just US 2

By Laila

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As I am getting ready for the presentation all I can thing about is how good it felt to be in your arms and how much I wanted your dick inside of me. Before I knew it I was on the stage and ready to dance, that is when I spotted you. You were sitting in the third row right in the middle in front of me and on your lap there was a small pink rose.

The music started and as my hips moved my sight was set on you the whole time. I danced with all my heart and it was all for you. As the seconds passed I gave more and more and in no moment did we take are sights of each other. It was as if I was giving myself completely to you through the dance, through the movement of my belly, my hips, and my hands. As fast as it stared it ended. Two hours on stage had gone like seconds because of you. I was of the stage and for a very strange reason craving a cigarette. Something that had only happened to me once before the best time I had had with a man in bed till then.

I was so amazed that it took me way too much time to change and get ready to leave. By the time I was out everybody had left. So I walked out the back door and there I see you standing by a motorcycle with the pink rose in your hand.

--you were amazing—you said

--thank you, that’s real nice of you!—

--a pink rose for a pure heart—

---you didn’t have to, you know—

--oh, but I did. You see, there is something I can never tolerate and that is a pretty lady crying. So I give you a rose for your tears in hope they won’t appear again because of a boy—

With that phrase you walk towards me, take my hand and plane the rose in it. But as you turn around I grab your hand and say –holding me in your arms again would have had the same result—and I let go, and walk to my car, get in and drive away.   That night I felt asleep dreaming of your smell and I know you fell asleep dreaming of me.

                The next morning I got up and took a bath. While I was in the shower I decided I wasn’t going to give myself to you that easily. Given I was extremely hot I decided I should give myself a little something. I was under the shower enjoying the water as my hands played with my boobs and slowly one of them started recognizing my belly and going lower where it met with my vagina. There is started to play, first in the outside where it just rushed up and down fast and slow. Then it entered a little bit to discover that it was warm and wet. Not because of the water but because I was excited. I could not stop thinking of you I could only imagine that my finger was not mine, that it was yours and that you were the one playing in my vagina. And so one went in and out and then there were two and they were going in and out very fast. I wanted more I wanted you so while one hand had two and then three fingers inside my vagina my other hand was playing with my clitoris. I started mooning I wanted you I wanted more and more so I went faster until I finished. I got out and got dressed. This time it was a small summer dress I knew you would love to ripe of my body and left for school to see you.