watch? I’m not opposed to having you watch what happens. It could be kind of fun.” I nodded at Jim as he gave me the skinny on what he had in store for my Katie.

Kelly and I arrived at the gym about 20 minutes before closing time. We discreetly used the back door of the facility so that we would be noticed by the least amount of people. Fortunately our arrival was undetected by our spouses. Kelly and I had already had a nice long fuck on their bed. I couldn’t get enough of this woman, so beautiful, so sensual. Our co-mingling gave her at least three comes and a scream inducing one for me. She is an incredible lover.  

There was a glassed off room that the personal trainers used for massages. After everyone had left the gym and Jim and Katie had showered, they walked into this private room. Since the light was off in the room that Kelly and I sat in, our spouses were unable to see us. Jim was dressed in workout shorts and a muscle shirt and he looked amazing. I’m not into men in any way, shape or form but even to me he looked incredible. He was good looking, the size of a mountain, completely ripped and had a cock that was mindboggling. My Katie was in a beautiful form-fitting sundress and, as always, she looked gorgeous. I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra, something that she very rarely does, even when at home alone.

“Lay up here on your stomach,” Jim said as he patted the thickly padded massage table. Is it still as painful?” Apparently Katie slightly pulled her left hamstring when Jim was giving her a racquetball lesson earlier. He told her to go and shower and he’d see if a massage might help her with the pain.

As she lay on the table Jim removed her sexy little sandals and asked if she was comfortable.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just a little bit sore is all,” Katie said while facing the floor. At this point Kelly reached over and put her hand on my cock.

“So, you do want Jim to fuck your wife don’t you?” she whispered and began to unbutton my shorts. She motioned for me to stand up and yanked them down, making my rigid cock swing into the air.

I sat back down, my eyes riveted to Jim’s hands as they caressed Katie’s beautifully tan and muscular legs. As he was slowly working his thumbs deep into the tissue on the back of her legs, Kelly knelt down in front of me. “Yeah, you want him to ravish her!” she insisted. My cock was standing straight up now as she leaned down and took the full length into her mouth and started to deep throat me. “Your pre-cum says it all Mark. Your shaft is shiny with your sweet cream!” She began slurping at my cock while her hand began to slowly stroke me up and down into her sultry mouth. “I do love your cock; it’s the perfect size!”

I watched as Jim continued to rub her legs and creep up under her sundress, his hands just south of her gorgeous bubble butt. I watched as my wife, the woman who has been with but one man her whole life long - me - began to spread her legs a little as he wandered over her flesh.

“How does that feel honey,” Jim asked her, “Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, this is really starting to help. Thank you!” she said with an unfamiliar enthusiasm. “Keep it up Jim. It feels divine!”

Oh no, was all I could think. She’s starting to cave in.

“So where is Kelly tonight Jim? Is she working late?” she asked. Kelly was licking up my shaft and sucking the pre-cum out of its tip while looking up at me when we heard her question. It brought a big, sexy smile to her beautiful eyes.

“Yeah, I’m sure she’s working hard. She’s going to be quite late tonight. How about Mark hon, is he tied up too?” Jim, of course, knew that his wife and his new buddy were watching them from the next room and could hear every word that was being said, thanks to the audio he had turned on before they started.

“That’s a shame. Say, can you do me a favor Jim? Would you mind getting some water for me?” she said.” I’m dying of thirst!” Jim told her he’d be right back and exited the room. As soon as she heard the door close, Katie rolled onto her side, facing towards Kelly and me behind the glass. I watched in disbelief as she pulled up her little dress, revealing a pair of extremely wet panties, and slid her fingers in between her sopping wet lips. I couldn’t have been more excited.

“Damn that man is making me hot! I sure wish Mark was here. I need to be fucked and fucked good!” she said as she repositioned her panties and lay back down. Still facing the mirrored glass she whispered quietly to herself, “I better destroy the evidence before he smells my cunny.” She sucked her wet digits into her mouth and licked them clean just as Jim came back in the room.

“Here you go babe,” he said while handing her the bottle. She propped herself up on her elbows and swigged a large gulp down her throat. Jim was standing in front of her and he could readily see down the front of her dress. Katie has wonderful breasts and he was loving what he saw. You could tell by the gigantic tent that had begun to form in his shorts.

“Lie back down and let me work you over again now,” he said, this time kind of forcefully.

As she lay down and placed her face into the vinyl donut hole of the table, Jim began to get a little bolder, both in word and deed.

“So Kate, does Mark make you happy? Are you in love with him? Is he a good lover?” He began to grill her relentlessly.

“Yes, I love him very much. I can’t imagine my life without him. He’s a good man and makes me feel oh so good too. So yes, I would say he is a very good lover!” she said excitedly. Jim looked over at me behind the glass, smiled, and then began to work up her legs again. She spread them a little more to accommodate him. I know I shouldn’t find this exciting but I was going crazy watching them.

