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It pays to listen to your step sister

It pays to listen to your step sister

There is only so much you can take before you gotta tell her
Hi my name is Mike, and I really like my step sister. I don't know why. We've been close, but not real close over the years. I'm twenty-two, and she is twenty-four. We both have brown hair, and eyes. I'm 5'10, and she is 5'6.

We occupy an apartment together, while our parents live five hours away. We both moved because we got into the same college. When you're there, you need sex, but not too much of it though. When you do it too much, or not at all, it can make the college experience seem crappy.

In moderation, it's perfect. I had been doing it a lot with my girlfriend, Wendy, but she broke up with me. My step sister Jenna wasn't doing it much either, and she came home one afternoon really pissed off.

“That's it, I'm done. I can't take this shit anymore, fuck it,” Jenna ranted.

Not too surprising. This wasn't the first time she came home, and threw a shit fit. She actually developed a slight history.

“Well, I wouldn't be a good step brother if I didn't ask what happened,” I let her know.

“Thank you. I gotta vent to somebody, I'm sorry it's gotta be you,” Jenna told me.

“Well, it was in the contract you had me sign when we moved in here,” I replied.

Then she laughed, and gave me a hug. She showed some real appreciation for me listening to her.

“We had sex once four weeks ago. I thought we were moving a little fast, but then we went backwards. He wouldn't even kiss me, then I find him with someone else,” Jenna explained.

“What did he say?” I had to know.

“We were moving slowly, but yet he was the one that never answered his phone,” Jenna replied.

I gave her another hug, and consoled her. I wasn't making a move on her in that condition. If I did that, it would be a one night stand, and awkward afterwards.

“You are the best step brother a woman could ask for," she made sure I knew.

"Right back at you," I let her know.

Over the next few weeks, she had more problems with boyfriends. It might have been bad luck, but I was getting annoyed to fulfill my duties. I had a thing for her, but she was making it hard. One Friday afternoon, she came home, and bitched, then it became too much.

“Motherfucker, Mike. You won't believe this!” Jenna yelled, as she came inside.

“What is it?” I asked in a tone.

“Get this, I ask him if we could spend time together at his place. He says no, and he needs to gather up all his notes for finals. So he'd be too busy. I understood, but I got a call from him,” Jenna replied.

“Did he break up with you?” I wondered.

“No, he didn't know he called me. I said 'Hello' like fifty times, and I just heard him having sex in the background,” Jenna replied.

I felt for her, but was pissed off at the same time. On one hand, no one wants to be cheated on, but on the other, she kept going for guys that just weren't relationship material. So I was a little mad, and I let her have it.

“Well, Jenna, maybe you should just take a real break from dating. You keep going for guys that are just not right for you, and they lead you right back here with me. I'm sorry, but I can't take it anymore,” I said.

She completely took it the wrong way, and I paid for it.

“Well, I'm sorry if I bitched too much. I think a little compassion isn't too much to ask for, Mike. We've been step brother, and sister for many years now. If I took it too far, then fine, you are off the hook,” Jenna replied angrily.

“I'm sorry, Jenna, but when you just keep making the same mistakes, I'm gonna have to tell you. I love you, don't get me wrong, but enough already,” I said.

“Well, now I know how you feel, asshole,” Jenna replied, as she went into her room, and slammed the door.

I felt horrible. I just made her blow a gasket. I still wanted a good relationship with her if nothing else. I wanted to go right in, but I gave her some time to cool off. After an hour, I went in there, and sat next her, as she shed a few tears.

“I'm sorry I called you an asshole, you are the opposite of that,” Jenna told me.

“It's okay,” I replied.

“Why is the only guy that truly wants to spend time with me my step brother?” Jenna had to know.

"Don't let life get you down,” I replied, as we hugged each other.

“Why isn't there one decent guy out there that wants to be with me?” Jenna asked, as she cried.

I knew it was a total shot in the dark, but I took it.

“Well, there is at least one guy that would love to be with you,” I let her know.

“No, Mike. I don't wanna be set up,” Jenna replied.

“I wasn't gonna set you up with anyone,” I put on the record.

“Who were you talking about?” Jenna pondered.

Then I surprised both of us, by kissing her softly. It lasted just for a few seconds, just enough to really get the message across to her.

“Me,” I replied.

She was desperate. We just began making out passionately for a couple minutes, but she eventually broke the kiss.

“We have to stop this. I can't start a relationship like this with you, Mike, you mean too much to me,” Jenna made clear.

“Okay, I just want you to feel better by being with someone that cares about you,” I replied.

Then I guess she felt bad. She could see how I felt about her, and that kiss just woke something up inside her.

“Well, you are just lucky you have been so good to me,” Jenna said, just before she attacked me.

