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Ice Blocks

I moaned, longing for him to finger my ass, to fill two of my fuck holes.
I was busy packing for my little trip up to my parents’ holiday cabin, which was a few hours’ drive away from our house. My step-brother, Tyler, would also be coming with me. Our parents wanted us out of the house while they dealt with some legal issues surrounding a client my mother was currently fighting a case for; as they thought it would be easier for everyone.

So, as a result, Tyler and I were going to spend a week or so in the woods, alone and yet completely free to do whatever we wanted- something we hardly ever got to do here.

Tyler’s father had married my mother three years ago, when I was fourteen. Tyler was a few years older than me. Like his father, Tyler had dark skin, black hair and creamy brown eyes. They both were a sight to see. Both were tall, standing at over six foot.

“Tori, are you ready?” My mom yelled out from downstairs.

“Yeah mom, I’m coming!” I replied, grabbing my suitcase from my bed and headed downstairs to where everyone was waiting.

“You drive carefully, now, Tyler, okay?” his dad handed him the car keys, almost reluctantly, “and be careful,”

Tyler groaned. “Yes dad, I promise. Can we go now?”

We kissed and hugged each other goodbye and in a few moments we were in the car heading towards the freeway. Tyler had his music station on, so I reached for my earphones, but before I could insert them into my ears he slapped them away.

“What the fuck, Ty?” angered flared into my voice.

“Hey, watch your language young lady,” He laughed and I rolled my eyes. “No earphones: you’re not going to ignore me, and you’ll learn to love my music.”

“But your taste in music is shit,” I whined, “I’d rather claw my ears off!”

“Oh well, that’s your issue now, isn’t it? Just don’t get any blood on my car, okay?” We laughed as he pulled onto the freeway.

After a few minutes of silence, I asked, “what are we actually going to do down there? It’s been years since either of us have been.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “hopefully the pool’s still working; it’s gonna be hot for the next few weeks.”

I groaned: I hated the hot weather. Although it provided me a great opportunity to get a golden tan, the hot air and the sticky humidity was always a massive turn off.

Tyler turned up the radio and I groaned again as another one of his favourite songs blasted through the speakers, almost giving me a headache.

Ten minutes down, only four-and-a-half hours to go.


“Wake up, you,” Tyler poked me awake and I lifted my head from where I had fallen asleep on his shoulder. “We’re here,”

“We’re here already?” I asked groggily, still half asleep.

“You’ve been asleep for two hours, Tori; it’s almost dinner time, so let’s get inside out of this heat and order some food.”

He opened the back doors and pulled our bags out. I took my bag off of him and followed him up to the front door.

‘Cabin’ was not the right word for this building. It was more like a house, a house in the middle of the woods. It had grey stone walls that connected to wooden panels along the front of the house, creating this sleek modern look that almost seemed out of place compared to its surrounding foliage.

Tyler unlocked the door and immediately disabled the alarm and flicked on the lights. Inside was modern as well: leather furniture and a massive flat-screen TV was mounted on the far wall. At the back of the house large floor-to-ceiling windows let the evening sun in, casting yellow and greenish shadows across the floors. It was much cooler inside than what it was out.

The backyard was visible, though there were no fences as they were not needed, and the blue pool stared back at us. It looked like it was usable, so hopefully it was.

Tyler walked to his room and I walked to mine to unpack our bags for our stay. It took me about twenty minutes to have everything neatly tucked away and tidy before I left the room, meeting up with Tyler who was already watching TV.

“When are we gonna have dinner?” I asked, “I’m starving!”

“You know where the phone is,” he answered, “bring it to me and I’ll order pizza,”

I hit him on the shoulder. “I am not your maid,”

“And I’m not your cook. Bring me the phone or you can go hungry,” he smirked as I retrieved the phone off the kitchen counter and threw it at him, hard. “Ouch! Fuck, Tori!”

I laughed as I jumped onto the couch beside him, stretching my legs as he ordered our dinner.

Once he was done ordering, he turned the TV up louder, and I saw he was watching one of his favourite shows; one of my least favourites.

“Please can you change the channel?” I begged, “Please?”