“Well that’s no surprise. Mark seems like a great guy. I can tell the two of you are very tight and have a great relationship. Am I right?” he asked.

“Yes you are. We are very good together. How are you and Kelly doing? You guys seem good too. She sure is a beautiful woman!” Katie opined.

“That she is. She is really quite stunning. But as for us, well that’s a bit complicated. While we love each other very much and enjoy ourselves tremendously, we have a challenging time with our sex lives.”

“Your sex lives? I would have guessed any other kind of trouble but that. You two look like the epitome of all that is sexual. What’s that all about?” Katie said with a hint of real concern in her voice.

“Well I don’t know how to say this exactly Katie.” The always confidant Jim seemed to be stumbling with his words now. “I guess I’m just a bit too much for Kelly; that’s probably the best way to put it,” he said as he continued to work her body over. Jim’s strong hands had passed on kneading her thighs and now had his thumbs rubbing over the top of her panties on her firm ass. Katie could no longer deny that he was having a significant effect on her libido. Her panties were soaking wet now and she feared that he could smell her sex as it permeated the air.

“What do you mean too much Jim? What are you saying exactly?” Her mind was racing. Was he into swinging, or was he gay or abusive or what?

“I’ll tell you what it means, you dumb little bitch,” Kelly whispered to me as she stood up and removed her skirt and panties. I held onto her waist as she lowered herself reverse cowgirl style onto my needy cock. “It means that his monster cock can’t find a hole big enough. Damn your cock is nice Mark! You have the perfect cock baby!” Her pussy was so tight on my throbbing cock. Damn, she was something!

“This is rather embarrassing Katie. Are you sure you want me to continue this line of conversation?” he begged.

“Jim, we are friends now. I want to know what’s going on. Maybe I could help!” she pleaded.

“Oh you’re gonna help honey,” Kelly grunted as she rode hard on my cock while frigging her clit. “He’s saying the same thing to her that he said to me. It’s really hard for a girl to pass up a cock that big. It’s so far out of the norm that it just seems to take away all of your freewill. Just watch, he’ll be sliding that up her cunt in no time,” she said breathlessly. Then turning back towards the window she said, “Don’t worry Katie, you’re gonna help him alright!”

As he continued his ministrations on her body I could see the wheels of his mind turning. He was wondering what to say exactly. Then he moved to the head of the table and started a deep rub on her shoulders and said, “Perhaps it would be easier to just show you what I’m talking about rather than trying to explain it.”

The next thing I knew Jim’s shorts were pulled down and off and his massive cock was horizontal beneath my pretty wife’s face. She had no idea what was going on as I assume her eyes were still closed as he massaged her back.

“So, are you going to show me Jim? What in the hell are we talking about?” she said, now somewhat annoyed. My take as I observed the scene is that she was extremely horny now and, with no means of release, had become somewhat agitated.

“Open your eyes Katie and look down towards the floor!”

As soon as her she saw it she yelped, almost like an animal. “OH MY GAWWWDDD! What the fuck?” That is all she said as she raised up on her elbows and looked down at his cock. Her big eyes were like saucers. She did a double take, looked up at him and then down again to the 12” monster beneath her. Jim backed away from the table, allowing his size to take full effect. As he moved the hard cock bobbed up and down. A drop of contrasting pre-cum rested on its black tip as Katie inadvertently licked her lips and reached out to touch it. I could hardly breathe.

“You see Katie, I’m just too much for a lot of women. Kelly loves me but her tiny frame just can’t handle my length and girth.” A smile crossed Jim’s face as Katie continued to rub it, swiping back and forth over the underbelly of the demon. He knew he had her now.

“Damn, Jim, this is unbelievable. How in the world could any woman take this, in her mouth or down below? I don’t know what to say...but...DAMN!” She couldn’t keep her hands off of it.

“I know Kate, that’s the problem. Kelly loves me but can’t handle my dick. I bet if she would have birthed some kids it would be a little bit different. But damn, no such luck.”

The seed had been planted and started to take root in my wife’s brain.

“So a woman who’s had kids could accommodate this better? That makes sense! Do you mind if I just touch it Jim?” Katie asked, apparently not realizing that her hand had already been camping on it for a couple of minutes now.

“That’s fine Kate, I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,” Jim said, sounding almost convincing.

“Yeah right,” Kelly said while riding my cock through her second come. “You’re going to feel real comfortable in a few minutes with a baseball bat shoved up your hole! Oh damn Mark, this is so fucking good,” she said as she continued to play with her hard little nub while bouncing up and down on me.

I watched in amazement as Katie hopped off the table and got down on her knees in front of Jim. She had been stroking his cock for a few minutes now and he was leaking down the shaft and all over her right hand. She looked up at him and noticed his eyes were closed as he leaned against the table. Because of this, she took the liberty to quickly shed her panties and throw them to the side. As she stroked his giant cock with one hand she used her other to deftly play with her pussy. As she extended her tongue to catch the milk droplets forming at the tip, Jim opened his eyes and looked down. Fuck was this hot. I grabbed onto Kelly’s waist and helped her slam her body down onto my raging hard on. I watched as Jim smiled at Katie as they made eye contact and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it forward.

