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Insatiable - The Story Begins

Insatiable - The Story Begins

You know you are and you know who you are.
The windows in the house rattled with the slamming of the front door. The tread of her heels stamping into the solid wood floor as she headed toward the kitchen created vibrations that tore into my soul. She was hurt, I could feel it. The refrigerator door opened and bottles jangled against each other as she rummaged through the offerings. The door closed with a solid thump and I could hear her rummaging through the drawers.

I was uncertain if I should go to her or let her come to me. I chose the latter. I knew Luciana well enough to know she would give vent to her emotions when she was ready. There was no sense in prying, so I continued to read Shogun in the family room. I truly enjoyed reading James Clavell and this was just another way for me to relax and dispense with my issues for a short respite.

Luciana was twenty-two and was finishing her education at the College of Denturists of British Columbia. It was late April and she only had a few more weeks before she graduated. Yes, she was young, but she had completed much of her early college work while in high school. I was proud of her, as proud as if I were her biological father.

I married Luciana’s mother when she was just four years old. Her father had died of heart failure a few years before. Mariana was with us until Luciana turned 18, when she was suddenly taken from us by a drunk driver. It devastated both of us and we turned to each other for solace. Never in my mind did I dream what was about to happen would ever occur.

Over the years, Luciana had grown into a beautiful young lady, one her mother would have been proud of. Her Romanian heritage was evident with her long, radiant and shimmering raven hair which reached to her lower back. She worked out fervently in an effort to preserve her physique and was majestic and stunning to behold. Standing 5’ 7” and weighing in at 125 pounds, her 33B-24-36 figure was sure to turn heads.

This evening, on the cusp of finishing her education, Luciana had been out for a congratulatory dinner with her boyfriend Matt. He had offered to take her to a triumphant repast at Villa del Lupo to mark the upcoming commencement ceremonies. I didn’t expect them home any time soon, if at all. Yet here it was eight in the evening and she was home. I could tell she was wrathful, but more than anything she was suffering emotional torment.

Her face was streaked with tears, mascara and eyeliner running down her cheeks. She came into the family room, flopped down on the sofa next to me, placed an open bottle of ale on the table, laid her head on my shoulder and really started sobbing. All I could do was place my arms around her, hold her tight, rub her head and hair softly and be a sounding board. It took her about 15 minutes of weeping before her sniffling and crying finally diminished so she could talk.

“Daddy, why is Matt such an idiot?” she asked, as she lay there in my arms.

Not sure what to say, I kept rubbing her hair and shoulders, composing a reply. Matt had been her all for the past two years, she always came home happy from dates. Apparently something had happened, something that crushed my little girl and I needed to be consoling and comforting, not precipitous by jumping to conclusions.

“Well, not knowing what he did, how can I answer?”

Her eyes, still slowing the trickling tears down her face, blinked twice and looked up at me. I could see the streaks left by her tears, the tracks of makeup were heartrending and painful to see.

“Daddy, I thought we were going to have a celebration of my struggle, but no. Matt took me to dinner to tell me goodbye.”

“Goodbye?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes. Goodbye. Seems Matt has decided we are no longer compatible and he wants time to ‘find his inner soul.’ Like that doesn’t tell me he has found someone new.” Luciana blubbered, burying her head into my shoulder for yet another round of shedding tears.

I hesitated before saying anything. She was in distress and I had a feeling she didn’t want an answer so much as someone to hold her close. Someone to tell her she was going to be okay. She needed someone to make everything better again so she could wake up in the morning and feel good about the day. I vowed to be there for her, just as I vowed to be there for her when Mariana left us.

I wrapped my arms around her tighter and just enfolded her in my love. She gradually slowed her crying and rose up looking for tissues. Luckily there was a box nearby, so I handed them to her. As she was accepting the box, we both noticed her white blouse was streaked with tears and makeup. She was suddenly embarrassed and tried to cover herself with her arms.

“No need to worry about your blouse, dear. We can wash it later.” I soothed, still trying to be the consoling father.

