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In the Wrong Place but at the Right Time

Sometimes mistakes are made, and then made again!
It’s that time of year again, my favorite season. Late June dawns the inception of summer and brings with it the warmth of the sun and the revelation and promise of tanned, supple flesh. For months I’ve longed to see the bulky sweaters and heavy overcoats be put into storage so that the outer beauty - the beauty this shallow guy is most fond of - can once again be revealed. As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

She is an incredibly beautiful woman. I’ve seen her several times around the hotel this week. Whenever I am out and about I am on the lookout for her. She is the epitome of sensuality and carries herself with impeccable class. Alas, when I consider the average Joe that I am, I know that she’s unobtainable for me. But hey, I can dream can’t I?

I’m in south Orange County for a week-long conference and the hosting five star resort is amazing. The summer skies are clear and dark blue and it is unusually warm for late June. Today, as I lay out by the pool reading, I find her again. There she is slowly applying suntan lotion to her perfect skin. It’s making me even hotter as she methodically covers nearly every square inch of her delicious flesh. She is wearing a white mesh string bikini and her bronzed body is simply breathtaking. Her long blond hair rises and falls with each gust of wind. Her breasts are large yet firm. Her tight skin is enticingly glossy with the oil. Her face is that of an angel, rivaling anything you’d see on TV or in the glossies. Trying to be discreet, hidden behind my shades, I can’t keep my eyes off of her.

My examination of her has lasted over an hour now. I feel kind of pervy. I’m like a lust-crazed guy who is silently stalking his prey. She shakes me up even more when she rises from the chair and pulls her hair into a pony tail. Her back is arched so that her breasts jut out and her head is tilting up. As I survey every curve of her body the word that comes to mind is flawless.

She walks toward the hotel. Her perfectly meaty ass sways beneath the entrapment of her thong. My cock strains against the fabric of my white Quicksilver’s. There’s no hiding an erection like this. I don’t even try. If someone looks down at me right now it will definitely be waving back. At last my body receives a respite as she slips out of sight into the entry and walks toward the elevator that will take her up to her room.

Putting the book down, the one I was pretending to read as I gawked at the blond, I lie back and begin to doze off in the sun. I figure I shouldn’t try to get up and walk for a while anyway. After 20 or 30 minutes I look down. My dick and trunks are back to normal so I figure it’s a good time to move. The gym rat in me needs to burn some energy. If I can’t work up a sweat with her, I’ll do it in the stairwell. I race up the nine flights of stairs, running hard to my floor. My plan is to take a shower and go for an early dinner.

I’m dabbing the sweat from my face with my towel that’s around my neck when I approach my door. As I swipe my card into the key slot I begin to see the all too familiar red that lights up when the plastic key doesn’t quite work right. Isn’t technology great? I swipe it a second, then a third and fourth time. The go-ahead green never makes an appearance. I was about to curse aloud when I look at the door and smile.

“You idiot,” I think to myself, “This is ten24. You ran up an extra flight of stairs dimwit!”

As I was about to turn and leave the door opens and there she is, my poolside blond beauty. Apparently she has showered and now she is wearing a black leather bikini that leaves even less to the imagination. Damn!

“What took so long? You were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. Get in here!” she said commandingly and she slides her hand into the front of my shorts and pulls me into the room.

“Well I…”

“Don’t say another word. I can’t stand a man who makes excuses. I like real men not apologetic little boys. I requested a man who takes control and shows me whose boss, remember?”

I stare at her for a second, just trying to act like I know what in the hell she’s talking about. I can’t believe my fortune.

“Would you mind untying this,” she says breathily as she turns away from me and points up towards the string of her top. Her bronzed, glistening body is not three feet away and the ass that caused me such a stir is doing it again. I actually think I can hear it say “fuck me” as I inch my way towards her. My cock is uncomfortably sticking out again as I raise my hand and pull the string from her top. The covering drops into her hands as it sets the captives free. She turns to face me, hands on her hips, wearing only her thong and four inch heels. I stand face to face with the most beautiful woman in the world.

“So, what will you have me do?” she inquires.

“Fetch us a couple glasses of wine then sit down over there on the ottoman.” I point to one of the white leather pieces resting over near the sofa in her large suite. Her brisk walk speaks of the urgency in my voice and between her legs. Upon her return she hands me a glass of Merlot, drinks hers down in one big gulp and moves to sit down.

“I didn’t say drink it. Go and fill your glass again and wait for your instructions woman!” I bellowed.

I’ve definitely caught her off guard. I’m not sure what she was expecting but a little smile accompanies her as she walks to the bottle a second time. Once she has her refill she gracefully twirls around, thick mane flying seductively, and moves to sit down on the smooth leather.

“I’m sorry about that. I’m just a bit nervous is all,” she explains. “Do you want me to drink it now?” she asks sheepishly.

“Damn it woman, would you just keep your mouth shut. I will tell you what to do and when the hell to do it. Fuck,” I said, abrasively enough to grab her full attention, as if I didn’t have it already.

“I’m sorry but I...”

