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Izzy and Mr James p3

It was the next day; would Izzy and Mr James carry on where they left off?
Izzy Reeves couldn’t sleep, she could still feel Mr James’ hands on her skin, his breath on her face, his lips on breasts; she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

She had never imagined that her dreams would come true, that it would be Mr James’ who turned her into an adult. She had constant butterflies in her stomach, she just wanted to touch him again, for him to touch her again but what if he didn’t want to? What if he regretted it? What if he couldn’t face her, what if she couldn’t look him in the eye? What if he didn’t love her back?

Ben James couldn’t sleep either, his heart hadn’t stopped racing since that first touch of Izzy’s face. When he closed his eyes all he could see was her; her creamy skin, her soft pink lips, her half closed green eyes as she came.

But he was no longer in his classroom, he was in his bedroom with his wife Clara lying by his side, his wife who he hadn’t been able to look at all evening. He told her he wasn’t feeling too well when he came home, mumbling something about palpitations; possibly something to do with caffeine. It wasn’t technically a lie, his heart was racing. The guilt racked through him, but then he closed his eyes and went back to his desk, tracing every inch of Izzy with his lips. Isabel, his little ally; he wouldn’t swap that feeling for anything and he couldn’t wait to feel it again. But what if someone found out? What if someone had caught them? What if she regretted the whole thing? What if she told on him? She was legal but he could still lose his job. Worse what if Izzy didn’t feel the same way?

The next day at school they were both on edge; they had both spend the night going back and forth between fantasy and nightmare.

Izzy walked through the hall with her head down as usual, as she came up to Mr James’ room her heart was beating so fast she was sure everyone could hear it.

Ben saw her coming, he told himself he wasn’t waiting for her; he was just in the hall like every other morning keeping an eye out for trouble.

Their eyes met, Izzy smiled turning a shade of pink, Ben smiled and nodded his head at her slightly. Then they knew; they were on the same wave length.

Getting to third period was agony for them both. Getting through third period was even worse. Spending an hour in the same room without being able to touch? Ben found it hard not to return Izzy’s stares.

Thankfully after third period came first break, Izzy hung back with a ‘question.’ The door banged shut after the class filed out; the tension was high.

Ben stood awkwardly behind his desk with his hands in his pockets, Izzy held her books in front of her, now they were alone she couldn’t look at him, she glanced at the desk and instantly went bright red and half turned away.

‘Izz, er, are you ok?’

‘Fine, I’m Fine,’

‘Fine. The word that means nothing...’

‘.. but says everything,’ Izzy finished for him.

She finally looked him in the eye, those deep green eyes. Ben walked round the desk purposefully and took Izzy’s face in his hands and kissed her. A long, soft, passionate kiss.

Izzy let out a long sigh.

‘I thought that might never happen again,’ she whispered.

‘Me too.’ Ben said truthfully, he looked at her closely, taking in her beauty. He took a deep breath ‘Izz we need to talk about this.’

‘I knew it,’ she took a step back, the smile dropping from her face.

‘Not that, Izzy, not that,’ he stepped towards her again, but she kept her head down, ‘I’m your teacher, however much I enjoyed what happened yesterday, it shouldn’t have happened.’

Izzy snapped her head up, her eyes even greener on the verge of tears.

‘Izz listen to me, I’m not ending this, I’m just saying we have to be careful,’ he trailed his fingers down her arm to hand, he drew her to him. ‘Isabel, I couldn’t end this even if I wanted too.’

She buried her head into his shoulder; he kissed the top of her head; the moment felt like an eternity and an instant.

They jumped apart as the bell went.

‘Lunch, here’ He mouthed at her as she walked out of the room.

Izzy spent the next hour thinking of all the ways she could make sure Mr James would never let the teacher student thing become an issue. She had to be sexy.

Ben felt his cock twitch in anticipation when the lunch bell sounded, although he sure hadn’t anticipated what Izzy had in store for him.

Making sure the coast was clear, Izzy swiftly shut the door, closed the blinds and locked the bolt.

Ben was sat in his chair, he just smiled.

Izzy walked up in front of his desk, not saying anything she tucked a stray curl behind her ear and traced her finger down her cheek, she slipped her finger slowly into her mouth, biting her nail teasingly never breaking eye contact with Mr James. She continued to trail her hand down her neck, lightly touching her collarbone and making her way down to her more than ample breasts.

Ben’s cock was hardening, his breath quickening. When Izzy’s hand reached into her bra he thought his heart was going to pump out of his chest. When she pulled out some black lace he was puzzled for a moment.

Izzy tilted her head slightly, letting out a small laugh at his confusion; she bit her lip, slowly uncurled her hand and let her lace thong drop on to his desk. The desk she lost her virginity on just last night.

Ben gasped, he wanted to leap up from the chair and reach his hand up her skirt to see if those panties meant what they thought they meant but something told him to stay where he was, Izzy obviously had something planned.

