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Jessica and Grandpa (Pt2)

A continuation from 'Jessica and Grandpa

Chapter 2 - Jessica

Next day at school, my mind raced. I had decided to stay over again this evening, asking my mom to drop off some clother for me, during the day, by phone. It would only be the 2nd time I'd stayed over at my grandparents this week, so was nothing unusual, though it wasn't often I'd stay over two nights in a row.

I knew Grandma would be out visiting friends when I got back in from school, as she always was on a Friday afternoon, which of course meant I would have some time on my own again with Grandpa.

Did I ask him to show me again? Did I give him a peek at my panties (I had asked my mom to bring a selection of clothes over, knowing that one of my shorter skirts was to be included in this, at my casual requeat)? What could I do to have the effect that I had yesterday? Was it possible for me to also make him feel the same?

'Hr Grandpa' I said as I walked in through the door. My timing once again, as yesterday, was to find him walking from the kitched to the livingroom with a coffee in his hand. I guess it was just his daily routine.

'Hi honey' I got in reply, and so I gave him his usual peck on the cheek. 'How was school today?' he continued.

'It was ok, nothing special, like yesterday.' I said, getting a small chuckle in return.

Smiling from ear to ear at him I cooed 'Yesterday was a complete treat!' squeezing my shoulders together to show him my pleasure.

As we walked into the livingroom I said 'I'd like to treat you, too, but don't even know if I can.'

"Oh, darling.' he explained 'you're so sweet and beautiful, but you don't need to do anything for me, sweetheart.' he said.

'Do you really think I'm beautiful, Grandpa?' I asked, as he had said this many times before.

'Of course you're beautiful. Very pretty, good looking, and now your figure too, as you are becoming more of a woman than a girl. Just beautiful.' he allowed.

I replied 'Thankyou Grandpa!' and reached over to give him another peck on his cheek.

Feeling very happy and warm inside that he admitted finding me 'beautiful' in this way, I announced 'Well I'm going upstairs to get changed now.' pausing for a moment thinking, I added 'You might find my bedroom door left a little open, so if you followed up behind me, quietly, I might not even know you are there....' I left this hanging in the air for a moment, to give him time to digest that I was presenting him with an opportunity to get a peek at me in return for yesterday, if he thought I was 'beautiful', before pecking him on the cheek once more, and then running up the stairs to my room. I left the door half open, deliberately.

I was tingling inside with anticipation. Would he follow me or not? If he did, would he do it quietly as I suggested, so that I could pretend not to know he was there? I paced around the room with excitement thinking 'what would I even do, if he did?' What would he want to see? Would he want to see me at all, anyway?

A small creak from the livingroom door downstairs suggested that it had moved, and that he had left the livingroom. Was he just returning his coffee cup to the kitchen, or was he about to climb the stairs!?

I realised at this point that I actually hadn't even started to get undressed, so I quickly took off my school tie and unbuttoned the top buttons on my blouse. Then I listened intently to see if I could hear any movement. Sure enough, I heard a soft movement on the stairs, more quietly than would be the norm. 'Wow!' was I being taken up on my offer, I thought to myself. Was he really interested in getting a glimpse of me undressed? How? In only my underwear? Topless? Naked? Of me masturbating?? My body physically shuddered with excitement as I heard the slow but deliberate climb to the top of the stairs.

I finished unbuttoning my blouse, and paused wondering what to do next. Grandpa WAS being quiet, and was on the landing - if he walked past the bathroom and his bedroom, he would be able to see into my room via the half open door.

I took off my blouse, leaving me standing there in my bra, skirt and panties, socks and shoes.

I decided that if he was going to peek inside, I would let him see me remove my bra from behind, then turn my body so he could see my breasts, whilst I kept my face looking in the changing mirror, so I could not actually see him at my door, but he would get a view of me topless. I guess I just needed to know for timing when and if he was looking in my half open door.

Wow! I see his shadow approaching, he must be just a few paces from my door, and being very quiet about it! I trembled a little.

From the corner of my eye I could see the shadow approaching, and there! I could see his head peeing around my door! Oh, the intense feeling I had! No one had ever seen my tits before - the only other experience I had was when boys 'accidentally' brushed up past me in crowded school corridors.

I turned slightly away from the door, so my back was visible, and reached round the back and unclipped my bra - I was really going to do this for him!

Slowly, I slid my bra forward and off my breasts, and through it onto the bed.

With a trembling deep breath, I turned to my left and towards the door, leaving my head look more in the direction of the mirror. I then heard a stifled gasp, and realised my little but pert breasts must now be in his view. I waited there for a few seconds to give him time to observe, whilst I was still trembling inside and with feelings of excitement that I just couldn't describe.

I wanted to see his gaze, but didn't want to let him know for sure that I knew he was there, though he must have clearly known that I knew this, anyway. I guess it was acknowledgement of what I was doing that I had wanted to avoid!

I turned my body very slightly away, so maybe the side of one breast was still visible, and reached for my hip to unzip my skirt, then pulled the zipper down to its stop; then, just let the skirt drop to my feet, exposing my panties, side on. Ikicked my skirt away, along with my slip-on shoes. Again, that got a stifled gasp from the door! Now I was just wearing socks and panties.