“Daddy, I’m just so pissed at Matt I could scream. Why? Am I hideous to look at? What could possibly be the reason? I thought we had a fantastic connection, everything felt right to me.”

Again, not knowing the ins and outs of their long term romance, I tried to be nondescript in my reply.

“Well, baby girl, sometimes men just don’t know a good thing when they have it.”

She seemed to mull that over for a bit. Then, using the tissues she blew her nose and tried to clean her face as best she could.

“No shit, Daddy. He’s a fucking idiot.”

“Luciana. You know how I feel about ladies and language like that.” I reproached her, slightly. She normally didn’t use such language, but considering the circumstances I probably wasn’t going to be inordinately dismayed. It isn’t that I disapproved of the scatological wording, however I had raised Luciana to be a lady at all times, including her speech patterns.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. It’s just he’s such a … such a … oh, how can I say it. He’s such an asshole.”

Never had Luciana felt so adamant about someone. Obviously Matt had hurt her to her very core. I was going to have to address that with him some day, but for now, I had to think of Luciana and how best to help her.

“That very well may be, but for now let’s focus on you, baby girl. What can I do to help you?”

“Daddy, is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly and hideous to look at? What is it?”

There it was again; she doubted her loveliness and beauty. She was probably the single most beautiful and charming young lady I knew. For her to think that was unfathomable.

“No, sweetheart, you’re not hideous. Well, maybe right now with the mascara and eye liner running down your cheeks.” I followed that up with some light hearted laughter.

She snickered herself. “Yeah, I probably look like some evil witch out of the dark ages.”

“Whatever you do, please don’t cast any spells on me.” I pleaded. “I really do not want to turn into a frog.”

“Oh Daddy, I would never turn you into a frog. A rich prince, maybe, but never a frog.”

Then conversation then broke down into fits of laughter, both of us hysterical. This continued on for a good ten minutes, both of us holding our sides. We slowly ended our merriment and sat there for a few minutes thinking to ourselves. I was concerned how deeply Luciana was suffering and how I could best help.

“So, since you came back so early, have you had anything to eat?” I asked.

“No. After hearing Matt tell me he wanted some space, I didn’t linger any longer. I got up and walked out of the restaurant fuming. Caught a cab and came home straight away.”

“Well, you grabbed a beer from the fridge, but you haven’t even taken a sip from it. Care if I refresh it for you or would you care for something a bit stronger?” I asked.

“Hmm, since you put it that way, any chance I can talk you into letting me have some of your special stash of The Balvenie? The really good stash of scotch?”

I only had to think a short time. She deserved something to help her recover; who am I to say no now.

“Oh, I think I can let you have some.”

I rose, walked over to the bar, pulled down two glasses, placed one ice cube in each, and reached for the bottle. This was a special batch the company had released. It was a mixture of 13 different casks, each aged over a different period of years. The youngest cask was 18 years old and the oldest was 60 years old. It was smooth, and I do mean smooth. With just a little water, the flavors were exotic - hints of vanilla, citrus, dark chocolate, and the different woods.

I poured each of us a good dram, brought them back to the sofa, and offered one to Luciana. She graciously accepted it. As I sat down, I offered her a toast.

“Here’s to the most beautiful lady in the land. May all the men know it and may she be granted any wish she desires.”

She started tearing up again. But we both took measured sips of our drinks.

“Oh stop with the waterworks, lady. I love you like no other. You are my world, my life, the one lady I wish I was young enough to court. If you had been in competition with your mother for my affections, I’m not sure what I would have done.”

“Oh, Daddy you don’t mean that. You’re just trying to make me feel better.”

“Well, that is partially true and mostly false. I do mean it, Luciana. You are undeniably the prettiest, sweetest, and sexiest woman I know. Mariana, your mother was just as pretty, sweet, and sexy herself, which is just one of the many reasons I fell in love with her. I fell in love with you for other reasons, but as you have grown and developed, I have fallen in love with you for those reasons as well.”

