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Jessica and James: A Tragic Story of Love

Jessica and James: A Tragic Story of Love

Tragic loss turns to unexpected love
I was sixteen when my father married Jessica's mom. She was only twelve at the time and wasn't much more than an annoying addition to our household as far as I was concerned. She was a shy child, and I was reaching the age where I was out of the house most of the time, so we barely even spoke those first few years. If someone had told me then that she would grow into the woman I loved and married, I would have laughed in their face.

By the time she was reaching adulthood, our relationship had become closer and we became like any family that lived the suburbs of the American Midwest. While we were only a family in the sense that our parents were married, we came to care for each other, just as any brother and sister would.

Jessica's eighteenth birthday fell in early June, right before her high school graduation. I was twenty-two at the time and was home early from my college so I could be there for her big day. As a gift to celebrate her ascension into adulthood, and my success at school, our parents gave us matching cars and offered to pay for whatever college she wished to attend. Life was good. Just a few weeks later, however, our lives would be changed forever.

Mom and Dad had gone out for a day trip together. I was in our driveway, washing my new Mustang, when a police car pulled up. I don't fully remember their exact words, but they told me that both of our parents had died in an accident only a few miles from our home. The news struck me with a giant thud.

I remember arguing with them and telling them that they must be mistaken. I told them I had seen them leave only an hour before. It was then that Jessica appeared. Where I had reacted with anger and disbelief, she understood the gravity of the situation immediately. I will never forget her pained and hysterical screams at hearing the dreadful news.

The next few days were a blur of pain and sorrow. Only then did Jessica and I find out just how alone we really were. We had no other family. Neither of us had grandparents to comfort us, no aunts or uncles to give us words of support in our time of need. Oh, our friends did come by, offering support at first, but as the days went by they too slowly faded into background.

I suppose it was understandable that they wouldn't want to share our grief, but irregardless, there were very few there to help us deal with our loss. At the funeral, only a few our parent's friends and coworkers came to pay their last respects.

Mom and Dad were wealthy though and had made plans for our security in the event that something ever happened to them. As a result, Jessica and I inherited a great deal of money. Enough to be sure that we would want for nothing, but they could not have predicted how much we needed the love which they could no longer give us.

On the night that our new lives began I was lying on my bed, feeling the weight of my grief. It was the Fourth of July and the neighborhood was preparing for their Independence Day celebrations. The whole idea filled me with bitterness. Independence was the last thing I wanted to celebrate.

Jessica had been showering in the Jack and Jill bathroom we shared. After she finished, and the water ceased running, I could hear her crying softly. It was a sad and lonely sound that penetrated my own morose feelings and brought out my concern for her. I knocked on the door and softly called her name.

"Jessica, are you okay? Do you need anything?"

I waited for a few moments, but was answered only by more quiet sobs. I opened the door and saw Jessica curled up in the corner with a thick towel wrapped around her slender frame. She looked up at me with pain in her face and wet tears filling her reddened eyes.

"I miss them so much James, I miss them so much."

"I know. I do to." I didn't know what else to say.

All I could do was come over and sit next to her on the tiled floor. She leaned into me, and I put my arms around her for comfort. We stayed there for a long while, holding each other and remembering better days. Eventually she stopped crying and relaxed fully against me with her head buried in my shoulder.

“I'm so afraid of being alone. Promise me you'll always be there for me James. Promise me..."

“I will Jess, We are still family as far as I'm concerned. Never forget that."

She felt very weak in my arms. Not wanting to leave her on the cold floor, I gathered her up and carried her to her bed. When I laid her down, the towel around her loosened, exposing her hips and thighs. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful Jessica was.

At barely over five feet tall, she has the most incredible green eyes I have ever seen. Although I confess that I had fantasized about her over the last couple of years, I never thought to actually pursue any of those desires.

Still, there were times that I would see her in a skimpy bikini, tight shorts, or a thin top with no bra underneath. At those times, I would find myself stealing glimpses of her and noting how her body had developed. Nevertheless, I viewed her as my sister, despite the fact that we weren't actually related.