“Why? This is a great show,”

“No it’s not: it’s stupid, please change it over,”

“You’re such a child,” He sighed as he flipped through the channels before we both agreed on what to watch. “There, are you happy now?”

“Very,” I smiled as I relaxed into the couch, ignoring the heat and trying to focus on the show.


After we had packed away the remaining pizza to have for breakfast the following morning, Tyler suggested that we go for a swim as it was still hot out. I agreed and went to change into my bikini.

My pink bikini barely held my perky EEs, and my bottoms glided smoothly over my bare pussy lips. They were my favourite pair: I never left home without them if I was going away. I finished tying them together and left my room.

By the time I was outside, I was already sweating a little from the evening sun, and Tyler was already in the pool.

He shot me a fake apologetic look. “Sorry, Tori, I couldn’t wait!” he grinned.

“Sure, sure, whatever,” I rolled my eyes as I dove in, the cool water rushing around my body, providing instant relief from the relentless hot sun.

I surfaced after a few moments and saw that Tyler had begun to swim laps around the pool. His muscular arms propelling him forward through the water caused ripple effects that broke on the side of the pool.

I swam to the shallow end so I was able to stand up and flipped myself onto my back to relax. My massive tits almost made it impossible to stay balanced but I somehow managed to do it and stay comfortable at the same time.

I closed my eyes at let the sun get to work on my body, feeling my pores soak up its rays as it sunk beyond the tree line.

I opened my eyes to see the sun casting shadows along Tyler’s back as he swam back and forth. I was mesmerised by the way his dark skin rippled when he moved his arms through the water, and how the sun seemed to make his skin glow.

He was definitely a handsome devil, and I knew that ladies constantly fought over him. He’d even had a few steady girlfriends in the past, but nothing ever came of those relationships.

I pulled my gaze away from his back to stare at the sinking sun. The sky was now a deep bluey pink, and the trees casted shadows around us. The air was still hot, however, and I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible, regardless of how cool the water felt.

“Oi, Tyler,” I yelled out, breaking him from his swimming, “I’m going back inside, it’s getting too hot,”

He nodded and continued to swim around and around.

I walked into my bedroom, grabbing some pajamas and heading into the bathroom to take a shower. I turned the water on and while I was waiting for it to be at the right temperature, I stripped down and threw my bikinis in the shower so I could rinse them as well.

I stepped into the shower, sighing as the water crashed against my body. My nipples immediately hardened against the chilly water and I grabbed some soap and rubbed them until suds completely covered them.

I moved the soap slowly across my body, gently rubbing my arms and my stomach. I avoided my pussy lips- which were starting to become aroused by my own teasing- and rubbed the soap into my legs.

When I was sure that the rest of me was clean, I opened my legs and allowed my hand that was holding the soap to travel down south slowly. I moaned and gasped as the soap brushed over my hard clit, pulling it from its hiding place beneath the folds of its hood.

I circled the soap around it and my hips started to buck against the stimulation. I placed the soap back on its rack and with one hand I started rubbing my clit in circular motions, while my other hand gently rubbed at the entrance to my hole.

When I was sure that I was wet enough, I gently slid my slender finger up into my aching pussy, withholding a moan. I slowly pumped my finger in and out while I increased the speed of my other hand on my clit.

I slowly added another finger, penetrating more deeply. I started to pump faster and my juices started to mix with the water from the shower, slowly trailing down my legs. I could feel my orgasm start to slowly build in the pit of my stomach.

Another finger was added as I started thrusting against my pussy, my entire arm putting in the effort to bring me to a climax.

I accidently let out a moan and the hand that was masturbating my clit came up to cover my mouth as I gasped. I listened for a few moments and decided that Tyler hadn’t heard me, that he was still outside swimming.

I could smell my juices on the hand that now covered my mouth and one by one I sucked them in. I tasted like sweet watermelon. I sucked on my fingers as I pumped my pussy harder and faster, the orgasm almost overcoming me.





“Tori!” Tyler yelled out from the other side of the bathroom door, “hurry the fuck up, I wanna take a shower too!”

I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice, and pulled my fingers from my pulsing pussy, my orgasm fizzling away into nothing.

I sighed as I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower, picking up my bikini. I quickly dried myself and put on my pajamas and walked out, not even bothering to close the door behind me.