We started making out again. She wrapped her arms around me, and we laid down on the bed. I pulled her on top of me, and wrapped my arms around her as well. For the first time, I felt her C-cup boobs pressing against me. Was all that talking, and listening really gonna pay off? Then she stood up on the floor, and took off her shirt and pants.

“I wanna do this for you, because you have been a saint to me. If you are interested in me, then let's do it.,” Jenna explained.

“I couldn't do that to you,” I replied.

She undid my pants, and pulled out my very hard cock. She kissed me once, got down on her knees on the floor, and took my dick into her mouth. It felt amazing of course, but I was stunned at the same time.

“Holy shit, that feels so damn good,” I said.

She didn't answer, she just smiled. She knew I was enjoying it. I laid flat on my back, because I was already coming close to cumming.

“Fuck me, suck on your step brother's cock,” I said.

She did just that, and my fantasy had come true. Then I leaned up, and put my hands on her head.

“It's like an angel blowing me. Keep those lips around my cock like that, and make me shoot my load down your throat,” I said.

That struck a wrong cord.

“No, I don't want that,” Jenna replied.

“Where should I cum then?” I wondered.

“Somewhere else on me,” Jenna replied.

“Okay,” I said, as she took my dick back into her mouth.

Then I leaned back down, and just tried my best to keep my cool. I felt like I might just explode at any moment. My mouth opened quite widely, and I slowly let out moans of great pleasure. when I just watched her for a second, it became too much.

"Fuck, I gotta cum, Jenna," I said quickly.

She stood up, and lifted up her shirt.

"Cum on my stomach," Jenna commanded.

I had no problem with that, and I came all I could. I got some on her shorts, and shirt, but she didn't care. Then I had to take off my shirt.

“Oh, are you trying to seduce me with your naked body?” Jenna inquired.

“Is it working?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Jenna replied.

Then she put hands on her back, as I took my boxers, and pants off completely.

“You want to see me naked?” Jenna wanted to know.

“Yes,” I replied.

She slowly unhooked her bra, and took it off. I saw her naked boobs, and they were perfect. Then she bent down, and slowly took off her panties as well.

“Wow, Jenna, you are beyond beautiful,” I said, as I got up.

I came to her, and kissed her, as I put my hands on her boobs. She looked down, and grinned. That made her feel really good, then she started to spark a few tears.

“What is it?” I inquired.

“I'm finally gonna get you to make love to me,” Jenna replied holding a condom.

Then I kissed her again.

“Will you take me to bed?” Jenna asked.

Then I took the condom out of her hand, and picked her up. Then I just set her on the bed, and put on the condom. I got on top of her, and very slowly inserted my cock into her slit. Our first reaction was emotional paradise. I was a few inches away from her, but she brought me down, and kissed me.

“You got a big cock,” Jenna put on the record.

“Thank you. I've waited so long for this, and now my fantasy has become a reality,” I replied.

“Well, in that case, pound me,” Jenna suggested.

Then I started thrusting my dick in, and out of her pussy rather quickly. I really felt her boobs leaning up against me, and the reality was much better than the fantasy. It was. music to my ears, when I knew she loved it too.

“Holy shit, that feels so damn good, Mike!” Jenna yelled.

Then I made us turn over to have her on top of me. She leaned up, and rode me. I put my hands on her boobs, and I shook them a bit. She got a little titillated, as I felt her slit, and it was getting very wet.

“Wow, you certainly are enjoying yourself,” I said.

“I'm enjoying every second of this,” Jenna replied.

Then I pulled her down with me, and we made out passionately. Then I wanted to return the oral favor.

“Do you mind if I eat you out too?” I pondered.

“I thought you'd never ask,” Jenna told me.

So I climbed down towards her very wet pussy. I proceeded to spread out her swollen pussy lips. Just from that, she was moaning again. Then I leaned in very close, and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. She made her appreciation clear.

“Oh, shit, that feels good. Keep eating me out, and make me cum all over your face!” Jenna yelled.

That would just be icing on the cake. I put my hands onto her boobs, and gave them a firm squeeze. I had my tongue in there very deep, and I was gonna hit her g-spot. She blew me, so it was the least I could do.
Searching for it was half the fun, and she kept shouting. It hurt my ears a little, but it was worth it.

“Oh shit, Mike!” Jenna screamed.

She was breathing in, and out rapidly. She was close to climaxing, and I was gonna welcome every drop I could get. Once she started moaning really loudly, I got really close to her pussy. Then she ejected a shit load of cum all over my face. Then we were both just trying to catch our breaths. I could only take that as the best form of affection.

“Will you cum for me again,” Jenna pondered.

Then I climbed to her belly, and ripped off my condom. I shot my load onto her stomach, and crashed next to her. She licked most of her cum off my face.

“Thank you, I always wanted my step sister to lick her cum off my face,” I said.

“You are welcome, next time, I'll be sure to reward you sooner for listening to me," Jenna let me know.

That's how I made it with my step sister, and how I learned it pays to listen to her.

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