Before our parents died, such thoughts had been nothing more than innocent fantasy. At that moment though, looking down at her long and toned legs, and her wonderfully curvaceous hips, I was taken aback at how alluring and sexy she had really become. For her part, Jessica didn't seem to notice that she was partially exposed.

When she rolled over onto her back I caught a glimpse of her wispy pubic hair peeking out from under the towel. I tried to look away, to make it seem as if I hadn't been starring at her. All at once, I was embarrassed and ashamed. Good Lord, I thought, this is Jessica I'm looking at!

I hurriedly shifted my gaze to her face, trying to fall back into the brotherly role that had defined our relationship over the last six years. I hoped desperately that she hadn't noticed my weakness, or the erection that was growing inside my sweat pants. I started to turn away, intending to leave the room and to escape the illicit temptation I was feeling when she took hold of my hand.

"James, you don't have to go. Please stay, I can't stand being alone right now."

When she took my hand, her towel opened almost to her breasts, but still she acted as if she didn't notice or care. I was caught completely off balance and didn't know how to react. Part of me wanted to bolt from the room, to forget the thoughts I was having, but a growing desire to see where this played out demanded I stay. I just stood there, lusting for my step-sister and feeling very much ashamed for having those thoughts at all. When she tugged on my hand and pulled me onto the bed next to her, I didn't resist.

Jessica turned over onto her side and spooned against my chest with only that damn towel and my own sweat pants separating us. She pulled my arm over her and laid my hand between her breasts. To my shame I was as aroused as I had ever been. She was a vulnerable, stunningly beautiful young woman and my body no longer cared if we were once expected to live as brother and sister. I was as hard as I could possibly get.

Up to then, I had been keeping my hips away from her. That's when she scooted closer to me and pressed her perfectly shaped ass right against my cock. For several, long moments, neither of us spoke, Slowly Jess started to lightly move herself against my erection until it was pressed firmly into the crack of her ass. Even as naive as I was, I knew that there was no way she didn't know what was happening. I was so frightened that our relationship would be destroyed by a foolish impulse, that I didn't dare move a muscle.

Fortunately Jessica suffered no such qualms. Feeling the trembles that passed through me, she decided to make her intentions clear to even my confused mind. She opened the towel and placed my hand directly on her breast.

"It's okay James, you can touch me. If you want to..."

I didn't know what to say. Before this night, she had always just been a sister to me. Now, feeling her silken skin under my fingertips, I knew that our relationship had fundamentally changed. I began to gently fondle her breast. I watched breathlessly her as nipples hardened into thick nubs as I rubbed my palm over them, their dark brown color standing out starkly against her alabaster-white skin. I began playing my fingers up and down her body, keeping my touch light, fearing that she might reject me if I pushed her to far.

Shifting onto her back again, she silently held my gaze. At that singular moment, we dared ourselves to push beyond the boundaries of our artificial family and into the realm of lovers. I leaned down and our lips found each other in the most amazingly passionate kiss I had ever experienced. She had gone from being my step-sister to being my lover, and I wanted her desperately.

In the back of my mind I began worrying about why she had decided to cross this unspoken line. My concern was that she was only offering herself to me because of a feeling of insecurity and loss. I had to say something to let her know I could love her as a brother and that she didn't need to make me her lover to keep my devotion. I did want to make love to her, but only if she was absolutely sure.

"Jessica, I love you. You know that and I always will. You don't... we don't have to do this, I'm not going to leave you alone."

She ran her hand over me, feeling my hardness through the soft material of my sweat pants. Holding me in her small hands and exploring my length, she spoke in a nervous whisper.

"I've never touched one before." she said as she sat up on her knees, still gently stroking me through my pants. Then she looked up at me again.

"A lot of boys have asked me out James, but I never wanted any of them. None of them interested me. You have had my love for as long as I can remember. I never really knew what that meant, but I do now. You’re the only man I will ever desire, the only one I could ever truly love."

I was touched to the core by her sentiment and wrapped my arms around her nude form. I realized that my love for her had never been so powerful.

She rested her head on my chest.

“I've saved myself for the right man, James. Now I know that man is you, even if you were once my brother. But you aren't anymore. Mom and dad are gone, and with them went our need to pretend we are something we never really were. I want you to be my first and only lover. Please don't turn me away James. I couldn't bare it."