“Bathroom’s all yours,” I said, as I walked passed Tyler, who was sitting on the floor next to the bathroom, leaning against the wall.

“Thanks, took you long enough, squirt,” he got up and ruffled my brown hair, which hung in curls down to my waist, and entered the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

I shook my head and made my way into my bedroom, disappointed that I didn’t get an orgasm in the shower.

I collapsed on the bed and decided I would take advantage of being alone again. My hand trailed down to my pussy to finish what I had started.


By the time Tyler had left to go do some shopping the following morning, I was already relaxing on a lounge next to the pool. I decided it would be better to come outside before it got too hot.

I closed my eyes, feeling the sun warm my skin to a comfortable heat, the slight breeze sending shivers down my spine. Slowly, I fell asleep wearing nothing but my bikini, out in the open.

I awoke to the sound of Tyler pulling up the driveway and turning the car off. The sun had now completely risen in the sky, telling me it was around midday. The heat had started to creep up, but it wasn’t unbearable like the day before.

“I’m home Tori!” Tyler shouted as he walked into the kitchen as I joined him. “Oh, you’re here. Good. Help me unpack,”

I rolled my eyes and greeted him then started to stock the fridge with the food he brought: pie, pie, chicken, ice cream, bread, pie, pie, pasta, oh- and more pie.

“That’s a lot of pie,” I said.

“I like pie, pie is good,” he shrugged, putting away the bread.

He had definitely got enough to last us a few weeks.

We were finished in fifteen minutes, and he suggested we go out for another swim. He walked off to go and get changed while I resumed my position on the lounge.

He came out minutes later in red boardies and jumped straight into the pool. I rolled my eyes and followed him.

We floated around for a few minutes, my tits helping me to stay afloat and not submerge into the water. We splashed each other and chased each other around the pool for a few hours before the temperature really started to rise.

“I’m tired, and hot,” I muttered, getting out of the pool, “I’m going to go tan a little,”

I jumped out of the pool and once again lay down on the lounge. This time though, Tyler had his eyes on me. More specifically, my tits.

I looked down to see my nipples poking through the material, causing little bumps. Oh well, it’s not like he could actually see my tits. I mentally shrugged and closed my eyes.

“Arrgh, fuck,” I moaned after a while of not being able to relax and doze off.

“What?” Tyler asked from where he was swimming laps in the water.

“I can’t fuckin’ relax, it’s too hot,” I sighed, once again closing my eyes.

“Hold on, I’ll go get you a drink or something to cool you down,” Tyler said as he emerged from the pool and headed inside, probably tracking wet footprints all over the floor.

I closed my eyes again, trying to get comfortable in the summer sun, but not having any lucky at all. I groaned again.

I heard Tyler come back out but I was too lazy to even open my eyes and focussed on falling asleep.

I lost that focus when something extremely cold pushed up against my pussy.

“Fuck!” I yelled out and opened my eyes, jumping up, but Tyler pushed me back down and covered my mouth with his hand.

“Shhh,” he whispered, “feel the ice block against your hot little pussy,”

I looked down to see his hands in between my thighs, pushing an ice block against my bikini bottoms, right over my pussy lips.

It felt good, so good, but Tyler was my step-brother! We shouldn’t be this intimate!


“No, don’t speak. This isn’t wrong: we’re not related. You’ll enjoy this, I promise,” He pulled my bikini bottoms down and off my legs, exposing my wet – and not because of the ice blocks- pussy.

He smirked as he pulled another ice block from the cooler he must have only just brought outside, and gently inserted it into my hot pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as he pushed it up and up, my pussy walls clenching it, melting it.

It was melted in under a minute.

“Mmm, hot little pussy,” he cooed, grabbing a few more ice blocks.

He worked them gently up my hole, making sure to rub them against my clit before inserting them. He pushed them around inside me, brushing against every little inch that he could make them reach, sending incredible sensations around my body.

I didn’t once stop moaning.

Once the ice blocks had melted, he left his fingers in my pussy, instead thrusting them in and out, finger fucking me.

