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Jess, Ch 3a: Sarah's Break

Sarah visits a gloryhole then comforts others while on her break from school.
"I still don't see why we're here, you hated your cousin." Sarah was not happy about this change in her plans. She was supposed to be partying with her friends from high school while on break from college, not attending her mom's cousin Tina's funeral.

"She was still my cousin, and we need to pay our respects," her mother replied. "Besides, you weren't going to do anything except get drunk with your friends if we stayed at home."

'And get fucked until my pussy is sore
,' Sarah thought, although she wasn't about to say that out loud.

Her mother was still upset about her outfit. She had chosen a black dress of course, but it was low cut. Between her short height and the high heels, her 38D breasts stuck out and revealed a lot more cleavage than what should be acceptable for a funeral. The dress also clung to her curvy hips, and Sarah had decided to let her dirty blonde hair hang straight down to just below her shoulders. All in all she looked pretty good.

Her outfit didn't make her mother very happy, but if she knew its history she'd be furious. The first time she wore it was junior year, and she had been fucked three times before the night was over. Her date had only been two of those times. Sarah doubted anything like that would happen tonight, however.

As she had feared, the funeral was a dull affair. Everyone was sad and depressing. Which Sarah thought odd, because she couldn't remember anyone actually liking Tina. She paused as she approached the collection of photos of her mom's cousin. Sarah and Tina had looked alike, but looking at Tina's wedding photo was like looking into a mirror. The only way Sarah knew it wasn't her was that she wouldn't have worn such an ugly dress.

"You do look just like her," a voice behind her said. Sarah turned around to find Paul, Tina's husband. Sarah thanked him for the compliment, then they talked a little bit. She couldn't help notice that Paul kept staring at her, almost lustfully. He wasn't too bad looking either. He had a little extra weight, but wasn't fat, and he still had all his hair.

They were interrupted when someone bumped into her from behind. Her purse fell from her hands and spilled out onto the floor. When Sarah looked at who had stumbled into her, she saw Tina's step-son. "Junior," she said. "I'm sorry about..."

Paul Jr. cut her off with an angry wave of his hand. "Don't call me..." Then he did a double take as he looked at her. "Sarah? You look just like her." Then he stormed off, with his father chasing after. Sarah couldn't help but notice that Paul Jr. was also handsome. She picked up the contents of her purse, then found her mother. They left shortly after to go back to their hotel.

There weren't any good clubs nearby, so Sarah figured she'd have to get herself off that night. She noticed a sex shop nearby, so after her mother went to sleep Sarah drove back to it. It was fairly clean for a sex store. There were several men there, but none of them were very attractive. They certainly thought she was attractive, and all of them were eying her in her dress. She pretended to be oblivious to them as she perused the sex toys. Then she found it, a foot long double ended dildo. Her pussy became wet thinking about the fun she could have with it.

Sarah took the toy to the counter, then opened her purse only to discover that her wallet was missing! It must have fallen out at the funeral. She desperately wanted that toy inside her, so she came up with a plan.

"Excuse me," she asked the perverted looking man behind the counter. "Do you have porn booths here?" The clerk looked surprised but told her that they did.

"They don't have those awful glory holes in them, do they?"

"Just booths three and four."

"Thank you," she told him, and then held up the dildo. "I'm going to be in booth three," she announced to everyone in the store. "If anyone would like to buy this for me and slide it through the hole in booth four, I'll be sure to show you my appreciation." And with that she went into the booths.

It didn't take long for her suggestion to take hold. Soon she heard the door to the next booth shut, and her dildo appeared in the hole in the wall. She whispered her thanks into the hole, then ran her finger around its edge. On cue, a stiff penis poked through and touched her fingertip. It was small - only about four inches - and not very appealing, but Sarah wanted to show her gratitude.

Her hand worked quickly, stroking the strange cock through the hole in the wall. After a few moments, Sarah dropped to her knees and began to lick the tip. The head began to swell as soon as her soft lips spread around it. She didn't think it would take very long, and began sucking hard. Blowjobs were a specialty of Sarah's.

Her warm, wet mouth worked fast, almost as a challenge to see how fast she could finish. Her hard work paid off. In under a minute, a low moan came from the wall, and warm stream of cum exploded into her mouth. Several thick spurts of cum filled her mouth, which made sense. He probably hadn't been laid in a while. Not wanting to make a mess, Sarah slurped down the load and once again thanked the stranger. After kissing the conquered and shrinking cock on the tip, it disappeared back into the wall.

