Kathleen Part 1: The Replacement Dad

By funpuppy

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A young girl finds a new life after the one that she knew falls apart.
When Brian was about 35 years old, his best friend and his best friend’s wife both had a tragic accident in which they lost their lives. Charles and Charlotte had a young daughter named Kathleen. Both of them being only children themselves, they had no living family that would be able to finish raising Kathleen who was 16 at the time of their death. Brian was more than a little surprised to find out that his friends had decided to make him Kathleen’s godfather in their will. Brian had never had kids of his own and never married, so he wasn’t sure if he should do this, but then he decided that Kathleen was already old enough to take care of herself, he just needed to give her a place to live and some food for the next couple of years until she turned 18.

Having a teenage girl in his house proved to be harder than he had thought it would be. Kathleen had no respect for him at all and would sometimes go out of the way to break his rules. He tried not to say too much to her about it because he knew that most of the problem was that she really missed her parents. A fact that she would remind him of with the ever present “you’re not my father” comment. After about three months, Brian insisted that Kathleen begin seeing a therapist to help deal with her grief.

Then, shortly after her 17 th birthday, Kathleen began to slowly start showing signs of letting up on Brian. Before long, she was beginning to help out around the house and fallow the rules that Brian had set for her. Another thing that he had began to notice though; Kathleen had started to get a lot more comfortable around him.

Kathleen was 5’ 8” with long black hair, dark brown eyes and an olive complexion. She had just a little bit of a belly, but still very nice and with her D cup breasts and wide hips that supported a very nice round bottom, Brian found it very hard to ignore her body. She was also very beautiful which didn’t help matters any at all.

Kathleen started to wear very skimpy clothes around the house and had even gotten to the point that at night, she would change into one of her oversized tee shirts with nothing else but a pair of thong panties that would ride up into her slit to sit on the couch and watch TV with him before bed. She had also started to move closer and closer to him on the couch until finally she would just plop down right next to him and lay her head on his shoulder.

Brian had gotten so used to having Kathleen around now, that when her 18 th birthday had began to get closer, he started to get depressed. He knew that once she turned 18, she would most likely find an apartment and move out on her own. It was something that he couldn’t wait for just 8 months ago, but now, he really wanted her to stay.

On the day of her birthday, Brian hid his sadness from Kathleen because he wanted her to know nothing but happiness that day. All of her friends had come and the house was full. Thankfully her birthday fell on a Friday that year, because most of the guests stayed pretty late. Brian offered to let some of Kathleen’s girl friends spend the night, but all of them said that they couldn’t and Kathleen didn’t really seem all that interested in all night guests anyway, so he let it go.

The last guest didn’t leave until around 1:00 a.m. and so Brian told Kathleen that they could wait till in the morning to finish cleaning up the house.

“I’m pretty tired,” Brian said, “but I’m also wound up. I think I’m going to watch a movie in my room before I go to sleep.”

“Oh, I’m feeling about the same way,” Kathleen said. “Can I watch the movie with you?”

“Sure,” Brian answered. “I’ll go get it and bring it in here.”

“No, that’s ok. We can just watch it in your room. That way, if we get too tired and fall asleep, at least we’ll be in a bed.”

Brian was shocked. Kathleen had never asked to sleep in his room before. He began to think about all those moments that he would watch her and wondered if this was a good idea.

“I’m not so sure,” he began, but was cut off.

“It’s ok B,” Kathleen said. “It’s just a movie. Just give me time to go change into something to sleep in and I’ll be right there. You should go change to.”

She walked down the hall without giving him time to protest any further and so Brian just accepted it and went on to his room to change. Normally, he would just sleep in his boxers, but tonight he thought maybe he should wear one of his pajamas instead. He went into his bathroom, changed into his PJs, brushed his teeth and then walked back out into his room.

Kathleen was just walking into his room when he came out of the bathroom. He had been thinking that she would be wearing one of the same oversized shirts that he had become accustomed to, but she had surprised him. Instead, she was standing there in a cut off tee shirt that only just came down below her ample breasts and a pair of G-string panties with little multi colored hearts on them. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at her body, seeing more of it than he had ever seen before.

“Is that what you normally wear to bed?” Kathleen asked, bringing him back from his dazed state.

He looked at her and saw the confused look on her face.

“Oh,” he stammered. “No, it’s not. Normally I just sleep in my underwear.”

She laughed as she said, “Well then silly, take off those pajamas and come lay down to watch a movie with me.”

He wasn’t sure at first, but with a stern look from Kathleen, Brian took off his clothes and with nothing on but his boxers, climbed into bed. Kathleen walked around to the other side and drew back the covers. Then she stood and; raising her arms above her head; gave one last long stretch. As she did so, the bottom of her shirt rose up; exposing the bottom half of her quarter sized nipples. Brian couldn’t help but to feel a small throbbing in his shorts. When she climbed into the bed, Brian started the movie. He had placed his TV at the side of his bed so that he could lie on his side when watching it before bed at night which forced them to lay with her back to his front now, but Brian made sure to leave plenty of space between them.

About half way through the movie, Brian started to drift off to sleep, but before he could fall completely asleep, he felt Kathleen’s body suddenly pressed up against his own. Her back was fully pressed against his chest and her perfect round bottom was pressed against his cock. It was enough to wake him fully. Kathleen reached behind her and took his hand, wrapping it around her waist. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. He thought she couldn’t be thinking what he was, and so said nothing to stop her, but he wasn’t sure if he would be able to hide his thoughts for long.

