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Insatiable - The Story Continues

Her turn for pleasure.
As my orgasm subsided, she slowly lifted her head from the base of my cock, wiping the remnants of my eruption from the sides and head. She kept the head in her mouth for a few minutes more, savoring the traces still seeping as she ran her fist up and down the length. Once she could no longer convince my cock to produce any more, she pulled away, leaned back, looked at me and smiled.

“So Daddy, feel better?”

What could I say? I felt as if I had died and been transported to nirvana. Luciana, my twenty-two year old stepdaughter, had just finished giving me perhaps the best blow job in my life. Her mother, Mariana, had been skittish when it came to oral sex, but apparently her proclivities stayed put. It was obvious that Luciana had talents that were mind-blowing; cock-blowing if you pardon the pun.

“Oh my God, baby girl.”

She beamed up at me, her face still streaked with her makeup. It made her all that much more inviting. While she had just been slighted by Matt, her demeanor no longer was that of a shunned woman. The look in her eye was that of a wanton woman, one who knew that tonight was going to be special.

As I caught my breath, I couldn’t help but wonder how my luck had changed. Here was one of God’s creations, truly an angel in human form, kneeling at my feet, with the look of unsated lust radiating from those deep pooled brown eyes. I was caught in a web of desire and I was going to wrap myself deep in it. How could I not?

Slowly I sat forward, leaning toward the seraph in front of me. I took her hands and drew her to me. Tottering, we stood; I lifted her into my arms and carried her like a fragile child into my bedroom at the rear of the house. Reaching behind her, Luciana grasped the duvet and pulled it back from the pillows. Gently I lay her onto the mattress, leaned in, kissed her lightly on the lips.

“May I stay here with you tonight, please?” she asked.

Nodding yes and taking my cue from her eyes, I began slowly kissing my way down her face, lightly touching on her neck, nibbling ever so gently. Luciana’s whimpering let me know she was taking delight in my efforts. I continued down her neck, dragging my tongue toward her chest, paying attention to the nape of her throat. Paying special attention to the areas under her ears, I kissed and suckled her flesh, drawing forth low volume moans from within her upper body. From there, I worked further down to her breasts; those elegant, supple, well-formed 34B sized orbs with stiff and pointed nipples she possessed.

My tongue laved all around those supple orbs, tantalizing her nipples, yet teasing her just the same. Tap dancing around her left nipple and areola, lightly licking and nipping at the pliant flesh, my lips, tongue and teeth began the slow dance of love. Her breathing quickened, her hands grasped my head, and Luciana pulled my mouth onto her breast tighter. Not allowing her to dictate my actions, I moved to her right breast and began anew. Realizing my cravings, she relinquished her grip somewhat. Her hands were still entwined in my hair, but she was no longer trying to suffocate me between those luscious globes.

I devoted minutes to my enjoyment, as well as hers, of adoring those breasts. Going back and forth from one nipple to the other, tapping and flicking my tongue with more and more speed, I could feel my sweet baby girl beginning to respond physically. Her sighs of craving were growing louder, her legs were thrashing without control on the mattress, and her hands were trying with extreme difficulty to not press my mouth harder into her tits. If I were to have died right then, I would have been blessed.

Luciana was beginning to writhe and squirm around on the bed. I took the hint, though I truly did not want to leave those succulent and sweet nipples and began working my way down her body. After years of continuous exercise, her abdomen would set any man salivating. Her belly was tight and taut, muscles quaking as I ran my tongue all over. I could tell by the gentle pressure of her hands what she wanted, but I was going to have her my way, with drawn-out and tantalizing efficiency.

I couldn’t help but take a break and view the beauty that lay before me. Her body was there for the taking. All I had to do was slip off her panties and I did. Slowly drawing them down over her hips, all while keeping my eyes glued to her slowly appearing treasure. She was clean shaven. I should have known, but I was mesmerized anyway.

There was just the slightest bulge to her pudenda, the labia having a fine line separating ever so slightly, with droplets of dew slowly running down from her lips. I so desperately wanted to ravish her privacy and devour her, but I had to finish removing the lace panties. As they traveled down her legs, my tongue was right behind, paying attention to the inside of her thighs, the backside of her knees, and following the trail to her ankles. Her hands were gripping and clutching the sheets, heard rolling side to side on the pillow.

One by one, I removed her feet from the confines of her panties, lavishing devotion to her feet. After completely removing the last of her clothing, I began my mission back to the Garden of Eden at the apex of her scrumptious legs. I had to return to the fountain of her femininity, the enthralling source of the dew and aroma of arousal. Her sweet pussy was waiting for me, lips slowly parting to allow my access to the origin of the treacle.