Katie’s mouth could barely open enough to take in the size of his tip. But as she did she began to suck and work it in and out of her hot little mouth, even gathering in a couple of more inches. Right then I lost my load inside of his wife’s pussy. I didn’t want to scream so I had to improvise. I opened my mouth and sucked the skin of her back inside. She rode me to one of my best comes in memory. As I removed my mouth from her glistening back I looked down and saw the large hickey I left in my mouth’s place.

“Damn, this thing is huge! No wonder Kelly has a hard time with it. You are a lot of man to fuck Jim.” She was looking up rather adoringly at him. The look made me jealous. “But say, since I have borne children, maybe I could help you out. What do you say?” she asked with great deal of anticipation in her voice.

“Sure Katie, whatever you want,” he said. He bent down, picked her up and laid her on the table again. “Pull your dress off baby. That’ll make it better.”

I watched as Katie sat up and pulled her dress over her head and lay back down. What a beautiful specimen! Jim walked his cock over to her face and began to feed her the tip.

She looked up rather confused until she felt one then two fingers slip between her cunny lips and he began to finger fuck her slowly. Once her body got used to his thick fingers she concentrated fully on the cock in her mouth and soon he was ready to come.

“Do you like that baby,” Kelly asked me. “Do you like seeing your wife with a big black cock in her mouth?” I looked deliriously at Kelly as she sank to her knees and did to me what my wife was doing to her husband.

“I’m coming Kate, where do you want it?” he gasped. She just picked up the pace. That really got his blood boiling and he inserted a third finger into her snatch and started to aggressively pound her cunt in time to his dick in her mouth. It took but a few seconds more for the two of them to begin to spill their cum onto and into one another. My lovely Katie worked hard to capture every drop but some still escaped and ran down her cheek. She looked up, gathered what she missed and just rode out her come as he continued to drill her with his skilled fingers. It was obviously a very good come for her. She was shocked when Jim backed his cock away from her lips.

“It’s still hard. That fucker is still hard and ready to go! Damn!” Katie was shocked.

“Yes it is baby. You just took a bit of the edge off. This way maybe I won’t hurt you as much when I slide it in you!” Jim was at the table’s end as he placed his hands on Katie’s feet and pulled her towards him. He stopped as her ass reached the end and spread her legs over the top of his shoulders. He looked down and grabbed his cock and played with her clit with his tip. She lay there, beautifully heaving breasts rising and falling with each new breath. As he continued to tap on and play with her throbbing thimble she reached up and began to tweak her rock hard nipples.

“Put it in Jim; bury your cock inside of me!” she shrieked.

“Do you want it Katie? Do you want my cock? You’re gonna have to beg me for it baby!”

“Fuck me Jim. Take my cunt and fuck it into submission!”

I was beside myself. I was pissed and horny at the same time. I pulled Kelly's mouth off my cock, placed my hands on her waist and lowered her back down onto my cock again. I had her lay back against the window so I could see the action and also suck her tits while fucking her. I had never been so excited in all my life.

Katie’s begging caused a reaction in Jim. He quit playing with her cooch and placed the tip at its entrance. He worked it up and down her slit, coating his tool for the job before him. Her pussy was soaking wet and seemingly ready to be taken. Jim took it easy on her, inching his way inside of her needy hole. After several minutes Katie was literally gasping for air. And it looked as if she was close to coming again.

“Damn! Fuck! Are you in all the way? Have you bottomed out yet baby?” Katie’s whole body was blushing now.

As Jim looked down to his see his cock I did as well. He was hardly even in her yet. “No baby, we aren’t even close yet, maybe a third of the way in. Relax and Sweet Jimmy will take care of you honey!”

“HOLY SHIT! A third of the way in? Just shove that thing up my cunt and fuck me damn it! I can’t wait any longer,” she squealed.

That was all the invitation Jim needed. As I was plowing into his wife he took but four or five strokes to get the rest of his cock into her and started banging away.

“Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” was all Katie said for several minutes as Jim brought her from one come to the next. I had never seen such passion. After her third or fourth come he put his hands on the tops of her thighs and held on as he thrusted his cock in and out of her until he shot his spunk inside of her. As he was screaming out that he was coming Katie turned her head to the side and faced the glass. She was frigging her clit, riding out her own hard come.

When she finally opened her eyes I swear she was looking right at me. She had just come down from her fifth orgasm and a broad and satisfied smile spread across her face. She drew her cum-soaked fingers to her lips and cleaned them off. She smacked her lips as if throwing a kiss and, again seemingly looking at me, mouthed these words:

“I love you!”

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