Only moments later, he could feel his cock begin to grow. In no time, he felt it brushing against her behind making it jump and throb with desire. Surly she could feel it now, but she only continued to lay there. He started to slowly grind himself into her, telling himself that he should stop, but finding that to be impossible. Every time he thought she would feel him, she only lay there and so his rhythm became stronger and faster. Just when he had reached the point that he knew she had to feel him, he began to notice that she was now matching his rhythm. Her head turned to him and she kissed him deeply, their tongues curling around one another over and over.

Kathleen led his hand down the front of her body until it reached her now soaking wet mound. Brian let his hand slide the thin piece of material over before slowly sinking one of his fingers into the warmth of her slit. He found her clitoris in no time as her mouth pulled away from his in a low, barely audible moan. Having her clit massaged by Brian sent Kathleen into a state of bliss unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She took his cock into her hand and began to stroke it, matching the rhythm that Brian was setting with his exceptionally talented finger.

She had been thinking of this moment for a little more than eight months now. She had fallen in love with him, but knew that she couldn’t have him, at least not until she turned 18. When Brian said that he wanted to watch a movie before going to bed that night, it was the opportunity that she thought she would have to wait a little longer for and so she jumped on it.

Kathleen could feel her orgasm building. She knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would have the release that she wanted, but she also knew that it wouldn’t be enough.

“Oh God B,” she said. “Right there. Just like that. Don’t stop. Faster. Faster. Oooohhhh God!”

Her orgasm came on strong. She began to convulse wildly. All the aching for him had started to melt away into total bliss and in that moment, all that mattered was the sensation of him touching her. It was if she could feel him in her soul and mind. There was nothing he could do to her that would make her turn him away. For the past few months, she wanted nothing more than to be with him and though she would have never known it to be possible, she wanted him now more than ever.

The instant her orgasm was over, Kathleen wasted no time. Turning over, she shoved Brian onto his back and took his entire 8” cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Brian said as he threw his head back and grabbed hold of the head board to keep from jumping off the bed.

Her mouth was warm and inviting. He had often fantasized about having it wrapped around him, but he had always greatly underestimated just how wonderful it would feel. Her tongue slid up his shaft and across his head, swirling around the tip before slowly engulfing him again. Brian continued to hold on to the head board for stability even though the sudden shock had already subsided and pure pleasure is all that remained. She looked up at him, her eyes meeting his and locking onto them, holding him in a trance that he could not break.

“Oh Kat,” he said, “you have no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about this. Oh wow. It’s really happening. Oh my God, it’s really happening.”

A smile appeared on Kathleen’s cock stuffed face which only intensified Brian’s pleasure. As her lips reached the base of his shaft, she opened her mouth and with a lap of her tongue, pulled his balls in as well. She gave a few short strokes that made a gentle tug on his sack and then let them fall out with another up stroke. Her mouth made a slurping sound as she let his cock fall from her mouth.

Reaching out her hand, she took hold of him and began to slowly stroke as she lifted his balls and let her tongue gently circle his asshole. A sudden gasp let her know that he approved and so she continued to rim his ass with her tongue. Brian could hardly control himself. Kathleen began to lick his ass with more vigor and jerk his throbbing dick with growing speed. Her tongue pierced his hole. Feeling her tongue thrusting in and out of him caused Brian to start building toward orgasm. Kathleen brought her free hand up to Brian’s ass and replaced her tongue with two of her fingers. Then she continued her oral attention on his cock, sucking and finger fucking him all at once.

It was more than Brian could handle and he suddenly reached down with both hands grabbing her by the hair on either side of her head. He pulled her face down on him until there was no more of him to fit inside of her. Stream after stream of hot cum filled her throat. She took in every last drop, savoring it, swallowing some and saving what she could in her mouth. As soon as Brian had finished, she reached up, kissed him deeply and let him share the little bit that she had saved.

Brian grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over to her back. He pulled her legs up so that they rested on his shoulders as he lined himself up to her. Letting the tip of his dick slide along her open slit, she let out a small moan.

“Fuck me B,” she said to him. “I need you so bad. Please fuck me.”

He pushed into her. She was so tight and he could feel as her hymen snapped under the pressure of him. Kathleen winced under the pain, but never stopped smiling up at him.

He hadn’t been aware that she was a virgin, after all, how could she be? She was a beautiful young woman who had shown remarkable skill up till now. He was completely shocked, but suddenly very pleased.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

She reached up her hand and caressed his face. “Yes,” she said. “This is what I want. It’s what I’ve wanted and all I’ve thought about for months. Please, don’t stop.”

Brian pulled out slowly and then gently back in again. His strokes were so easy and gentle. Kathleen had a mixture of both pain and pleasure on her face as he attentively watched her for any sign that she was not as OK as she had said she was. After a while, he could see the pain start to go away as the pleasure began to grow. He increased his speed a little at a time until there was no pain at all.

Her pussy was so tight. No longer concentrating on Kathleen’s pain, Brian was able to fully feel the pleasure her magnificent cunt was supplying his prick. Just as he began to feel his orgasm building inside him, Kathleen’s body began to rock and convulse. The walls of her pussy tightened even more around him. Her orgasm seemed to flow through his cock and into his entire body, adding to the already building climax. Just as Brian felt that he could take no more, he exploded in a powerful orgasm. His cum filled her pussy and began to flow out of her from around him.

Brian collapsed on the bed beside her and then she rolled over into his arms. They lay there blissfully without a word until they had come down from their orgasms and finally drifted off to sleep.