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Jills party

I dont know if you read my story on CARD CLUB but this is another story about Jill moms best friend

 It all started the night mom had me join her and her friends at card club. Well some time after that Jill invited us to her house for a party. I haven't seen her since the last time mom hosted the games. It was a swim party at her house and there were allot of people there including her husband. When we arrived there were about 20 or so people, mostly close friends and family and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Mom and I had our swim suits with us in a beach bag and Jill quickly took us in to change, she was wearing a one piece suit that clearly showed her big boobs and it clung to her ass very tightly. She took us into her room saying that we could change there, but then left to go join her guests, I was hoping to get a good feel but no such luck. I began undressing and mom went into the bathroom saying we had to becareful that someone could walk in on us.

 All day at the party I tried to get Jill alone but it seemed evrytime I got close someone else seemed to join in our conversation. Then I got my chance Jill needed some help getting some stuff out of the garage so I willingly volunteered to help her. Once we got in the garage and I knew we were out of sight I reached out and put my arms around her cupping her breasts and grinding my cock into her ass. Jill jumped and told me to stop, that what had happened was a big mistake and that she didn't want it to continue.

 The rest of the day I was very boring and I was ready to leave but mom was having a good time drinking and laughing. I was so embarrassed that I hardly said 2 words to Jill the rest of the day.

 It was about 9 pm and we said our goodbye's and when we left Jill and her husband walked us to the car, thanking us for coming. There were still a few people there but being it was a Sunday, allot of them had to get up for work the next day. On the way home mom and I talked and I told her what had happened between Jill and I and she said that Jill was trying to work things out with her husband.

 Once at home things were normal then the phone rang, mom answered it and then asked me what I was doing tomorrow, not asking why I said nothing, then I heard her say im sure he will help you out, thinking it was somebody needing help moving something I just sat there watching tv as she talked then hung up. Mom came in and told me that Jill needed some help taking down the tables and things from the party cause her husband has to work and she wants to get things cleaned up, she told her I would be there around 11am. So mom told me that she would drop me off on her way to work and Jill would give me a ride home when we were done.

 The next morning mom dropped me off and Jill was already started. I just wanted to get done and get home.

It was hot as hell and the sun was bearing down on us as we took down the canopy that was just outside their patio then Jill went to get us a cold drink. I kept going to get done and I yelled into her to ask her where it went and she said in the shed, so I took it down and put it on the shelf then walked out and met Jill by the pool with a cold glass of iced tea. We sat down and talked a little then she got up and went to feel the water saying it felt so good on her foot and if I wanted to take a dip go ahead. (Well after the other day I had no intentions on staying and didn't even bother to bring my swim suit, hoping I would get out of there quick) I told her I didn't bring my trunks. She was quiet for a moment then said well its not like I haven't seen you naked before just take off your cloths and jump in. I think at that point I went into shock after the other day, so I stood up and took off my shorts leaving my underwear on and dove into the pool.

 Once I got in I told her to join me. she just laughed and said I was being bad, so I splashed her soaking her tee shirt, then I got out of the pool and she said now how are we getting those underwear dried, I grabbed her and fell toward the pool knocking us both in. I could see right through her shirt she was wearing a red bra and her nipples were poking through, she began chasing me and I got to the steps and walked out my dick was hard as a rock at this point and she followed me up the steps and I looked at her and said now how are we going to get your cloths dry, she looked great standing there her tee shirt clung to her like a second skin on her boobs. Jill stood there and gave me a look like im going to make you pay for this as she peeled off her shirt then undid her shorts dropping them to the sidewalk, she had on a red and white pair of bikini panties that just covered her hairy patch, then she dove in the pool and began wadding in the deep end as I dove in to join her and as I was under water I took a good look at her body and as I started to go for her she swam away, I came up for air and she was about 10 feet away. I was holding onto the side and she said if you catch me you can have me.

 I quickly pushed off the side toward her but she moved and this time when I came up she was again about 10 feet away heading for the shallow end, she threw her panties at me. Once i caught her I took her bra off and moved her to the steps and sat her down and she reach out and pulled my shorts down freeing my cock then she took me back out in the water and dove under and took my cock in her mouth I thought I was going to cum right then. when she came up we moved by the rope and she lay her head back and held the rope as I lifted her legs spreading them she looked great her boobs were pointing to the sky and her pussy was open wide so I got on my knees and began eating her she began to moan as I stuck a finger in her ass then she stood up and we went to the steps I sat down and she walked toward me with her pussy at face level then sat down guiding me into her pussy we fucked hard and came together, as we were still embraced sitting there the phone rang Jill got up walked over and answered it, then I heard her say we were taking a dip then laughed and said just come on in I have a swim suit for you and hung up looked at me and said moms coming to pick you up       



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