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Jessica and Grandpa (Pt3)

A continuation from 'Jessica and Grandpa (Pt2)'

Chapter 3 - Jessica

On Saturday, Grandpa and Grandma visited in the afternoon, as they often did during the weekend. It was always nice when they came over, the whole family together: Me, my Mom and Dad, and of course Grandpa and Grandma. Usually, we would all have dinner together.

Smiling, I greeted them both as they arrived, and gave them both a hug, lingering a little longer than usual with Grandpa.

'I've got some homework I'd like some help with later, Grandpa, to do with music in the 60's. I guess this was what you used to listen too, right?' I asked.

'Um, yes. Especially the later stuff. When we and your Grandma were courting.' he said thoughtfully.

'Great!' I replied.

We all sat down for dinner, and chatted casually about this and that while eating, and for sometime afterwards too.

The point came around 7pm when the conversation turned, and I was able to casually ask my Grandpa 'Oh, that reminds me, would you be able to help me with my homework?'

'Sure honey.' was his reply.

I wasn't sure what would happen, or if he expected anything to happen, but after the last week or so, I just had to get him alone with me again.

As I ran upstairs towards my room, Grandpa got up to follow me, albeit at a much slower pace.

'Can't you bring it down here?' my Dad enquired, I guess wanting to save my Grandpa the bother of having to get up and traipse upstairs after me.

'Um, my stuff is upstairs, and my desk too. And it might take a few minutes while I write some notes.' I explained. This wasn't the truth - sure I had some homework, but it was not on music, and besides it could wait a little later.

My Grandpa indicated to my Dad that it really wasn't a problem, and followed up the stairs after me, which also indicated to me that he was coming willingly, whether I was telling the truth or otherwise about my homework.

When we got to my room, I closed the door and put some music on, volume set quietly enough for me to hear anyone approaching, but also so it might mask any conversation from being overheard.

With this done, I reached around his neck and hugged him saying 'So good to see you again Grandpa!' which I followed with 'oh, and I haven't really got any homework that I need help with. I just wanted to hug you.' still holding on to him.

'Ah.' he replied, wrapping his arms around me too.

We just stood there with me resting my head on the top of his chest for a few moments - it felt wonderful!

'I'd like to treat you again, Grandpa, can I?' I enquired all excited.

'What, here?' he asked, a little unsure, as it wasn't exactly an empty house.

'I'll do it so that we can't be seen, by just lifting my top up and taking off my panties while leaving my skirt on, and lifting that, too.' I said. With this, I lifted my top showing my bare tits. 'I'm not wearing a bra, to make it easier.' I confirmed to him.

He nodded, so I reached up under my skirt and removed my panties by pushing them down in his full view, then taking them off one foot after the other.

I was now stood a mere foot in front of him with my top up showing my tits, and me holding my skirt up, with no panties on.

Quite unexpectedly, he moved one hand, and then the other, forward onto my breasts. I really wasn't expecting that, I was just expecting him to look - but his touch electrified me! Perhaps I could have expected it being stood so close.

With this, he reached down to kiss me on my lips, for which I found myself responding, with electric sensations running from my breasts to the rest of my body. I actually felt shivers running down my legs, and weak at the knees.

He very gently squeezed, cupped, and kneaded my breasts, before moving his mouth from my lips onto one, and gently suckled on the nipple, which was now poking out somewhat. I felt my tits get firmer as they seemed to expand with his caress.

Oh, his hands on me was bliss! I had never had any sensation ANYTHING like this before, the effect of which was to lead to a moistness between my legs, and a 'firming' of my tits. I had my eyes closed, feeling the sensation rippling through my body.

Just then, I felt one of his hands leave a breast whilst his tongue continued explored my nipple, and to feel it reappear right at the top of my pussy outer lips. His finger probed gently, which now covered in my juices, moved slowly, silkily, and effortlessly across my entire slit. He was rubbing back and forth across my slit which made me shudder, and almost want to scream with pleasure, though biting my lip and pushing my head backwards was all I was free to do. Whilst I was familiar with playing with myself, this new sensation was altogether much more pleasing!

As we were close together, I could feel his penis getting larger, as it grew against my tummy - I guess the pleasant experience I was now having, were not limited to just myself. My mind wandered for a moment not just to my own sensations, but those which Grandpa must be having, not only touching a teen girl for the first time in, well, what must have been decades, but it also being his Granddaughter!

