Joan the Best Mother-in-law Ever

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Rachel brings her boyfriend back home and he finds out that Rachel's mom is just as much fun.
The following story is mostly true and re-told to the best of my memory. Of course this did take place a few years ago so I have no doubt that I might have forgotten a few details, still I'll try my best to re-tell it just as I experienced it. As a favor to you I'll skip over the boring parts of this story. No one wants to know about how many times you sharpen a pencil during an exam or how many answers you erased and re-wrote. People just want to know what your final score was. So this is one of the craziest stories of my life (although there are many) in a nut-shell.

I was just your average young guy. Young, dumb, and full of cum as they say. Yep, that pretty much summed me up. I was in my final year of college and hot for any piece of tail I could get. Even though I did score a few times with some of the girls on campus it was honestly nothing memorable or worth it's own glorious story. That all changed when I met Rachel. Rachel was the one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Long brown hair, beautiful big eyes, a pretty smile, curvy hips, nice size tits, and a nice ass. Not one specific feature was the best. It was all just perfectly balanced. She had my cock at full attention right away but it was actually several months till I got to fully score. Rachel would normally give me a blow job after a date but sex just wasn't happening. You see Rachel still lived at home with her parents and they were very (rightfully) protective of her. Not that I blame them. Rachel was a very desirable young woman and from the looks of her body quite fertile. So in order to spend more time with her I had to become good friends with the family since she wouldn't or couldn't spend the night at my place.

After a few months I was over at her house meeting the family. It was just her parents as her younger sister was off at some private school. Really an all-American family I guess. Her dad Bob was an airline pilot. He had the classic look of a professional, looked tough but was fairly cool. Her mom Joan was a stay at home mom. Joan was about 40 at the time. She had long blonde hair (dyed, I could see some of the darker roots) and was really in great shape. Slim attractive, and I could see right away were Rachel got her awesome shape from. Joan was stacked and curvy. Joan's tits were either held in place by the perfect bra or she had awesome implants.

I spent more and more time over there and after about a month of me hanging out all the time I was finally invited to spend the night instead of driving back to my dorm on the weekend. Rachel's mom Joan insisted that I stay over one Friday night and that way I could just hang out with them at the pool the next morning. I told her I didn't even bring a swimsuit and she said I could just use one of Bob's older ones. He was going to be out the next day anyway. I was hoping that with her dad out of town I could steal some private time with Rachel that night but they gave me the couch in the living room. I only wish I could have crawled into bed with Rachel but no such luck. Joan brought me a pillow and a blanket and joked that there shouldn't be any "sleep walking" during the night. I was tempted but didn't want to ruin my stay over pass and I was actually very tired and went right to sleep.

That next morning I woke up and it took me a few minutes to figure out where I was. After the morning fog on my brain lifted I quickly remembered that I had stayed over at Rachel's and was on the couch in the living room. What had woken me was Joan in the kitchen making breakfast. I bet she was making her famous pancakes. Great. What I noticed next wasn't so great. I had taken my shirt off before I went to sleep and obviously I had managed to get the rest of my clothes off too during the night. I normally sleep nude and must have shed my clothes out of habit. Not only was I naked but to make matters worse the blanket I was using had fallen off onto the floor as well. Just as I was realizing this, Joan walked from the kitchen into the living room to check on me. The sun hadn't quite come up yet but there was more than enough light for her to see that I was laying on her couch, naked, with a superb case of morning wood. Normally I'm proud of my 7 inch soldier and even keep the hair groomed really short and the balls shaved nice and clean so he gets his full credit, but at that moment I was willing him to shrink to nothing out of embarrassment. To my horror having an audience only caused it to swell painfully to its maxim size.

