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Kathleen Part 2: Mind Games

Kathleen remembers her first lesson from her therapist.
Kathleen woke the next morning still in Brian’s arms. He hadn’t woke up yet and she didn’t want to wake him, so she just lay there blissfully thinking about the night before. It wasn’t long before her mind started to wonder back to the day she made the decision to make her dreams about Brian come true.

She had been seeing the therapist that Brian made her go to for several months, but with very little results. The fact of the matter was she didn’t want to be at Brian’s. She knew that what she really did want, she couldn’t have, but that didn’t matter. She wanted to be in her old house where she lived with her mother and father. It was just sitting there on the other side of town with all of her parent’s things in it not being used. She couldn’t stand the thought of all of their things sitting there with layers of dust on them.

Things were starting to be different now though. Since she moved in with Brian, she had started to heal and was beginning to move on and not be so mad all the time. After all, it wasn’t Brian’s fault and all he’s done is try to help. Beyond even that though, he had been really good to her and as patient as any man could be expected. She didn’t see him as someone to be hated anymore, but she still didn’t see him as a father figure either. Yes, he was her godfather, but he didn’t treat her like a father treats a daughter. He treated her like an equal. The only things he ever really made her do are go to therapy, go to school, and call him to let him know where she was going to be and when she would be home. All of those things; though she didn’t know it at the time; were things she really needed. Yes, Brian had been very good to her and very much more patient than most people. Still not like a father though. She wasn’t sure why or when, but at some point, she had fallen in love with him.

If having the emotional attachment to Brian wasn’t bad enough, the physical attraction was just down, right wrong. In the past few weeks, as she began to let go of her anger, she has been having fantasies about him. In the mornings, after she hears his alarm go off, she’ll sneak into his room and watch him through a crack in the bathroom door as he showers and gets ready for the day. She loved to watch the water run across his back and then flow down his body. Though most of the time he would have his back turned to her, he would turn and face her as he washed his face and hair.

Brian is tall (about 6’1”). He’s not muscular, but that doesn’t matter to Kathleen. She is more attracted to the tall skinny guys anyway, and at only 155 lb’s, Brian is most definitely that. He has light complexion skin, dark brown eyes, and a thick head of light brown hair and keeps a small beard that he keeps well trimmed. There is a small triangle of thin hair in the center of his chest and light hair on his arms and legs, but he keeps the rest of his body shaved clean. Though most people would look at Brian and find him a bit gangly looking, to Kathleen, he is the model of what a man should look like.

Sitting in her therapist’s office, Kathleen was recounting all of the past week’s emotional outbursts as she always did to start out her appointments with him. Dr. Thomas Arnold just sat in his chair only half listening to what she was saying. It didn’t really matter anyway. Kathleen had come a long way from when she first started seeing him, and the outbursts were becoming less and less. In fact, most of the time, her more recent outbursts were nothing more than what could be expected out of any normal teenage girl. He had been thinking about telling her godfather that she need not even see him anymore.

Now though, Thomas was finding it more and more difficult to even see Kathleen. His attention span with her had begun to dwindle to the point that during many of her appointments, he hadn’t even taken any notes at all. It was hard to concentrate on what she was saying when she came in dressed the way she had been lately. He had always found her to be an attractive young woman, but now, she was downright sexy and he found himself hiding a massive erection every time she came in. Some days, he would even begin to pace behind her as she sat on the couch so that he could take peeking glances down the front of her shirt.

“…but the biggest problem is all the time I spend in my room masturbating while I think about him fucking me,” Kathleen said, and Thomas, just realizing what she was saying, came quickly to his senses.

She had said Brian’s name. She was talking about her godfather.

“Kathleen,” Thomas interrupted, “has Brian touched you in any way or done anything to make you feel uncomfortable?”