As I ran my tongue up the inside of her legs, I teased the inside of her thighs relentlessly.

“Please, oh God, please stop teasing me,” she cried.

“Beware what you ask for, baby girl,” I reply.

I stretch out the muscle from between my lips and lightly touch upon the feast that is Luciana. The aroma of mouthwatering honey assails my nostrils; my taste buds explode with a rush when the first few dewdrops of her reach my mouth. I have finally found the fountain of youth right here in my bed. I am spellbound by her flavor, sweet with a hint of pure celestial sensuality, tangy and viscous. I become instantly addicted.

My tongue slowly runs up her opening, from the bottom, parting her lips in their effort to find the source of the nectar. As I reach the zenith of her maidenhead, I encounter her clitoris. It is slightly engorged and I lightly graze against it.

“Oh my God, Daddy. Yes, right there. Oh please, don’t stop.”

I had only begun to please Luciana. Relishing the taste, I began to flip the tip of my tongue back and forth across her love button, causing her body to convulse in pleasure. Every once in a while, I would stretch back down into her labia and savor the essence of my baby girl. She was writhing and flailing on the bed in an ever increasing effort to get her pussy in the proper place to be blessed with more of the pleasure from the oral ministrations of my tongue.

I began long, slow licks from one end to the other, savoring the taste and causing Luciana to want more and more. As I continued, I ran my hands up to her thighs, spreading her legs even more for my pleasure. Her breathing was increasing; she was lashing around on the bed.

“Daddy! Oh my God, Daddy,” she howled.

I could feel her body beginning to tense; she was on the verge of orgasm. Without missing a beat, I run my right hand up the inside of her left thigh to the base of her pussy, bathe my middle finger in the juices running out, and slowly slide it into Luciana’s hot, tight, wet pussy.

“Daddy – what are you doing to me?”

Stimulating her physically by extending my finger into and then withdrawing it out of her pussy, I focused my efforts on attacking her clit orally. Rapidly raking my teeth gently across it, she begins to shudder and pound the mattress with her hands. As the tempo of my finger increases gliding into and out of her depths, I clamp down on her clit with my front teeth and gently squeeze them together.

“Oh God, Daddy! Yes, oh God yes. More, Daddy, please more.”

Then it hit like a tsunami. Her orgasm caused her body to go rigid in a frenzy of climactic excitement. Her legs crashed against my back, thighs press against my head like a slamming door, trapping me in a viselike grip. Her hands clenched themselves in my hair, pressing my face further and further into her. The entire time I kept absorbing her vitality into my mouth, swallowing it down as rapidly as she could feed me. My finger was continuing to saw in and out, driving her toward yet a second orgasm.

“Daddy! Daddy! Please, stop. I can’t take anymore!”

I used my hands to pry her legs apart, took a deep breath and doubled my efforts to satisfy my baby girl. Luciana was going to experience love like never before. I was going to erase any memory of Matt.

Removing my middle finger, I also slowed my efforts to allow Luciana to catch her breath, but soon after I began anew. Lashing my tongue up her pussy lips, pressing into the space between her labia minora, I savored her fluids even more. Drinking them down, I quickly move back to her clitoris, flickering and lashing it while inserting my middle finger back into her cavity.

Once in her pussy, I gently bent my finger so that I could rub it against the upper cavern walls, searching for that one spot that would not only drive her crazy, but would cause her to erupt in orgiastic bliss. It wasn’t long before I found it, deep inside her snug young pussy. As I nibbled on her love button, I also began a concerted yet gentle effort to massage that erogenous spot. Soon, she lost all control and exploded in orgasmic indulgence.

“Daddy!” she screamed.

“Dahdeeeeeeee!!!! Oh – oh – oh what is happening to me? What are you doing to me?”

Rather than tease Luciana any more, I began to slow my efforts, allowing her to come down from the celestial nirvana she was experiencing. Softly, gently, allowing her to relax and catch her breath, I removed my finger from her depths, and made long, slow laps of her lips, gathering up her sap to savor on my tongue.

After a few minutes, Luciana was finally able to catch her breath. I had ceased my activities and inched up her charming body to lie next to her. I wrapped her in my arms, hugging her close to me. I even threw my left leg over her pelvic region and used it to keep her near. Rubbing my hands up and down her arms, nuzzling my face into her neck, I wanted her to come down from her paradise on her own terms.