So I was in a fix. I didn't know what Joan was going to say and I didn't know how to react. I half-expected her to scream in terror or run from the room to get her husband Bob (It turns out that Bob was normally out of town each weekend). After about 5 seconds that seemed to stretched on forever I realized she thought I was still asleep, so I just went with that plan and laid perfectly still with my eyes mostly closed and my dick waving in the air like the attention whore that it was. Joan just stared at it and said nothing. She then walked to the other side of the living room and disappeared down the hall. I wasn't sure what she was going to do but evidently she was just checking to see if any one else was up yet. A few seconds later I heard her return footsteps. Did she get Rachel out of bed to deal with it? Was she getting sharp scissors to deal with me? I had no clue what to expect but my only game plan was to fake being asleep and deny knowing about it. She walked softly back over to the couch where I lay naked, pretending to be fast asleep.

Joan reached her hand out and tapped me on the shoulder softly. I didn't move. She then put her hand on my leg and whispered my name quietly and of course I just laid there and tried to breathe evenly as though I were fast asleep. I watched Joan as she looked back at my swollen dick and moved her hand up and wrapped her fingers around it as much as she could. She squeezed it ever so softly a couple times just to get a feel for the size and hardness of it. My first thought was "holy crap her hand is cold" and my second was that I was about to bust a nut all over her hand if she didn't stop doing that. Without taking her hand off my cock Joan then looked back at my face one more time to double-check that I was still asleep. Once she was satisfied, she leaned over and licked my cock several times. Then she pulled my cock forward and leaned over and licked my balls as well. Joan then worked her way up my shaft with her tongue and lips and kissed the top softly. Joan then put her mouth over my cock it as far as she could and slowly and methodically she would bob her head up and down as she sucked me and twirled her tongue around head of my cock. The hotness of her breath and her warm mouth was killing me. My cock started twitching and just when I thought I couldn't take any more, she stopped her seductive secret blow job, covered me back up with the blanket that was on the floor and walked back to the kitchen. I was both disappointed and relieved at the same time. Okay, so the sight of me naked didn't terrify her. Obviously she found it very attractive.

Once Joan was back in the kitchen she called out my name loudly and said she was making breakfast, and that I should get up and get a shower if I wanted any hot water cause once Rachel got up she'd use it all for sure. Joan stuck her head around the corner and I pretended to yawn and stretch as though I just woke up. I said "Oh, good morning Joan. I slept like a baby on this couch. It sure it comfy."

Joan said "That's great. It actually makes out into a bed, but it's so comfy I fall asleep on it myself all the time just like it is." Joan turned back around and began washing something in the sink. I now had another issue to deal with. Should I act surprised that I was naked or just act as if it were normal that I was completely naked in her living room? Joan was still moving about the kitchen and depending on where she was standing, she could see the living room or the hallway that led to the guest bath. I'd probably be seen either way as soon as I took the cover off. Based on what she had done just a moment ago I guessed that she wouldn't be terrified seeing me naked but still I didn't have any idea what was going through her mind. I finally reasoned that Joan could only assume that I wasn't concerned unless I gave an hint that this freaked me out, so I just stood up, picked up my clothes and headed off towards the bathroom without trying to cover anything.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Joan had turned around and was watching me. I made no attempt to hide my enormous hard-on and walked proudly down the hall with my dick swinging out in front of me. Just to push my luck I stopped before closing the bathroom door and asked Joan which towels I should use. Common sense said to close the door and get a shower but my cock was doing all the thinking for me now and it wanted that soft mouth back on top of it. Joan walked down to the bathroom from the kitchen. She came just inside the doorway and stopped and looked at me and then down at my dick that was pointed straight at her. "Oh, I'm sorry," I said pretending to be slightly embarrassed. I picked up a shirt and held it in front of me to help soften the awkward situation. "I don't know why it does that but it's hard as a rock some times in the morning and it's really bad for some reason today."

Joan just blushed said "Yeah, happens to Bob some times too. Who knows why that happens." Joan then pointed to a stack of towels on the side of the sink.

"Thanks", I said. Joan's eyes looking at me naked, with a huge hard-on was really turning me on so I concocted another excuse for her to linger. "Is there any special soap I should use, or do I just use what's already in the shower?" I scooted back to give Joan more room and she walked across the bathroom, opened the shower curtain and peeked into the shower. Meanwhile behind my shirt I gave my cock a couple strokes to ensure it was at its fullest.