'Hmm, Grandpa.' I whispered gently to him. 'Hmm, Jess.' I got back in return. 'This feels wonderful.' I added.

With this, he ever so gently slipped two fingers into my vagina. Not only had I now been touched by someone other than myself, now I had had my first penetration by someone other than myself. He slid them in and out, slowly, not going so deeply as I had done myself when exploring.

Aware suddenly of the pleasure of being touched, the realisation that it was much more pleasant than doing it yourself, I spent a few moments fumbling at his belt, unable to set it free, whilst trying to get my first touch of cock, and to return the pleasant sensation to my Grandpa. In the end he had to remove his hand from my breast whilst still fingering me, and started to unzip himself. He murmured something about not undoing the belt, as that would take too much time if someone came upstairs, but he would just free himself through his zipper. My hands were on his shoulders and we kissed while he unzipped himself, and continued to finger me.

After a few moments of setting himself free of his underwear and zipper, he motioned my hand onto his penis - WOW! that felt enormous, warm, and wonderful! I moved my hand naturally up and down the central part of his shaft, just able to wrap my fingers around it. I could feel the head on the sides of my finger and thumb as my motion reached the top, and the top of the sack of his balls with the side of my little finger as my motion reached the bottom. He moaned gently, whilst still kissing me.

Still his penis grew, until my hand could not quite reach all the way around his shaft. I looked down and gasped at the sight I saw in my hand - it was quite breathtaking seeing a large purple headed penis pointing at me, with my hand wrapped around it.

This gaze down and gasp resulted in Grandpa removing his fingers from my now, literally, dripping wet pussy, and placing both hands on my shoulders, with a gentle downwards pressure.

I guess I knew what he wanted, after hearing my friends talk about blow-jobs so often, and giggling as they described how they would do it.

I looked up into his eyes as he gazed into mine.

'I-I, I'm not sure how to do it.' I said meekly, and in two minds if I wanted to do it anyway.

'Its easy. Just cover your teeth with your lips, and treat it as if it was an ice-lolly. Please Jess, do this for me.'

I looked down at it again, thinking 'its great to look at, but not really that appetising.'

I moved down, intending a closer inspection, with a gentle downward force from Grandpa.

Once more, I looked up at his eyes to see if he meant it. His look was pleading for me to, so I closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could, and placed it over the head of his penis, before allowing my lips to close over it. It felt enormous in my mouth, and warm.

When it was in my mouth, I darted my tongue over and around the tip and head, trying to do as Grandpa had suggested in treating it as an ice-lolly, and trying to determine the taste of it.

'Hmmmmm.' groaned Grandpa. 'Now, move your head forward and backwards while doing that, and gently suck at the same time.'

I did as he asked, and could feel the shaft beyond his head slide in and out of my mouth as I did so.

'Mmmmmm.' he sighed, quite clearly in pleasure.

I think it must have been his sighs of pleasure that made me open my eyes and look at his, but his were closed. This made me also enjoy the sensation of having his cock in my mouth so much - it was clear he was enjoying this more than I'd ever seen Grandpa enjoy anything ever before.

I kept up this motion and licking for some minutes, occasionally looking up to see if I was being given some more direction from Grandpa, but no more seemed to be forthcoming.

The next movement Grandpa made, was to gently push me away from his penis, so that it came fully out of my mouth (I was enjoying that!), and to gently lift me up to face him. Then, he gently pushed my to walk backwards, towards my bed. When my legs touched the bed, he motioned me to lie on it.

Doing so, he got onto a bended knee, raised my skirt above my waist, leaned forward, and with one big slurp of his tongue, touched my slit from top to bottom. He did this a few times, before starting to concentrate on my clit area. This just sent my head into a spin!

After a moment or two doing this, we both jumped at hearing my Mom's voice while still downstairs shout 'Do you want a cup of tea?'

'Um, yes please.' I responded. 'Yes please' Grandpa shouted down.

We both gazed at each other for a moment, then grinning with a slight panic, quickly made ourselves more presentable. The poor fella had to wait AGES for his hard-on to subside. I left my panties off, thinking we might be able to continue with this, plus, to save time.

We both looked at each other, expressing how wonderful that had been. I reached over and kissed him.

'Amazing!' I said in delight.

He just blew out some air.




















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