“Oh, Tyler,” I moaned, “that feels so fucking good!” I grinded against his hand, willing his fingers to go deeper, but he held out against me, forcing my hips back down on the lounge below me.

“Ah uh,” he tutted, “don’t be greedy now,” he whispered.

He leant down and nibbled on my ear, then kissed and sucked his way down to my tits. With his free hand, he ripped them off- not even bothering to untie the string. They were my favourite pair, but I no longer gave a fuck.

He nipped and sucked on my nipples, causing me to moan out continuously. He kneaded the breast that he wasn’t sucking, and swapped every moment or so.

“Fuck you have big titties,” he said, swirling his tongue over my right nipple, “such big fucking titties!”

I was so wet by now, I could feel my juices pouring out of my pussy and collecting on the lounge underneath my ass.

He could feel this too.

“Baby ready for my cock?” He moaned, “little sister ready to take my cock?”

“Fuck. Yes!” I gasped as he pushed his thumb down on my sensitive clit, causing me to jump a little.

He pulled both of his hands away to pull down his boardies. “I’m gonna fuck your little white pussy so hard, baby. You’re gonna feel so sore tomorrow. I’m gonna fill you up completely with my cock and pound you till you can’t walk,”

His boardies dropped down to reveal a breathtaking monster of a black cock.

He had to be at least twelve inches.

“Holy shit,” I groaned as he positioned himself between my thighs, “you’re huge!”

“I know baby,” he grinned, “now, enjoy my big black cock.”

He lined his head up with my hole and started to penetrate. His head alone stretched my pussy- which had only ever taken an eight inch dick.

“Mmm baby, you’re so tight,” he closed his eyes.

Then, in one quick thrust, he was completely inside of me.

“Holy fucking shit, holy fucking shit!” I cried, feeling his cock push past my cervix to fully bury itself at the end of my love canal. “You’re in so deep, Ty! So fucking deep!”

I twitched around him as he started to thrust into me deeply, taking every inch of me. I looked into his eyes, and he opened his to look into mine.

He fucked me hard and deep, my tits bouncing up and down with every thrust. He reached out to slap them, alternating between them.

The sting added to my pleasure, my body was completely overcome by this feeling of euphoria.

He reached a hand down and started toying with my clit again, pulling and pinching at it, and I could feel my orgasm slowly start to build.

“I saw you in the shower yesterday, you slut,” he said as he slapped me again, “you forgot to fully shut the door. I got a great look of your fingers buried in your white cunt. Your moans were so loud, baby. But I didn’t want you to orgasm right then and there. I wanted the first orgasm I ever saw you have to be an orgasm from me, fucking you deeply like this,”

I cried out again as he gave another forceful thrust, he balls slapping against my ass.

“Oh yes, fuck me!”

“Feel me really deep inside of you baby, feel the head of my cock push all the way in, then pull all the way out, then slam back inside you baby. Feel my cock fuck you,”

His hand that had been slapping my breasts made its way down to my ass, rubbing around my puckered hole.

“Such a nice little ass,” he moaned, his fingers brushing against my hole.

I moaned, longing for him to finger my ass, to fill two of my fuck holes.

“You like that baby, do you? You little slut,” he laughed as he wormed a finger inside of me.

“Mmm yeah baby, just like that!” I gasped.

His hand left my clit and slapped me across my face. Pain echoed across my cheek and tears welled in my eyes. I liked it.

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do,” he growled, his fingers returning to their assault on my clit.

He had wormed three fingers into my ass, and he rubbed his cock through the thin wall that divided my tight holes, adding more pleasure for us both.

“I’m about to cum, baby!” I yelled as his relentless pounding continued. “I’m gonna cum so hard!”

“Yeah you are,” he shouted, “cum for your brother, cum all over his big black cock!”

My eyes rolled back into my head as my legs started to shake. I cried out his name as my arms clung to his back, my nails tearing his skin.

I squirted all over his cock, which expanded inside of me as he shot is cum up into my womb. Euphoria spread through my body like a wild fire refusing to be put out. I didn’t want it to be put out. I wanted the feeling to last forever.

Tyler collapsed besides me as our orgasms subsided. “Told you I’d find something to cool you down,” he grinned.

“On the contrary,” I said, “that was fucking hot.”

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