Having sort of half anticipated I might be doing this today, earlier in the morning when getting dressed, I had chosen a fairly skimpy pair of panties, with just a cotton string on each hip. One of my better pairs.

Now I turned away from the door, so my back and bottom were facing him. 'What do I do now?' I wondered.

From the couple of gasps I heard, I though he must be enjoying the view - so far! Or were those gasps just for my benefit?

I was a bit unsure of what to do now, he had seen me topless, was he happy with that, and was that sufficient? Or, now I had my skirt off, did he think, or want me to, go further?

I waited a moment to see what I could hear. Nothing. He didn't appear to be moving away.

'OK' I said to myself under my breath, and moved to sit on my bed. He wouldn't actually have been able to see me there, unless he moved his head further around the door, and then see my reflection in the mirror. But it would allow me from the corner of my eye to see any movement, and determine if he really wanted to continue looking in.

I saw slight movement, which means he could now see in, via the mirror, which effectively gave him a side on view of me again, but from the different side. Reachind down and removing my socks, meant my tits came away from my body, for which, yet again, I heard a slight gasp, presumably at their movement. Now I was sat on my bed, and just down to my knickers. Grandpa, via a large mirror, would have a clear view of me this way.

He gave a small cough, which made me jump slightly, even though I knew he was there, I was not really expecting loud noise. I turned to face my door, and saw his head looking around. 'Oh, hi,Grandpa.' I said as casually as I could, though my heart was beating fast and I was becoming concious of my state of undress. Nobody had ever seen me topless before, with the exception of my mom and during brief changes of clothes at school for gym. Meaning no boy or man had seen me in such a way.

'Hi darling.' he said as he stepped a pace in my room, half trying to avert his eyes, and half understanding that I actually wanted him to look at me like this.

'I was wondering if you wanted a cup of coffee, or a juice, or something to drink?' he said.

'Um, in a moment, yes. I'll just finish changing first.' I responded.

'OK honey, see you in a moment.' he said, making a movement to leave, thinking perhaps I meant that now he had seen me, now he could leave.

'Grandpa.' I said.

'Yes honey?' he replied.

'I, er, wonder if you would help me change. To see what I should wear now?' I offered to prevent him from thinking I wanted him to leave.

'Er, sure, if you want me to?' he replied, as he stopped his move to exit.

I stood up and said 'Well, you see, I have a number of clothes here, but can't decide what to wear once I've had my shower.'

'OK' he replied.

I opened a bag containing some clothes and put them on the bed, inviting him in the room. 2 skirts, 3 tops, 2 pairs of panties, one plain, and one skimpy, a bra, and some socks.

He followed my movements throughout, some looks at the clothes I was laying out, and sometimes directly at me. This was exciting! I looked to see if there was a bulge in his crotch, but didn't see anything obvious that indicated I was arousing him at all.

'You see, I have a few different options to wear.' I pointed out, for which he just nodded.

'While I go for a shower, would you pick what you think is best for me?' I asked. Again, I got a nod in response.

With this, I reached over and hugged him, and gave him a kiss on his cheek, then stepped back a couple of steps while still facing him 'Great! thanks!' I said. I reached for the cotton string on each side of my panties while still looking at him, and pushed them down to my knees.

So, there I was, standing in front of Grandpa, with only my panties on, which were pushed down to my knees, in my bedroom! My pussy has only a few well kept wisps of hair, as I think this keeps my 'downstairs' clean.

I stood there for a moment to let him take in the view, while I looked at him looking at my body. His eyes seemed to fight against looking at my body, but this gradually gave way. His eyes wandered, and I let them.

I moved my knees slightly, so my panties fell to the floor, then kicked them away.

Smiling directly at him I said 'Well, I'm going to go and shower.' and reached over to pick up a towel, before wrapping it arond my waist, and walked past him out of the door towards the shower, feeling all hot and excited.

There! I had done it! I had seen my Grandpa's cock yesterday, after actually asking him to show it to me! And now, I had been stood naked in front of him, after offering him the chance to come and see me that way, for which he actually chose to!

My head was spinning as I got in the shower, for which I simply had to bring myself off!

Having finished my shower, after bringing myself off TWICE, I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back to my room.

My Grandpa had gone, but had left the clothes he had selected lined up neatly on my bed, and had put the others away. He had picked for me the shorter of my skirts, a casual red top, and the skimpier of the two pairs of panties. Ah! Maybe he HAD liked what he saw, and was now happy for me to wear less, when downstairs.

I got dressed and rushed downstairs, to find him sat in the livingroom, in his usual seat on the sofa.

'Ah, all fresh and dressed.' I said, as I took my usual space on the floor, smiling.

'You know, you didn't need to er, you know?' said Grandpa.

'I wanted too, Grandpa I guess it was only fair anyway'. I said.

He didn't add anything to that, just smiled softly at me.

A moment passed before I asked what I guess I needed to know 'Did you like what you saw, Grandpa?' 'I liked doing it.' I admitted.

He blew out some air, like a soft 'phew', and saiud 'Darling, its been a long time since I saw anything even nearly as beautiful as that. It was enough to take my breath away.'

'Really?' I asked.

'Really.' he replied.

'Well, we'll keep that to ourselves.' I said smiling at him. 'and, er, if you want to help me get dressed again sometime, just let me know.'


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