“OH NO!” she exclaimed. “He hasn’t done anything but be a good friend to me. He’s so patient and doesn’t even know that I think of him that way. I don’t know how it happened, but I just started to fall in love with him, but I didn’t try to. I know it’s wrong of me. I just can’t help it and I’ve been getting really turned on by him lately. It’s like I can’t keep my hands off of myself. I start thinking about him or if I smell something of his, my pussy gets all wet and I just have to find a privet place so I can touch myself. I pull the front of my skirt up and reach my hand in my panties. The moisture is all ready there and all I have to do is slide my finger inside my little slit, find my magical spot and rub myself until I find that release.”

As she continued to tell her story, Thomas began to lean forward in his seat, paying more attention to her than he had in a long time. When she began to describe the feelings that she would experience as she thought about her godfather and the feelings that her fingers would provide to her clitoris, her body began to wiggle and writhe on the couch. She slid down in her seat and her short skirt rode up, exposing the soaked crotch of her panties.

“It’s like I can feel him touching me,” she said. “His body against mine. His hands on my breasts and body, exploring me. When I let myself go, I sometimes feel as if he were inside of me.”

As she continued to talk, Kathleen closed her eyes and slid one of her hands down the front of her panties as the other worked at freeing her breasts from her shirt and bra. Thomas’s already hard cock began to throb uncontrollably. When she had finally worked her tit’s free and he had his first look at them, his mouth began to water as he thought about what it would be like to take one of those magnificent globes in his mouth and bite down on it, sucking the nipple until it was swollen and engorged. The thin patch of material that was already making a bad attempt at covering her young virgin pussy was now falling to one side under the pressure of Kathleen’s finger assault to her clitoris. Thomas could see the juices as they built up and then rolled down her slit and thigh. He knew that he should stop this. He knew that this went against all his years of training and yet he felt frozen. Unable to move or speak due to the power that this young girl had over him and he imagined other men as well.

Kathleen continued on and on telling her stories about all the sensations that thinking about Brian would cause her as she rubbed herself on Thomas’s couch in front of him. Her breathing became heavier and she became more and more forceful with her assault. Thomas knew that she had no intention to stop until she had her release. It was too late for that now. She was lost in her fantasies and desire. Thomas couldn’t take it anymore. He undid his pants and taking out his cock, began to stroke it fast and hard. He moved to his knees in the floor in front of her, watching, lusting, and trying not to cross that final line. Kathleen began to call out Brian’s name loudly and Thomas pretended it was his name that she was saying. As she approached orgasm, she became increasingly vocal and Thomas wasn’t sure he could take much more. He could feel the tension building in him. It was more intense than anything his wife had done for him since before they had the kids. Suddenly, Kathleen called out loudly and Thomas knew that she was in the grip of orgasm. It was more than he could handle and he stood in front of her as his whole body began to push outward it seemed, and expel his cum on her face. Feeling the first large load of spunk hitting her on her cheek, Kathleen opened her mouth wide to accept what he may have left to offer her.

Thomas shot several more loads into Kathleen’s mouth and on her face. His spunk poured off of her chin onto her breasts. Kathleen was wiping it up and shoving it into her mouth as quickly as she could when she suddenly realized what was happening and came to her senses. What am I doing?  She thought to herself. This is my therapist. It’s wrong. Isn’t it? The fact of the matter was, she didn’t feel like it was wrong. She felt wonderful. Her body felt wonderful and knowing that she was able to give pleasure to Dr. Arnold made her feel wonderful on the inside. How can it be wrong to bring pleasure to someone? Isn’t that a good thing? Then and there, Kathleen decided that she was going to make it her goal to make her dreams come true about Brian. She knew that one day, she would make herself his, and that she would be prepared to make sure that when the day came, she would be able to give him a night he wouldn’t soon forget. Dr. Arnold would see to that.

Thomas was now leaning over Kathleen with his hand resting on the back of the couch completely spent. What have I done? He thought to himself. This is my patient. A 17 year old girl that comes to me for help dealing with the loss of her parents and I just took advantage of her. What am I going to do? Now that he had finally gotten his release, Thomas was beginning to regret letting things get this far. Not only had he cheated on his wife, but he had jeopardized his career.