"Just use whatever is in there dear," said Joan. She turned smiled and she paused as if she was about to say something. The silence was awkward. Despite being as horny as possible I could tell this was getting weird so I bailed her out by handing her my shirt and asked

"Can you throw that in the dryer for me for a few min. please? To get the wrinkles ou." Giving Joan my shirt was just another excuse to stand there naked again with my raging hard-on pointed right at Joan. This time however she was close enough to reach out and grab it and I prayed that she would. I happened to glance down and saw a considerable amount of pre-cum glistening on the end of my cock. Joan must have noticed as well cause she blushed and started backing towards the door. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on. "Can you just set it back on the sink when it's done? I'll leave the door unlocked for you." I mentally slapped myself for letting my cock do all the thinking. "I'll leave the door unlocked?" Why on earth did I say that? I was relieved to hear Joan say "Sure dear, and I'll get your jeans too." She walked out shutting the door behind her.

I don't know how well I got the rest of me clean but I jacked off furiously in the shower after Joan stepped out. It took me all of 5 seconds to cum. The orgasm was intense and huge ropes of thick white cum rocket out and blasted on to the shower wall. I don't think I could have taken Joan touching my cock again without covering her hand with my cum. Really that was the main reason I ended the stand-off and got into the shower. I turned the water off, dried off and stepped out onto the bath mat.

There was a soft knock on the door and I said "come in" knowing it had to be Joan. Joan opened the door and took a couple steps into the bathroom. "Here's your shirt and jeans, all fresh and wrinkle free." Joan started to turn and walk out and then she stopped and said "I see you fixed your 'morning problem' now."

"Oh, yeah," I said with a big grin on my face. My mind was still reeling thinking about her soft lips wrapped around my dick and I had forgotten that I was standing there naked in front of her again. I just looked down at my partly deflated cock, which was still fairly attentive, and said "I think that's all better now." Joan gave me a wink and then closed the door and left. Holy crap, what was going through her mind. It was quite obvious that her daughter's boyfriend just finished jacking off in her guest shower and was probably thinking of her when he did it.

Joan woke Rachel after I got out of the shower and then she poured us a cup of coffee and we both sat down and watched the morning news while we waited for Rachel to get out of the bathroom. We just sat there quietly for a while and Joan finally broke the silence. "So just how serious are you and Rachel?" I assured here that Rachel was the most amazing girl I'd ever known. She went on, "I just was thinking after this morning... I was thinking that we shared a rather intimate moment. I mean not intimate like sex." Joan blushed slightly. "But a close casual moment as if you were family and I just wanted to be sure that you were serious about her if we're going to treat you like close family."

I looked at Joan and said "Can I ask you to keep a secret? I think you might have an idea what I'm talking about." Joan swallowed hard and looked at me. The look on her face said she was busted, that I knew what she did to me. "Sure," said Joan, "we can have a secret that no one else has to know about." I was so tempted to tell her that I knew she was sucking my dick.

"Joan you have to promise not to tell Rachel about this." Joan looked me and just nodded. "Joan, I know..." I paused just to prolong her torture. "I know you must have an idea about how strongly I feel about Rachel and I'm fairly certain she's the one for me. You might actually be family if things work out the way I want them to." Joan's mouth dropped and then a huge look of relief washed over her face." Joan put her coffee cup down and threw both arms around me and kissed me on the lips and both cheeks. "But you have to promise, promise me you won't tell Rachel. I want to surprise her this fall with a proposal."

Joan said "Of course, I wouldn't want to spoil that. I'll keep it a secret that only we know."

Joan then said "You want to hear something funny? I thought you were going to say something about me seeing you into the bathroom this morning." Joan laughed nervously.

I laughed and said "Oh that? No I didn't think anything of that. I'm sorry that I was too dumb to find the towels that were right in front of me."

"Don't worry about it " said Joan. "Besides you're not exactly hard to look at naked."

We both laughed and then I said "Yeah we should probably keep that between us too. Someone might not understand." Joan nodded in agreement. While I didn't broach the subject of her blow job abilities what I did learn from that exchange is that Joan was more than willing to keep an intimate secret just between the two of us. That knowledge could come in handy later.