Luciana blushed a bit, which was amazing that I could see it with the makeup that had run down her face. She took another sip of her scotch, looked up at me, and another tear or two ran down her cheeks. God, she was still very beautiful. I just wanted to hold her forever.

“Daddy, seriously, you are just saying that. You are making me feel better.” She said, followed by another sip.

“Oh, my dear gorgeous and exquisite Luciana, you have no clue. If only I were twenty years younger, Matt never would have had the chance to get to know you. Alas, I am too old now and know I will have to reconcile myself to knowing you are in my life as my daughter.”

“Daddy? Are you kidding? You’re a handsome man in your own right. You can have any woman in the world, you know that, right? There are very few men more attractive and gorgeous than you, and let me tell you, I’ve seen a number of men. You are at the top of my list, mister. Too bad you’re my Daddy or you would be hands down my choice.”

She took another sip and continued.

“You are the most kind, most considerate man I know. You always open doors for the ladies. You used to hold Mom’s chair when she was sitting at the table and when she got up, just like you do for me. You always made sure to compliment Mom on her dress and hair, just like you do for me. You make women feel unequaled, as if they are your soul focus at the moment.”

As I sipped my drink, she continued.

“All of my friends think you’re the hottest man around. You keep in shape, you dress nattily, and you don’t flaunt yourself at them. They don’t even think you notice them, as they never see you leering or ogling them. I don’t either, so either you have turned gay or you have no clue how much you turn women on.”

Now it was my turn to blush and there was nothing to cover my cheeks. Here was my daughter, albeit step-daughter, telling me these things. Hell, it was the way I was brought up and the way men should treat women. I loved to take care of the women in my life and no matter what; any woman got my utmost respect.

I had to refill my glass at this point. Luciana held hers out to me with questioning eyes. Without hesitation, I took it and mine to the bar and refilled them from the special stash, as Luciana called it. Little did she know I had a case of it hidden. It took me three months to find any when it was released, I will be damned if I was only going to settle for just one bottle.

As I carried the glassed back to the sofa, I noticed Luciana’s shirt again. It was streaked and would soon be permanently stained. We needed to do something about it shortly. I handed her the glass and offered up yet another toast.

“To the lady of the house, long may she be full of blarney.”

We both laughed and then I tipped my glass up and swallowed the entire contents in one shot. Sure, it was meant to be sipped and savored, but I was self-conscious from the things she said. I never imagined myself to be attractive to young, early twenty something ladies. Sure I looked at Luciana’s girlfriends; I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t. Each in their own right could grace the front pages of any fashion magazine. Luciana herself could have commanded a complete photo spread without question.

“Listen to you, Dad. You might think I’m full of blarney, but I mean every word I say.”

With that, she placed her drink on the table in front of her, stood up and walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, reached up and kissed me. Not a chaste kiss mind you, but one with passion. One with conviction. One that told me she knew exactly what she was doing. Her tongue pressed against my lips, pushing ever so slightly to separate them for entry. She was unwavering in her struggle to enter my mouth; I was weak from the alcohol.

Soon, our tongues were doing battle with each other, slathering themselves with tentative then voracious exertions. She would push in, I would push back, our tongues clashed and skirmished for what felt like hours but in reality was only a few minutes. We came up for air, took deep breaths and quickly resumed kissing. Her tongue was frantic, daring and darting, soft and yet relentless in her attempts to engage me in a desperate need for pleasure.

I couldn’t believe it; here I was with Luciana in my arms, sucking face for all it was worth. If someone had told me this was going to happen, I would have laid them out on their backside. She was warm, inciting, hot, soft, and driving me into a fever I have not felt since Mariana was alive. Luciana knew how to electrify me, she knew how to persuade me, and she knew how to seduce me. All with just her kiss.

I was hooked on her touch. Luciana’s body melded into mine, her arms fell from my neck and enveloped me around my torso. Her breasts were compressed against my chest. Her abdomen pressed against me with fire and furor, I could almost sense her womanhood pressing against my manhood. And let me tell you, my manhood was feeling the love, too. I began to swell.