His member had just about gone flaccid and he had regained enough of his strength that he thought it was about time for him to stand and put an end to this. Before he could however, Kathleen suddenly leaned forward and took his softening cock into her mouth. He wanted to pull away, both out of his newly regained professionalism and the shock to his sensitive tool, but Kathleen had put both of her hands on his waist and was pulling him in. Once he was buried deep in her mouth, she held him there gently massaging him with her tongue. The sensation quickly went from being overwhelming to intensely gratifying. The urge to pull out of her had stopped and all he wanted now was to feel the warm moistness of her throat.

Feeling him relax, Kathleen let him fall from her mouth as she took hold of his shaft and began to softly stroke him. She coughed a little because of the gagging sensation he had caused her. She had never had a cock in her mouth and aside from watching Brian through the shower door, had never even seen a man’s cock in real life. She had found some of Brian’s videos that he had hidden in the back of his closet, but that only gave her a rudimentary idea of what to do. She needed a real subject to practice on. A subject that could teach her how to be as pleasing to Brian as he deserved.

Kathleen took just the head of Thomas’s dick into her mouth and began to suck on it as she swirled her tongue around the tip. She looked up into his eyes and could see the pleasure in them. She was happy because this meant that she was already learning and she was providing more pleasure for the doctor. She lowered her hand and started to take more of him in, bobbing her head and flicking her tongue.

“Does that feel good?” she asked, pausing for only a moment.

“Yes,” Thomas answered. “That feels great.”

Kathleen felt a sense of pride and started to stroke and suck his cock harder and faster. Thomas had lost all senses again and was totally under the spell of Kathleen’s manipulations. Everything in him just wanted to feel her. He looked down at her and saw how her tits swayed with the motion of her body and he just had to have one of those gorgeous mounds in his mouth. He lifted her from the couch and grabbing her hair, pulled her head back so that he could kiss and nibble her neck as he made his way down to her small, hard nipple. He licked the tip and Kathleen’s body shivered. She couldn’t believe the sensations that her body was experiencing. It was if fire was shooting into her body through her nipple fallowed by a blast of cooling sleet. Thomas took her nipple into his mouth and bit down hard. She let out a yelp as the pain shot through her, but then sighed when she realized that she actually enjoyed the pain. Kathleen was amazed at all the discoveries that she was making about her own body.

Thomas wanted her and he had to have her. He sat on the couch and pulled Kathleen down onto his lap straddling him. He felt the moisture of her pussy against his cock’s head making him throb. He reached between his legs and took hold of his shaft, lining the head up with her hole. Just as he was about to thrust himself in her, Kathleen suddenly rose up, stopping him.

“No,” she said. “Brian has to be my first. No one else.”

"But," Thomas started to say, but Kathleen cut him off.

"Brian will be my first," she repeated, "but don't worry. I'm still going to take care of you. You just have to tell me what to do; what men want me to do for them."

Looking into her eyes, Thomas began to realize that Kathleen did want him, and did want to please him, but more than any of that, she wanted a teacher. Kathleen wanted to learn how to please a man better than any other woman that he had ever been with. Understanding now, he was more than happy to give her what she wanted.

Thomas pulled his cock up resting it against his belly.

"Sit on my cock," he said. "Let my shaft slide between your slit."

Kathleen did as she was told. She sat on him and then using her fingers to open up her slit, she let him slide between her soaked pussy lips. She could feel his head applying pressure to her clit and she let out a small moan.

"Now," Thomas began, "start to slide your body back and forth along my length."

Again, Kathleen did as she was told and began to slide her entire body back and forth along his swollen member. Pleasure shot instantly through her clit. She began moaning louder. Thomas leaned forward and took her left breast into his mouth. The sudden sensation made Kathleen buck hard and Thomas brought his hand down, smacking her ass hard.

"Smooth motions," Thomas told her. "Don't jump even if he surprises you."