Tears were running down her face by then and I felt my own tears welling up in my eyes. I lifted her chin and kissed her once again. I had always thought that she was still a virgin, but hearing her say it, knowing that I was going to be her first, had my heart pounding so fast I thought I might faint right there.

Jessica lifted my shirt and pulled it over my head. I stood up next to the bed to remove my pants but she held my hand to stop me.

"Let me do it."

Jessica slipped off the bed and knelt at my feet. Pulling my pants down, she took hold of my bare cock and the first true smile I'd seen in weeks appeared on her angelic face.

"Holy cow James, it's beautiful. It feels so alive!" Taking hold of it, she began stroking me slowly. "Wow, it feels so hot in my hand."

She appeared mesmerized by it, and inch by inch, she moved closer until her lips brushed against the head. She rubbed it over her cheeks and kissed it lightly, leaving a tiny wet spot on my turgid and throbbing head.

She was driving me wild with desire and I was afraid that I would cum right in her face. When she opened her mouth and slid it over me, I moaned loudly.

"Oh yeah, Jess, that feels amazing."

I brought my hands to her head and gently guided her motions, sliding my cock in, only to withdraw it when she could take no more. After a few moments, she settled on the slow pace I set and sucked me with long, steady strokes. Soon, I was coming to the end of my control.

"Jessica stop, stop or I'm not gonna be able to hold back."

Jessica sucked me for a few seconds more then pulled her mouth off of my wetly glistening cock.

"I'm not afraid of letting you cum in my mouth, James. I want to taste you, but that can wait."

Laying back down on the bed, she spread her thighs and ran her fingers through her damp pubes. "Please, make love to me, James. Take me, and make me yours."

For a moment, I considered asking her to wait while I retrieved a condom from my room, but truthfully, at that moment I was willing to take the chance that she might get pregnant. She certainly didn't seem concerned. As it turned out later, Jessica had every intention of having a baby with me.

As I lay between her slim thighs, I marveled again at her youthful beauty. She was lean and athletic, yet soft and delicate. I gently kissed her again, this time trailing my kisses down her neck. She wrapped her arms around me as I nibbled her tender flesh. My hardness almost throbbed with need. I knew she'd never been penetrated before though, and I resolved to make her first time be as wonderful, and as painless, as I could.

I slowly kissed my way down to her firm breasts, kissing and licking her distended nipples until her back arched off the bed,

"Oh God James, that feels so nice."

Her breathing was becoming heavier and her body felt hot and fevered under me. I continued kissing and playing with her breasts for a time, driving both of us to new heights of arousal. I was lost in the wonder of her body, enjoying the taste of her skin and the soft mewls of her sighs. Jessica loved my touch and she writhed under me while her frustration grew. She was wanting more as the need to come grew, so I kissed my way down her belly until I reached her moistened virginity.

"James, what are you going to....are you gonna kiss me there?!"

"Mmm, yes I am. Trust me, your gonna love this."

When my tongue flicked out and slid over her clit, she almost screamed in pleasure. I began licking and nibbling at her sex until her hips were gyrating and rolling upward. She tasted fresh and sweet and I sucked in her juices as my tongue swirled and probed between her puffy lips. I was kissing and caressing her most private of places until I became lost in our heated passions. Passions that we shared and that threatened to consumed us both. Jessica ran her hands through my thick, chestnut hair, guiding me to the spots that gave her the greatest of pleasures.

I gazed up at her as I licked, Watching intently as she tweaked and pulled at her own hardened nipples.

Caressing her hips and thighs, I tried to go slowly, letting the feeling build within her. I could hear her breathing becoming deeper and felt her legs tense and flex at the pleasure of having her sex kissed so intimately. Within just a few minutes, her body tensed and jerked as she was enveloped by the first orgasm she ever experienced at the hands of another.

I knew the time had come and I could wait no longer. I moved up between her shaking thighs and rubbed the head of my cock into the wetness of her cunt.

"Jessica, are you sure this is what you want? We don't have to do this. We will never be able to take this back."