Luciana never wavered in her ardor. Our kissing became more and more frenetic; there was urgency in her tongue and body that I hadn’t felt in over 4 years. She knew what she was doing. I had a feeling if I didn’t take control soon I would never be able to stop what was about to come to pass. I was at the point of no return.

I had to take a breath so I pulled away gently. Luciana looked at me, her eyes burning with love. I could sense she wanted me to halt this, but her eyes were telling me something entirely different.

“Luciana, baby girl, do you know what you are doing?”

“Yes, Daddy, I do. I love you. I love you so much. You do so much for me; it is time for me to do for you. Please don’t tell me no, I can’t take rejection twice in one night. Grant me the wish I desire right now. The wish I have to be your woman. The wish I have to be your lover.”

That was it, there was no way I could or would refuse her. Okay, she wasn’t really my daughter and it wasn’t going to be incest, but I raised her as if she was. The entire time I knew Luciana I never treated her as a step-daughter. She was my girl – my baby girl.

But, now she was a woman. Luciana was a beautiful woman who was in my arms. I needed her as much as she needed me. In response, I pulled her back to me and started kissing her again. I demolished her lips with my fervor and intensity; I gripped her to me as if I were a dying man. I was not going to let her walk away.

As our tongues continued to wrestle with one another, I dropped my right hand to her lower back, sliding down onto her taut derriere and squeezed. Her moan told me I was doing something right, either with my kissing or my squeezing her ass. Either way, I was emboldened on. I grasped and kneaded her left cheek with my right hand as my left hand began to work its way to the bottom of her blouse, not once freeing her lips and tongue from our skirmish.

Once I found the bottom of her blouse, I glided my hand underneath and started working my way back up. I encountered the strap of her bra and began working on the clasp, quickly releasing it with just the flick of two fingers. I was given free access to her back, which was warm to the touch, hard and soft all at once, but yielding to my digits. Again, Luciana moaned. Again I wondered if it was my kissing or my fingers encouraging her to enjoy herself.

During this time, Luciana was occupied as well. Her right hand had moved around to the front of my shirt and she was diligently unbuttoning it. Her left hand had moved lower, resting ever so lightly on my right hip. Silently pleading with myself, I hoped she would move it and her right hand to my belt and pants. During this time, I moved my hand around to the front and began to release the buttons on her blouse.

We withdrew from each other only to pounce on one another’s tops. I was mad to remove Luciana’s blouse and bra; she was just as urgently trying to divorce me from my shirt. It was a fight to see who could divest the other first, with Luciana winning only because I didn’t have a bra. Once our tops were off, I stood back in awe of her figure. She was stunning. Her breasts were firm and supple, her nipples extended out about half an inch. I stared in wonderment. They were quite simply perfect.

She started to giggle and lift her arms to cover herself. I couldn’t allow that to happen so I quickly took hold of her hands, and moved them away from her body down to her sides. Slowly I persuaded her to sit down on the sofa as I knelt before her.

“Such beauty I have never seen.” I commented.

As I watched her face, as I released her arms I leaned forward and pressed my lips and tongue to her right breast and nipple. She threw her head back and placed her hands on my head, compelling me further onto her. Her breast was supple and firm, yielding and delightful. The nipple in my mouth was sensitive to my tongue. How did I know this? Simple, as my tongue laved away slowly and gently, her moans grew in volume. It appears Luciana loved to have her nipples nibbled.

I moved my right hand to her left breast and began lightly enfolding it, focusing on the teasing her nipple with my fingertip. Her breathing suddenly increased and her pelvis began thrashing about. She was truly enjoying my efforts. So was I, as I had not been with a woman in over four years. I kept working her slowly, softly, playfully teasing her nipples with my tongue and fingers, switching back and forth between the left and the right.

