just US 3

By Laila

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As I am walking through campus I know you are watching me from your office. I see a friend of mine so I walk up to her and star talking about nonsense. All I want is to be in your view but act as if I don’t know you see me. there we stand you in your office and I with my friends. When you least expect it I look up and smile. At first you feel ashamed because I caught you looking at me but with the warm smile I just gave you, you know you can keep looking.   For I moment I turn away and when I look back you are no longer to be seen. I feel bad I wanted you to keep looking at me, but your plans had changed.

                I had nothing else to do on campus but you. So within a matter of minutes I no longer had a excuse to stay. So I started walking back to my car completely disillusioned that I had not achieved something more than giving you a smile. There was no inappropriate touch not even an exchange of words, nothing the day seemed ruined. So I got into my car and then I got a text message on my cell it was from you. You wrote that we should meet in the bar of the H.H. in three hours, we had much to discourse.   Before we know it we were both sitting in the bar drinking sampan cocktails and talking about everything and nothing. The hours went by, and the sun came down, but we kept on talking. Then you asked me to dace and I said yes.   You took my hand and dragged me to the improvised dance floor. We dances too slow songs. And the slower they got the closer we got.

---there is no rose this time---you said into my ear

--but there is something between us---I answered as I pushed my pelvis closer to you and felt how your penis was getting hard.

--there is a method by which we may be able to get it out of the way—and with this your hand came down to my ass and pushed gently closer to you.

--and may I ask what this method is?—

--you may, but it involves us going out to the garden and into somewhere new---

---then I do believe we have no other way than to try your method, after all you are the professor—

                And with not another word spoken between us we walked out to the garden and found ourselves in front of a door where you asked me if I was sure, and I answered I had never been as sure as I was know.   We walked inside and there we were alone, only you and me and nothing to stop us. We kissed like we had never kissed anyone before. And with the kiss you lift me up, my legs were around your waist and I could feel you penis growing throw your pants and into my vagina. All I wanted to do was ripe you pants of and hold you penis in my hand. I wanted to like it and put it inside my mouth and play with it. I wanted you to come inside my mouth like no one had ever made you come by sucking you dick.

                So I started kissing you eras, you neck and kissing you mouth and biting you lips. You put me down and as you did I unbuttoned your shirt and took it off. I kissed you nipples and your arms and my hands went down you abdomen they found a belt and as they untied it my mouth was kissing every inch of your body my hands had touched. After undoing your belt I took of your pants and you shoes and you boxers. I found myself in front on the most delicious dick in les then an instant I had it in between my boobs and my hands and up and down it went. Once I saw that it was getting even bigger it went into my mouth. First I played with the tip I liked it and I kissed it and I suctioned it. Then I started kissing it all and putting little by little into my mouth always going back to the tipi and playing with my tongue ring and your dick. Soon all of your dick was in my mouth and I was going up and down very fast and you were so mouning and that turned me even more on and then you came inside my mouth.