Rachel came out of the shower about that time and said, "I hope you two are getting along okay." We both said yeah, just watching news and chatting about nothing. Joan winked at me again. Joan then served us some of the best pancakes I've ever had and we all chatted as if nothing odd had happened that morning. Rachel and I snuggled on the couch and watched some pathetic reality show on MTV to kill the rest of the morning.

Just before lunch I volunteered to go out and take care of the lawn. It wasn't in terrible need of attention but it gave me something to do while I waited for everyone else to get ready for the day. It was getting hot out by the time I finished and was I was really looking forward to hanging out out by the pool with Rachel. I sort of hoped that her mom would join us outside as well where I'd have plenty of opportunity to oogle her behind the privacy of my sunglasses.

After lunch Rachel said she wanted to go outside and use the pool in the back yard and invited me and Joan to come out and join her. Rachel came out wearing the hottest white bikini. I asked her if she had taken the lining out of the top because the material was so thin I could just about see through it. "It's a tan-through bikini," she said. Rachel then opened up her cover up skirt to show me the bottoms.

"A thong!" I said excitedly.

"Yeah, wait till you see it wet," Rachel said. "It's nearly see-through. Mom won't let me wear it unless it's just her and me here. You must have impressed her if she feel comfortable enough for me to wear that around you."

"I do my best to impress" I said.

I went back to Joan's room and knocked on the door. "Come on in," Joan said. I told her that Rachel said I could borrow an old pair of her dad's swim trunks. Joan fished around in the closet and came out with a pair that didn't look to be my size but hopefully close enough.

Joan said "Why don't you take a quick shower and throw those on."

I went back to the guest bathroom and since Rachel was outside I decided to leave the door open to see if Joan would wonder in again for any reason. I was disappointed when she didn't show up but she did come in to the bathroom while I was in the shower and said that she'd wash my clothes while we were out at the pool. I asked her, "Aren't you going to join us, Joan?" She said she thought about it but wasn't sure but I insisted that she come out with us. I told her, "Rachel said she picked a swim suit out for you and that she'd be really sad if you don't come out with us." Joan finally agreed to and went off to her room to change. 

The trunks I borrowed turned out to be a bit too small and of course Rachel noticed that as soon as I came outside in them. She did a mock strip-tease with her cover up skirt and when she pretended to pull her bottoms off I quickly got hard enough to make my cock start peeking out the tops of my trunks. "Hey no fair!" I said. Rachel just laughed as I adjusted my now rock hard cock into a little better position.

I just had it under control somewhat when Joan came out wearing a nearly identical suit to Rachel's. Her's was the same tan-through thong bikini but light green instead of white. Joan's tits were amazing and you could clearly make out the nipples through the barely there material. "Looking good mom!" Rachel said as she sat down on pool-side lounge. I was in pool-side heaven. Here I was with a beautiful woman in a skimpy bikini and her equally beautiful mom was out in an outfit just as daring. I tried not to be too obvious about staring at Joan but Rachel caught me looking a couple times. She finally asked me "So what do you think about my mom's breasts?"

Rachel told me that her mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had implants added in after her double mastectomy. "Mom's still a bit unsure about them and dad hardly talks about them."

I said "Are you kidding? They're uhm, really nice."

"I know," said Rachel, "but she still doesn't believe it coming from her daughter. She needs a man to tell her that." Then Rachel looked at me and said "I know this sounds weird but could you go out of your way to compliment her?" Was this some sort of trap? Rachel caught the puzzled look on my face and she said, "No, I'm serious. It's my mom so I'm not going to be jealous. I'd actually really appreciate it if you could let her know how sexy she still is."

"Sexy?" I said.

"Yeah," Rachel said. "It would be good for her if a man let her know that she still had what it takes to turn heads. Compliment every aspect of her but give a little special attention to her breasts. Come on, you know she looks hot and the fact that she was willing to wear that suit out here shows she trusts you. If you can make her feel sexy you can spend the night again, and I might even sleep walk." That did get me to thinking but not with the head on my shoulders of course.

"I'll see what I can do," I said. "But this better not be a test to see if I'll hit on your mom."