Sarah left while her benefactor was recovering from the blowjob. She received a few envious looks as she carried her new toy through the store. After whoring herself out like that, she enjoyed the looks. Sarah smiled and licked her lips. One thing was certain, her pussy was a lot wetter than it had been.

Fighting the urge to stick her hand up her dress, Sarah made her way back to her car. Once seated, she gave in, and rubbed herself through the lacy material under her dress. She could have a quick orgasm to take the edge off before going back to the hotel. Her cell phone interrupted her with a voice mail. While she was on her knees whoring herself out for a sex toy, Tina's widower had called to tell her he had found her wallet. He had taken it back to his house. My orgasm will have to wait, she thought, as she made the short trip to pick up her wallet. Paul Jr. wasn't back yet, so only Paul was at the house, looking forlorn. His eyes lit up when he saw her, then sad again as he realized that it wasn't Tina. Sarah felt sorry for him.

Paul's eyes kept lingering on her cleavage. Supposedly Tina rarely wore such revealing things. Paul handed Sarah her wallet and she gave him a big hug. She held it for a little longer than was necessary, testing a theory. Sure enough, she began to feel a hardness pressing against her. A rather large one.

Paul broke the hug and began apologizing, but Sarah cut him off with a long, warm kiss. "Let me comfort you, just for tonight," she said. And with that she led him up to his bedroom.

They began kissing, slow and passionate. Sarah could feel Paul's desire for her pushing against her. She squeezed his cock through his pants and then started to unbutton his shirt. It fell to the floor, revealing that Paul was still in good shape for an older man. Paul unzipped her dress as she fumbled with his belt buckle. The dress slid to the floor as Sarah pulled off the belt.

Paul fell back on the bed and took in the sight of Sarah standing over him. She fell to her knees in front of him, her breasts swaying in a black demi bra that seemed incapable of containing them. She pulled out his cock and began to slowly stroke his 7 inches. Paul moaned as she wrapped her lips around his purple head and rubbed the underside with her tongue. She pumped his cock with her hand while sucking, licking the pre-cum from his tip.

With her other hand Sarah unclasped her bra and removed it, revealing her large breasts with their tiny areolas, her nipples already hard. Paul reached down to rub one of them, causing Sarah to gasp with the sensation. Her desire to help him through his grief was now being overcome with her own lust.

She stood up and slid her tiny black thong off her hips and pushed Paul back onto the bed. She straddled him, letting her thin landing strip of pussy hair rub against his erection. He began to caress her breasts as she shifted, sliding his cock between her wet pussy lips. Sarah was so worked up that Paul's cock quickly slipped inside her pussy, and she moaned as he filled her. Letting Paul support her breasts while he rubbed her nipples, Sarah began to ride the widower. Pumping up and down, she put one hand on his strong chest for support and the other played with her swollen clit. Paul began moaning too, and began bucking his hips with Sarah's rhythm. "Tina," he murmured. Fucking married men was a rare treat for Sarah, and being reminded of this brought her to the edge. Leaning forward, she began kissing her taboo lover as she came. Paul gasped as her pussy clenched around his throbbing cock, and as Sarah knew it wouldn't be long. She pulled him upright and pressed her tits against his face.

Hands on his back, Sarah rocked back and forth. Paul moved his hands to her ass and squeezed her cheeks, and began pushing her down as he thrust into her furiously. She was still coming down from her first orgasm, but Paul's wild thrusting into her full pussy and her bouncing breasts brought her to the edge again. Suddenly Paul gasped, and Sarah could feel his cock begin to twitch. "Tina," he whispered, as he flooded her pussy with his seed.

Sarah kept rocking on top of him, but Paul was done. He lay back down on to the bed, tears in his eyes, and to her disappointment, he became flaccid and fell out of her. Paul was quickly asleep. Sarah still wanted another orgasm, but decided to let him sleep. She could always use her new toy later. She put on her clothes, not minding that most of his cum was still inside her.

On her way down the stairs, Sarah heard a noise from the living room. She wandered in to find Paul Jr. on the couch, drinking from a bottle of whiskey. He looked drunk, and miserable. Sarah sat down on the couch next to him, snatched the bottle, and took a swallow. "What's wrong, Junior?"