She was helplessly caught up in my urges and desire, though truth be told, I think it was I who was caught in her web. Over the next few minutes, my hands slowly worked their way down to her skirt. I took the zipper on the left side and pulled it down, all while still kissing and sucking on her nipples. Once the zipper was down, I worked my way back up to Luciana’s neck and face for more of her lips. I was addicted already.

Slowly I lifted back, tenderly bringing her upright with me. Once standing, I lowered her skirt to the floor. Luciana stepped out and stood there, dressed in just her panties. They were a delicate white lace, with a hint of pink. She was beautiful. I shivered as I took in the sight of her standing there.

She then took hold of and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my trouser, and lowered my zipper. Letting go, my pants fell to the floor, leaving me standing there in all my glory. She had a stunned look on her face.

“What’s the matter, baby girl?” I asked.

“Oh nothing is wrong. I just never imagined you went commando.”

At which point she stepped forward and grasped my weapon with her left hand. As she leisurely lowered herself to her knees, she licked her lips with a craving I haven’t seen in a while.

“My my, Daddy. What have we here? Is someone happy to see me or what?”

She extended her tongue as she leaned in toward me. It was all I could do not to grab her head and pull her in. Then she looked up at me with her green eyes and slowly began to work her tongue around my cock head. I was in ecstasy. Slowly she worked my cock, running her tongue around the head and pressing into the opening. Holding on with her left hand, her right was moving around my hip to the rear.

She then leaned forward and began slowly engulfing me into her mouth. What a sensation, such heat and passion, such love and lust, such desire and yearning. Never mind what Luciana was feeling, I was a goner. There was no longer any chance of ever turning back. I was Luciana’s lover and she was mine.

The feeling of her lips as the encircled and enfolded my cock was exquisite. She was hungry for me and she proved it. Leisurely she worked her tongue around the head and as she took more and more into her mouth, her tongue swirled over the lower portion of my cock, rubbing and swishing as it progressed deeper and deeper.

I was not a big man, but my seven inches was consumed easily. It took her just a few minutes to conquer my length, all while swirling her tongue over the most sensitive parts. She devoured my cock with a vengeance. The final few inches required her to open her throat so she could finish taking all of me. She didn’t even struggle or gag as she buried her nose into my pelvis. She knew what she was doing and how to do it.

She began to bob her head back and forth on my cock, swallowing it down her throat each time. Each time she pulled away, her tongue was working its magic, swirling around and around the head, teasing my cock and pleasing me to no end. It was more than I could have expected, more than I could have hoped for. I was shaking, my knees were getting weak. I had to either sit down or I was going to fall.

Luciana tenderly encouraged me to sit in the chair behind me. All the while, she never took her lips or mouth from my cock. Once seated, I placed my hands on her head, not to force her but to let her know how much I was enjoying this. My moans of pleasure were loud, but I needed her to know how much I loved her. As she kept bobbing her head on my cock, I kept time with her movements.

Soon I could feel it. That awareness of impending orgasm you feel when your testicles fill with semen and need to be liberated. It wasn’t going to be much longer and Luciana seemed to sense it. The tempo of her head bobbing increased as she could feel the size of my cock head begin to swell.

“Baby girl, I’m about to cum.” I told her in a breathless whisper loud enough for her to hear.

Her motions never ceased, if anything she began bobbing faster and faster. Suddenly I could feel the pulsing of ejaculation starting and I pushed her head down onto my cock so it was fully embedded down her throat. I pulsed once, twice, three times before my hands relaxed. She didn’t lift her head until after I had completed unloading myself. I swear it lasted five minutes. I am not sure how many times I pulsed, maybe seven or eight times, but she never let go and swallowed everything.

As my orgasm subsided, she slowly lifted her head from the base of my cock, wiping the remnants of my eruption from the sides and head. She kept the head in her mouth for a few minutes more, savoring the traces still seeping as she ran her fist up and down the length. Once she could no longer convince my cock to produce any more, she pulled away, leaned back, looked at me and smiled.

“So Daddy, feel better?”

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 – the story continues.

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