Rachel just laughed and said, "No I want you to. That's the idea."

Rachel winked at me then nodded towards her mom. I looked up and Joan was adjusting her pool lounge. Joan's tits swayed slightly in the soft bikini restraints and when she turned her back to me I could see that Rachel wasn't kidding. That woman had a fine firm ass and the thong was showing it off well. I told Rachel, "If your ass looks that good when you're her age I think you'd be a keeper."

Rachel laughed. "See, that's what she needs to hear. Hey mom!" Rachel yelled out. "He said he hopes my ass looks as good as yours when I'm your age." Joan blushed and said thanks. Occasionally Rachel would look over at me and say "So you checking out those breasts?"

I laughed and said, "Yes Rachel. I noticed you have the same size nipple impression your mom has and it's sexy."

Rachel smiled and said, "See that's the spirit."

After about 30 min of sitting out everyone was getting hot so we all jumped into the pool. Rachel was true to her word. The white bikini was nearly invisible when wet. I told her she might as well not have a top on and Rachel said, "I might have to consider that". When her mom wasn't looking I tweaked Rachel's nipples through her suit or ran my hand up along her ass. Rachel was doing her best to make me horny as possible. Joan got in at the other side of the pool. Rachel nudged me in that direction. "Don't let her hang out over there on her own. I'm getting back out but you should swim over there and talk to her. Flirt with her a little too."

I watched as Rachel got out of the pool. Yeah, she was nearly naked in that suit and I was loving every second of it. Rachel was asking for trouble turning me on like that and sending me over to hang out with her mom. I swam over to the shallow end where Joan was lounging. When reached her side Joan tried crossing her arms to hide the fact that her suit was sheer when wet as well. I chatted about the heat for a min and noticed she was still a bit uncomfortable. "Hey Joan, don't be shy."

Joan said "I'm just not used to anyone seeing me in something this revealing."

I told her not to worry and that she looked great. Then I whispered "Besides, you've seen me naked and it didn't kill me. Just relax for a bit and try not to think about it." Joan relaxed her arms and sure enough the material was extremely sheer. Probably even more so than the white suit that Rachel had on. "Joan, Rachel was right. You're tits, I mean uhm breasts look amazing."

Joan sat up a little bit more and said, "I'm still not sure about them I don't know if they look or feel realistic."

I told Joan, "I haven't felt them but they look real enough. Full breasts, nice large nipples. What's not to like." Rachel eyed me from across the pool and gave me a "Go on" motion with her hands. I gulped and said "Can I feel them?" Joan blushed and looked at Rachel.

 Rachel was trying to pretend she wasn't interested but she nodded her head and said, "Mom let him feel them and see what he thinks.

Joan said "Okay sure. It would be nice to get another opinion." Joan stood up in the pool and walked right up to me. I reached out and felt both her breasts with my hands. I squeezed them a couple times and had to admit, "Your tits feel very natural. and they look fantastic."

Rachel yelled out, "Mom, he doesn't want to feel your suit. Take the top off."

Joan laughed and said "You're both crazy."

I told her "It really would be easier to tell without the top." Joan then untied her top and took it off.

Joan's breasts were fantastic. I reached out and felt both of them with my hands. "I wouldn't know they were implants if you didn't tell me."

"Really?" Joan said.

"Yes" I insisted. "The nipples are beautiful and I don't see any scars at all. And the size is fantastic. They say more than a handful or mouthful is a waste, but I disagree. I like that it takes two hands for each of your breasts." Joan smiled and just stood there. For some reason I continued massaging her breasts and Joan didn't make any indication that she wanted me to stop.

Rachel finally said "If you don't get your hands off her breasts she's not going to get a tan there." We all laughed and I stepped out of the pool. To my embarrassment Rachel then said "Mom, if just you think I'm making him say that then take a look at his trunks." I looked down. I had just stepped out of the pool, Joan was on the first step her face at eye level with my crotch, and half my cock was sticking out of the obviously too small trunks. Not only was it out, it was rock-hard.

Joan said "I noticed that a couple of minutes ago."