I interrupt her and intensely say, “That’s it, stand up, drink it down and take off that slutty little thong.” She immediately complies. My dick is throbbing as she stands there in just her heels. “Now sit your ass back down and spread your legs. I want to see what’s for dinner…”

Her lower lip is quivering as she sits down and seductively places her hands on the inside of her thighs and seductively opens her legs, watching my eyes as I feast on her flesh. She looks down at the treasure and together we witness a stream of her dew that was rolling down her upper thigh has now arched and begun a new trail towards the floor. Her pussy is shiny with excitement and beautifully shaved, save for a small triangular patch a couple of inches above her quim.

“Damn, what the fuck! I’m not eating that. Go and shave yourself completely,” I almost scream the words. She nearly runs for the bathroom. It looks almost funny as she maneuvers about in her sexy stilettos…almost. The way that her hips and ass sway when she runs is utterly priceless. My cock just grew another inch. I look down and there’s now a silver dollar sized spot of my pre-cum surrounding the head of my horizontal tool.

Several minutes later she hurriedly strolls back in. She has put a face towel around her hips, covering the front of her body. I’m presuming she’s doing this trying to be even sexier. Apparently she doesn’t realize that there is nothing she can do to ever be sexier. I’ve never lusted more for a woman in all my life.

“Remove the towel bitch,” I demand. Immediately the towel is dropped and her bare flesh is unveiled. “Did you remove the shave cream completely and then clean and dry your cunt?”

“Yes Sir!” she says.

“Good, then sit down.” In mere seconds she obeys my directive, sits down and spreads them again. “Why is it so wet, damn it!” We both look down and clear liquid is covering her lips and running down her body towards her ass.

“It was completely clean and dry sir, but I’m so excited that my cunt is wet all over again. I’m sorry Sir!”

The discomfort in my shorts is at an all-time high. As I look down the spot on them has doubled in size. I walk over in front of her and gaze at my beauty. I want to jump on top and fuck her, but I must play the game a little longer. I throw my towel on the floor and start to pull my shorts slowly down my legs while staring into her big, beautiful blue eyes. They are fixed on my fly as my shaved cock pops into view. A gasp escapes her mouth and she spontaneously licks her lips. I want to come right then and there. I kick the shorts aside.

“Do you like it?” I ask.

“Oh yeah,” she says with a shiver.

“Now do exactly what I say, understand?”

“Yes Sir!”

I slide the other ottoman over in front of her and lay on my belly, me feet towards her. My cock and shaved balls are just off the edge facing her.

“Now start licking it bitch!” I command her.

She kneels on the carpet, takes my tool in hand and slowly begins to lick from the tip up to my balls, lathering the underside with her saliva. She’s an expert with a cock and it shows.

“You may begin to work your nasty groove but don’t you dare come until I tell you to.”

I can hear her fingers sink into her dripping wet cunt, making erotic suction sounds as she plows her fingers in and out.

“Does that feel good woman?”

“Ohhh, yes it does...” She can barely get the words out.

“Good, now lick my hole!” She glides her tongue north until it reaches my puckered brown eye and licks all around before putting some pressure in the center, trying to push her tongue inside.

“How does that taste bitch?” I ask.

“It tastes delicious Sir!” she moans. By the sound of it she is nearing her first come. I stand up and face her, watching this beauty finger fuck her dripping cunt. My cock is oozing pre-cum. It’s time for me to come.

“Open your mouth slut!” She keeps pounding away on her groove as I slide my rod into her oh so willing mouth. “Keep fucking yourself while I fuck your face. I’ll tell you when to come.” I put my hands on the back of her head and pull her to me. Her sultry mouth is indescribable as she skillfully swallows and I thrust my hips forward, burying my cock to the hilt. I’ve done this before but I’m so long and thick it was always met with choking or gagging and then the woman backs away from my tool. Not so with Blondie. I power my hips back and forth as she deep throats me like no one else. My hands both have a firm hold of her thick mane as I pound her mouth hard. She seems to love it as she furiously fingers her snatch at the same time. I’m going to last all of one more minute.

“I want you to come in 30 seconds. Get ready for my load bitch!”

She moans and tries to nod her approval.

Just as she begins to peak the first of many squirts begins to shoot down her throat. She is sucking me perfectly. You can tell she’s a cum slut; she loves what she is doing. Her body begins to convulse hard on her fingers.

“Drink it all, my precious slut!” I command. “If you spill just one drop you will be punished!”

Her body responds to my words with a shudder. The sounds from her fingers and cunt are intoxicating.

I wondered, even as the words passed my lips, how she would respond to my previous demand. I look down in time to see her looking up at me. Just then she allows a little bit of my cum to escape from the corner of her pouty lips. I’m convinced she did it on purpose, she is just too skilled with her mouth to lose any of the cum that her years of experience has taught her to crave.

“Damn it, you ungrateful bitch!” I scream as I pull my softening cock out from between her lips. That, quite frankly, was very hard to do. I want to stay in.

“Get over here and lay across my lap. NOW!”

Her eyes look delirious as she sucks her dewy fingers into her mouth and lies across me. I smack her ass hard a couple of times, one on each cheek.