She moved round the desk slowly, unbuttoning her shirt as went. I can be sexy, I can be sexy. I CAN be sexy.

‘So Mr James, you know how you said if I ever had any questions, I could ask you. Did you mean anything?

Ben opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t; he took a deep breath in and nodded.

‘Well can I ask you to check something for me? I want to make sure I’m, err,’ she bit her lip again, glancing down then looking right into his eyes, ‘doing it right.’

Ben nodded again.

‘It might be easier if I show you.’

Ben sat back in his chair as Izzy inched her pert ass on to his desk, slowly lifting each leg on to the chair arms at either side of him making sure he had a good view.

Izzy couldn’t quite believe what she was doing, she could tell by Mr James’ face that on the outside she was oozing confidence but on the inside she was nervous as hell, although, there was no denying that spark of excitement in the pit of her stomach.

She stroked her hand up her thigh lifting her skirt as she went; Ben’s heart was pounding twofold not only was the girl of his dreams about to give him the show of his life, the girl of his dreams was his student, giving him a show on his desk, while the whole school was just outside the door. If he was any older this would be heart attack worthy. Every sensible bone in his body was shouting at him to stop this, while there was one particular bone that wanted this show to go on and on.

The lace meant exactly what he thought it meant, Izzy’s pussy was glistening, his cock strained in his pants; he was finding it increasingly hard to stay in his seat.

She danced her fingers over the top of her pussy; she felt a tingle run through her as she found her clit, catching her breath as she rubbed it with her forefinger. Her eyes were focused on his, yet his were focused elsewhere, so when she slid her finger into her moist waiting slit and felt that heat rising through her she had no problem closing her eyes just for a moment to enjoy the feeling.

Ben was literally on the edge of his seat, watching her touch herself, being this intimate with herself was amazing; he couldn’t not touch her. With two fingers pulsing in and out of her, her other hand massaging her clit and her head back taking the pleasure she was giving herself, Ben couldn’t take it, he had to join in.

Izzy was finding it hard not to make any noise, she was breathing hard and when Ben started running his palms up and down her calves she couldn’t help letting out a little moan at his touch.

Ben paused at the sound of her, he caught his breath; you could get caught. But there was no way he could stop her mid flow, so he stood up and leaned towards her taking her head in his hands he kissed her.

Izzy felt her heart leap as their tongues touched, she wrapped her legs around his, drawing him closer to her but not close enough.

His hands moved down her back, pulling her to him; she unbuckled his belt and released his solid throbbing cock.

‘Izzy’ Ben whispered as their lips parted momentarily, and with that Izzy slipped him inside her, they both gasped at the feeling of his pulsing girth entering her tight hole.

His lips moved down her neck, as he slowly moved in and out of her, this time with passion and lust in even measures.

Izzy wanted to cry out her pleasure, but knew she couldn’t, she bit her lip there were so many emotions running through her, so much pleasure, so much intensity.

Ben lifted Izzy, with her legs still wrapped round him, leaned her against the black board, he started moving faster, he could feel she was close already from pleasing herself and he wanted to make sure she finished in style.

Her breaths were becoming increasingly audible, but neither of them could stop, they were so close; they locked eyes, Izzy’s nails digging ever so slightly into Ben’s shoulders, his thrusts were intensifying but slowing as he could feel her muscles clench around him.

Izzy buried her head into his shoulder to muffle her ecstatic moan as Ben filled her with his cum.

He held her there for a moment before returning her to his desk kissing her passionately.

‘Izzy, Izzy, Izzy,’ he smiled at her as fastened his trousers.

‘So what’s it to be Mr James,’ she challenged, buttoning her shirt ‘do you think I’m doing it right, or could it do with more work?’

‘I think you could do with a bit of tutoring,’ he almost coughed at his own sleaziness.

‘Know anyone that could help me, Mr James,’ She flirted as she jumped down from his desk.

‘I think there’s a guy named Ben who could point you in the right direction,’ he pulled her into his arms and kissed her slowly. Izzy felt like her heart might just fly out of the window. Ben felt more conflicted than ever, how could he be feeling so much for this girl? More than he’d felt with Clara for a long time, maybe ever?

Izzy straightened out her skirt, smoothed her hair down and looked at him biting her lip.

‘This is happening isn’t it?’

‘Yes, it’s happening,’ he smiled wanting to kiss her again then pausing, ‘but you know you can stop this whenever you want, you know that right?’

‘Ben,’ she stepped towards him, it was the first time she’d addressed him by his first name and they both liked it, ‘I’m not stopping anything.’ She leant up and kissed him, lingering for a second before walking out of the room.

Ben sat down and smiled before putting his head in his hands, you’re playing with fire; he looked up to see Izzy’s thong still sat on his desk, he grinned despite himself; when did his little ally get so naughty?

The bell rang breaking him from his thoughts; he barely had enough time to grab the panties off his desk before the next lesson began filing in. You’re playing with fire in a paper house.

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