She began to continue her back and forth motion as Thomas bit down on her right nipple. Kathleen jumped again, but only a little and she never stopped her vaginal attention to his cock.

"That's good," he told her. "Try to do better though."

Thomas bit her nipple again, but this time even harder than before. Kathleen let out a gasp as the pain entered her body, but never lost her rhythm, not even for a moment.

Damn Thomas thought. At the rate she's learning, she'll be the best fucking lay in town after just a few more weeks.

"Is that good?" she asked.

"Yes," Thomas answered. "Now try doing it without moving anything but your hips."

Kathleen stopped for just a second, but when she started again, only she was grinding herself into him hard without moving any of her body except her hips. She was learning quickly.

"That's perfect," he said. "Now lean back and try to do it just like that without stopping."

"Like this?" she asked as she arched her back and placed her hands on his knees.

It was almost more than he could bare. Kathleen's perfect breasts were displayed out before him, bouncing ever so slightly as he looked down her body and finally saw the head of his cock disappear and then reappear between her swollen, soaked pussy lips.

"That's it baby," he said. "Right there. Keep it up just like that."

Kathleen leaned her head back and began to moan loudly as she felt Dr. Arnold's swollen purple bulb slide back and forth across her intensely sensitive clitoris. Before long, she heard his moans increase in volume and frequency as he started to thrust in rhythm with her, increasing her own pleasure. She started to thrust faster and push against him harder. Thomas could feel his orgasm building and his cock began to throb out of control. The sensation of his throbs brought Kathleen right to the edge, but she needed something from him. She remembered the feeling she had when Dr. Arnold came before and suddenly she was saying words she couldn't believe was coming from her.

She leaned forward, grabbing his head and forcing it into her cleavage as she continued to grind him harder and faster. "Cum for me Dr. I need to feel you cum on my body. Please Doc, cum for me now."

It was all that Thomas could stand. Without warning, his cum began to shoot out of him covering her clit and thighs. As soon as she felt the warm fluid rushing across her favorite spot, Kathleen's body began to convulse wildly. It was a sensation unlike any that she had ever felt before then and she came hard on her lovers half engulfed cock. Instinctively, she squeezed the muscles in her pussy's walls and milked his cock for all that it was worth.

As her orgasm calmed, she relaxed and still slowly grinding into him, bent to embrace his mouth into a deep kiss. Her body slid down his as she gently kissed her way down him until reaching his now spent cock and lightly took it into her mouth to taste his cum mixed with her own juices. It was a taste that she loved so she lingered there a while gently easing his intense orgasm while she reached between her legs to massage her own clit, and ever so often, push her fingers into her mouth to get just a little more of the honey.

Once she found that she could no longer find any more of the sweet juices that would provide her with the newly found favorite drink, she climbed up onto the couch beside her Dr. and let her body go limp. The two of them lay there for a few more minutes before Thomas realized what time it was getting to be.

"That was great," he began, "but we're almost out of time. We should get dressed and continue this lesson another time."

"How about next week?" Kathleen asked.

"Well, I was thinking about telling your godfather that you no longer need to see me, but if you really want to do this, I can always keep you on as a client only instead of being your doctor, I'll be your teacher."

"That sounds great," Kathleen smiled, "but can I still call you Doc?"

"Sure," Thomas laughed. "You can call me anything you want."

From that day until her eighteenth birthday, Kathleen continued to see Dr. Arnold, and he continued to teach her. She had learned all that she needed to know long before her birthday, but she still went to see him. Mostly because they had gotten used to providing each other with release each and every week, but also because Kathleen didn't want to risk being out of practice when her big day came.

"Good morning," Brian said, rubbing his eyes and smiling.

"Good morning," Kathleen answered as she came back to the present and kissed her new lover.

"Mmmm, that was a wild night," Brian said. "What time is it?"

"11:00 a.m." she answered, looking at the clock beside her.

Brian sat up quickly. "Oh shit," he said. "We have to go. We're supposed to meet up with Dr. Arnold for your last guardian/Dr. evaluation at 12:30."

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