I walked back over to the chair by Rachel who was giggling with glee at my embarrassment. "So my mom gives you a hard-on?" I stammered and tried to think of something to say. What did she expect. I was fondling a fantastic set of tits. Rachel just laughed at my lack of words and said "You did great. Thanks for being so sweet to my mom. I owe you one." Then Rachel whispered "Keep doing exactly what you're doing. I'm serious, she needs some good old fashioned sexual teasing to boost her ego."

I looked at Rachel and said "You want me to be sexual with her?"

Rachel replied, "Well you don't have to have sex with her obviously but touching her tits, patting her ass, letting your cock hang out so she sees can still turn guys on.. Obviously she really is turning you on. Mr happy looks really happy right now." Rachel giggled. "You've done more for her in the last hour than years of mental therapy have done. I see she didn't even put her top back on." Rachel then said loud enough for her mom to hear "Guess I need to step my game up to compete with the topless hottie on that side of the pool." Then to my amazement Rachel pulled her top off.

My cock sprang back up and was sticking out of my shorts again. Rachel noticed and then continued to peel her thong off slowly. "Don't feel like getting any tan-lines today." My mouth was on the ground. Rachel was stunning but naked was indescribable. The perfect swell of her hips was punctuated but a tiny exclamation point of a strip right over her pussy. Rachel pushed my hand away when I put in on her leg. "No no, just for looks," she teased. "Besides my mom's out here and you're supposed to be pawing at her instead of me. You can put your paws on me later tonight."

We stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon. Joan was topless, my cock was in and out of my tiny trunks, and Rachel stayed completely naked. It was enough to kill a man. Rachel got up and said she was going in to use the bathroom and get something for everyone to drink. She whispered for me to turn it up a notch with her mom. "Don't let her sexual liberation die out over there. Keep her up there on cloud 9. Let her know she's still one sexy lady. I'm going in for a min to get some drinks for us. Go jump in the pool and then sit in the lounge by my mom. I'll let her know I'll be inside for a bit. Doe something naughty over there." I stood up and Rachel's nakedness was having it's effect on me. My cock was doing all the thinking now and was even half way out.

Rachel pulled my trunks down to my ankles. "You might as well not even wear those." She laughed. "Your cock is half way out even with them on." I started to protest but Rachel said, "Mom do you mid if we're both naked?"

Joan said "You're like that all the time and I already saw most his package so I guess not. I thought "Yeah, Joan doesn't mind seeing me naked" but didn't say that to Rachel. Since Rachel had already pulled my trunks down I kicked them off and jumped into the pool. "Be back in a bit. Going in for a bathroom break and some drinks," Rachel said. "Mom I'm going to run down to the store real quick and pick up some drink mix." Rachel gave me a knowing wink. "Oh and put some sunscreen on the cock or it will burn." she remarked as she went inside. 

I swam across the pool a couple of times and then hopped out. Of course my cock was fairly erect. Joan noticed that Rachel was still gone and remarked "Hey I saw you this morning."

We both laughed and I said "Who me, or are you talking to my little friend?"

Joan said "I wouldn't exactly call it little but yeah I'm talking to both of you. I've never seen a cock as big as yours actually so don't be shy with it."

I parried "Well I've never seen tits as nice as yours so don't be shy with them either." We laughed quite a bit at that and I went over and sat on the lounge by Joan. "Don't forget the sunscreen," Joan said and handed me a bottle of lotion. I squeezed out a handful into my hand and the started rubbing it on my cock and I stared at her tits as I kept stroking. "Am I your inspiration for that?" Joan asked.

I nodded and said, "Yeah, you and those tits are great inspiration." Then she whispered "Are you actually going to blow your load out here staring at my tits? Rachel might come back and see."

Thinking about how Rachel said to turn it up, I said "I already blew one load thinking of you this morning. Why not make it two?" I continued stroking my cock.

Joan said, "May I?" and reached over and started giving me a fantastic lotion hand job. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Rachel had come back out and was watching her mom jack me off. "Joan," I said. "I've been wanting to see those tits for nearly 2 months now. Don't get me wrong. Rachel's tits are great too, but there's just something awesome about seeing yours too."