She opened her smoldering eyes. There was a fire within her, a hunger that would not be dissuaded.

"Yes, I've wanted this for so long.... I want you so badly it hurts."

She reached between us and guided my cock to her unviolated entrance.

"Put it in me, I need to feel you inside me, now."

God help me, but I could no longer resist. I pushed in until the head of my cock slipped inside and bumped her barrier. She winced at the sudden contact and locked her ankles around my legs.

"I don't care if it hurts James. Don't stop. Make love to me."

I pumped a few times, just coating the tip of my solid cock with her moistness. My own precum was leaking and I was soon wet enough to slide in easily. I pushed forward hard, feeling her hymen snap as I slid deeply into her channel. She cried out in momentary pain and tears flowed from her eyes as she accepted me into her womanhood.

The feeling of being inside her was indescribable. She was soaking wet, but incredibly tight. Her newly opened pussy griped me wonderfully. I leaned down on her body and kissed her while I rolled my hips, driving my cock deeply into her in. Jessica held me close as I began to fuck her, wrapping her her arms and legs around me and encouraging me to ride her to ecstasy.

"Oh yes James, you feel so good inside me, you feel so good!"

She moaned loudly as I hit bottom and started bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts. The stresses of the last month transformed into a burning passion and the bed creaked as we rode the wave of our desire.

Night had fallen by then and her room was suddenly illuminated be the exploding rockets from the Independence Day celebrations outside. We were startled for a moment, overcome by the ironic appropriateness of the spectacle. The fireworks outside highlighted the love we were sharing and signaled the release of our sorrows. It seemed as if we had found Nirvana.

I soon started moving inside her again, slower and more gently. Jessica caressed my body, guiding my motions as I slid into her. The look on her beautiful face was burned into my memory forever. Her green eyes held mine, as if she could see directly into my soul. Her mouth opened, her head thrown back slightly as if she could barely take the intensity of the moment. It was the look of rapture, of ultimate love.

Jessica rolled me onto my back, somehow managing to keep me buried within her. She began riding me, driving my length deeper and deeper into her body. We moved as one, reveling in the intensity of our lovemaking. When she spoke, it was as if her inner soul were bearing itself to me. The deepest sort of honesty one never shares with another.

"Love me James, forget what we once were and be my lover."

Her yearning tunnel pulled and squeezed on my cock as she ground her hips against me. Her movements became harder and more powerful as she bore down. I was speechless at this point, the sight of her lean, athletic body writhing upon me was mesmerizing. I cupped her breasts in both my hands and rolled her nipples in my fingers. My touch on her breasts sent her over the brink. Her thighs tightened around my hips and her whole body went ridged. Jessica threw her head back and her blonde mane cascaded over her shoulders as her orgasm crested. I could feel her contractions squeezing me as she came.

Finally, she collapsed on my chest. It was absolutely amazing. My arousal at this point was uncontrollable. I was about to roll her over again, determined to fuck her as hard as I could, but she stopped me with a deep, passionate kiss. When she rose up again, I could see the desperate hunger in her eyes. She started to ride me hard again, her fingernails digging into my chest.

"Cum for me James, cum inside me and let me feel like a women should feel. I want it so badly. Oh my god, I'm being fucked and I love it!"

Her words, and the incredibly tight feeling of her newly opened vagina, were too much for me to resist any longer. I grabbed hold of her shapely hips and held her down as I came, flooding her deepest recesses with my seed. It was the most erotic and exciting moment I have ever experienced even up to this very day.

Afterwards, Jessica curled up in my arms and we held each other in the afterglow of our bliss. We slept together the next night and every night thereafter. We eventually moved into the master bedroom and soon after conceived the first of our children in the very same bed that our parents once slept in.

Once Jessica told me she was pregnant, we decided to sell that house and move to San Francisco. It was a chance to start anew, where nobody knew us. Where we could live as husband and wife, without anyone suspecting that we had once lived as brother and sister.

We have a family of our own now. While we have broken no laws, the fact that our parents were married before their deaths could cause gossip if it were revealed. If our children do one day learn the truth, we will tell them that we love each other and that this is the life that brought us happiness. We are certain that they will understand.

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