“You will learn to obey your Master!” I bark as I stick a finger inside her. I want to see just how wet - and tight - her pussy is. Holy fuck, she is coming again. I pull out and smack her cheeks twice and slide two fingers in her again. Her body continues to ride out her orgasm. I continue this until I have given her 10 really hard swats and her ass cheeks are red. With each new probe her pussy is wetter and spasming even more. Her come is lasting longer than any I’ve ever seen, just one continuous extremely long orgasm.

“Okay now get up!”

She kind of crawls off of me. It seems her body is a little racked at the moment. She stops and licks my dick just before she rises to her feet.

“Did I say you could do that? Now go and get your toys and something for me to blindfold you with,” I say sternly.

“Yes Sir!” she says with a spring in her step. I think the blindfold hit a sensual nerve. I watch as she leaves the room and heads towards her bedroom, some two rooms over. The sight of her naked body makes my cock hard again. I can hear her rifling through her suitcases and drawers when I hear a faint knock at the door. I decide to answer and address whatever the issue is myself. After attending to that I turn the corner from the elaborate entry and sit back down again.

“Give me the blind fold and come over to the couch,” I say firmly. My blond sub does exactly what the doctor ordered. I put the blindfold on her and shove her over the back of smooth leather sofa, so that her ass is facing me. I strategically place her toys on top of the back of the couch so that they are all within reach.

“Did you like the taste of my cock and cum Blondie?” I ask, matter of fact-like.

“Oh yes Sir, I loved it. Can I have some mo..”

“Shut it bitch. Yes Sir or no Sir would have done nicely. I will give you another taste, but then I’m going to find another hole to take!” I sound so cocky, like such a prick. I walk around to the front of the sofa and kneel on the soft cushion. “Are you hungry?” I ask.

“Yes Sir!” she says kind of playfully, a broad smile on her face.

“Good!” I grab her hair, more forceful this time, and begin to fuck her mouth hard. As her body teeters on the back of the sofa’s leather I can get her whole body to move up and down on my cock. I don’t have to break a sweat. I can feel the pre-cum spilling into her throat as my gorgeous partner gives me her best once again.

“I need some variety,” I say as I back up, pulling my hard cock from her hungry mouth. “Do you like variety Blondie, or do you like the same old thing all the time? Go ahead, speak freely.” I walk around the sofa and get behind her, my hands now on her hips. The ass I’m staring at is so damn fine, it’s edible. I kneel down behind her, hands still on her hips, as she begins to answer.

“I do like variety. There are so many pos...” As my tongue slides between her ass cheeks she is stopped in her tracks. Her breathing is very loud and extremely heavy.

“Go ahead slave, continue…” Before she got another word out my tongue was circling her rosebud, playing with the dark brown sensitive hole.

“Oh fuck!!!!!!!!!”

Two of my fingers slide up her snatch as I give her a thorough back door tongue bath. Her body is squirming uncontrollably now, as her juices gush all over my pistoning digits. She is about to come, but I haven’t given her permission to.

“Don’t you dare come, you little slut. Master will tell you when it’s time!” I stand up and lean over the sofa and feed my pussy soaked fingers into her mouth. “Lick these clean slut! My, my, you are one nasty little whore aren’t you?” I waited a second or two. “AREN’T YOU!?” I yell.

“Yes Sir, I am a nasty litt...” I shove my cock up her cunt in mid-sentence and she just moans. She is sopping wet as I begin to take her cunt and fuck her good.

“I think you need a little more variety, don’t you?” I ask. As I continue my assault on her I lean back and spit on her ass hole. “Here, lick this.” I lift her head from the back of the sofa - she’s been biting the back cushion, muffling her cries of ecstasy - and extend her small vibe and bring it to her lips. She swallows it and simply hums on it. I remove it and turn it on and slide the five inches between her ass cheeks and deep into her hole.

“There, that’s better. So you like variety honey? Would you like every hole once!?” I practically yell.

“Oh yes Sir, that would be grea…”

Even as she is speaking, the real date has taken a hold of her head and slid his long cock between her lips. The sight is amazing as I pick up speed and fuck her cunt with everything I have. I know I won’t last long as I rise up on my tip toes and sink a little deeper into her. Drew has his eyes closed and is close to coming as well. The vibrations in her ass finally get to me and I unleash a torrent of hot cum deep into her snatch, smacking her ass in time with every stroke from my cock. Blondie’s body is quaking beneath me as a profound come takes control of her body. As she begins to scream I continue to pound her until my cock is done and slides out of her. My dick is a sticky mess as I look down and figure there is no one better for the task.

“Here bitch, clean me up,” I say as I raise her head and slide it into her vacant cavity. When I’m all clean I pull out and smack her ass hard once again. I pull the blindfold from her beautiful eyes and see the incredulous look she has. It is a ‘who the fuck is this’ look.

“I have to go. Good bye for now. By the way, Drew, she came without my permission. She does need to be punished!”

As I walk towards the door I see three crisp one hundred dollar bills lying on the table top. “$300.00,” I think to myself, “Fuck, I’d pay her more than that!”

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