He looked surprised as he checked her out, and replied, "Tina? I told you not to call me that. You look like a whore." He was so drunk, maybe Sarah could have some more fun.

"That's not very nice, Junior. I just like to dress up nice." Sarah began to rub Junior's leg as she spoke. His breath caught as she began to massage it. She saw the crotch of his pants shift and knew where she'd get her next orgasm from.

Sarah leaned in to kiss her mom's cousin's step-son on the cheek, but Junior shifted and kissed her on the lips. He was rough, and forced his tongue in her mouth. His mouth reeked of whiskey. Sarah dropped the bottle as Junior began rubbing her breasts. She shifted to wrap her arms around him, but he had other ideas. Junior grabbed her and shoved her over the arm of the couch. He pressed his crotch against her hips, and she could feel his arousal. "Oh, Junior, you naughty..."

Sarah was interrupted by a hard slap on her bottom. "I fucking told you not to call me that!" Her dress had ridden up, revealing her bare ass cheek to him. He slapped it again, and Sarah cried with a mix of pain and delight.

"What are you going to do about it, Junior?" Paul Jr. answered by spanking her again, which drove her wild. He began to tug her thong upwards, pulling it into her pussy and ass. Then he surprised her as he tore the thin strap covering her mound in two. Before she could say another word, Junior had unzipped his fly and pulled out his hard cock. He tapped it between Sarah's ass cheeks briefly, then he shoved her against the arm of the couch. Then he entered her.

Sarah gasped in surprise; she hadn't expected it to be so rough. But she loved every second of it. Tonight she had been a whore, slept with a married man, and was now getting fucked from behind by her mom's step-nephew! It was an average cock, but Paul Jr. pounded her fiercely with it, and she moaned with ecstasy. Thinking about how he was sloshing around in his own father's cum made Sarah's nipples harden.

As if he knew, Junior pulled down the top of her dress. Sarah's tits were bouncing too hard to be contained by the tiny bra, and her pert nipples were exposed. Her step-cousin grabbed them and pinched - hard. It was just what Sarah needed. She cried out with pleasure as she came hard, clamping her tight pussy around her forbidden lover's cock. Junior continued to fuck her roughly as she collapsed over the arm of the couch.

"Oh my God, Junior, you feel so good."

Suddenly, he stopped. "I told you, not to call me that," he said softly. "Now I'll have to teach you a lesson." And then he spread her ass cheeks and began to spit on her asshole. Sarah loved anal, but she began to worry. Junior was going to be rough, and she had never had rough anal before. And she could tell he hadn't used enough spit.

"Wait!" But it was too late. With one quick move, Paul Jr. pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and into her tight asshole. Sarah cried out and grabbed the couch for support. His cock was lubricated from her pussy juices, but it still hurt. And yet, it also felt amazing. Sarah's nerve endings were on fire with pain and lust. After a moment, she began to move her hips with the rhythm of Junior's hard thrusts. Sarah wanted more.

"Yeah, baby. Fuck my ass," she begged, and he thrust even harder. She could feel another orgasm coming, the biggest one yet. Her pussy began to twitch slightly as it built up. Sarah wanted it bad. "Fuck Mommy's ass, Junior. Fuck your mommy! Do it!"

She continued to beg for Paul Jr. to fuck her, and he responded by grabbing her dirty blonde hair and pulling. He pulled her into him as he thrust against her. Then he really surprised her, as he cried out, "Mommy!"

And then he came, filling her tight ass with his hot cum. He continued to thrust with each spurt of his cock, pouring more cum inside Sarah. She didn't care, because she was cumming too. She didn't know why, but hearing Junior call her by the taboo title drove her over the edge. Her entire body convulsed with a long, powerful orgasm, and her ass clung even tighter around Junior's exploding cock.

After the climax, Junior fell out of Sarah's abused ass, and slumped on the couch. He sobbed for a short while, then passed out. Sarah got up and pulled her dress up to cover her now sore nipples. She pushed the dress down over her ass, but left the torn thong around her waist. She left the house then, smiling to herself as she felt the cum of her mother's cousin's husband and step-son leaking from her holes and down her legs. Sarah felt good about the night; she had helped her family through their grief, and hoped that they felt better in the morning.

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