Joan looked at me with a sly smile. "Really? You want to bag the mom and daughter or are you just using Rachel to get to me?"

I looked at Joan and said, "Don't be coy. I know you were sucking my cock this morning while I was sleeping."

Joan stopped and looked at me. "You were awake?"

"Well not really at first" I said, "but it's hard to sleep through someone sucking your balls. It killed me that I couldn't cum while you were sucking me off. Why don't you finish what you started this morning?"

Joan hadn't noticed that Rachel was standing in the doorway watching since Rachel was behind her to the left. "Okay" said Joan. "I have to tell you I've been dreaming about your cock all day and I was planning on sucking you off in the morning again if nothing happened. Just don't tell Rachel."

I looked over at Rachel and said "I promise, I won't say a word to her about this." Rachel saw her mom lean over and start sucking my cock and mouthed to me "What the fuck?" I just shrugged like "I don't know" I wondered if this was going further than Rachel wanted it to. If it was it's her fault for turning me on and turning me loose on her mom.

Joan was sucking my cock like a pro and was holding nothing back. I looked over at Rachel who smiled and mouthed, "I love you". Obviously she was under the impression that I was doing this out of duty to Rachel. I doubt I would have taken it this far without Rachel's prodding but I have to admit I was doing this for selfish reasons as well. It was sweet of her to think I was just being kind, but I was getting a superb blow job and I was fondling Joan's tits at the same time. As Joan started licking my shaft again, I looked over at Rachel and saw that she had started fingering herself while she stood there.

Well what do you know? Rachel was really getting into this so I decided to go all out so long as Rachel wasn't stopping it. "Joan your mouth feels wonderful on my cock." Joan hummed "Hmmmm hmmm". I then thought about what Rachel said earlier and decided to earn more points. "Joan, can I suck your tits for a minute. The thought of those beautiful melons is going to make me blow my load. I have to suck them for a minute." Joan sat up and closed her eyes as I took turns sucking and fondling each breast. I looked over at Rachel, who was fingering herself even faster and mouthed "Perfect" while giving me the thumbs up.

After sucking each of Joan's tits for a few min. I told her to get back to work. "Suck it now Joan, and when I blow I want to blow it all over your beautiful tits. I've never seen such perfect tits before." Joan moaned as she continued sucking my cock. I stood up and turned so Rachel could see better. In fact I wanted to see her face when I came. "Here it comes Joan. Keep sucking my cock. I'm going to blow my load just thinking about your tits." Joan started sucking faster, tongue twirling over the head of my cock. I looked at Rachel and mouthed, "I love you". She nodded and I started grunting. "Ugh! Here it is Joan, let me see your tits when I come." Joan stopped sucking and started jacking me off with her hand as she positioned my cock over her tits. The massive ropes of cum this morning was nothing compared to what I poured all over Joan's tits and face. Rachel was just speechless and had a mixed look of shock and pleasure as she continued to finger her pussy as I shot load after load on her mom's tits. I noticed that Joan was fingering herself as well, and called out "O yeah, spray your seed all over my big tits. I love that you love my tits. I'm going to cum thinking about it.". As I grunted my last spurt Joan came as well. She smiled at me, and sucked my cock clean.

I looked over and saw that Rachel had collapsed into a sitting position on the ground by the door. She must have O'd at the same time. Joan looked back towards the door but couldn't see Rachel cause she was still sitting and the back of the chair was in the way. Joan said, "We need to clean up before Rachel comes back with the drinks." Joan stood up and I leaned forward and kissed each cum soaked nipple making sure that Rachel saw it but Joan couldn't see Rachel.

"Joan these tits are so awesome. Do you think I can cum on them again? You can wake me up with a blow job again and we can take a quick shower together to clean up."

Joan smiled and said "I'd like that very much. You don't know how good you make me feel. It's been a long time since I felt this way. I can't promise every time you sleep over but if Bob is out of town, and he his most weekends, you can have a blowjob and pancakes for breakfast."

I said, "Deal, but next time I want to titty-fuck you instead of a blow-job."