I whispered in her ear, “I love you, Luciana. You are so very precious to me. You know you are my angel, don’t you baby girl? You know you mean the world to me. I would do anything for you, anything you wish.”

She murmured, still lightly shuddering in an orgasmic dream, with the tremors coming further and further apart, each decreasing in strength. Over the next ten minutes, her breathing returned to normal and she nestled into my protective arms. As I lay there holding her, I could feel her relaxing and falling asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake her, so I gathered her tighter into my arms and fell asleep beside her.

A few hours later, I felt movement beside me. Luciana had awoken and was gently trying to roll me over onto my back. I eased her efforts, rolled over, opened my eyes and gazed into the wonder and beauty of my baby girl.

“Sleep well, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Oh, Daddy, you have no idea. What happened to me earlier, I felt like I was dying and going to heaven?”

Taking a little time to think through what we had just done, I wondered if Matt had ever orally pleasured Luciana. I wondered if she had ever experienced any kind of sensual carnal desires as I had been fortunate to deliver. There was only one way to find out.

“That, my dear angel, was an orgasm. I would say you had at a minimum three. Have you never savored one before?”

“No I haven’t and oh God, I have never suspected someone could make me feel that way. How could you have known I would appreciate and treasure in that so much?”

Rather than continue talking, I pulled her close, touched her chin with my fingers, and lowered my lips to hers. Kissing her gently, holding her tight, I rubbed her back. Up and down, reaching to her buttocks and squeezing gently, running my fingers up her spinal column, I wanted Luciana to feel as if there was no other man who cared for her the way I did.

She had awoken my desires earlier in the night when she had taken me into her mouth for an explosive climax of sexual cravings, culminating in my release down her throat. I had not been aware of my feelings for my baby girl, at least not quite like this. It was the least I could do to ensure she be made aware of just what love was and how a man, nay, this man could satiate and quench her carnal cravings.

Sensing her mood was improving, I gently began probing her lips with my tongue. Lips parting, she slowly initiated a duel. Tongues swirling, tying and knotting with each other, our lust began to grow. Her body reacted; she was deliberately pressing her pubis against my hips and thighs, Luciana’s arousal was evident. I could sense more than feel my cock begin to enlarge and flourish.

As my hands were running up and down her back, she began a slow trail from my chest down toward my manhood. Using the fingernail of her right middle finger, she circled my left nipple, causing it to tighten and grow. Trailing over to my right nipple, her fingernail danced and frolicked like a pixie, causing it to sprout. I was feeling wonderful and my Luciana was helping me along.

As she deliberately and teasingly journeyed southward, I cupped her right ass cheek with my left hand. Clutching it and releasing it, I also wriggled my middle finger into the crack between her sweet cheeks, mischievously locating her rosebud. While I was playing games with her asshole, she finally arrived at her destination and grasped my cock within the warm confines of her hand and fingers. My movements made it obvious I was happy so she continued to massage, stroke and caress my manhood, setting off moans of my gratitude.

I began pressing my middle finger against her rosebud. She tensed, as if she expected something to cause pain, but never stopped pulsing her hands and fingers around my cock.

“It’s alright, baby girl. I won’t do anything you don’t want,” I cooed in her ear.

“No one has ever touched me there,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Relax. If it hurts, I’ll stop.”

As I felt her body slowly calming, I pushed a little harder. The tip popped in to the first knuckle, as she took a quick breath. I maintained my position, rubbing her back with my left hand while she adjusted to the intrusion. I resumed kissing my baby girl, mostly to reduce her apprehension, but also because I loved kissing her. She had the sweetest lips, lush and full, yet firm.

Luciana never stopped paying attention to the object within her right hand. Slowly, she began extending her reach up and down the shaft, arriving at the tip, just to begin the journey back to the base. After a few minutes, I felt her asshole relax ever so faintly and I began a slow and gentle probing. I never went in further than the first knuckle.

It was getting obvious we were heading toward furthering our physical relationship. My manhood had swollen to full size, never mind the seepage of lubricant from the tip. It was aiding her efforts as well. My finger had introduced itself further into her ass and was now up to the second knuckle and it was becoming apparent that she was enjoying it.

Luciana broke the kiss and began nuzzling against my neck. Planting light, delicate kisses on the side, moving slowly down toward my chest, she began to lightly nip at my flesh. I was in bliss. Her movements caused my middle finger to pull free from the confines of her warm derriere. As she focused her efforts lower, I used my right hand to reposition both of us. Her head eventually arrived at my cock and my head at her honeyed pussy.

Insatiable - The Story Resumes coming soon.

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