Joan looked at me and gave me a kiss. "What about sex? Don't you want to try my pussy out too? I know Rachel is making you wait till she's sure you're the one but in the mean time you can use my pussy if you'd like."

I hesitated. "I wouldn't want to hurt Rachel's feelings. If she's wanting me to wait, then..." I hugged Joan close and looked over her shoulder at Rachel. Rachel was still eavesdropping and I looked at her and mouthed "She wants me to fuck her pussy too." Rachel shrugged, nodded her head vigorously and mouthed "Yes, Yes, why not?". I looked back at Joan and said "Let's just play it by ear, but if I ever catch you without that thong on, or just happened to see you in the shower naked, let's just say that I might not be able to control myself." Joan smiled and I said, "Now let's jump in the pool and get all this cum off you."

We were both in the pool when Rachel walked back out. Rachel was smiling from ear to ear. "I see you two are still out here having fun. Did I miss anything?"

Joan said, "No you just missed him putting lotion on his cock."

Rachel said, "Oh, I bet that was a sight to see. Didn't I tell you mom that he had a huge cock? And no we haven't had sex yet if you're wondering."

Joan said, "I think he's willing to wait for you as long as you need to be sure honey." We hung out in the pool for a while longer. Joan would brush her cum-tastic tits up against me fairly often and play with my cock under the water. Rachel blind-folded me and made me guess if I was feeling her tits or her mom's. 

Later that night Rachel did sneak into the living room and when I was trying to drill Rachel, Rachel was drilling me with questions about what she over-heard at the pool. "Mom sucked you off in your sleep? I can't believe her. I guess she was more sex-starved that I thought. Then she walked into the bathroom when you were naked? You didn't do a thing with her till I asked you did you?"

"Nope Rachel, I was honestly a good boy. I'll be honest with you and tell you that I've wanted to cum on your mom's tits for a couple months. Of course I'd never do anything that upset you."

Rachel said, "You're the one for sure then but I already knew that." Rachel rode me like a stallion 3 times that night. Afterwards she said, "You need to keep mom's spirits up. God knows dad isn't doing it. I'm going to keep pretending that I don't know but I expect you to keep her happy with her body image. Do that and I'll keep your little cock happy with my pussy."

I asked her, "Do you really mean for me to fuck her too? She asked me at the pool if I could fuck her."

"Do you want to fuck her?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I hate to be such a pig, but I really would like to fuck your mom."

Rachel kissed me and said "Then you better fuck her. If that's all it takes to keep my mom happy I'm more than willing to share you. Don't tell her I know though. I think she sort of likes that she does it to you secretly." 

That next morning I awoke to Joan sucking my cock like a crazed addict. I even fucked her in the shower. When Rachel finally got up she raised her eyebrow during breakfast and said "So.....?" I informed her that I had already blew a load in Joan's mouth, one in her pussy, and a third on her tits.

Rachel said, "You poor poor man. Fucking my mom isn't going to get you out of fucking me today. Better eat a good breakfast." 

1 year later I was zipping my tuxedo pants and looking down at Joan. "Thanks Joan. A blow job before I walk out there to get married is just the thing I needed to calm my nerves."

Joan said, "Don't mention it. And you two have fun on our honeymoon." I still get an occasional blow job from Joan. Rachel caught me fucking her mom in the kitchen last year after Thanksgiving dinner. Joan tried to hide and pull her pants up, but Rachel said "Really mom? I've know that you've been fucking my husband for years."

Joan couldn't believe it. "Really?"

"Yes mom. And guess what? We just found out we're pregnant. I'm going to need you to take extra care of my hubby for the next 9 months. You might have to do more than the occasional weekend. Why don't you start coming over and helping me plan for the nursery every other day."

Rachel winked, and her mom smiled. "Every other day? Do you think he can handle it?"

"I hope so," Rachel chimed in, "I don't plan on giving him too much of a break unless the Dr says I have to. If I do then you have to come over every day." Rachel then looked back at me, and my cock was still out and rock hard. "Mom finish what you started there." Joan got down on her knees and proved once again that she really was the best mother in law.